A killer “vaccine?”

“The inoculated people have already been marked. According to former Pfizer Vice President, top-virologist and chief scientist, Mike Yeadon, most “vaxxed” people will experience devastating impacts on their health after having been injected with the mRNA poison.

Others, like German Drs. Sucharit Bhakdi and Wolfgang Wodarg, as well Canada’s Dr. Charles Hoffe – and many more – point to a trend in mortality and morbidity for the vaccinated.  According to Dr. Bhakdi:

[The COVID injections] are in your bloodstream for at least a week, and they will seep into any organ. And when those [organ] cells then start to make the spike protein themselves, then the killer lymphocytes will also seek and destroy them …

What we are witnessing is one of the most fascinating experiments that could lead to massive autoimmune disease. When this will happen, God knows. And what this will lead to, God knows.”

The mRNA-type injections cause blood clotting, leading eventually to thrombosis. Dr. Hoffe found that 62% of his patients took the mRNA “experimental gene therapy” developed microscopic blood clotting shortly after vaccination. As time goes on, more mRNA-“vaccinated” people may develop similar blood irregularities:

“The blood clots we hear about which the media claim are very rare are the big blood clots which are the ones that cause strokes and show up on CT scans, MRI, etc.

The clots I’m talking about are microscopic and too small to find on any scan. They can thus only be detected using the D-dimer test.”

These people have no idea they are even having these microscopic blood clots. The most alarming part of this is that there are some parts of the body like the brain, spinal cord, heart and lungs which cannot re-generate. When those tissues are damaged by blood clots they are permanently damaged.”

“These shots are causing huge damage and the worst is yet to come.” SF

Comment: What to say about this? SWMBO and I were injected with the Moderna in April. I am 81. She is 79. We have been sick ever since, she not as bad as I. I had a cerebral hemorrhage for which I was drilled and drained on 2 June. I was in the ICU for five days. Was there a connection? Maybe.

With regard to the Party of Davos business, l know of no evidence of the truth of that. pl

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  1. TTG says:

    Sounds like what the Covid-19 virus itself can do to a body, the respiratory stuff and all that leads to, blood clots leading to strokes, heart failure and amputations, nervous system damage, liver and kidney damage and failure and, of course, death. We’re all screwed. Our best hope is to maintain top health and conditioning, stay the hell away from people and don’t get old. Beyond that it’s a craps shoot.

    • AK says:

      “Beyond that it’s a craps shoot.”

      I have had to explain to many, many people that all of this is essentially a gamble and risk assessment that each person must make for himself. It’s amazing how many are uncomfortable with that notion and so outright recoil from it.

      Being 40, with no underlying maladies and in excellent physical condition, I choose to bet the farm on my immune system. I asked someone the other to please explain to me why I should expect myself to fall into the exceedingly small group of deaths for people of my age and health and not in the group of the millions who get this and a) survive or b) amazingly exhibit no symptoms at all.

      My wife and I refuse to be stuck. We have each had a couple of mild “colds” in the past 8 months, so we’d be interested to get tested for antibodies. We’ve both determined that if we haven’t had it already, we are sure to get it, and then it’s in God’s hands.

      But the risk of an experimental gene therapy (NOT a “vaccine”) with absolutely zero longitudinal data as to its efficacy or side effects? That’s a bridge too far. I’ll choose the risk of infection and its attendant immunity any day over that.

    • LeaNder says:

      It’s hard to say to what extent Prof Bhakdi and his wife are playing games. Or alternatively, if they are played by whatever conflict. The easiest explanation would be they are in it for the money, next to the always very important issue of a gigantic ego. … Seems they both registered to be elected members of the next Bundestag in my part of Germany. …

      I wouldn’t mind meeting them for a couple of drinks. One of my questions would be why and how his own discoveries in the field of bacteria could possibly annul the presently available knowledge of his colleagues’ research on viruses.

      • Kassandra says:

        Bhakdi is not playing games. He is an excellent expert, and knows exactly what he is talking about, and he is deadly serious with very good reasons. The media treat him with character assassination because his arguments are on the point and supported by state of the art medical knowledge.
        A good source for getting the wider picture is https://swprs.org/covid19-facts/

  2. different clue says:

    I also took the two Moderna shots. I weighed the pros and the cons as best I could, and decided at my age and weight and co-morbidities that I faced a greater risk from Coviditis itself than I would have faced from vaccinitis. If it turns out badly, such was the risk I took.

    Now, if the authorities begin to say that I should take another mRNA vaccinoid booster every 6 months for life, I will begin to rethink that. If getting-a-booster every 6 months becomes a condition of continued employment, I will probably just retire earlier than I intended ( and live on less), and live a semi-shut-in existence. Assuming that all kinds of businesses will also demand that people get a booster every 6 months.

  3. BillWade says:

    My wife has her semi-annual check up in another week or so. I urged her to contact our Dr and have him order a D-Dimer test when she does her blood work beforehand. He won’t do it, says, “one has to have already had a blood clot before I can order it”. So I checked around and it may be possible for Quest Diagnostics to do one for a fee (I hear it’s about $40.). Quest has a ton of labs but only some will do the D-Dimer test, there may be one in Tampa that does it, I’m still looking into it.

    I would think that a smart GP should consider what might happen to his/her practice if they begin to lose their patients en masse. It might not only be ethical to order up the D-Dimer tests but may prove to be practical for them as well. Unfortunately, the”practical” may be the catalyst to get these tests done. Apologies in advance to any and all ethical doctors.

    • scott s. says:


      Problem is, in this era of Obamacare. what you will get is the “standard of care”.

      • Eric Newhill says:

        Nah, You can ask for and get the test. You will just have to pay for it yourself because insurance will consider it a medically unnecessary procedure unless you have a history or strokes or some current symptoms.

        $40 is worth it. Tell your doctor you want it. Pay for it and get it done.

        • BillWade says:

          Eric, done that, told the yokel we’d pay for it, still says “no way”.

          • Eric Newhill says:

            Find a new doctor. Yours has one of those god complexes. At least just go to a lab and ask them to do the draw and run the test. Tell them you’ll pay up front.

    • Asha K. says:

      Well, your wife should then go to that mean Dr. and tell him he has a terrible headache for the last three years…To see hwat he does…

      In case he still refuses, pay for the analysis, wherever ( take the car an drive thousand miles if needed…) it´s worth it, it is the only thing that will justify taking measures to prevent a clot…Otherwise you are playing the lotery..or the Russian rulette…

  4. EEngineer says:

    I’ve been suspecting this for quiet some time. Antibody-dependent Enhancement (ADE) is a nasty side effect of some vaccines. The blog Automatic Earth was for years primarily focused on global scale finance and economics. Over the last several month they’ve been focusing on the insanity of the Covid response.

    The short answer seems to be that the mRNA vaccines give you short term protection but not immunity. Once they were off in a few months the damage they seem to cause leaves you worse off. Recent data out of Israel, one of the most heavily, and early, vaccinated countries is showing the hospitals now starting to filling up with the vaccinated, and not the unvaccinated. Interestingly, if someone dies in the first 14 days of receiving a vaccine, they’re counted as an UNvaccianted death… As an engineer that’s designed medical equipment, I’m seeing all kinds of odd things like that which skew the statistics.

    I had Covid 2/19. I wouldn’t take one of the mRNA vaccines if you put a gun to my head…

    • Eric Newhill says:

      Using the term “vaccine” is *one* of the big lies in this whole messed up scheme.

      It is not a vaccine. It is more like a therapeutic. At best it gives your immune system a short term boost to fight the virus. Everyone is running around squawking about it like it’s what you got as a child to prevent contracting polio. It simply isn’t it.

    • LeaNder says:

      I find the news coming out of Israel or GB, for that matter, interesting too. Data seems to be contradictory. Presently collected data vs historical medical science misreadings? Basic assumptions taken for granted.

      Did an engineer ever get a chance to take/bring a product to the market in, forget, how many months for mRNA-type vaccines?

  5. Eric Newhill says:

    The best immunity is to take care of yourself, contract the virus and fight it off with your natural immune system; which you are 99.98% likely to do unless you are over 80 years of age or severely immune compromised. I think most people know how old they are and whether or not their health status is very poor. I really don’t understand all these panic stricken ninnies who are relatively young and healthy, but who act like not getting vaxxed is playing Russian Roulette. The Science is not with them.

    From what I’ve learned about the vaccines, I agree with Yeadon – and it’s not like he’s some random quack nut job on the internet. For chrissakes the guy has Pfizer Vice President, top-virologist and chief scientist in his background.

    Also, in addition to what Yeadon says, there is emerging evidence that the vaccine’s spike proteins enter the reproductive organs (actually, that is proven) and then damage eggs and sperm; which is turn could lead to failure to reproduce, or to produce birth defects.

    A rational person must ask why the big push for vaccines (a misnomer really as they are more a temporary therapeutic; a steroid for the immune system)? A vaccinated person still contracts the virus, experiences some level of sickness and spreads the virus. Thus the social benefits of vaccination are 0.

    Furthermore, it is emerging increasingly more clearly that the vaxxed are more susceptible to new variants of the virus than the unvaxxed. Israel is finding the vaxxed to experience a higher degree of sickness from the Delta variety than those who have natural immunities. Building natural immunity appears to afford a broader spectrum resistance.

    Finally, the elderly may be more at risk from covid, but they also are beginning to appear more at risk from the vaccine itself. It seems that a spike protein is spike protein is a spike protein. Anyhow, the risk benefit calculation for the elderly getting vaxxed needs to take into account both sides of the equation (i.e. the increased risk from covid and the increased risk from the vaccine).

    IMO, this crap is poison and there is no reason to take it. Someone(s) out there is trying to harm us. On purpose or due to being caught up in a mania – or a little of both – I don’t know.

    • Deap says:

      The fetal impact of thalidomide – its worst and unknown impact skipping a generation – showing up only much later in offspring – is a nightmare scenario I hope we never repeat.

      To be fair, I believe our US FDA never approved thalidomide but it entered into our US population through European drug purchases. Without similar offspring models, how will we ever know about this new and briefly tested”covid” injection delivery system?

      When one starts reading drug studies and tracks the footnotes found in drug warning labeling, one is struck by how limited any drug testing is – limited number age and gender of subjects, limited duration of study and limited number of conditions observed for side effects.

      No drug is a fully tested and proven safe panacea, and should be treated as such. And very few drugs are truly “life saving” as they are often touted in the press. They are limited, and often the most powerful in effect are also offer the most dangerous side effects.

      (No, I am not anyone’s doctor – just a lay person who strongly believes that “informed consent” means more than just taking a single doctor’s recommendation, with no further independent research particularly when a medication is recommended for long term, lifestyle condition use and under the guise of “prevention”. )

  6. Joe100 says:

    My doctors both told me to stay away from the mRNA vaccines way back.

    I did J&J (not mRNA) as I knew I would probably need to show I had been vaccinated at some point – like traveling to my camp in Nova Scotia.

    • Deap says:

      If my hand is forced by travel requirements, I intend to look for the single shot J&J vaccine too -what was your experience since it too has troubling anecdotal reports flying around the internet.

      Walls are closing in in California – our large outdoor county bowl entertainment venue now requires proof of vaccination or a recent “covid” test.

    • LeaNder says:

      Joe100, if I am correct, my youngest sister too. Following the advice of her doctor. An anthropological doctor, who no doubt may have felt a little responsible concerning her patients considering development circumstances. Somewhat? Somehow?

      To the extent I understand their approach, seems to be quite helpful in chronic diseases, which is to look at the respective human being and not the symptom only. A classmate changed to their approach after years on the emergency ward seeing the same patients returning with the same symptoms again and again.

      Otherwise, more generally I am leaning towards a body and soul, or psychosomatic approach myself. At 71 now, it feels I can still count my visits to doctors on one hand*. Ok, maybe I would need two to three fingers of the second. … I am no pill taker, neither from doctors nor freely over the counter.

      * except for dentists and ophthalmologist

      Had two mRNA shots, as had my partner. None of us had any side effects. None of us chose the respective vaxx. Otherwise, I agree with Walrus below, without any doubt there were quite a few PR hired on the larger issue. I know the trade vaguely.

      • LeaNder says:

        The advantage, I only realized later, or mRNA Pfizer/Biontech versus AstraZeneca* is you get the second dose (two weeks?) earlier.

        Considering AstraZenca vs Pfizer/Biontech, whichever PR involved or hired additionally, would have had an easy job considering production and resulting EU-Britain troubles.

  7. akaPatience says:

    Col. Lang, your experience in the aftermath of getting vaccinated is a frightening cautionary tale. While you’re lucky to have survived something so serious, it’s very worrisome that you and your wife are still experiencing malaise. SO, given the various and possible risks associated with these Covid vaccines, WHAT ON EARTH is the rationale of the CDC to discourage antibody tests in order to determine whether or not a vaccine or booster is even necessary? I got 2 Pfizer shots and felt nauseated for several weeks afterwards. So, I’m very reluctant to get any more jabs and thought when I get my annual check-up this autumn I’d ask my primary care doc to prescribe an antibody test. It was when I started reading about it that I discovered the CDC’s “recommendation” discouraging it. It’ll be interesting if my doctor refuses to prescribe the test, interesting to hear what he has to say about all of this. When I got the Pfizer shots little was reported about side effects. A brief blurb was given to us that seemed to suggest any reactions would be minor. I recall reading later it was thought people who’d unknowingly been infected with Covid were often the ones who experienced worse reactions to the vaccines. Had I been infected but asymptomatic at some point? That’s why I want an antibody test.

    Why are we all being railroaded to such an extent? Has Big Pharma bought off so many pols, bureaucrats, medical professionals and others that we’re experiencing this nightmare scenario? I suppose some don’t need to be bought off — like those who ascribe to the authoritarianism associated with current Covid policy, e.g., I recently read about a group of physicians who stated they wouldn’t treat patients who refused the vaccines. AYFKM??? Do they also refuse to treat morbidly obese people, substance abusers, smokers, non-seatbelt users, bikers/cyclists/scooter drivers who don’t wear helmets, violent criminals. etc., etc., etc.???

