A Spy Unearthed – Part 2

"The government filed a one-count indictment against Nozette late Wednesday afternoon, court records show. He has a detention hearing scheduled for Oct. 29 in the District's federal court."  Washpost

"That included details about U.S. satellites, early warning systems and defense strategy, the FBI wrote in court papers. The meetings with the FBI agent were taped. At one point, Nozette said he knew how to handle the Israeli's cash.

"You buy consumables," he told the agent, according to a partial transcript of the conversation in a District hotel suite Sept. 4. "Cash is good for anything." "  Washpost

"From 1989 through 2008, Nozette worked as a consultant for an aerospace firm owned by the Israeli government. He accepted $225,000 for that work, the FBI has said. "  Washpost


The government is moving fast on this.  The indictment is a major step forward towards prosecution.  I am told by competent authority that his case is in the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia because the offense as described in the indictment took place there.

The "aerospace firm" for which Nozette worked for 19 years while also working for DARPA, Livermore, the Naval Reserch Labs., etc is "Israel Aerospace Industries" the wholly Israeli government owned para-statal manufacturer that builds Israeli military equipment and space vehicles such as their reconnaissance satellites.

It should be obvious that the US government believes that Nozette was spying for the Israelis through that connection.  He said that he believed that to be the case in the taped conversation with his FBI "recruiter.

He will probably not be granted bail as he is a self stated flight risk. 

Most of the sycophantic and/or intimidated MSM is avoiding this story like the plague.pl

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  1. curious says:

    This guys expertise seems to be small satelite architecture. (His degree and related work was on geoplanet tho’. So not exactly Dr. evul… physicist/weapon designer. His clementine work is on sensor)
    The danger, he tells people how key satellites work, to spot, not to be seen from satellite. Which was what SDI program all about. (Plus how to build small attack satellite. )
    The Clementine paper
    Basic plot so far
    (He run into trouble bilking the gov at NASA, probably need money because of market crash. He then threaten and brag about Israel connection. He even prepare to move his parents to Israel.)
    Nov 1998-Jan 2008: Paid $225,000 for his services as a Technical Advisor/Consultant to Israel Aerospace Industry, a company wholly owned by the Israeli government and is Israel’s largest exporter of defense and aerospace technology.
    2006: NASA’s IG subpoenaed the bank account of Alliance for Competitive Technology (owned by Nozette) because of allegations the company submitted false claims for expenses.
    9 June 2003: Purchased residential condominium property at 4601 N. Park Avenue, Unit 210K for $235,000 and Unit P-431 for $235,000.
    6 Jan 2009: Traveled to a foreign country “A” with two computer thumb drives.
    28 Jan 2009: Returned to US without the two thumb drives.
    3 Sept 09: Nozette contacted via telephone by FBI undercover employee (UCE) posing as an Israeli Mossad officer. Nozette agrees to meet that day for lunch at a hotel on Connecticut Ave, NW, in Washington, DC. At meeting, Nozette discusses willingness to work for Israeli intelligence for money; tells UCE he had access to US satellite information. UCE arranges a communication system via a post office box and gives Nozette a ‘clean phone’. Nozette agrees to provide regular, continuing information; asks for Israeli passport and the “Right of Return” because his parents are Jewish.
    17 Sep 09: FBI retrieves contents. Nozette had answered the questions in the letter about US satellites (including one answer classified SECRET) and included an encrypted computer thumb drive. Nozette also offers to reveal additional classified information concerning nuclear weaponry, military spacecraft or satellites, and other major weapons systems.
    FBI leaves a second letter with more US satellite questions in the PO Box along with $9K.

    Information is kinda cheap these days …

  2. Dan M says:

    Really stupid question. Was it even legal for him to “consult” for a firm entirely owned by a foreign government while on the payroll of Darpa, et al and having all those clearances? Did no one at Darpa know? Did they know and not care? Seems, at minimum, a glaring conflict of interest.

  3. N. M. Salamon says:

    Most of the sychopantic and or intinimated MSM is/are practicing NEGATIVE STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION. The object is NOT to protect the Homeland, but to protect a foreign agent and or a foreign nation, AIPAC, ISRAEL and related…

  4. robt willmann says:

    Stewart Nozette has actually been indicted by the grand jury, which is the formal written charge against him filed in the federal district court and which can be the basis of a trial.
    I have sent the Colonel from the court’s file the complaint filed to start the case and hold it until an indictment (and which had been under seal until after the arrest), the affidavit supporting the complaint and arrest warrant, a page attached to the complaint with two more specifically pled charges, and the indictment itself, filed on 21 October 2009.
    I have no way to post them but maybe he does.
    It looks as if the indictment is in the court of Judge Reggie Walton, who I think presided over the trial of Irving Lewis “Scooter” Libby, former vice-president Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, regarding the Valerie Plame outing matter.

