“20 & Varuna-TDM”

A batch of satellites for Starlink mega-constellation – SpaceX’s project for space-based Internet communication system. Spaceflight’s propulsive Sherpa-LTC2 space tug is also onboard as a rideshare to deploy into Boeing’s Varuna Technology Demonstration Mission in a higher orbit.


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  1. Deap says:

    Will Elon Musk finally get NASA’s Artemis off the ground.

    Or will they call George Lucas and Industrial Light and Magic, since theater is currently trumping technology for the Artemis program right now.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      My thoughts are similar. We’re the UFO stories circulated in advance so they could tell the public that they sabotaged the space shots due to the alien’s interstellar warfare anxieties? Sorry. Watched Joe King the other night. Bowled ideas are contagious. We primarily need to know if they knew Gus.

  2. Fourth and Long says:

    DC Comix play stationed these Tories on mein mane Gargling pageboy haircut.
    Won warranties of how far can be obscene on a New Clear dayglow party in Snoop York City. T’other from kaboomberg says Maze n Gong show mighty well mighty douse a war horse or twelve inclouding near hour Comix Cappy Toll Ditty by Miss Kitty. These tootle toots may bean related because it fry tins op hosing powwowers to seize us so skurried. “But it could be the Eek ona Me, Stew Pit,” said Chef Muskatearardee.



    • Barbara Ann says:

      Fourth and Long

      I enjoy your contributions and fully expect one day to encounter a reference to Yog-Sothoth therein.

      • Fourth and Long says:

        Zees calls for Tanks. Oopsy.

      • Fourth and Long says:

        Did you read Doctor Ow’s latest letter on his visit to an opera performance in Nittty-Lea? He makes a glaring error, I think, referring to the unofficial anthem he heard on the street. The opera was Nabucca by Verdi.


        It’s the Italian name for the Baby Looney Man who abducted the Israelites once upon a timpani. You know enough Russian by now to look at the real name and understand that he might be saying the Pope or someone knows something else was a stage event too. I don’t think so though. The error in the name of the Aria is more interesting. He’s very smart, went to Harvard. Is he a type – O man. Not likely.

        If you find Pavoratti singing in Italian 11 yrs ago while a plausible doppelganger of Cincinnatus, wearing a top hat playing a fender telecaster, alternates crooning in English, put the fake eggshells in the last coconut tree on the left. Those last details are silliness, but the name of the Babylonian king in this context, with a story of the abduction of Israelites, while Amazon warehouses shut down near DC comix and Barry’s old Buddy’s Buddies are printing alarming NORAD style warnings in the leadin Goo-Goo page, well, it’s probably nothing. The answer that suits my Agatha Christie on Strong Coffee mental case of a mind is in the Aria which does begin with O, not Va, but is poxozhey to the one he named. Operas are weapons of state, just like symphony orchestras and the colossal pipe organs of Emperor Nero’s day.

  3. Barbara Ann says:


    I fear we are straying far from the topic of this post, but I’m sure we’ll be reprimanded if necessary, so here goes:

    Thanks for the tip for Gilbert Doctorow‘s latest. In the version I read he does correctly name the aria as Va, pensiero from the opera Nabucco. Not sure what you saw, perhaps he corrected it. The interwebs were an ephemeral medium even before the era of cancellation and omnipresent dynamic censorship. I see one can now even pay to edit one’s Twitterings. What bliss.

    Doctorow’s point about the deliberate demolition of culture in the EU, supposedly in the name of eradicating toxic patriotism, is spot on. Of course it’s not just the EU and it’s not just patriotism. This is the wokeists’ undeclared goal everywhere; ushering in their messianic age when the lion (or is it wolf?) will lie down with the lamb after all badness has been expunged from human behavior thanks to the incessant nagging of the politically correct Red Guard.

    Bezos has just wrought such destruction on Tolkien, for example, that it is hard to believe it wasn’t a purposeful act of cultural vandalism. The less conspiratorial answer is that we, as a civilization, have quite simply gone insane. The WEF’s plan for the Abolition of Man is pure evil and about as nuts as it gets and yet politicians throughout the Anglophone world and much of the EU also are in thrall to it. The Brits now have their very own Young Global Leader to lead them Pied Piper-like into oblivion. Humanity is to consist of infinitely diverse clones and just as Huxley described, there will be no past and we’ll have no attachments of any kind to disturb the perfectly sterile social stability. This is truly the dominant thinking in 2022 in liberal democracies.

    An alternative possibility keeps me amused/sane: The whole thing is just a drill to see how far towards self destruction we’d go. At the 11th hour the real politicians will come forward and explain that Biden, Trudeau and the hideous caricature that is Liz Truss were just animatronic dolls to stress test the system. Everything since the end of 2019 was part of the simulation and the great and powerful Davos merely part of the dream. We’ll climb aboard the hot air ballon back to Kansas and have a good laugh about how realistic it all was when we get home.

    DeSantis actually called Dark Brandon “the American Nero” btw, quite accurate.

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