    And what’s really telling IMO is how Covid TREATMENTS and proponents of them, plus medical and science professionals who dare to express reservations or caution about the vaccines are immediately vilified without any fair, due diligence given to their opinions. Covid policy is basically GET THE SHOTS AND STFU. This is SO wrong and worse – dangerous.

    • Deap says:

      I have become strongly suspicious Democrats (government) don’t know how to get out of the great covid cul de sac they created for their own election year purposes in 2020. The flu season is coming back and 18 months of data on “covid” is now troubling.

      So rather than admit they mislabeled a particularly flu season for political gain, they are now doubling down since they can’t answer the hard questions about why it was not “cured” by mass vaccination demands and why they asked so many to pay such high prices to “stop covid”.

      I also recognize this is my own cynicism to the extreme talking and others may well disagree. But it does provide a unifying scenario to the vast and growing number of loose ends that defy our original expectations about this novel flu.

      The official inability to even trace its origins or understand its fundamental nature per the recent Biden 90-Day report leaves us knowing little more about it , than we did when we first started hoarding toilet paper back in early 2020. We know what we chose to do in response to it, but we still don’t know what it is.

    • Asha K. says:

      ” Has Big Pharma bought off so many pols, bureaucrats, medical professionals and others that we’re experiencing this nightmare scenario? ”

      Indeed they are…in some European countries there is an investigative effort at citizen level to oust all these mafia…Some Covid official had received half million euro from Pfizer…Another young pediatrician advocating for the vaccination of teens in the local paper had her group research also financed by Pfizer amongst others and made her thesis on Avian Flu….

      Not to mention all the professional colleges heads and regulatory agencies….

      These past days it was published that Ursula Von der Leyen´s husband has also a piece of the cake in this issue…

      Then it is those who are profitting from the full nazi Covid Pass…both in the US and the EU…..

      • Asha K. says:

        There is an investigative effort at citizen level because the press, bought by the government through subsides in the first months of the pandemic plus owned by the main stakeholders in Pfizer, refused to fulfill its duty and fully collaborated in the scaremongering plus neglecting their due journalistic duty on, ofr example, requesting the data of hospitalized and death amongst vaccinated which goivernmetns in Europe refuse to provide even on multiple daily citizen request…

        This is the flagrant proof that this is not a matter of public health, because if it were so, there is already enough data available to prove that these “bakunas” are not only not beneffical but that have a negative effect in respect the infection they claim they protect from so as to forbide their use on humans…

        A new Nuremberg will be necessary to seat them all…
        I hope that there is also a “Mathausen photographer” who provide the graphic evidence on bribes…

  8. Asha K. says:

    I will abstain from saying “I told you so”…

    Instead, here yo uhave some recipe to improve your immune system..cheap and at hand at any mall…

    -N-acetyl-cysteine 600mg ( master antioxidant..) 1/24, two weeks.
    -Zinc 50mg 1/24 in the morning.

    Optional ( although I strongly recommend due your age..):

    -Vitamine D 1/24 in the morning ( or take half an hour of sunbath…)
    -Melatonine 3mg 1/24 in the night before going to bed
    -Silimarine ( liver protector )
    -Vitamine C

    Abstain for a while from sugar, flour, and dairy ( which incrwase inflamatory state )
    Walk barefoot whenever possible…

    Also could be interesting taking antihystaminics for some months 1/24…

    Good luck!

    Your welcome!

    • Asha K. says:

      You may be wondering about the advice on walking barefoot…
      Well, this is called Grounding or Earthing.

      Earth is charged with electrons that can be absorbed through your feet when you walk barefoot.
      Electrons have a very potent antioxydant effect and wipe out free radicals..

      It is considered that Grounding relieves inflamation of the whole body…
      Inflamation is in the origins of illnesses like diabethes, asthma, alzheimer, arthritis and many cardiologial diseases, plus, also, Covid-19…

      Best ground to practice, beach sand, grass, or ceramic floor…

    • Deap says:

      Caution about junk science recommendations one reads on the internet, even if well-meaning. Trust but verify – NIH search engine PubMed is a good place to see if there are any confirmation studies that hold value for you.

      Univ. of Oslo recently conducted a large study on cod liver oil (a commercial product heavily used in Norway) to see if fish oil ingestion of Vit D had any effect on “covid”, or supported any other health claims for this high vitamin dose product – results not yet published. Not sure why.

    • BrotherJoe says:

      I would be careful using N-acetyl-cysteine. I took a small dose of it several years ago in an attempt to fight my bronchitis. I experienced violent nausea and vomiting. Several months later, thinking my previous experience was a fluke, I took another dose. Same result. What a dummy I was !!

  9. Deap says:

    By way of example: This would not be the first time the “government” hand in glove with the drug industry used its offices to circumvent FDA oversight and safety requirements, in order to establish a national for profit health care agenda. Prior example: life time use of hormone drug replacement therapy for women.

    Following is a well-researched and documented study of the long-standing government recommendations and health information campaign advocating for the multi-billion dollar hormone replacement drug industry. This government agenda fell to “science” only when its decades long recommendations were finally put to a double blind, randomized study.

    Ironically, the study was intended to support official FDA approval for lifetime drug use instead of short-term symptomatic use; only to learn the very drugs were causing the very problems they had been previously telling women they would avoid if they used these drugs, and plenty more.

    The template is familiar- establish a public health social agenda using an unproven hypothesis, partner with a for-profit pharmaceutical company, and actively discredit all opposition:

    The Greatest Experiment Ever Conducted on Women: Exploding the Estrogen Myth (Barbara Seamans – solid health researcher with footnotes)

  10. A. Pols says:

    Col. Lang;
    I got the Moderna jab, first one in March, 2nd. in early April. I have not been sick since, anymore than usual arthritis and mild Diabetes type 2. But, in May, over the course of a 10 day period I had 3 nosebleeds, one of which was such a gusher I called the EMTs. I have not had nosebleeds of consequence throughout my adult life, and I’m on the near side of 75, except for these 3 and haven’t had any since, I wondered at the time if the jab had anything to do with it and I’m still suspicious that it did. When I read on the blog about your CVA I reacted with…MMM, maybe there’s a connection. Your incident happened after my nosebleeds. There are so many stories out there about alleged perils of these vaccines that one can’t really get a grip on the truth of the matter. If the jab does have deleterious effects though, I get the impression they are mostly early on, not long term.

  11. Deap says:

    Oslo University – large scale cod liver oil study per use of of this form of Vitamin D for covid prevention or mitigation. Results not yet published:


  12. Fred says:

    China’s war against the West is succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

  13. Stovepipe says:

    Dear Colonel Lang,

    Some doctors have hypothesized that the post-vaccination syndrome that you have experienced is actually similar to long-haul covid. In both cases the culprit is long-term exposure to the coronavirus spike protein.

    May I refer you to Dr. Bruce Patterson. He was previously associated with Stanford University. His website is https://covidlonghaulers.com/. His diagnostic and treatment approaches apply both to patients with long-haul covid and post-vaccination syndrome.

    Respectfully submitted

  14. Condottiere says:

    Back in March 2020 While every lemming was hoarding toilet paper, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, and N-95 masks I bought two years supply of Resveratrol, quercetin, pterostilben, and turmeric. All these are simple antioxidants you can buy off Amazon or your local vitamin store. I flew all over the country all during the heat of the pandemic sitting next to coughing passengers. At times I was even the only passenger on the whole aircraft. I did not catch it once. I took an antibody test a while back and it was negative. I was even exposed recently to carriers that were fully vaxed. Others around me coughs it. I had a Negative test.

    Resveratrol has been already proven (pre-COVID19) stop SARS and MERS in its tracks by blocking the virus RNA replication and downgrading the cytokines storm. Post COVID19 studies show promising results as well.

    Other studies show pterostilbene, a more bioavailabe and longer half life cousins of resveratrol, to work as well.


    Another study used an IBM supercomputer to determine substances that could help block entry of COVID19 by binding to the virus s-protein or ACE2 receptor. Two of the top five substances you can buy at the grocery store were quercetin and turmeric.


    Another way to look at this is COVID19 comorbidities are all inflammatory illnesses. The virus kills you through inflammation (cytokines storm) All four of these are powerful anti inflammatories.

    • Deap says:

      It is a long way from observing a narrow quality an in vitro (test-tube) study – that garners an NIH cite and an actual proven therapeutic with human or animal studies (in vivo) before moving on to an unregulated health food store supplement recommendation.

      Good watchwords to look for when reading any study. In vitro or in vivo study first, then for size, duration and quality of human population studies. Above NIH cites for resveratrol (found in wine along with other sources) was from a very limited cellular in vitro observation, that got conflated in a later cited narrative. Science has to start somewhere. And wine is wine, for all ages.

      Cochrane Review does the best job sorting out various hopeful studies and assesses the quality of the underlying research model before making up or down recommendations, with all attendant qualifications. Not all health issues get a Cochrane Review, but they are as close to the gold standard for practical application as one finds in the plethora of cited NIH micro-studies.

      • Condottiere says:

        I take 1gram of Resveratrol daily. That equates to about a few pallets of dry red wine per dose. So it’s not like drinking a glass with dinner. It has very low biovalibility and a very short half. It takes a shitload.

  15. Harlan Easley says:

    I have had one of those days at work where everything that could go wrong went wrong. Sort of like the C-19 vaccines.

    If you are under 30 years old healthy, not obese, then do not take the shots. If you are between 40 and 60, obese and especially diabetic, then understand C-19 is lurking out there with a reaper. I write this statement because more victims in this age range relative to previous surges appear to be victims of Delta. Though anecdotal on social media and news reports. Elderly 65 and over made up 80% of the deaths before the vaccines. That figure is down to 66%. Maybe the most vulnerable died off or the vaccine is helping some elderly. Would a vaccine have prevented the younger cohort deaths? I do not know. I suspect for some yes and others no.

    Frankly, for the young this virus is a joke. Kids are at statistically zero risk of C-19. RSV is much more dangerous and we never heard these psychotic neurotic wine moms and Pediatricians howling at the moon about that virus. I detest these cowards and neurotics. The absolutely wonderful news that this virus poses little to no risk for kids and young healthy adults has been drowned out by the mass delusion of Blue Anon. These neurotics would have been committed to an insane asylum if they lived during the 1918 Spanish Flu. It showed up and took your kid that day. And your mom too.

    These vaccines are an insane Global gamble that may or may not pay off. The outrageous adverse effects and deaths they have caused is sickening. I would put a bullet through everyone of those bastard heads if it was legal, and pushed these risky vaccines on young healthy individuals when their Risk/Benefit was nil at a CFR rate of 99.8 – 99.9%.

    As a society the young developing natural immunity would have been the preferred strategy. 1 stupid antigenic point the vaccine targets. ONE. The spike protein. All rose color glass theories. Prevent the spike from entering the cell with ABs. Natural immunity was exposed to 28 antigenic proteins on the virus. Does anybody really believe vaccine immunity is better than natural immunity?

    It’s such a joke. And it deserves contempt. Blue Anon and many Public Health authorities apparently no longer believe in evolution via immunological memory and have become Flat Earthers. Robust immunological memory produces a vast array of Defense in Depth.

    Another common sense point, most miss. Where does the virus enter the human body? Through the respiratory tract. The nose and mouth. Where is the vaccine given? In the shoulder. On the other side of the moat. Sure some IgG through the lymphatic system probably progresses to the lungs. And then wanes over time.

    But the defense against infection from respiratory viruses begins in the mucosal immunity. IgAs are produced here. They are much more important in preventing infections from C-19 and other respiratory illnesses than IgG which is blood based for the most part. Guess what? Natural immunity from infection equals robust IgA response the second time the virus tries to enter the individual.

    C-19 is a disease of the eldery and obese. And the extremely unlucky healthy people who sometimes succumb due to shit happening.

    On a side note. The 3rd shot recommendation. To each his own on that. I took my 77 year old smoker mom to get tested for antibodies at a Quest Diagnostic walk-in lab. $75 for test 34499 which tests for IgGs produced by the spike protein. So will detect ABs from the vaccinated. Scale is <1 negative for Abs. She is 6 months out from the 2nd shot of Moderna. She had no side effects from the shots.

    Positive scale is 1 to 20. She came back at 6.58. Positive for Abs. She is taking her results to her Primary Care MD to discuss when or if to get 3rd shot. I refuse to get involved besides encouraging the AB test. Because I have no idea if it is the right or wrong decision for the elderly to get a 3rd booster.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Harlan Easley

      How far we’ve traveled since Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” to drugs campaign. Nowadays the State wants to replace children’s perfectly healthy immune systems with a experimental drug therapy which needs to be “boosted” every few months, lest you fall ill from the eternally evolving threat. Our government is literally trying to get our kids hooked.

      I too detest the cowards and neurotics. They’ve been brainwashed by the fear propaganda and some have the audacity to demonize me for not poisoning my kids. But my feelings towards the victims of this mass psychosis pale into insignificance compared to how I feel about the people responsible: The ones who designed the propaganda, those mandating the Vaxx and those who knew of the ADE risk and said nothing.

      You say “Does anybody really believe vaccine immunity is better than natural immunity?”. A good question far too few are asking. This non-sterilizing “vaccine” appears to be the Holy Grail of the Big Pharma pushers’ business model; a drug which causes dependency on future shots, while at the same time allowing the disease to spread and thus mutate. A perpetual revenue stream replacing billions of years of evolution.

    • JK/AR says:

      Mr. Easley,

      “To each his own on that. I took my 77 year old smoker mom to get tested for antibodies at a Quest Diagnostic walk-in lab.”


      And yes, definitely, ‘to each his own on that.’

  16. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Here’s one for you; HHS has modified the liability waiver in the PREP Act so that it only applies to treatments for the Coof that have been approved for that purpose by the NIH. Howzabout that, sports fans?

    Translated this means that the very same people people who have been making every effort to disparage treatments such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychlorquine, etc. the efficaciousness of which could undermine the justification for the EUAs for the “vaccines” because of there being available treatments, off-label or not, are now trying to make sure that this would not complicate the full certification by the FDA of the various jabs, which has the effect of removing them from the stipulations to this effect in the EUAs. If people who might have been helped by, or even saved by, these treatments are hurt, even if they fell ill after having compliantly taken the jabs, well, tough shit; there are trillions at stake!


