16 Million Page Views – 21 February 2017


We sped past that number early today.  pl

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  1. kooshy says:

    PL, is all due to you, and you know that, please keep on, you have 16 million better informed persons that is rewarding. Thank you, for your time and efforts. This site is Pat Lang real life politics university.

  2. Cortes says:


  3. David E. Solomon says:

    I join in congratulations and I also felt reminded by the news to donate in token appreciation of your efforts. I hope others are also so inclined.

  4. Sam Peralta says:

    Congratulations Col. Lang!
    It looks like the viewership is accelerating as the next million milestone drops faster.
    I am glad that more people are accessing your views on important matters.

  5. Lloyd D. Herod, Jr. says:

    Yes, a donation is in order to reward you for your work and celebrate your achevement here,
    So done,

  6. Balint Somkuti, PhD says:


  7. Pat,
    T think congratulations are in order ! Thank you for what you’ve been doing. Let’s all make sure to keep up the good work (and standards) on SST.

  8. John says:

    Well earned, Colonel! Congratulations!
    I am happy and proud to be just a small part of that impressive number. More importantly, I have gained a wealth of information just by being here. Thank you!

  9. robt willmann says:

    VG. A notation for very good, made — not often! — by a man teaching one college course on the side who had been the outside public relations advisor for the City of Houston when the legendary Louie Welch was mayor and Houston was starting to boom–

  10. notlurking says:

    Fantastic news……lets keep the fake news of the MSM running for cover….

  11. fanto says:

    Congratulations Colonel,
    MSM in traditional sense is “old technology”; No wonder that they are in the position of “Luddites”.

  12. ann says:

    Are you ready and do you want to deal with Fame? Good health to you.

  13. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    Congrats. May there be many more years and many more milestones.
    Ishmael Zechariah

  14. Trinlae says:

    Well done and well deserved!
    Long healthy life to all protectors of virtue!

  15. As always my participation here a deep desire to learn and understand not to preach. Thanks P.L. and congrats!

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