A vote for Northam is a vote for the Clinton/MCaullife machine


I had decided not to endorse either candidate in the Virginia gubernatorial election tomorrow, but have changed my mind.   Northam is IMO a cog in the Clinton political machine.  As governor he would be a instrument of the Clinton machine as exerted through his mentor Governor Terry MCaullife.

Donna Brazile's revelations with regard to the money and political corruption surrounding the Clinton campaign and the DNC in the last election cycle were the last straw for me. 

I ask Virginia voters not to inflict this kind of machine politics on our beloved Commonwealth.  pl

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54 Responses to A vote for Northam is a vote for the Clinton/MCaullife machine

  1. Annem says:

    One machine or another?

  2. Amir says:

    What do you think about the independent candidate?

  3. EEngineer says:

    The major parties will only reform when the minor party candidates start to get enough votes to put the fear of irrelevance into them.

  4. D says:

    LOL! Well, that was the problem from last November. Clinton? Trump? Clinton? Trump? There is no correct answer.

  5. I have to disagree with you on this, Colonel Lang. It’s not because I’m enamored with Northam or repulsed by Gillespie. I like the idea of divided government in Virginia. Our legislature will undoubtedly stay in Republican control for the foreseeable future so a Democratic governor ensures blissful deliberateness in our government. I don’t see Northam as a Clinton true believer. Hell, he was even courted by the Republicans years ago. I’m also dead set against a pure Republican government in Virginia in the time of Trump. I think it will bring out the worst in an otherwise prudent group of Virginia Republican politicians.

  6. turcopolier says:

    IMO Northam has been an opportunist all his life including his time at VMI. That was a bad patch in the history of the Institute after the VN War. It was easy then to get in and he switched with great alacrity to Army ROTC there when he found out that the Army would send him to med school. The ability of the pre-med department there to get anyone they would recommend into medical school must have been a good opportunity. He was an army medical officer? Of course, he was obligated to long service in return for med school and a residency. I am not impressed and am not bothered by single party government in Virginia. In what way have you detected a tendency on the part of the General Assembly to follow Trump’s lead. The Republicans hold both houses. pl

  7. mike says:

    Phil Murphy in New Jersey has a huge lead on his Republican opponent. Gillespie should have stayed in Jersey, his home state, and given Murphy a run for his money.
    In Virginia Northam has only a slight tenuous lead over Gillespie and that is falling fast. Roanoke College poll has it as a tie. So a New Jersey carpetbagger, a neocon, and lobbyist may well win the governorship in Virginia. My father and grandfather are crying and laughing in their graves.

  8. turcopolier says:

    Mark Warner, McCaullife Kaine, Robb and McDonnell were all from the North originally. pl

  9. mike says:

    Colonel –
    And George Allen was a Californian.
    Chuck Robb may have been born in Arizona, but I understood as a boy he was raised in your home town.
    You too I understand were born out of state, but then you are not running for office. Why not?

  10. Karl Kolchak says:

    I’m a Bernie Sanders liberal, but totally agree. Just like last November, I plan to abstain from supporting either major party candidate.

  11. pl,
    I have no problem with Northam going to med school on uncle Sugar’s dime. I had two classmates at RPI who did the same thing. Northam touts his eight years as an Army doctor not as an Army officer. That fine with me. If it was the other way around, it would be a different story.
    Our General Assembly passed a number of bills with the goal of regulating/suppressing voting, usurping local rule, and mandating individual behavior that were vetoed by McAuliffe. OTOH, the General Assembly kept McAuliffe from implementing an aggressively progressive vision. Equilibrium achieved. Without that equilibrium and with Corey Stewart wing of the Virginia Republicans pushing their agenda, I am firmly convinced that Richmond would be worse. Every time I interact with my neighbors and community members, I think of the tribalist, white supremacist future that the Trumpers seek to impose on the nation That thought makes me angry and defiant. They seek to destroy my community.