    Ah, lawfare at its finest, serving the interests of the great fascist combine. Doctors and hospitals made fearful of treating the Coof with these drugs for fear of lawsuits, just won’t treat patients with these vexatious drugs in the wake of this scurrilous legerdemain.

    Of course, the liability waivers will still be in effect for the makers of the “vaccines”, no matter how many people might ultimately be harmed through “vaccination” without them having had reliable studies beforehand to determine their safety and efficaciousness.

    Wow, just wow.

    P.S.: Theee is some resistance to this blanket prohibition of possible treatments.


    Let’s hope it works for this patient. And what a rebuke that would be for the corrupt people behind these efforts to deny a chance of recovery of their loved one to families of patients in extremis. They are not asking for multi-million dollar procedures for terminal patients, merely a few measly dollars for inexpensive drugs.

    • JK/AR says:

      And in addition to the PREP act there’s this:


      Covers all Pfizer’s bases. (See the *supposed FDA “approval” letter of 23 August – COMINARTY:



      • JerseyJeffersonian says:

        To paraphrase Herman Goering, “Every time I hear the word bi-partisan, I reach for my Browning revolver”; this is a sure sign of the Uniparty at work.

        And by conflating the “new vaccine”, Cominarty with the prior formulation they kill two birds with one stone: 1) get approval for the clot shot, replacing the dubious EUA; 2) assure that the prior batch of “vaccine” won’t, uh, go to waste. This probably signalizes that they will set the selling price far higher. Score!

        • JK/AR says:


          Yes FDA certainly attempted very hard to conflate – but their Page 2 (the 150386 letter) footnote 8 gives the game away – “How many people” I’m figuring they asked themselves, bother reading footnotes?”

          Footnote 8 reads – The licensed vaccine has the same formulation as the EUA-authorized vaccine and the products can be used interchangeably … . The products are legally distinct with certain differences … [I ask myself why no ‘However’ in footnote 8’s text].

          But I guess it’ll just remain a mystery.

  17. Jim says:

    DELTA VARIANT / UK GOVERNMENT DATA / AT LEST TWICE NUMBER OF Deaths after covid shot compared to those not getting shot

    Twice as many deaths after covid shot compared to those with zero shots, viz. COVID-19 Delta Variant – this according to UK Government data.

    And this pattern holds steady, according to two most recent UK government data updates in August 2021.

    Below, from UK government data, Aug. 6, 2021 report, — and the most recent published online, Aug. 20, 2021 report — indicate overall 2X [increase] chances of death from Delta having gotten shot, compared to not getting the shot at all, after getting delta infection:

    Aug. 6 data:
    TOTAL covid delta reported cases = 300,010
    Cases in UK with shot = 148,956
    Cases in UK without shot = 151,054

    TOTAL after covid delta infection deaths, 1 or more shots = 489
    zero shot = 253

    489/300,010 = 0.0016, or 0.16% [at least one shot]
    253/300,010 = 0.0008, or 0.08% [zero shot]

    Overall, getting the covid shot = twice as likely to contract delta variant and die, this data says.


    According to the most recent UK data, from Aug. 20, 2021 data:
    TOTAL delta reported cases now = 386,735
    with shot = 203,602
    without shot = 183,133

    TOTAL after delta infection deaths, 1 or more shots now =799
    zero shot = 390

    799/386,735 = 0.0021, or 0.21%
    390/386,735 = 0.0010, or 0.10%

    The Aug. 6 data is at:


    The Aug. 20 data is at:


    This data actually indicates the risk of death increase the more shots received — after one and after two.

    It is broken down by those 50 years and older, and those less than 50.

    CAVEAT: [[‘’’Cases without specimen dates and unlinked sequences (sequenced samples that could not be matched to individuals) are excluded from this table.’’’]] the report states in footnote.

    Data shows a column of unlinked; of one dose; and of two doses; and of those with zero shots.

    The footnote says unlinked “excluded from this table”; however, there is “unlinked” data in table, therefore that data, it seem, is not excluded. The point being it may be “unlinked” — that is: may or may not include those with shot or zero shot; given that the data has nearly 50/50 proportion of delta in those with and without the shot, “unlinked” may be “a wash”. But this word of caution is apropos.


    What I want to know is:
    how can the USA, a country by population 5 times that of UK, how can USA be reporting to the CDC/VAERS only 223 total breakthrough covid infections?

    The UK, with less than 70 million population, is reporting more than 200,000 breakthrough cases just from the Delta Variant.

    The USA with more then 330 million population, via the VAERS/CDC, reporting only 223 total breakthrough cases.

    Is it reasonable to infer, at this time that, in fact, there are five times as many breakthrough cases in USA via delta variant only? I D K

    That would be more than 1 million in USA?

    1 Million+ covid cases after getting the shot.

    That would be ~ 4,000 deaths after getting killed by delta variant after getting covid shot?

    But according to CDC reporting system, only 26 deaths after shot, i.e., breakthrough infection. And in UK, Delta-only = 799; a country five times less population? Tell it to Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

    CDC/Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system or VAERS, showing death by month following covid shot and then getting the infection, total = 26:

    Where is the real data in US on breakthroughs?

    Why is this being hidden? And, big brother: pushing these shots even harder now, and mandates to either get them —-or lose ones job, be denied education, be thrown out of military, etc.

    The Big Lie pushed by the Nurse Ratchets in charge of US “public health” decisions and the MEGA PHARMA clan, summarized as follows:
    Lie: Vaccine Effectiveness [VE] = ~95%

    In fact, VE is, and for some time, has been: tending towards
    VE = ZERO
    for this poison masquerading as “vaccine.”

    There are now too many dead bodies.

    Permanently injured.

    Folks blinded, women permanently sterilized, some getting genital herpes after the shot, and permanent brain damage, not just blood clots and headaches, and head injuries without any blunt trauma associate, and fingers amputated and toes amputated from gangrene, etc. etc. etc. . . .

    What can vaccine effectiveness even mean when, at least according to this UK government data: twice as many die of delta variant after the shot, than those with out one!

    And, why is Walensky and Fauci and the criminals from whom they are taking orders – why are they continuing to LIE LIE LIE out loud, pushing vax mandates—while hiding data!

    Listening to the CDC is Hazardous to your Health.

    What penal colony or insane asylum would even be apropos for these beasts?

    • Deap says:

      Where did I read that CDC was not even tracking vaccinated breakthrough cases.

      Which would explain the “low” numbers reported in the US among the vaxxed, and the high percentage of “deaths” and covid ICU cases among the unvaxxed.

      From day one, there is not a single number or data point that is reliable about any of this.

      Which did not stop Biden from screaming that Trump had killed 300,000 people because of his mishandling of the “covid crisis” during the unfortunate major meltdown 2020 debate.

      Moderator offered Trump no rebuttal time, so all Trump had left after that was to shout Biden down to stop his outrageous string of programmed lies. It was an awful moment for us all.

      • Jim says:

        The CDC stopped reporting all breakthrough cases in April, that is, banned the public from accessing this data.

        Our government possess this information; they feel we ain’t entitled to see it; that’s the short answer.

        There are three data classifications with breakthroughs:
        1] all of them
        2] all hospitalized
        3] all deaths

        CDC beginning in April decided, “so sorry” [to put it kindly], to the public’s right to know.

        In their own words: [[[As of May 1, 2021, CDC transitioned from publicly reporting the passive surveillance of all vaccine breakthrough cases on the website to focus on hospitalized or fatal vaccine breakthrough cases due to any cause. This shift helped maximize the quality of the data collected on cases of greatest clinical and public health importance. Some health departments continue to report all vaccine breakthrough cases to the national database and continue to submit specimens to CDC for sequencing. Previous data on all vaccine breakthrough cases reported to CDC from January–April 2021 are available.]]]


        The CDC also told the 50 states that they did not want and/or were not requiring 1] 2] and 3] — rather: only 2] and 3]

        This from a memo from Massachusetts Department of Public Health from May 2021 to hospitals:

        [[The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has asked states to focus on vaccine breakthrough cases with severe disease resulting in hospitalization or death. Although routine public health case investigation activities and vital records matching provides some of this information, hospitalization data in particular is incomplete. In order to meet federal reporting requirements and to ensure that Massachusetts data are complete enough to achieve the stated purpose, DPH has developed a one-page form for reporting. — Providers should use the attached form to report ONLY vaccine breakthrough COVID-19 cases with severe disease resulting in hospitalization or death. ]]

        Except this is the people’s data; we are the government.

        And there is of course much speculation on why our corrupt and murderous “overlords” want to hide the facts.

        The facts show their narratives are based on thin air, bull shit, bluster and myths. In other words: the facts contradict their narrative, while people are harmed, put in danger and die from the criminal corruption and incompetence dressed up as science-based recommendations, ”’justifying”’ draconian mandates — lockdowns, get a shot or lose your: livelihood, ability to attend school, serve country in military; and other perfidy.

        The CDC document, link shown above, is as good example of any — this is how it begins, saying:

        [[COVID-19 vaccines are effective and are a critical tool to bring the pandemic under control. However, no vaccines are 100% effective at preventing illness. Some fully vaccinated people will get sick, and some will even be hospitalized or die from COVID-19. However, there is evidence that vaccination may make illness less severe for those who are vaccinated and still get sick. The risk of infection, hospitalization, and death are all much lower in vaccinated compared to unvaccinated people.]]

        What is actually true in any of the above sentences?

        I do know the following don’t add up:

        -there is evidence that vaccination may make illness less severe for those who are vaccinated

        -COVID-19 vaccines are effective and are a critical tool to bring the pandemic under control

        So here we have the CDC not only claiming shots “are effective” — they are not even trying to claim they are “safe and effective.”

        This is what happens when madmen are running things.

        They screw up their own narratives because they are in fact not operating in the public interest nor public good nor for public health reasons.

        And CDC back handed admits the shots in fact are not safe — otherwise, they would have said so, right?

        Walensky said it best herself last week or so, saying we are “hoping” this works.

        This is not and has not been about science, according to the nonsense coming out of her own mouth.

        This is ultimate insult.

        After her saying she hopes this and that,—- in free society, the men in white coats would have politely taken her off of the TV set, and placed her in a setting she could get the care she needs. . . .

        Fauci is a very sick man and she has lost her mind.

        Walensky: “There’s actually hope; we don’t have data”

        You decide:



    • JerseyJeffersonian says:


      Yhank you for your periodic data dumps; I read them closely, and as you report concerning your own thoughts, so am I constrained to ask questions, likely rude questions in the eyes of the poobahs of the “vaccine” frenzy.

      I am avoiding the jab despite my being at the threshold of 70 years of age, and having asthma (thankfully, extremely well controlled by my current maintenance drug). The multi-front mendacity that I observed coming from the Medical Industrial Complex right out of the blocks set off alarm bells in my head. I figure that, since I am already dealing with asthma, anything that might borrow more trouble with inflammatory processes is trouble which I emphatically do not need.

  18. Leith says:

    SWMBO and I are both 79, and she has had COPD for at least ten years now. We both got Pfizer shots in April. No after effects. Zero problems.

  19. VietnamVet says:


    I am sorry to hear of your hospitalization. I hope you can keep pushing on.

    Since blood clotting is one of symptoms of COVID-19, if it occurs without the illness after vaccine injection, then in my opinion it must be due to the spike protein traveling throughout the body. There are too many reports like yours to be a coincidence. Also blood clotting in young women with J&J DNA adenovirus vaccine that also codes for the spike protein is an acknowledged side effect. The lipid capsule is unlikely to be the cause. I use tablespoons amount of polyethylene glycol for constipation with no side effects. Only further studies will prove that this is what is actually happening. Those responsible will likely try to avoid this coming about.

    The one sure thing is that there is not a complete toxicity and efficacy data base for the mRNA treatments. FDA approved Comiranty mRNA vaccine without the promised public hearing. This is strange. Since the West is incapable of conducting proven public health measures like China, Taiwan and New Zealand, the for-profit vaccines are the only way to fight the pandemic. Science has been politicalized. Now that the spike protein treatments are failing rather than acknowledging putting all their eggs in one basket, the private/state messaging is blaming the unvaccinated.

  20. English Outsider says:

    Colonel – when there are enduring effects of the vaccination they are are very similar to “long Covid”. That is, the after effects of Covid itself that have hit a surprisingly large number of people.

    “Long Covid” is a bastard. I know of twelve people personally who’ve got it, here in the UK and abroad. When you see a fit 40 year old having to sit down and take a rest after lifting a chair, or hear of a young woman unable to get something out of the bottom of the fridge without breathlessness, the stats come to life and one realises that this odd virus can have one hell of a kick to it.

    The only good news is that it eventually goes away. The first I knew who had Covid was fit 60’s. In hospital for months and was walking around like a wraith afterwards. Now she’s back riding and bouncing around and looking no worse for it. So if it can get you after the disease, or can get you after the jab, it does have a good prognosis.

    I read the South Front article with interest. As you say, no evidence. Fact is, we don’t trust the politicians, with good reason given the mess they’re making of everything else. We don’t trust the big corporations and their PR. That vacuum of trust we can and do fill with any speculation that takes our fancy. But behind all the chancers and the rogues there are in this case the medics, the specialists and the researchers. Rightly or wrongly in this case I’m therefore going with mainstream medical opinion, while accepting that this is an odd disease and little long term experience of it.

    Uncharted territory to a great extent, but I’d rather venture on it with people who’ve spent decades working in virology and epidemiology than journalists whose qualifications and experience I have no knowledge of.

    I’m sceptical of the general dismissal of the low costs treatments and wonder whether commercial pressures, or just herd instinct, is leading to an over hasty rejection of those treatments. But your own specialist will be a lot more clued up on all that so I shan’t be so officious as to suggest my own pet nostrums. When I see another picture of a steak on your website, and hear SWMBO saying “why doesn’t your steak look like that?” I shall know you’re out of the woods. There’s a family over here in the UK hoping that that’ll be soon. Best wishes from all of us.