  5. Clifford Kiracofe says:

    I well recall then JCS Chairman General George S. Brown’s candid remarks in 1974 on the ownership of the US media as being pro-Israel.
    His bio states:
    “The first such incident occurred in October 1974 when at a Duke University seminar, he suggested that US Jews exerted undue influence in US affairs because they “own the banks in this country and the newspapers.” He went on to criticize the Jewish lobby in Congress. Then in an interview in late 1976, told a French journalist that Israel was “a burden” to the US….”

  6. Harper says:

    It seems to me that the larger context for this indictment is a message that, despite the decision at the start of the Obama Administration, not to go forward with the AIPAC prosecution of Rosen and Weissman, the U.S. government is not backing off from prosecuting the army of Israeli spies who proliferate within the defense and intelligence community and the think tanks. As I understand it, the probe into Nozette and his consulting company/subsidiary of IAI, has been ongoing for years, paralleling the AIPAC probe. My sources say that there are bigger fish in this particular spy operation, so let us see if Nozette is squeezed. Remember that when Jonathan Pollard was caught in 1985, it was widely known that he was assisted in his espionage activities by either “Mr. X,” a higher-up in the Pentagon or intelligence community, or by an “X Committee” made up of a whole cluster of people abetting the Israeli spying. It was after the CIA and NSA cut back on Israel’s access to national technical intelligence (after Israel bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor) that they created LEKEM as a special scientific espionage unit, tapped Pollard and accelerated their theft of U.S. national security secrets. Much of what Pollard stole was of little relevance to Israel, except as trading material with the USSR. Israel gave American national security secrets to Moscow, and the Soviets allowed a million Russian Jews to migrate to Israel, temporarily plugging up a demographic crisis for Israel. In addition, ADM threw in some wheat to Russia to further sweeten the deal.
    There is a much bigger and more sordid tale here, and every time one of the many Israeli spies is nabbed, it doesn’t shut down the flow of secrets, but puts a much-needed public spotlight on a secret war that some elements within our law enforcement and intelligence community have been waging for decades, often at great expense to their careers, etc.

  7. charlottemom says:

    I’m a bit confused about this story — If Nozette was directly and legitimately (?) working for an Israeli aerospace company, why is this company not being investigated wholesale. There may be many, many more Nozettes out there sharing US classified info with Israel.
    Instead we get this FBI “sting operation” on just Nozette. Didn’t Nozette say something to FBI-posing-as-Mossad like:
    “I thought I was working for you already. I mean, that’s what I always thought, [the foreign company] was just a front.”
    Is this sting operation a means of getting in front of perhaps the larger story that wholesale company(ies) are mining classified into? By firewalling Nozette, it seems to me that this potentially allows the bigger coachroaches to scurry away. Could that be the plan.

  8. Fred says:

    Curious nailed this in paragraphs 1 and 2.

  9. fanto says:

    I do have a problem to understand this affair: if Nozette thought that he already worked for Israel, than approach by Mossad should be highly suspicious to him and he would immediately notify his previous contacts; if he is that smart – why did he not think of that…Somehow this defies logic

  10. Turcopolier says:

    That’s not how this works. An egomaniacal personailty of this magnitude would think that the Israelis could never be content with using him behind even a minimally effective cut out like IAI. Direct contact with his genius would be the only possible end game.
    The FBI understood this. Why don’t you?
    His pathetic illusion of centrality made his file a good choice when the Obama WH gave the FBI and Justice the green light to burn an Israeli agent as a reminder. Settlements and insolence can be expensive. pl

  11. Charlamagne says:

    1992 Israeli Mossad tried to steal secret optical technology
    1995 Israel aggressively collects [US] military and industrial technology.
    1996 US technology has been acquired [by China] through Israel in the form of the Lavi fighter and possibly missile technology.
    1997 David A. Tenenbaum, gives classified military information on missile systems and armored vehicles to Israeli officials
    2001 Irv Rubin arrested for planning to bomb a US Congressman. He dies before he can be brought to trial
    2004 Jane Harman caught by NSA trying to block prosecution of 2 spies by blackmailing Pelosi with AIPAC Funds

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