  12. Tidewater says:

    TTG and turcopolier,
    Did you see in the Freelance Star , which can be googled under “Editorial: Bay should be priority for gubernatorial…”? The hope might be that Northam, as a born and bred waterman, would be a good deal more interested in the health and well-being of the Chesapeake Bay than Gillespie. I noticed in his talk with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (interesting website) that he used some of the new lingo. I only recently learned about the concept of the Bay “watershed.” There could be some trouble in Pennsylvania with some ornery set-in-their way farmers about that if new laws give the government the right to come on to their property and see what exactly they are dumping into the stream that runs through it. Interesting that there is a huge chicken farming operation near Onancock, where Northam is from. Kind of horrifying to me, but that is beside the point. Northam, at least, would be fully aware of what it means when agricultural fertilizers and the guts from the slaughter of chickens, pigs and cattle ends up dumped in a creek; and hence into the “watershed.” Which is thousands of square miles, and includes parts of even New York state. There are a lot of new ideas in the publications of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.
    “Jeeminy creeminee–I must go set out my crab pots,” a waterman might say on the Eastern Shore when he is concluding a conversation. I once heard a girl say that.

  13. turcopolier says:

    You are way to the left of me. They seek to destroy your community? what community is that? “the General Assembly kept McAuliffe from implementing an aggressively progressive vision” Thank God. pl

  14. turcopolier says:

    Nothing more repels me than the idea of politics. pl

  15. rjj says:

    There is no correct answer.” Words to live by. I would be willing to bet that Heraclitus said that on one of those many many missing fragments.

  16. Eric Newhill says:

    Destroy your community?!!? Ah yes, so sad that a bunch of carpet baggers might feel disrupted in their activities. I weep for your way of life. A Gillespie win could result in a veritable trail of tears all the way back up the East coast; or perhaps across the country to the left coast.
    Col Lang may be from New England originally, but he is both knowledgeable and respectful – even appreciative – of the culture, whereas there are too many that are not.

  17. Fred says:

    And Google fired James Damore for his memo, but that wasn’t Virginia.

  18. turcopolier says:

    Eric Newhill
    Well, thanks for the kind words, but I was born on a federal military reservation in MA with guards at the gate and spent my high school years in Maine. Does that make me a New Englander? I don’t think so. As Stonewall wrote in his diary – “You may be whatever you resolve to be.” pl

  19. Nightsticker says:

    Col Lang, TTG
    Voted early this morning. It was an
    easy set of choices. The NRA nearly
    always steers me in the right direction;
    candidates with their endorsement usually
    hold other views that coincide with mine.
    As a double check, in Virginia elections,
    I frequently privately commune with Private
    Jacob Foltz, late of Company K, 12th Virginia
    Cavalry, KIA 5/6/1864, Todd’s Tavern, the Wilderness.
    His point of view on most issues also tends to
    coincide with mine; well, perhaps his views on social
    issues are more liberal than mine.
    Deo Vindice,
    USMC 65-72
    FBI 72-96

  20. pl,
    I consider the Stafford-Fredericksburg area as my community. It has plenty of us “out-of-towners” as well as well as a lot of old families. It’s also heavily influenced by the presence of the Quantico Marine Base and a large number of current and former military. I characterize it as diverse with a respectful toleration that glues it into a working community. I would emphasize the respectful part of that description. I dislike those as represented by the the Corey Stewarts riding an aggressive, white supremacist alt-right agenda wanting to change my community into some caricature of a Nuremberg rally. Stewart may not personally be a nazi adoring white supremacist, but he’s latched himself to that wagon. I don’t want his kind around here.
    You do see my point about a divided government in Virginia. In the past a pure Democratic or republican government could be counted on to be pragmatic and act on a sense of respectful toleration. Neither side can be trusted to do so at the present time.

  21. turcopolier says:

    “I dislike those as represented by the the Corey Stewarts riding an aggressive, white supremacist alt-right agenda wanting to change my community into some caricature of a Nuremberg rally. Stewart may not personally be a nazi adoring white supremacist, but he’s latched himself to that wagon. I don’t want his kind around here.” Remarkably intolerant. pl

  22. pl,
    I had that exact thought when I wrote it. If Corey Stewart lived down the street of me, kept his lawn mowed and displayed a respectful tolerance for our neighbors, I’d do the same to him. If started going after my neighbors, he’d have a problem with me and my remarkable intolerance.