    • Pat Lang says:

      The symptoms of Long Covid sound very much like ours with the exception of my head problem. I fatigue very easily and so does she. I keep trying to work up the energy yo cook a steak for dinner but by the afternoon I fade.

      • Pat Lang says:

        In re the steaks: As close to 500 Fahrenheit as you can make the grill, Montreal, for steaks up to an inch thick 1 1/2 minutes on a side, turn over ONCE, cook with the lid down.

        • English Outsider says:

          Colonel – have already used the Montreal dressing to universal approval. The steak itself? – I shall submit a report in due course but here should merely say that it wasn’t entirely a glorious victory.

          On the vaccine, I had Pfizer, not Moderna, but still get the fatigue. Five months now but it’s gradually wearing off. My wife got AZ, also had severe fatigue initially, but recovered after a few weeks.

      • TTG says:

        Cerebral hemorrhage has been associated with Covid-19 infection since at least last Summer along with a host of neurological problems. SWMBO and I assume we had mild Covid infections at the end of February 2020. We thought it was just a common flu until SWMBO’s Covid toes showed up. We never got tested for it. We both got the shots. Neither the Covid/flu nor the shots had much effect on me. SWMBO hasn’t felt right since the initial infection. Was it Covid or the vaccine? Who knows. I certainly don’t. Neither of us required hospitalization or visits to a doctor so I consider us both lucky, although SWMBO gets pissed when I imply her continuing maladies are not that bad.

        Bottom line, Colonel Lang, is that perhaps you also had a mild touch of Covid which could have contributed to your head problem. I don’t know if you can be tested for it or if it would make any difference in your treatment plan, but it might be worth an ask if you haven’t already asked.

      • Asha K. says:

        YOu could try to get someone to do the cooking while you recover…

        Sorry to hear, take care…and, take the boosters of immunity posted above, except from cardioaspirin, in case you are already in anticoagulants ( eventhough there are people who by their patholoyg take both, anticoagulants and cardioaspirin at once, but that is your Dr.´s take, of ocurse…) all of them quite harmless…

  21. Lars says:

    My wife and I had Pfizer shots in March and my wife had some mild effects after the 2nd shot. I had none and we have not had any problems. I have had 2 Covid tests since and both were negative.

  22. walrus says:

    Words fail me. I am in awe of the cutting edge medical expertise at SST. As a simpleton who spent six years running a commercialisation company with projects involving Institute Pasteur, Purdue Pharma (yes, the infamous company, our analgesic was highly effective, but unfortunately not addictive), four medical startup companies involved in blood clotting, genetics, cloning and other drugs as well as diabetes, weight loss and allergies – we even funded a colony of Israeli sand rats for obesity studies, I learned from a variety of Professors and PhD’s that I know very little even after they tried to educate me.

    What I did learn is that none of the so called internet experts pass the smell test. They all either have books to sell or products to market. If not product, they are either academics looking to be bought off by pursuing research grants or simple blackmailers or running phone charities or even simple narcissists that want to see their name in print.

    For example, I wouldn’t be surprised if the opposition campaign (side effects) to the Astra Zeneca vaccine wasn’t funded by a competitor – it’s an old trick remember Zantac? Remember all the side effects that were “discovered” when it came out of patent? Guess who had a new (in patent) drug with no side effects?

    So when I read about Ivermectin and other repurposed cures that are “suppressed” for some reason like Detroit suppressed cars that run on water (remember that one?) I get annoyed. Same with bogus scientific studies by people who have no connection whatsoever to virology or epidemiology or who just happen to be CEO and founder of some medical company that thinks they might have a cure but no money.

    Me, I follow a Nobel prize winner, Peter Doherty, who discovered basic facts about immunity, followed by three other Experts in the field who are advising Governments and WHO, all of whom are personally known to me and who haven’t been wrong yet.

    my advice to everyone is the same as the advice given to me; get vaccinated now! The odds of real life threatening side effects of any of the vaccines are a fraction of the odds of what injury covid will do to you. Don’t believe the BS about “healthy young adults and children” 50% of our delta case hospital patients are under 40 including two babies and they are all unvaccinated.

    Don’t fall for the crap about Israeli efficacy studies. READ THE ORIGINAL PAPER, not some interpretation by an axe grinding clown. So what if natural immunity is 20 times better than vaccine immunity, the issue is about catching covid in the first place.

    Do not fall for pseudo scientific stuff with big words and footnotes. You actually have to be able to understand the logic – you need that famous “I’m from Missouri, show me” attitude.

    The vaccines are as safe as we can make generation 1 vaccines. Generation 2 and 3 will be better but don’t wait. There is no global conspiracy except the one by nature itself – Covid is going to kill stupid people who didn’t get vaccinated when they could. In fact nurses I am aware of are already saying “no vaccination, no ventilation” you know they already do that with smokers, right?

    For goodness sakes folks, a global conspiracy implies that tens of thousands of the brightest people on this planet from all over the world have been working in perfect secrecy with no leaks for at least five years to perfect your doom. It’s utterly improbable

    • Eric Newhill says:

      “global conspiracy implies that tens of thousands of the brightest people on this planet from all over the world …”

      How many of the best and brightest continued the war in Afghanistan for years, convincing their peers that we were winning?

      “They all either have books to sell or products to market”

      Double edged sword. The vaccine makers and investors (you?) also have something to sell.

      “Purdue Pharma (yes, the infamous company, our analgesic was highly effective, but unfortunately not addictive),”

      Ha ha, you’re undermining your own straw man by acknowledging the corruption of the purveyors of the vaccine. You’re even suggesting that a specific method of corruption is to addict the population to a drug (third jab and dwindling efficacy over time, anyone?).

      “Don’t fall for the crap about Israeli efficacy studies. READ THE ORIGINAL PAPER, not some interpretation by an axe grinding clown”

      I, for one, have read the research. Do you have an axe to grind?

      “The vaccines are as safe as we can make generation 1 vaccines”

      Well isn’t that reassuring. Just how safe are gen 1 vaccines?

      You’ve certainly unleashed a mighty frontal assault of straw men. Is your strategy to simply keep sending them forward in mass wave attacks until the barrels of our civilization defending machine guns burn out?

      • walrus says:

        Eric, “ how safe are generation 1 vaccines? Safer than getting Covid. That’s what counts.

        • longarch says:

          “ how safe are generation 1 vaccines? Safer than getting Covid. That’s what counts.


          For 99.9% of humans, getting COVID is like getting the flu. The various snake oil products pushed by Big Pharma have produced a legion of ills. The effects of natural immunity would have been more than sufficient. Don’t ask me, ask the Israelis. Israel was the first country on Earth to fully vaccinate a majority of its citizens against COVID-19. Now it has one of the world’s highest daily infection rates — an average of nearly 7,500 confirmed cases a day, double what it was two weeks ago.

          If these vaccines are as bad for reproductive health as they appear to be, quite a few advanced countries will see their “birth dearth” worsen. Almost as if an unethical billionaire were intentionally trying to decrease the human population.

      • Carey says:

        Eric Newhill, thanks for your response to that commenter. I’ve noticed that it does not respond to detailed rebuttals with solid
        sourcing, so I no longer pay it much attention.

        Remember when it said it “wasn’t aware of” the Covid “vaccines”
        being urged on for pregnant women, and children? Me too..

        • walrus says:

          Carey, last time I looked, you had no such “detailed rebuttals with solid sourcing”. Long winded crap by some idiot with something to sell does not count. I don’t have time.

          • Carey says:

            As an example, walrus: you previously stated that you “were unaware” that the covid “vaccines” were being pushed on pregnant women, and children; I provided a clear link to the CDC page stating
            that they were, for your enlightment.

            Now the CDC are finally *beginning* a study
            of those vaccines’ safety in pregnant women- just a bit late, with women worldwide reporting
            uncontrolled bleeding..

            Studied ignorance (yours) is not pretty.

    • LeaNder says:

      My heartfelt thank you, walrus. You are a real treasure for longer now.

    • BillWade says:

      Walrus, You do have all the answers. So, is Covid19 a normally occurring illness or is it a biological warfare weapon? Thanks

      • walrus says:

        Bill, I don’t have all the answers but the guys who play with this stuff for a living think its naturally occurring. I am not aware of any credible evidence otherwise.

        Furthermore an actual release of a war pathogen invites nuclear retaliation. I don’t think the Chinese have the Chutzpah for that.

        • smoke says:

          From Trevor Bedford @ Fred Hutchinson, one of “the guys who play with this stuff for a living…”

          “Jun 24
          As I’ve said before, I believe both zoonosis and lab leak to be plausible hypotheses for COVID origins. I’m not pushing any narrative, just trying to figure out what’s going on with this particular datapoint. 15/15”

          Bedford discusses some of the elements of analysis for determining the root, at this thread, posted first at his twitter feed.

          Beyond my statistical and scientific ability to evaluate.

    • blue peacock says:

      Luc Montagnier (US: /ˌmɒntənˈjeɪ, ˌmoʊntɑːnˈjeɪ/;[2] US: /mənˈ-/,[3] French: [mɔ̃taɲe]; born 18 August 1932) is a French virologist and joint recipient, with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Harald zur Hausen, of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).[4] He has worked as a researcher at the Pasteur Institute in Paris and as a full-time professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China.[5]

      During the COVID-19 pandemic, Montagnier was a promoter of the conspiracy theory that SARS-CoV-2, the causative virus, was deliberately created in, and thereafter escaped from a laboratory. Such a claim has been refuted by other virologists.[6][7][8][9] He has been criticised by other academics for using his Nobel prize status to “spread dangerous health messages outside his field of knowledge”.[10]


      Why does wiki re-write the pages of anyone including Nobel laureates who go against the groupthink orthodoxy?

      This is the problem. There are many scientists with all the credentialing who don’t agree with the prevailing groupthink orthodoxy. Of course they are considered conspiracy theorists, selling something, or even demented and naturally cancelled. In this group are Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, Luigi Warren who conceived the mRNA re-programming as Derrick Rossi’s post-doc at Harvard that became the basis for Moderna, Harvard epidemiologist Martin Kulldorf, Stanford professor of medicine Jay Battacharya among others.

      But…Big Pharma selling a product mandated by governments with toxicology & safety studies not yet completed is The Science. Top virology scientists feeding at the trough of NIH grants all coalescing around Herr Fauci and Daszak that anything other than a natural origin of the virus is conspiracy theory and any questioning of Herr Fauci are attacks on The Science despite the clear conflicts of interest is follow The Science. I urge independent-minded folks who still possess the faculty of critical thinking to review Herr Fauci’s statements from the beginning of the pandemic. Notice The Science continually evolved in the direction of the political narrative

      Walrus, you are playing the classic credentialing game, but refuse to acknowledge that there are other equally credentialed people who don’t agree with the viewpoints of those you cite. The Science on many of these issues including Climate Change the other boogeyman is ambiguous.

      • walrus says:

        Blue Peacock, yes. There are legitimate competing scientific viewpoints but the nutcases then take these opinions and distort and amplify them.

        • blue peacock says:


          On all sides. The nutcases are not restricted to one camp. Fauci, IMO, is a good example of someone who has distorted what is actually known about the origins, transmission, biology of the infection, vaccine efficacy & long-term toxicology/safety, masking & lockdown efficacy, etc. These are all issues that continue to remain ambiguous. His pronouncements of certitude appear more political than scientific. Yet questioning of his statements is considered anti-The Science.

          In the face of this scientific ambiguity the zealotry exhibited by public health & political authorities is a much bigger distortion than a nut case on Twitter. The fact that debate has been cancelled by Big Tech by labeling those that have dissenting viewpoints to the groupthink orthodoxy as conspiracy theorists, as we have seen with Luc Montagnier’s wiki page which was rewritten because he questioned the natural origin of the virus, is prima facie evidence of distortion by those in power.

          • Deap says:

            Fauci has been distorting things for political gain, ever since his debut on the public scene in the 1980’s over HIV. I could not believe that little twit was still around when he re-emerged in 2020 over “covid”.

    • Deap says:

      This is not a “vaccine”. It is a vast unregulated medial experiment using a 100% previously untested inoculation mechanism. Any data follow-up is 100% corrupted by partisan controlled policy, and faulty testing.

      By now there should be a “normal vaccine” using attenuated “covid” viral particles, like any other flu vaccine. But there is not. Why is that?`

      Even with my Trump goggles firmly in place supporting the man who personally pushed Warp Speed “covid” injections, I will not go down this road with him. But I do stand by Trump’s initial gut reaction – “covid” was used as one more Democrat hoax used to derail the Trump administration in an election year, after their two previous impeachments failed.

      “Covid” simply cannot be taken out of its political context. Change my mind. But never change the definition of “vaccine” in order to push a partisan political ideology.

      • TTG says:

        Deep, in addition to the mRNA vaccines, there are three other kinds. AstraZeneca, J&J and Sputnik are viral vector or adenovirus vaccines that use genetically engineered virus code other than Covid-19. Sinovac and Sinopharm are inactivated vaccines. I don’t know of any attenuated virus vaccines in use. Codagenix COVI-VAC was in testing a few months ago. That’s the “normal” one you seem to prefer. It will give you a weakened Covid-19 infection. It is a proven method, but we still don’t know the full extent of what the Covid-19 bug can do in the long run. I wouldn’t blame people for being hesitant of deliberately catching Covid as an immunization.

        • Deap says:

          TGG, I don’t prefer any injection for a 99% recovery affliction. And do prefer “catching the flu” for my natural immunity, if this would only pass government muster as an acceptable “vaccine passport” in this brave new world of mass hysteria.

          I particularly resent the immediate banning of any exploration or even discussion of prevention or therapeutics for this affliction, so there is still no “science” available for either option.

          I also at this stage resent there is no pre-emptive triaging available for those may experience the now well-documented vaccine side effects, lethal and otherwise.

          Risk harm from the affliction or risk harm from the injection – leaving a lot of us still sitting on the fence. I would hope the vast resources of the CDC, who is a global leader setting the standards for many other countries, could do a lot better than double-down hysteria at this late point in the “pandemic”. But they have not; and they won’t.

          I will tell you later where to send memorial contributions in the case of my stubborn demise, if this is of any interest.

