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Russian government proposes ban on grain exports 

MOSCOW, Nov 28 (Reuters) – Russia might impose a ban on grain exports if their stocks fall to 10 million tons, Izvestia daily reported on Tuesday, citing a government document. The government working group on non-tariff measures in foreign trade … Continue reading

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A bloodsucking parasite

“I think the problem that we’ve had is that people decided they didn’t really want to work so much anymore through COVID and that has had a massive issue on productivity. Tradies have definitely pulled back on productivity. They have … Continue reading

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A wall of BRICS

Johannesburg, South Africa – The BRICS bloc of top emerging economies have taken a major step in expanding its reach and influence with the announcement that six more nations have been invited join as new members. Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, … Continue reading

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“Europe is now stuck with a huge stockpile of natural gas after hoarding it last year for a brutal winter that never came” – TTG

Europe got lucky — it managed to avert an energy crisis, all thanks to a warm winter. But it has another problem. Countries in the region hoarded so much natural gas at higher prices that it’s now stuck with stockpiles … Continue reading

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“US Set to Announce Fusion Energy ‘Breakthrough'”

“… the Department of Energy plans to announce on Tuesday, The Washington Post has reported. The milestone was made recently at the government-funded Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in California. Despite the breakthrough, the commercial use of such technology is still probably decades … Continue reading

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“Whole Foods decision to pull lobster divides enviros, pols”

 “Environmental groups are once again at odds with politicians and fishermen in New England in the wake of a decision by high-end retail giant Whole Foods to stop selling Maine lobster. Whole Foods recently said that it will stop selling … Continue reading

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The Sullivan Tech Doctrine – TTG

On September 16th, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced a new policy on how the US should think about leadership and key technologies. He said: Fundamentally, we believe that a select few technologies are set to play an outsized importance … Continue reading

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Fearless US political forecast

With shipping rates from China way down and gasoline/diesel prices falling, it appears that the GOP may have counted their inflation benefit a bit early. BUT! Biden’s dementia has become so bad that the Democrat/Marxist coalition will not be able … Continue reading

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Inflation keeps climbing

“Inflation at the wholesale level climbed 11.3% in June compared with a year earlier, the latest painful reminder that inflation is running hot through the American economy. The Labor Department reported Thursday that the U.S. producer price index, or PPI … Continue reading

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“Recapturing of Snake Island opens new grain export routes for Ukraine” – TTG

With Ukraine taking back the strategically important Snake Island at the end of last month, alternate grain export routes are opening up. The island was taken over by Russian forces on the first day of the war on February 24, … Continue reading

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