  23. Nightsticker,
    I’d like to hear more about Private Foltz.

  24. turcopolier says:

    When has Corey Stewart “gone after” anyone? Are you referring to illegal immigrants? BTW army doctors are army officers. pl

  25. pl,
    Stewart’s long efforts against illegal immigration Prince William county targeted legal residents as well as the illegals. His actions and rhetoric before and after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville fully supported the white supremacist view. IMO, his rhetoric has gotten worse over time and is now toxic. He may be a wonderful neighbor and all his talk is just a cynical effort to ride the Trump train to power. I was speaking of him as my neighbor as a hypothetical situation. If he started harassing any of my non-white neighbors or going after the laborers and landscapers, I would confront him. I’ve confronted others in similar real life situations.
    I know Army doctors are Army officers. Perhaps I missed your point when you brought up the issue of Northam getting his medical training through the Army.

  26. turcopolier says:

    Ah, your Stewart is a straw man of your creation. He hasn’t actually DONE anything but talk? now, what could he possibly do to legal immigrants? IMO Northam is someone who has gone a long way on charm and just being agreeable. He has had a free ride for a long time. i don’t mind his free ride on the Army to medical school and a residency. They needed doctors badly then. they sent me to grad school. In my case I had been in the army ten years and as you know the process is discriminating. pl

  27. turcopolier says:

    Knock off the supercilious Canadian BS. You sound like someone from the 3rd world. pl

  28. Nightsticker says:

    An ancestor, born 10/28/1822, the 2nd youngest
    son in a family of 8 siblings. The son of “a well
    off farmer from inheritance from mother’s family”.
    Raised on a farm outside Edinburg, VA. [farm still
    owned by family today, 9 generations later]. Educated
    at local church school, literate, owned books. Bilingual
    in German and English. The family did not own slaves
    and did not approve for religious reasons. From my research,
    I believe the family was initially “conditionally Unionist”
    as long as the Federal Government did not engage in aggressive
    and un-Constitutional acts. After the Federal warlike moves
    against the existing Secession states, rallied to their State
    of Virginia. Initially enlisted in Company C
    7th Virginia Cavalry 6/15/1861. Company C became Company
    K 12th Virginia Cavalry in the June 1862 reorganization
    of the Virginia cavalry. As was the custom for Virginia
    “gentlemen rankers” he provided his own horse and equipment.
    He was reimbursed $750 for his horse “shot out from under him”
    during small cavalry action in screening the Gettysburg
    advance on 6/21/1863. KIA 5/6/1864 in large cavalry action
    in immediate vicinity of Todd’s Tavern. Buried in small
    family plot, just off Swover Creek Road outside Edinburg, VA.
    Deo Vindice

  29. pl,
    Yes, IMO it is fortunate that Stewart and most like him are all talk and very little action, including Trump. Still, that talk is corrosive. I see it as a psychological preparation of the battlefield. I also went to grad school on Uncle Sugar’s dime. The GI Bill paid for everything except the books.

  30. Fred says:

    We actually prevent the government from mandating speech, unlike the great nation of Canada:

  31. turcopolier says:

    And the point of “the clapper” is what? pl

  32. turcopolier says:

    I was full time and fully funded. Never used the GI Bill. pl

  33. J says:

    That is well understated and understood. Politics when broken down =
    Poli (Polus) – Greek meaning many
    Tics (Ticks) – Is a parasite feeding upon the blood of its hosts (the taxpayer/voter)
    Politics = Many parasites.
    Anybody have a good tick and flea killer to eradicate the many parasites that now infest the people’s business?

  34. Tidewater,
    I missed this earlier. Yes, the FLS often covers this issue. Very often it’s the outdoors column that covers it along with the tides and fishing reports. The health of the Bay is important to me since I spend a lot of quality time on the Rappahannock and Potomac Rivers and in the Crows Nest Natural Area. Interestingly, just yesterday I read about Gillespie saying his ability to have a better relationship with the Trump admin would be good for the Bay. Given Trump’s penchant for vindictiveness, he may have a point. But I still feel Northam would provide more focus on the Bay. It’s going to be a tough few years for the Bay. The Trump admin plans on cutting most if not all spending on cleaning up the Bay. Even Rob Wittmann, my Republican representative in the House is pushing hard to save some of this funding.