          • walrus says:

            Deap:”well documented side effects” . While there are a number of possible side effects, the associated risk of injury is tiny to the risk of injury from NOT being vaccinated and getting covid.

        • SERGE says:

          IIRC there a few live-attenuated COVID vaccines in the clinical/preclinical pipelines, one of them is delivered nasally.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      “So what if natural immunity is 20 times better than vaccine immunity, the issue is about catching covid in the first place”

      Sorry you lost me there, are you saying the Vaxx stops you getting it in the first place whereas natural immunity “20 times better” does not? Are you able to provide a citation for that claim? Thanks.

      • TTG says:

        Barbara Ann, think about what you wrote. How does one get natural immunity to Covid-19 without first getting Covid-19? Sure, as long as you survive Covid-19 and don’t suffer any life altering effects, you then have natural immunity. But that natural immunity isn’t impregnable. There are cases where people have caught Covid more than once. One study I just saw says someone who had Covid once is more likely yo catch it again.


        • Eric Newhill says:

          Wrong. You’re missing the point.

          You will still “get” (and spread) covid if you have been vaccinated. Only with the inappropriately named “Vaccine” when you catch covid, your own body’s immune system is partially bypassed; assuming you’ve recently been vaccinated (because the vaccine wears off. Hence the calls for a third booster).

          The vaccine is analogous to using steroids to build muscles versus natural training. In the long run, the weight lifter going natural has the more enduring results.

        • Sam says:


          Neither the vaccine nor natural immunity from prior infection prevents one from getting infected and transmitting to others.

          However, natural immunity is significantly better than the vaccine in terms of both reinfection rates and severe effects of infection as shown in much of the data from Israel, UK, etc.

          Why is there a passport for only those vaccinated and not those already infected? Cui Bono?

          • walrus says:

            Sam, there is a “proof of recovery” certification that is the equivalent of a vaccine passport. I still have my “vaccine passport” somewhere. We had them as children for international travel. They are nothing new.

          • Sam says:


            Who provides “proof of recovery” in Australia? Is there such an official document that you can use to travel around Australia and NZ with its zero covid policies of lockdown?

            I know of no such official documentation in the US. And there’s no reporting that one can use that to enter a cafe in NYC or San Francisco. A colleague has to travel to Germany but he’s not allowed to enter without proof of vaccination not proof of recovery.

            Why the discrimination when proof of recovery should be stronger evidence compared to proof of vaccine?

          • LeaNder says:

            A colleague has to travel to Germany but he’s not allowed to enter without proof of vaccination not proof of recovery.

            Wrong, in Germany proof of recovery is equivalent to proof of vaccination.


        • Eric Newhill says:

          To further elaborate on why you are dead wrong.

          As I said last year, we are all going to contract covid; probably multiple times. This will include the different strains of the virus.

          The so called vaccine does not prevent you from catching it , not from spreading.

          Given that covid is now part of the ecosystem and the the vaccine does not kill it off (like a normal vaccine does), the best thing for most of to do is to simply go about our lives and develop the fuller spectrum resistance that comes from fighting off the virus with our own natural immune systems.

          The only alternative is to keep our immune system artificially boosted and get dosed with the vaccine every six months or so into perpetuity. If you and Walrus are going to sit there and tell me, with a straight face, that 12, 15, 30, more doses of these experimental vaccines doesn’t represent a serious hazard, then we should all be done discussing with you guys because you’ve either lost all common sense or you’re acting on ulterior motives.

          You tell me where my logic is faulty.

          And yes, I know that some elderly/seriously sick people are going to die. That’s happens, you know. If they want to risk the vaccines, then that is their choice. Please stop pretending that we are all at that same level of risk. Not even the CDC agrees with that propaganda point.

          • Deap says:

            Long before “covid” when one reaches a certain age, reading most of the local obituaries are for people younger than yourself, does give one pause. It is hard to escape the fact “old people” die, and we do not get to choose when, where or how.

            Re-labeling older persons’ deaths, which have been accepted as either natural or tragic, as now a voluntary event if we would only get a “covid” shot, puts life’s immutable mortality into an entirely different category.

            I love life right now, still feel very engaged, and an active participant with still new horizons to explore, but quickly advancing on four score years still does not make me want to participate in this very curious mass medical experiment.

            Long ago I wondered if this ready acceptance of the Zombie Apocalypse hysteria model of “covid” was a younger generation’s failed acceptance of the randomness of their own mortality, since life had not thrown them other earlier and immediate mortality challenges, like war, threat of nuclear extinction, or fatal childhood illnesses.

            And this natural human confrontation with mortality, going on from time immemorial, was simply amplified by the digital age and became this now global pandemic hysteria.

          • Mark Logan says:


            No vaccine kills off a virus. They all simply expose our immune system to it so they can get set up to handle the real thing. Like starting off bench pressing with 10lbs, instead of 200, which to the uninitiated without a spotter, will probably overwhelm and choke them out.

            Vaccines and previous exposure do not prevent infections pe se. The immune system does not coat the outsides of our respiratory cells with an armor shield which blocks viruses from entering cells. The antibodies, macrophages and like-such are based in our lymphatic and circulatory systems. They are reactionary forces. Ideally they react before one has any noticeable symptoms.

            The testing showing large numbers of asymptomatic vaccinated people only tells us the virus is wide spread. What it says about the vaccines themselves is that they are working.

        • Eric Newhill says:

          Mark Logan,
          Pedantic obfuscation.

          Where is polio today in the US? Small pox? You know what I mean.

          You also know that covid will be contracted and passed along with the vaccine.

          • walrus says:

            Eric, your understanding of vaccination and virology is incomplete.

            The influenza virus is the perfect example. It is a bad copier, so there is a constant stream of new strains. We get an annual flu shot that is a cocktail of vaccine for the three strains that doctors believe are the most prevalent.

            You can still get infected with flu. How is that situation not like what we face with covid?

          • Mark Logan says:


            COVID is closely related to the viruses which cause flus and the common cold. Why should we expect them to be like the ones which cause polio and smallpox? Apples and oranges there.

            No, I actually haven’t a clue how the virus can be “contracted and passed along with the vaccine”. Vaccines are not passed from person to person, so how will the COVID vaccine act as a vector?

          • Sam says:

            IF covid is like the flu AND the vaxxed are also susceptible to infection & transmission THEN a) why forcible vaccination? b) why lockdowns? c) why zero covid policies?

            A few of us are objecting to the scamdemic to increase control of our daily lives. None are objecting to those who want the vax. Why are those who are vaxxed want everyone else to be vaxxed? Why are governments and businesses forcing everyone to be vaxxed with a leaky vaccine with unknown long-term side effects? Why are they denying services to those already infected and have better immunity than those vaxxed? Why are governments restricting our movements & access to services IF covid is like the flu and will remain endemic?

          • Datil D says:


            “You can still get infected with flu. How is that situation not like what we face with covid?”

            I would say just like the situation we face with covid. Covid is present in animals like flu so their will always be new variants. So how come covid is political and flu isn’t. Why no flu lockdowns, mandates and flu passports?

            NWS shows 334 flu deaths in 2019

            NWS shows 156 covid deaths

          • Fred says:


            Remind us all of the lockdowns and the mandatory vaccinations of all citizens for the flu.

        • Barbara Ann says:


          Quite right, I was of course asking whether or not natural immunity provides worse defense than the Vaxx against getting it again. Obviously one has to have had it already to have immunity. This is far from an academic question considering the (hundreds of?) millions who have now had the thing.

          In general I am not at all interested in this thoroughly boring topic, least of all the disease itself or the efficacy of the Vaxx. There is one exception: The one issue I am very interested in is why Vaxx mandates and Vaxx ‘passports’ exclude people with natural immunity.

          My kids have both supposedly had the virus, yet TPTB want to Vaxx them and aren’t remotely interested in testing for natural immunity. If we travel to say, France, they cannot enter a cafe or restaurant. One may soon be in danger or losing her job.

          Of course natural immunity is not impregnable, but the Science article I linked to before (based on the Israeli study) said it is many times more effective than the Vaxx (Pfizer). If this is the case, why in the name of all that’s holy are my kids to be excluded from society?

          If Walrus is right (that the Vaxx prevents reinfection better then natural immunity) I’ll be happy to recant. If he is wrong the implications for Vaxx mandates and ‘passports’ are enormous. Please tell me why my kids should get the Vaxx, when their risk of death or serious illness is near zero.

          • TTG says:

            Barbara Ann,

            That article I found from the Cleveland Clinic mentioned a study looking at Kentucky data from this Summer showing those who previously had Covid had a 2.3 greater chance of getting reinfected that those who were vaccinated. It also said reinfections are rare up to 90 days after initial infection.

            Earlier last year, transfusions from those who recovered from Covid was used to treat more at risk people. Tom Hanks and his wife were two of those donors. After a while those transfusions weren’t effective because the antibody count dwindled to near nothing among the donors. So natural immunity also has a shelf life, a relatively short shelf life. Any vax passports for the naturally immune (which I think is a reasonable idea) should also have a short shelf life. The same is true for those with vaccines since we know immunity wanes for them as well. Until something better comes along, all those passports should have time limits.

            The smallpox vaccine has similar limitations. It’s 95% effective and its effectiveness wanes after 3 to 5 years. The vaccine also has serious side effects. The success of that vaccine was in the massive worldwide vaccination program rather than in the vaccine itself. Perhaps with better Covid vaccines something like that can be done. But people were different back then. They had a sense of civic and social duty.

    • Harlan Easley says:

      You are delusional.

    • Asha K. says:

      Thus…all the experts have something to sell…and so you have…after you declare your participation in the Big Pharma…

      I very doubt that, as an insider, you lost such opportunity to make money…

      Everybody is taking advantage, especially those governments applying most dictatorial measures as can be yours…

      Most part, or at least main part of Macron´s presebt and former cabinet, have particpation in the next golden mine, Big Data and Telemedicine, which comes introduced by the Covid Pass….

      Pandemic and vaccines were just the alibi to introduce the digital globalized worldwide dystopia where a merging of unregulated financial capital, big tech, and big pharma will come to substitute elected governments who will be only a fachade for this corporate power in the shadows reaping benefits and pocketing government funds for control of all aspects of human life from birth to grave, government services, security, and defense to which they have already thought to provide for every step in the “chain of value”…

    • Fred says:


      You have a lot of straw on that farm of yours. Tell me more of that water powered car, not the pharmaceutical industry corruption in the attempt to curtail competition and maximize profits though – they’ll never do that in a pandemic!

      “Covid is going to kill stupid people ”
      That’s convenient. Tell us, how is the homeless population now, all dead? Unvaxxed students all die off last year? Afghan “refugees”, they’re all vaxxed aren’t they? Just curious how that government managed that. On a bright note beating the Taliban the next time should be easy as they are anti-vax and ought to be dropping like flies by now.

      • Carey says:

        > Tell us, how is the homeless population now, all dead? <

        That was one of my first things to carefully watch. San Francisco
        has a very large homeless contingent, and lot of int'l travel, esp
        to Asia. And yet..

        "Covid" = cover for the Great Reset/ immiseration of the Many. All the best psyOps have a little truth in them..

  23. Babeltuap says:

    Everything, from day one of this thing was constructed with lies of concrete and I beams. It is a bio weapon designed to weaken and dismantle western governments. CCP was having trouble with Wuhan revolting way before the virus due to environmental damage to the air and water. They have been silenced, Trump was taken out, free speech taken out, small business taken out, dissenters against forced injections are being taken out. And look at all the promises broken and keep being broken. Give up your freedoms for 2 weeks, 2 months, 12 months……eventually there will not be any freedoms left.

  24. Asha K. says:

    You are right in keeping doubts, reserve and even not believing anything of what I say, if you do feel like to do it, but , but, let´s try seomone from your own country, an especialist, here directly from the mouth of associate senior editor of Amercian Journal of Cardiology…


    • Deap says:

      Something to consider is the role of medical publications, like the Journal of American Cardiology, which over the past few decades when from official medical orthodoxy to little more than carriers of medical industry advertising, which is where the profits were made using only the thinnest view of scientific reporting.

      AMA which used to be the gold standard is nothing more than a trade industry for the medical-industrial complex created by the proliferation of third party payers which transformed the profession of medicine into little more than prostitutes who will do it for the money.

      Having been in the health care field for 42 years starting in the 1960s along with 20 years on a hospital bioethics committee, I witnessed this transformation first hand – some good, some bad, but with 17% of the nation’s economy now engaged in “health care” is it a marketplace as well as a noble healing institution.

      Trust but verify is close to becoming a human impossibility, when it comes to the delivery of “health care today”. Informed consent is a patent mockery. Which leaves the poor patient, and even the well meaning physician in an intolerable position. I have medical conditions – I am forced to engage in its participation. But let’s not oversell the unverifiable fringes as something they are not.

      You and I agree, do what you can to maintain a robust immune system, but swilling ersatz OTC pills in mega doses is magical thinking which means any sugar placebo pill will work just as well. Ironically, there was a small study showing even when people were told they were being given a placebo pill, they still got better anyway.

      Mind-body is the next great frontier for health care – psycho-neuro-immunology is its fancy name and a stalled trend that got some traction at UCLA for a while, for reasons unknown. Probably because it altered the interpersonal relationship with self, state of health, and the business of health.

      And no, you cannot just “think” away a disease or cure my cataracts without medical intervention. At best it can start to sort out some the remaining troubling chronic conditions where one can make inner changes to make a difference.

      • Artemesia says:

        I am reading Joyce Carol Oates’s The Accursed, set in Princeton in 1906; its star character is Thomas Woodrow Wilson (he believed ‘Thomas’ too lowbrow, so adopted Woodrow as conveying a more cultivated tone).
        According to Oates, Wilson was more than a hypochondriac; he was addicted to a blizzard of then-OTC medications, many of which were morphine or opium based.

        About 15 years ago I did extensive research in newspapers in early-20th century Canton, OH. I was amazed and somewhat amused at the numerous advertisements for ‘patent medicines’ several of the sort that Wilson took. Snake Oil salesmen were quite prominent, not so long ago.

