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“A year on from the Brexit trade deal, the doom-mongers got it so wrong” Telegraph

“The ports would be plunged into chaos. Stranded lorries would turn Kent into a giant car park. The supermarkets would run out of food, the factories would run out of parts, and our export industries would be blown apart.  Only … Continue reading

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“The Biden Administration’s Energy Policy: Taking Us Back to a Bygone Carter Era” Real Clear Energy

“Gas prices are surging across the nation with California recently setting new records of consecutive days at nearly $4.70 per gallon. Unfortunately, Americans hoping for some relief at the pump will have to wait a little longer as analysts are … Continue reading

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Multi-billion dollar start of fusion boom

Scientists have been working on nuclear fusion technology since the 1950s The latest wave of infusion of cash into fusion startups has already exceeded the $1.9 billion in total that was previously announced Theoretically, two lone nuclear reactors running on … Continue reading

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Fact checking Biden on the economy BBC

“President Joe Biden says the US has made “historic progress” on the economy in the last 10 months. In a speech before Thursday’s Thanksgiving holiday in the US, he also talked about price rises and supply chain problems. We have … Continue reading

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“Europe burns a controversial ‘renewable’ energy source: trees from the US” – TTG

As world leaders pledge more action on climate change, one so-called solution, burning trees for electricity, could undermine progress. By Robert Kunzig, ENVIRONMENT Executive Editor [National Geographic] The map my colleague Katie Armstrong made (see below) shouldn’t have surprised me. … Continue reading

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“The Great Resignation just hit a new high” – TTG

DALLAS — More than 4.4 million people quit their jobs in September, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. In a sign The Great Resignation continues to grow, the data showed the accommodation and food services industry had the highest … Continue reading

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IMO the White House is lying about the L-5 pipeline

Doocy asked at the White House briefing why the administration is “considering” shutting down Line 5, which carries oil and gas liquids from Canada through Wisconsin and Michigan.  “That is inaccurate, that is not right. Any reporting indicating that some … Continue reading

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“who will be the first to mine Helium-3 in space …”

“Outer space holds virtually limitless amounts of energy and raw materials, from Helium-3 fuel on the Moon for clean fusion reactors to heavy metals and volatile gases from asteroids, which can be harvested for use on Earth and in space,” says … Continue reading

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“U.S. ‘very bullish’ on new nuclear technology, Granholm says.” Yahoo

“In an interview at the U.N. Climate Change Conference, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm told Yahoo News on Friday that the Biden administration is “very bullish” on building new nuclear reactors in the United States. “We are very bullish on … Continue reading

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“Zogby Poll: Nearly 30% Skipping Meals Because of High Prices.”

“Nearly 3 in 10 people say the increased cost of food, sparked by inflation, has forced them or their families to skip meals, according to a new Zogby Poll. Here are how the poll results break down: 29.3% say they or their families … Continue reading

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