CNN Ambush interview

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  1. Deap says:

    Thank you very much for this link.

    CNN is grotesque. Never watch it so I did not know how bad they were. Pow! They are really awful. No wonder they (and their viewers) miss beating up Trump everyday.

  2. FWH says:

    I had an elderly brother in law, until recently, who still believed that the free American news media (meaning AP, CNN, New York Times and on and on) is the backbone of our democracy. Others that I know conform nicely to blue state ethics. My starting point in some discussions is to explain up front that you can’t possibly know what is going on if you listen primarily to mainstream news media. You have to watch alternative news sites and blogs on the internet to find out what is going on.

    Of course, this is abrasive. It is like accusing some people of not knowing what is going on. This is because they watch mainstream media and they don’t know what is going on. This is still part of the reality of our situation.

  3. LeaNder says:

    Let’s see: Do I get the basics right, there has already been an audit of the election machines used in Maricopa, and a recount of a sample of votes? Ongoing is a hand recount that will take till the end of June. There will be another digital recount, at least it is planned, with the only system that can recount other voting systems and has been used and tested is Clear Ballot, but it wasn’t hired since it is too expensive?

    Concerning the second planned digital recount:

    OAN’s Christina Bobb and and Chanel Rion run a website called Voices and Votes, Patrick Byrne, Lynn Wood and Cyber Ninja’s Doug Logan collect money for the effort?

    Any other extensive fraud proving lawsuits, audits, recounts still ongoing that are interesting ???

    The only two caught red-handed so far voted for Trump. One in a second vote for his dead mother, the other for his wife, which disappeared a while ago. Seems the man is suspect of having murdered her. Any other dead voters discovered? Voting system manipulations. Foreign interference, forced votes, falsified votes, votes counted multiple times?

  4. Deap says:

    GA- BALLOT AUDITS: More details about the unlocked open doors and alarms at the Fulton County Georgia ballot security ware house – allegedly guarded by the county sheriff’s dept, after judge ruled private security forces were “too intimidating”:

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