        Earlier this year I had a health event similar to Col. Lang’s — a brain hemorrhage, except I was not then (or now) vaccinated. After 4 wks in ICU, one of the therapy exercises in Rehab was to place ~70 pills in their proper slot — to ensure that I would be capable of caring for myself upon return home. The expectation was that I would be, as so many apparently are, able to sustain health only with the help of pharmacopeia. In fact, it had been about 15 years since I’d last taken an aspirin. Today, I take 1 baby aspirin daily to forestall clotting.

        Some segment of the American population, it seems, from the Canton newspapers and the fictional Woodrow Wilson, are compulsive pill-takers, excessively concerned for their health and convinced they needs pills to make them feel healthy. I do not.
        I come from peasant stock. My mother used to tell us we were “too poor to get sick.”

        I was hospitalized in a city whose economy is based on “Meds and Eds.” The many hospitals as well as universities used to be the domain of religious orders of priests and nuns, as well as Protestant denominations. Today, every one of them has been drawn into one of two dominating consolidated corporate entities with an overt profit motive. These hospitals are the major employers in the state.

        It was not a comfort to think that my recovery would follow protocols to which insurance companies, the legal community, and rigid corporate dictates had major influence and that were calculated in terms of cost-benefit.

        AND yet, I recovered. Some have said miraculously, for the type of bleed that afflicted me kills over 60% of the time.

        I think my tough old peasant stock tipped the balance. “Immunity on loan from gawd.” (I don’t think I am an anomaly, tho perhaps in the ‘silent minority.’)

        I will do all in my power to avoid vaccination — the risk of another blood clot may be minor, per CDC, but it’s not one I am inclined to take.

        But the quality of my otherwise healthy life is rapidly approaching Zero: my sole social outlet has been the public library, but librarians have appointed themselves health specialists: this morning, a librarian called local police to escort me off the grounds for my failure to wear a mask.

        • Barbara Ann says:


          Glad you are still with us. Life is going to be tough for us dinosaurs for a while – those of us who believe in the choice to get on with our lives without interference from the Medical Industrial Complex. So many fictional dystopias are converging on our current reality is makes the head spin. But I am resolved to resist until the last too. There is too much at stake. My best wishes.

  25. blue peacock says:

    “With regard to the Party of Davos business, l know of no evidence of the truth of that. pl”

    Col. Lang,

    I submit to you the following:

    – Market concentration over the past 50+ years in practically every major market segment into the hands of a few transnational corporations. Here’s an example in the food industry (https://www.theguardian.com/environment/ng-interactive/2021/jul/14/food-monopoly-meals-profits-data-investigation). Matt Stoller’s and Jonathan Tepper’s books chronicle this inexorable drive to concentrate market power in the hands of a few.

    – The revolving door of the regulated and the regulator leading to the fox in charge of henhouse. From SEC to Fed to Treasury to healthcare industry lobbyists writing Obamacare.

    – The financialization of the US economy over the past 50 years and the Wall St/Fed combine driving privatization of speculative gains and socialization of speculative losses by the mega speculators – LTCM to GFC.

    – The massive growth in government spending through borrowings from future generations that get recycled through the Big Government contractors to political campaigns and the follow-up with Ctizens United.

    – The massive growth and increasing secrecy and even lawlessness of the national security state. From mass warrantless surveillance of all Americans to the collusion with Big Media to propagandize domestically and even falsify judicial affidavits with no consequence. From the Church committee report to the Russia Collusion hoax.

    – The dismantling of the US industrial infrastructure and the transfer of capital & technology to Communist China as well as the provision of a recurring & growing revenue stream to the CCP.

    – The co-option of the judiciary to aid the untrammeled growth in government power well beyond the enumerated powers in the constitution.

    – The close alliance & personal social network among the leadership of Big Business, Big Government, the political duopoly, Big Media, Big Tech, think-tanks & academia. This social group is being labeled the Party of Davos.

    Now, the above happenings may be purely coincidental. I leave it to your considered judgment on why this phenomenon over the past few decades of a massive and in many ways unprecedented concentration in market, financial, media, governmental and political power among a select few?

  26. Sam says:

    The Ones That Want You To Take The mRNA Shots

    What To Connect You To The (IoB) The Internet of Bodies

    Part of the 4th Industrial Revolution… Coincidence?


    Conspiracy Theory.

  27. English Outsider says:

    Colonel. I’m not sure my exploits with the aforesaid steak can take forensic examination. Or any examination for that matter.

    It was rump steak. We happened to have some handy in the freezer. The grill didn’t seem to have the requisite ferocity so the steak was seared in a cast iron frying pan. Then it was inserted into a hot pre-heated oven, remaining in the frying pan. The frying pan had ridges in it with which I was hoping, ultimately without success, to imitate the grill marks visible in the photograph of the steak you cooked and put on your website.

    So, confession time over. Our cats aren’t allowed in the house. Officially. So one sat on the windowsill and observed the operation, jumping down from time to time when she got bored but returning quite often to check on progress. She listened with interest but some disdain to the following exchange.

    “Shall we get it out of the oven now? We were hoping to eat before 11. Not that I want to interfere.”

    “Wait just a moment or two. It still seems a little tough. Let us see what the future holds. We are in uncharted waters.”

    “Have you ever actually had a chart? When you do anything in the kitchen?

    “I forget who it was said that no plan survives five minutes of contact with the enemy. Could have been Clausewitz.”

    “Did he say anything about the first two hours.

    When the steaks were eventually fetched out they tasted fine. Superb, I was told. That was the Montreal dressing. But perhaps a little tough. Maybe they should have stayed in the oven longer. The cats were given just the tiniest bit, since one had waited so hopefully on the windowsill. They did not at all like the Montreal dressing – I had applied it rather liberally – but seemed happy with what was underneath it.

    • Pat Lang says:


      About steaks. Rumpsteak is sirloin over here. Difficult to work with, it does not have enough fat (marbling) in it for my brutal style of cooking. I would use something else. For indoors – I hope you put the Montreal on BEFORE you cook the meat. When I cook cuts like beefsteak indoors I fry it in a well seasoned old black cast iron skillet. Put some oil and butter in pan and cook the meat in that. DO NOT OVER COOK IT. While the meat rests on a platter, make a pan sauce. Turn the heat down very low and de-glaze the pan with red wine while scraping up the good stuff off the bottom so that it is in there with the wine. Put in a slurry of thickener. I use arrowroot but you can us flour. stir this until it thickens a bit and decant into a gravy boat. By then the meat has rested and serve the two together. BTW don’t wash a cast iron pan. Scrape it down and then rub it with salt before storing.

      • Carey says:

        Good info, and possibly an improvement over what I’ve been doing.

        I pan-fry mine most of the time- usually ribeye, marinated with something first, like Teriyaki sauce- and cover it with a lid after searing both sides. Haven’t been cooking steak lately though,
        because the cuts I’ve been seeing have been unappealing.

        I do want to try that Montreal sauce you’ve mentioned.

      • Pat Lang says:

        Addendum to EO

        I left out a step in the pan fry method. When you move the steak to its place of repose, drain MOST of the fat out of the pan and then add the wine and thickener.

        • English Outsider says:

          Colonel – thank you very much. This I shall do. The Montreal spice is a great find.

          • akaPatience says:

            EO, it’s my favorite too. As I’m typically wont to do (rolling my eyes as I type), I’ve tried some homemade rub recipes but IMO Montreal is still the best. My husband always remarks how tasty our steaks are!

      • JK/AR says:

        I’d hesitated commenting on these ribeye cooking posts of yours Colonel Lang clear up to where I see, specifically, your mentioning “in a well seasoned old black cast iron skillet” method.

        Preferably I use peanut oil and butter in dear ol’ Granma K’s carefully maintained skillet. (The butter churned by my Amish buddies from up the road.) Heat is very high.

        I allow the ribeyes to come up to room temperature following their no less than six hours “marinating” in the briskly rubbed in salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and yes indeedy do, Montreal Seasoning – whoever created that stuff deserves a Nobel Prize.

        Two minutes each side flipped once.

        Three minutes if my girlfriend wants one.

        (I do not buy Amish beef – much of everything else they sell but, not beef. Ain’t never got the degree of marbling to my taste. But other than that one thing they’re pretty doggone handy on a farm.)

        I’d only add that I prefer charcoaling but sometimes the weather is uncooperative.

  28. ISL says:

    Dear Colonel,

    I preface by saying I am not a medical doctor and am not giving medical advice.

    My wife and I are following the iMask protocol prophylactically, described on the FLCCC website, based primarily on ivermectin. There are several large meta-analyses that have concluded high effectiveness (~87% I think) against caching Covid19 – better than the “vaccines.”

    Pierre Kory – a practicing doctor and part of the FLCCC, and lead author on a meta-review indicated that the protocol works for vaccine-induced covid19 syndrome (my term).

    Essentially, Covid19 doesnt kill or make you sick – it fragments releasing spike proteins that cross all biological barriers and lead to an inappropriate immune response by which your immune system attacks tissue, organs, neurons, etc. This is why it shares great similarity in health impacts with air pollution health impacts, which are primarily from nano-aerosols. This is an area that I have been researching.

    Anyway, the mRNA gene therapy jabs induce cells not just at the injection site, but body-wide to produce the cyto-toxic spike proteins, which can lead to an inappropriate immune response, and an inflammatory feedback cycle that underlies long covid19.

    So my advice is to investigate the FLCCC website and information and then consult with an appropriate medical professional. The safety profile of Ivermectin is better than aspirin, so there is no downside.


  29. Sam says:

    It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.

    – Voltaire

  30. Bob Blake says:

    I don’t recall any maker of any vaccine claiming in any of their studies that the vaccine was 100% effective and made you 100% impervious to the current genetic version of covid and all future genetic versions of covid. If anyone else claimed that the vaccines did make you 100% impervious they are ignorant of the facts provided by the vaccine manufacturers. Ignorance abounds on both sides of the vaccinate now or never vaccinate now and that ignorance is compounded by a very simple error in logical thinking.

    If I die today due to side joy of a deep vein clot, which I have had five times in my life, perhaps it will be due to (fill in the blank). Let me help fill in the blank.

    I have a very rare blood issue where my blood clots exceedingly quickly due to how my blood is constituted. I take Xeralto at the maximum daily dose. In order to finally find out why I had so many deep vein clots I went off Xeralto for five days so my blood could be drawn without the Xeralto present. On the evening of the fifth day after the blood draw I had another deep vein clot in my groin. So that is my blood story. I am a clot factory. Certified in fact.

    I have also had both shots of Moderna.

    Given my blood clot history I am regularly having my blood chemistry checked. Clots have almost killed me now more than once. You name the blood test I take it.

    OK. Now the test. I die as a result of a clot. Did I get the clot because I have very unusual blood chemistry or because I took the vaccine?

    Now all those embedded in the narrative that mRNA vaccines cause blood clots will be overjoyed that the evidence is clear, once again the evil gene therapy killed me and I am an object lesson is why mRNA vaccines are an evil plot run by whomever.

    Or perhaps I got the clot that finally killed me because since I take a blood thinner I am at high risk of bleeding to death internally due to a physical trauma as simple as fall down and slamming my arm or leg or torso on a blunt object. But see, you just learned some new information that suddenly made your snap narrative less than a sure thing. That’s called searching for additional information that contradicts the narrative in your head. There are actually many other perfectly legitimate reasons I could die tomorrow as a result of a clot. If you do not consider all of them, all the time and seek additional ones, you have chosen the path of ignorance.

    And six months from now perhaps there will be a study that “proves” being on Xeralto for six years causes (fill in the blank). One study? Accepting one study or two studies or three studies or what some Vet in Germany proves is not going to make me stop taking Xeralto. I will however continue to read ALL studies regarding Xeralto and in fact, I do that now anyway. The more knowledge I gain as opposed to noise the less ignorant I make myself. That actually is how I have navigated my life, I accept that I am inherently ignorant and constantly seek to become less ignorant. That of course means not having a narrative in my head that I must feed with self confirming noise. Why, because the narrative I am feeding will most likely be flawed because I am not in possession of all possible current and future knowledge. My narrative is flawed from the first moment and ever succeeding moment since I will never have perfect knowledge. No matter how much knowledge I pile up it will never be all knowledge for all time. Yes I could be wrong and the odds are high I will be wrong.

    Determining the cause of an effect is not as simple as “well that happened yesterday and it most be the cause for what happened today.” At least not for me since I know deep within that I am ignorant but strive every day to be less ignorant. Also not trying to constantly maintain some story line in my head with confirmation bias helps too.

    Like Walrus I love to hear how tens of thousands of medical people all over the world are silenced about the “truth.”

    • Fred says:

      Bob Blake,

      “I have a very rare blood issue …”
      Yes most people don’t and are not on blood thinners and getting blood clots after getting vaccinated is a danger our side effect.

      “facts provided by the vaccine manufacturers.”
      Do they also all have 100% immunity like the ones pushing these Covid vaccines? Why do they need that now when they are so good at what they do.

  31. Deap says:

    Pfizer is now starting trials for an early stage”covid” oral therapeutic, in a placebo controlled study.

    Where will they find enough confirmed “covid” victims all in one place at the same time, to even test a therapeutic in any meaningful manner, so they can sort them into placebo or active sub groups?

    Will they just take a group of thousands, but only measure their pill’s impact on only the few who might actually contract “covid”? Will they tout this as percentage reduction among the few, or an actual number reduction using the larger number of the study group?

    Eg: 1000 in the original study divided into placebo and treatment groups – 4 people in each group of 500 actually get covid. Four people out of 5000 in the placebo group get symptoms; two people out of 500 in the treatment group get symptoms. Headlines scream our pill reduces “covid” by 50% Or is that a 100% reduction??). Except almost 500 people in each group never got covid in the first place. I’ll take what they are taking.

    Will they create a super-spreader event and then harvest out test subjects. Will they lurk at the doors of over-crowded hospitals and spin off study subjects. Will they test for natural immunity before they qualify anyone for the test groupings? Will they accept only unvaxxed, or vaxxed or mix them all together.

    Considering the scare campaign Pfizer et al have been conducting, how will they convince enough study subjects to risk (1) getting “covid” and also (2) risk getting only a placebo for this alleged zombie apocalypse you are all gonna die infection?

