2nd Infantry Regiment

Someone addressed me as a fellow grunt a few days ago.  I served in the second battalion of this regiment.  My wife and I have a wedding cup from the officers of the battalion.  pl

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  1. Ael says:

    An interesting motto for an infantry regiment. How did the reqiment aquire it?

  2. Patrick Lang says:

    I would guess that this is from the Mexican War. The sergeant-major of the regiment broke his mace over the head of a Mexican soldier who tried to take it from him on the battlements of the fortress of Chapultepec. the words “noli me tangere” appear on a silver band on the shaft of the mace.
    The regiment dates from 1808. Whether or not it used this motto before the Mexican War, I know not. pl

  3. Ael says:

    Ah, a bit of googling reveals that the motto was inherited from the standards of the Legion of the United States in 1792.

  4. ads says:

    Must not have been a very well-constructed mace, or else a very hard-headed Mexican!

  5. Patrick Lang says:

    When I saw the thing in a display case the shaft looked like ebony and was about 2 inches thick where it was broken a foot or so below the solid silver mace head. pl

  6. Patrick Lang says:

    I remember now that the 1st, 2st, 3nd and 4th Infantry regiments are all inheritors of the sub-legions of the Legion of the United States. It still seems odd. pl

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