    With as many variables about the affliction, the transmission, the testing and the already high recovery rate just leaving it alone, I see a “study” for a new commercial product fraught with many confounding issues. Which is why they still have not successfully found a cure for the common cold or the annual flu season as well. These studies are often far less than they claim to be.

    But this could be just a band-aid way out of the Democrat’s “covid” cul de sac, now that they have hit a brick wall on ever getting 100% “covid” vaccinations and vaccinations are proving to be remarkably leaky.

    They can now sell a branded drug to either cure or mitigate the incidence of “covid”, since it is clear they cannot eliminate “covid” with more vaccine threats and scare tactics.

    The “pill” that will take us back to normalcy. I suspect the pill will be blue, for obvious reasons but also because it was found blue pills calm people down, even though they also found red pills cure faster. No, this is not a political statement – it is a placebo based study of pill colors. Split it down the middle – here comes another little purple pill.


  32. Peter+VE says:

    I took the J&J single shot in early April. I suffered a brain fog for 6-8 weeks afterward, which could indicate minor clotting.
    Meanwhile, in news you won’t see in the House Organ of American Empire (AKA The NYT ):
    Two top FDA vaccine officials have resigned the day after the FDA approved the booster shots. They have not made any official statement regarding their decision.
    Some comment about a sinking ship seems appropriate.

  33. Sam says:

    Harvard Epidemiologist Says the Case for COVID Vaccine Passports Was Just Demolished


    A credentialed Ivy Leaguer with wrongthought. Will he get airtime on CNN to debate Fauci? Or be allowed to tweet or post a video on YouTube?

  34. Deap says:

    Another fast Fauci fact-devoid friendship is faltering: CDC divorces itself form the PCR test for “covid”

    Cancel all those past covid “test” numbers since Jan 2020, and return to square one:


  35. JK/AR says:

    Noting Peter+VE’s comment above, in part:

    “Two top FDA vaccine officials have resigned the day after the FDA approved the booster shots. They have not made any official statement regarding their decision.”

    More on that:


  36. walrus says:

    Sam, Fred JK, Deap;

    – booster shots may be problematic. The vaccines aren’t. Resignations over booster shots? Maybe justified but it doesn’t delegitimise vaccination.

    – The harvard guy says the same thing as the Israeli study – natural immunity is better than vaccination, but both are better than nothing. I already mentioned “certificates of recovery” as equivalent to a carde jaune.

    – Mrna shots may indeed be suboptimal compared to traditional style vaccines like Astra Zeneca, Sputnik and the Chinese one.

    Please, please get vaccinated.

    Our Australian lockdowns worked against everything but delta. We are now racing to get 70%+ vaccination rates by October so that when we open up, we don’t get a surge of Covid amongst the unvaccinated. That may crash our health system in November.

    As for the difference between Covid and flu – long term maybe no difference but a surge of Covid cases hasnt been seen before last year. It may not kill people but it may kill the health system. That indirectly kills people.

    Covid PCR tests; there are now over 200 brands. The CDC no longer needs to be involved.

    • Fred says:


      You did not answer my question. When did your government, or mine, institute lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations for the flu?

      • walrus says:

        Fred, Flu, since 1918, no longer has the capacity to collapse the health system…..unless we get a pandemic bird flu. We have early warning systems for that and they are the same systems that alerted us to covid.

        • Fred says:


          So one hundred years ago. Have you forgotten why it didn’t get repeated – the elites stoped obeying the rules they imposed on everyone else. You might look at the death rates and see how much lower they are, but then you know that already.

          How many hospitals did you build last year? How many health care workers did you train? None.

          The health care system is not in danger of collapse. Your political power is.

          • Carey says:

            I’m guessing the one you’re responding to (I have too) is sponsored content.

            “Get the vaxx now, even if it makes you ill (or worse) !”

            I will pass on that, at least until the results of the first full-scale, long-term trials are in- in late 2023.

    • Deap says:

      walrus, “zero flu cases” has not been seen since 2020 either. What a coincidence.

    • Carey says:

      Walrus said: “..Our Australian lockdowns worked against everything but delta. We are now racing to get 70%+ vaccination rates by October so that when we open up, we don’t get a surge of Covid amongst the unvaccinated. That may crash our health system in November..”

      Since *by all accounts now* the “vaccines” do not stop infection or transmission
      of the virus, how would more vaccination stop a “surge of Covid” ?

      • Lysias says:

        Now there’s a new Mu Variant, which I imagine the vaccines are unable to handle. Just as I imagine the vaccines will be unable to handle the many new variants that will follow Mu.

        • Deap says:

          What will follow the covid zeta variant? The alpha alpha and then the alfa beta variant etc.

          But at least we cured the flu and no more colds. There is always some yang to be found in the yin.

      • walrus says:

        Carey, vaccination protects the vaccinated. The unvaccinated by choice don’t get my sympathy.

        • jld says:

          What is the meaning of “protects” when vaccination do not stop infection or transmission?

        • Carey says:

          > The unvaccinated by choice don’t get my sympathy. <

          Not seeking it, friend. A question, walrus: why aren't all
          us "stupid" unvaxxed either dead or dying from the covid?

    • Carey says:

      > Please, please get vaccinated. <

      1) Why?

      2) If I am sickened or worse by the "vaccine" (see the final full paragraph of Col. Lang's post above), if there a 'reverse option' that can be used to unvaxx myself and again become healthy?

  37. Barbara Ann says:

    To the various people here who are skeptical of an organized ‘conspiracy’ to use the pandemic to overthrow our liberties and replace sovereign democracies and capitalism with a global technocracy & Neo-feudalism, I give you the following:
    The WEF says To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism. Build back from what? Why the pandemic of course.

    So you may say that the WEF is just a bunch of egotistical idiots with too much money who meet once a year in Switzerland and talk nonsense. You may question how they could possibly co-opt governments into implementing their crazy ideas. Remember the “Build Back Better” slogan is code for the Great Reset. Both originated in the WEF, not any one country. No one voted for it. Well to the skeptics, please enjoy this montage debunking the idea that this group and their agenda have any traction across Western democracies:


    The Great Reset is very real and it is happening right now.

    • Sam says:

      Barbara Ann,

      Dunno what’s going on in Australia & NZ. However I notice reports like this. Walrus could enlighten us possibly?

      The Australian federal government is planning to de-anonymize the internet to introduce a social credit system to combat “online abuse” – police will have access to individuals’ social media accounts, which will be linked to people’s passports.


      Before 2020, the idea of Australia all but forbidding its citizens from leaving the country, a restriction associated with Communist regimes, was unthinkable. Today, it is a widely accepted policy…. the government of South Australia, one of the country’s six states, developed and is now testing an app as Orwellian as any in the free world to enforce its quarantine rules. People in South Australia will be forced to download an app that combines facial recognition and geolocation. The state will text them at random times, and thereafter they will have 15 minutes to take a picture of their face in the location where they are supposed to be. Should they fail, the local police department will be sent to follow up in person. “We don’t tell them how often or when, on a random basis they have to reply within 15 minutes,” Premier Steven Marshall explained.


      • walrus says:

        The articles are crap.

        1. The police and security services in both America and Australia have had 24/7 access to your social media, email, voice, metadata and texts for at least ten years.

        The security services have also had access to travel documents and reservations in both countries as well. The evidence for this in Australia is a string of prosecutions of jihadists who were planning terrorist acts or trying to travel overseas to do jihad.

        Having said that, there are any number of politicians who would like to increase control to stop abortion/drugs/child pornography/ whatever.

        The ban on leaving the country was enacted for one reason; people who leave will expect to come back – and bring more strains of covid with them. There is also a ban on entering the country. Something like 50% of Australians have relatives overseas and we are great travellers. This has had to be wound back to try and protect the community.

        The plan is to restart international tourism once most people are vaccinated.

        Each State has their own contact tracing App. You are supposed to check in when you visit stores. Compliance varies.

        The South Australian idea was laughed at and as a former convict colony, Australians have a long tradition of not following any rules about anything too closely. It’s not part of our character.

        • blue peacock says:

          Thanks walrus.

          “The police and security services in both America and Australia have had 24/7 access to your social media, email, voice, metadata and texts for at least ten years.”

          I don’t know Australia but in the US the NSA supposedly hoovers ALL electronic communications. Having said that it appears it does no good in stopping either crime or terrorists. We’ve had numerous terrorist attacks from the San Bernadino jihadi couple to the nightclub attack in Florida. What it is good at is in running political hatchet jobs like the Russia Collusion hoax.

          In any case this increasing herding to online platforms where the government and of course the businesses that align with them are not just eroding privacy but something much more dangerous & sinister – cancellation of your ability to transact and acquire goods & services based on your government approved social credit score. This should be vigorously opposed. However, it appears that most people voluntarily acquiesce due to the increasingly hysterical fear porn.

    • Deap says:

      Capitalism was not invented, it emerged. And it stuck around because it worked. And it became regulated where it did not. Inventions cannot be social engineered by government fiat. But government fiats certainly do create nefarious work-arounds.

      Plus without capitalism and Wall Street, how will all those trillions of dollars of under-funded public pensions ever get paid off. The deep state needs to re-invest in America and capitalism for themselves; if they refuse to do it for anyone else.

  38. Sam says:

    JUST IN – Sweden bans travelers from Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, into the country from September 6 due to the record-breaking rise in #COVID19 cases.


    Interesting vax passport from Israel is not sufficient for entry into Sweden. Everyone not allowed. IMO, vax passport as entry requirement is silly since the vaxxed can get infected and transmit. The only criteria should be test.

  39. Sam says:

    The CDC is now listing vaccinated COVID-19 deaths as UNvaccinated deaths if they die within 14 days of the vaccine.



    When it comes to any US government data, Caveat Emptor is a good policy. As we heard with Biden’s conversation with Ghani, narrative engineering is the only game being played for decades.

  40. Sam says:

    Israel has over 7x as many cases this September 1st than last year.

    Israel has nearly 3x as many deaths this September 1st than last year.

    Over 2 million triple jabbed. Does this prove its working?


    Instead of canceling voices that run contrary to the establishment narrative, there should be vigorous debate on the policies and the ambiguity of the data and lessons learned from the draconian policies enacted. Doubling down and narrative engineering is not a strategy unless of course the real intent is something else.

    • Deap says:

      It more likely proves the pandemic has become globally endemic. The inaccuracy of any testing method, or inclusion criteria – recording any deaths from covid or deaths with covid numbers — is highly suspect.

      Shame we simply have so little hard evidence about any of this 18 months into it; but that is the one part of this phenomenon that is true. Refusal to do autopsies on the vaccinated adds another material deficiency to the many unknowns about this “covid” phenomenon.

      Was there an increase in average all-cause deaths or was their an increase in deaths labeled covid? Johns Hopkin’s CDC morbidity data analysis found no increase in all-cause death averages for 2020 – just a very curious and commensurate re-labeling of deaths for that “covid” year..

    • walrus says:

      the operative sentence:” However, the rate of serious cases in Israel is double for unvaccinated under-60s and nine times higher for unvaccinated over-60s, so vaccines remain highly protective against severe outcomes.“


  41. Carey says:

    “No, you may not have a D-dimer test.”
    “No, you may not have an antibody test.”
    “No, you may not use Ivermectin”.

    You have but one choice (that’s not a choice then, is it?) : get the “vaccine” that does
    not stop infection or transmission or illness; even if it sickens you, makes you unfertile, or worse.

    I will pass on that.

    • Carey says:


      “No, you may not sue the vaccine maker if said “vaccine” sickens or kills you;
      for they have been indemnified, to your detriment.”

      “No, your health insurance company [sic] is not responsible for your healthcare bills resulting from acceptance of the “vaccine”; and you can’t prove that that substance was the cause of your post-vaccine illness, anyway.”

      And so on.. might add more later.

  42. longarch says:

    Service members who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19 would not face dishonorable or other-than-honorable discharges under a plan approved by a House panel on Wednesday.

    The troops could still be forced from the ranks, but would receive honorable discharges. Supporters said the idea is to ensure those individuals aren’t given a lifelong mark on their military record because of personal concerns about the vaccine.


  43. JK/AR says:

    Just now came across a better explanation regarding those two FDA people who tendered their resignations:


  44. Deap says:

    More major “covid” data points bite the dust, with the query, they are just finding this out now? Only half as lethal as long presented.

    Democrats tried to outrun the data, but are now getting buried under it as time marches on, well past their only goal: the 2020 Election date.


  45. Deap says:

    Baylor physician and covid researcher makes five points about his own covid research findings – testing, treatment, masking, vaccines and asymptomatic cases: findings: (27 minutes)


  46. Sam says:

    A new systematic review confirms that covid recovered patients have immunity as complete or better vs. reinfection than the vaccines do. There is no scientific justification for vaccine passports/mandates.


    Fauci & Gottlieb will likely say this is not The Science because it does not conform to The Narrative.

  47. Deap says:

    Try this one on: The parameters of “covid” will continue to change until Democrats can claim victory over it.

    Which in fact will be just their saving face and backing themselves out of this partisan political disaster they unleashed on us in 2020. Right after Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump’s 2020 SOTU address and she declare war on every single one of his accomplishments – choosing “covid” as her WMD.

  48. Sam says:

    Victorians who have had both doses of the COVID-19 vaccination could be granted freedoms before the state reaches 70 per cent of the population with one jab, Premier Daniel Andrews revealed.


    Dunno about Australia. In the US ostensibly the Creator endowed us with certain unalienable rights including Life & Liberty. Not government.

  49. Jim says:

    [This includes the ‘DELTA-PLUS’: B.1.617.2, AY.1, AY.2,and AY.3]:

    Latest UK data shows: 2.3X more deaths viz. delta variant — after covid shot; compared to no shot.

    And increasing at rate 3.2X compared to no shot [1.4 v 4.5, using Aug 6, 2021 data = 1; Aug. 20 data =2; Sept. 3 data = 3].

    Sept. 3. 2021 UK data now indicates 2.3X deaths after covid shot compared to those with zero shots, viz. COVID-19 Delta Variant, according to most recent UK government data sets.

    The previous two data sets from Aug. 20 and Aug. 6 indicated 2X more deaths, son. Thus proportion of deaths, according to UK data, after covid shot, compared to no shot, is increasing.

    Below, from UK government data, Sept. 3, 2021; Aug. 20, 2021; and Aug. 6 reports.

    Most recent published online Friday Sept. 3: indicate overall 2.3X [increase] chance of death from Delta having gotten shot; and rate of increase overall now is 3.2 times greater.

    Sept. 3, 2021 data:
    TOTAL covid delta variant cases reported = 492,528
    with covid shot = 272,812 [55.4%]
    without shot = 219,716 [44.6%]

    TOTAL after delta infection deaths,
    deaths 1 or more shots = 1,233 [‘unlinked’ deaths, n=29 not included]
    deaths zero shot = 536

    1,233/492,528 = 0.002503, or 0.2503%
    536/492,528 = 0.001088, or 0.1088%

    This is 2.3 times more, with shot v. without shot.

    Aug. 20, 2021 data:
    TOTAL covid delta cases reported = 386,735
    with shot = 203,602 [52.6%]
    without shot = 183,133 [47.4%]

    TOTAL after delta infection deaths,
    1 or more shots =799 [includes ‘unlinked’, n=16]
    zero shot = 390

    799/386,735 = 0.0021, or 0.21%
    390/386,735 = 0.0010, or 0.10%

    Aug. 6 data:
    TOTAL covid delta reports = 300,010
    with shot = 148,956 [49.7%]
    without shot = 151,054 [50.3%]

    TOTAL after covid delta infection deaths, 1 or more shots = 489 [includes ‘unlinked’, n=8] zero shot = 253

    489/300,010 = 0.0016, or 0.16% [at least one shot]
    253/300,010 = 0.0008, or 0.08% [zero shot]

    Plotting the Aug. 6, 20 and Sept. 3 delta deaths by: time 1, time 2 and time 3 for
    those with shot; and for no shot yields, via linear regression, the following equations:

    No shot,
    ŷ = 0.00014X + 0.00067 [0.00067=the error]
    [or use ŷ = 1.4X + 6.66667]

    With covid shot,
    ŷ = 0.00045X + 0.00117 [0.00117=the error]
    [or use ŷ = 4.5X + 11.33333]

    No shot rate of increase = 1.4 times from Aug. 6 data to Sept. 3 data.

    With covid shot rate of increase = 4.5 times, from Aug. 6 data to Sept. 3 data.

    This is 3.2 times greater rate of increase

    —–Sept. 3 2021 data at


    —–Aug. 20 data at:


    —–Aug. 6 data at:



  50. Sam says:

    US cash funded controversial Wuhan virus lab where research to make diseases more deadly was backed by Dr Anthony Fauci, new book says


    Will Dr. Fauci ever be tried before a Nuremberg tribunal for genocide?

    Big Pharma bros will use their billions to protect him. What do folks think about Scott Gottlieb former FDA chief using the revolving door to get on Pfizer’s board now pushing boosters on every TV appearance. Note that in introducing him on these shows they only mention he was former FDA head. Never he’s on the board of Pfizer now and has a financial conflict of interest.

    Well. Well. That’s the Party of Davos.

  51. JK/AR says:

    Watch it (Dr. Peter McCullough) before it inevitably gets taken down:


    • Artemesia says:

      Chock full of information, much of which I do not understand.

      McCullough’s core message is, Covid is survivable if properly treated; appropriate treatments have been developed by many physicians, but major medical information outlets (MIOs) allied with government have been blocking information about those treatments and also access to them.

      Vaccines urged by those MIOs as the only option to a “return to normal” are not completely effective in stopping either the lethality or the transmission of the virus. What is more, they have serious side effects including deaths. The numbers of officially reported deaths associated with vaccination far exceeds the number deaths occurring from other newly-introduced drugs in the past, wherein administration of those drugs was immediately halted.

      I do not understand the biology; I read or hear so many discourses that explain (in shorthand, imo) how This mRna works, or That adenovirus works, or how Moderna is different from Pfizer is different from JnJ. I’m clueless. I try to follow “the science,” but I do not have the underlying vocabulary and concepts.

      Peter McCullough DID explain that “viruses mutate . . . Delta is very highly transmissible and produces a massive viral load even in the vaccinated, but Delta is far less lethal.”
      OK, good to know.
      But how is “Delta” diagnosed? We’ve been made to understand that PCR tests are not meaningful — they can be rigged.
      McCullough informed on that, too: remember when the Chinese said they would use anal tests on American diplomats? That’s how Delta is assayed: it’s in the GastroIntestinal system, so anal swabs are the most useful way to diagnose Delta.
      That’s two good bits of understandable, usable information from Peter McCullough.

      Third major take-away from the McCullough video was the report on Dec 10 2020 BBC rollout of “Trusted News Initiative” (TNI).

      “Trusted News Initiative (TNI) agreed to focus on combatting the spread of harmful vaccine disinformation . . .TNI partners [i.e. every media/communications organ on the planet] will continue to work together to ensure legitimate concerns about future vaccinations are heard whilst harmful disinformation myths are stopped in their tracks.”

      In his closing remarks, McCullough stated repeatedly that “the minds of people are clouded.” People are acting irrationally, out of fear; people are “in a trance,” in a “mass psychosis.” But, he insisted, “These are not bad people.”
      He urged that efforts be made to break the trance, and that, while the “global agenda” seems to be “to inject the vaccine into every arm,” people do what they can to avoid vaccination.

      On the other hand, the people who are inducing this fear, deliberately, such as the TNI network; the people hell-bent on injecting what Dr. Vladimir Zelenko told a rabbinic court are “death shots,”
      are bad people indeed.

      • blue peacock says:


        If this is such a pandemic that entire economies were shutdown, why not throw a few billion at treatments? Instead, they double-down on vaccines spending hundreds of billions. Now even forcing people to take it to have access to employment & public services.

        As Sam’s links show from Cornell & Gibraltar, vaccinated not only get infected but are spreaders. Contrary thinking is that it is actually the vaccinated who are more of a danger to society. But, that line of thought will lead to immediate suspension from Big Tech media. However, Rachel Maddow, Rolling Stone & the AP can continue to post complete misinformation on ivermectin. How can anyone trust what is being promoted by Big Government and Big tech/Media?

  52. walrus says:

    The facts of the matter are that anti vader’s can post their bulls##% faster than I can refute it and I’m tired of refuting the same story multiple times.

    Read the nurses accounts of having to treat unvaccinated folk who disbelieve they even have Covid right up until they lose consciousness and die. Then ask yourself if you want anything to do with sending people down that route. Please get vaccinated.


    • Fred says:


      Can we at least get a tik-tok dance to go with the sob song?. Every infection leads to death. Every single one. NO ONE SURVIVES. Look at the story some nurse from LA tells us. Reads like a medical malpractice suit waiting to get filed to me, but hey, Danger Danger Danger! Cases Cases Cases.
      Are actully lower than April but then that doesn’t fit the narrative, especially when we need to change the subject from the glorious victory in Afghanistan .(where their hospitals aren’t full of people dying of Covid; I wonder why?)

      Get the vaccine. Or don’t. Informed consent? Side effects? Bah. How dare you.
      Look here:

      Two people died in the past 14 days. Age of death, don’t you dare look, or look then ask why mandatory vaccines for kids. Don’t you dare ask. Securalism forbid you and the nurse actually do something beside fear monger.

      On a bright note I hope you enjoy(ed) the ski holiday with your grandchildren.

    • Barbara Ann says:


      I would encourage those at high risk to consider getting vaccinated, but I feel the same exasperation as you about the science denying disbelievers in natural immunity who want to Vaxx my kids.

      The Darwinism in action you describe is sad, but in a free society stupid people must be allowed to make stupid choices. If we wish to continue to live in a free society the only solution is to educate and teach critical thinking. The moment we accept that the citizenry is too stupid or ‘misinformed’ to make its own choices we are lost. That straw man was well in evidence with the “Russian disinformation” that supposedly got Trump elected. Public health “misinformation” is a similar canard being used to censor deviant views. The ultimate aim is our surrender to scientism – the belief that public health policy (and eventually all other policy) is better handled by technocrats than by politicians. Thus will we leave Leibniz’ best of all worlds and enter the brave new utopian one of entrusting our welfare to perfect individuals like Klaus Schwab.

      Reagan said it best: “Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves”.

    • Sam says:


      I believe it goes both ways. The big difference is that the Vaxxers have all the money & power of of the State including State Media spewing the BS.

      You want a vaxxed “human interest” story like the LA Times nurse. Here you go:


      Here’s a few The Science:

      Despite 95% vaccination rate, Cornell today has five times more COVID cases than it did this time last year

      ANALYSIS: If the goal is to prevent infection, the 95% vaccination rate on Cornell’s campus has not accomplished that


      And if it doesn’t work double down.

      Fully-Vaxxed Gibraltar Sees 2500 PERCENT SPIKE in COVID-19 Cases Per Day, Initiates New Lockdowns


      And how’s that Zero Covid policy working out in Australia?

      Australia’s zero Covid policy is successfully flattening the curve, but along the wrong axis 😳


      How about some sensible policies proposed by highly credentialed folks? Nah! Doesn’t fit The Narrative.

      Twelve Forgotten Principles of Public Health

      #1 Public health is about all health outcomes, not just a single disease like #COVID19. It is important to also consider harms from public health measures. #totalharms


      Sunetra Gupta:
      “The role of these vaccines is to offer protection to the clinically vulnerable; to foist them upon those who are at negligible risk in the hope of augmenting herd immunity is illogical.”


      Then there’s also the other “peer-reviewed” The Science. Of course when it doesn’t comport with The Narrative bury it.

      A new systematic review confirms that covid recovered patients have immunity as complete or better vs. reinfection than the vaccines do. There is no scientific justification for vaccine passports/mandates.


      Ever consider the human interest story on the harms that the current failed policies are creating??

      A devastatingly sad story of collateral harm from lockdown. My heart aches for the young woman and her family.


      Nah! The Narrative uber alles! Yup. Get the former FDA chief, now on Pfizer’s board as the pitchman. Never mention the financial conflict of interest when introducing him on the show.

      Pfizer’s TV man is already setting the stage for 3 or 4 shots for “immune memory.”


      • Sam says:

        A Candid Conversation with Reporter Jeanne Lenzer on Uncovering Corporate Influence in Medicine and the Media for Over Two Decades, via @DisInfoChron disinformationchronicle.substack.com/p/a-candid-con… And talk of her work with @ShannonBrownlee

        Whether it is Gen. Stanley McChrystal profiting from failure in Afghanistan or Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke profiting from Wall St as speculative losses are socialized and Scott Gottlieb profiting from Big Pharma as current covid policies cause more harm – it is all plain to see.

        This is the Party of Davos. Personal interest above national interest.

  53. Sam says:

    @Eric Weinstein: By now I want answers. Things that make sense. I don’t want to hear anymore nonsense from The Lancet, from Dr Fauci, from @TwitterSafety, from @CDCgov, etc.

    What is this? What do we know about its origin that we aren’t saying? Is this permanent? Is there a real plan? Why the BS?

    @Luigi Warren: Origin is virus from a remote mine in China, turned into a pandemic by Fauci’s Ahab-like quest for an unnecessary but Nobel-worthy coronavirus vaccine. Fauci orchestrated cover up to keep himself in power & out of jail. Plan is to make cover up permanent, hook population on vax.

  54. Sam says:

    Man, these videos from the internment camps in Australia are surreal. I never would have imagined in a million years that I’d be living in an era where these authoritarian horrors would so rapidly infiltrate the West.

    “One day when the food delivery carts rumbled in, I peeked into our row and noticed that we were all craning our necks, leaning over our little balconies, like animals in a zoo.”


    Story in our State Media.

    Considering that we had internment camps for Americans whose crime was they were of Japanese origin, we cannot judge. However, the costs of this concept of The Greater Good needs to be debated.

  55. Deap says:

    Sharyl Atkisson’s website keeps an open mind about all things “covid”:


  56. Sam says:

    “NEWLY RELEASED documents provide details of US-funded research on..coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology..The Intercept has obtained more than 900 pages of documents detailing..work of..EcoHealth Alliance..at the Chinese lab..”

    The documents make it clear that assertions by the NIH Director, Francis Collins, and the NIAID Director, Anthony Fauci, that the NIH did not support gain-of-function research or potential pandemic pathogen enhancement at WIV are untruthful.


    Fauci should be testifying to a grand jury, or more appropriate a Nuremberg type tribunal for genocide. Unfortunately he’s in the protected class that is above the law.

    • Fred says:

      China simply scammed Fauci out of our tax dollars. They will now shift the blame for what their scientists did to the US.

      • blue peacock says:


        Having read a lot of the public material on the origins sleuthing including The Seeker & the DRASTIC group, IMO, Luigi Warren makes the most sense on this.

        Origin is virus from a remote mine in China, turned into a pandemic by Fauci’s Ahab-like quest for an unnecessary but Nobel-worthy coronavirus vaccine. Fauci orchestrated cover up to keep himself in power & out of jail. Plan is to make cover up permanent, hook population on vax.

        Fauci, Daszak, Baric, et al were on a quest. They couldn’t lawfully do the pathogen enhancement in the US. The Bat Lady at the Wuhan Institute was quite happy to partner. The motive for Fauci makes sense. He’s been at NIH for 40 years. His wife is the head of bio-ethics at NIH. He’s been the head honcho under many presidents. The only thing missing in his career is a Nobel prize which is what all these scientists live & work for. Look how his ego has been stroked with all the media fawning throughout the pandemic.

        What we don’t know is if the lab leak of the engineered virus was accidental or intentional? We’ll never know that definitely of course.

        What the CCP did however was take advantage of the situation to scam the world into lockdowns and other misguided policies. However, this was met with great willingness on the part of most public health authorities & political leadership in the west who got their opportunity to take authoritarianism up several notches and the sense of power it gave them. This was a massive test run and they know it worked. Contemporary citizens of the west are easily scared. The pandemic only reinforces what has been learned from the War on Drugs & the War on Terror. Not at all difficult to make people in the west extremely fearful and they will voluntarily comply to any diktat.

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