  35. Valissa says:

    In appreciation of rjj’s comment, a point well made 🙂

  36. raven says:

    A “Democrat” governor and a trangender Delegate!!! Xin Loi.

  37. turcopolier says:

    And now we will see what the results are in the House of Delegates. Northam will make a great president one day after he destroys his native state’s culture. As for the trans delegate, Chelsea Manning is more convincing as a woman.pl

  38. Nightsticker,
    A most honorable ancestor. I envy you and Colonel Lang for your detailed knowledge about your forefathers. My family is a fairly new arrival to these shores and Lithuania is a difficult place for ancestry research. I did have an older cousin who made his way from occupied Lithuania to the US under his own power and authority in 1953. He brought his “field sporterized” Mosin-Nagant carbine with him. Years later, he took me out behind the barn, drew a caricature of Stalin on a board and taught me how to shoot that carbine. It was as light and handy as an M1 carbine, but it kicked like two mules on amphetamines. He told me that was the way to kill the bolsheviki. He was one hard son of a bitch.
    Beyond that, it’s mostly legends. We know many of my ancestors were in various cavalry units over time. A cherished but unproven legend is that a forefather rode with Jalal Al-Din’s Tartar cavalry at Grunwald to defeat the Teutonic crusaders in 1410.

  39. outthere says:

    I read that Northam voted for George W Bush twice, against Gore, and against Kerry.
    So it was interesting to read your statement about Northam’s closeness to Clintons.

  40. The most astonishing result of this night was the passage of a ballot initiative in Maine to expand Medicaid, basically extending full Obamacare to Maine over the objection of the sitting Governor. The initiative passed by 20 percentage points.

  41. Eliot says:

    Col. Lang,
    I would agree. These people seek to destroy that which makes us Virginians.
    Sad days.
    – Eliot

  42. turcopolier says:

    Northam is an opportunist. He is not close to the Clintons. He belongs to their machine. pl

  43. Fred says:

    and what have you done about it other than wring your hands?

  44. raven says:

    Ah yes, “culture”. I guess the “homophobe in chief” as he calls himself, is representative of that culture. Is it your contention that Danica Roem is trying to convince you of something? You are obviously and intelligent and educated person, what is it about gender identification that so disturbs you?

  45. Eric Newhill says:

    I too have a direct ancestor that was a member of the Virginia Cavalry and another that was an arty officer (father and son). I do not recall which outfit and won’t hazard a guess. I have the documents filed away somewhere (or rather SWMBO does). I’ll to remember to look into them on a rainy day.
    The only good thing about recent political developments in VA is that these men can look down and rest assured that they were fighting for a righteous cause.

  46. turcopolier says:

    What offends me is the ostentatious display of one’s private life to gain political advantage in an atmosphere of hysteria over Social Justice. Homophobic? I think Chelsea Manning is kind of cute as a woman. The man shows through clearly in Roem. It is sad to have had your plumbing amputated and not have the process turn out a better product. pl

  47. Stephanie says:

    John Lithgow as Roberta Muldoon comes to mind. However, Roem doesn’t seem to have emphasized the personal. S/he has strong local ties and seems to have talked mainly about subjects like traffic – the idea being that “Marshall is so obsessed with bathrooms that he’s forgotten about taking care of his constituents.” If so, seems to have worked well.

  48. j2 says:

    Good evening, Col. Reading through all of the comments, and having had only a small taste of life of Virgina, it is obvious you all know much more about Virginia than I.
    However. None seemed to have seen the missing elephant in the herd.
    The Tea Party.
    In 2009, the Tea Party made themselves known by electing Scott Brown (R) as Mass Senator.
    In 2010, the Tea Party changed the House of Reps from Dem to GOP.
    In 2014, despite having been supposedly defeated by Barack Obama’s IRS, the Tea Party again made itself known and elected Dave Bratt, defeating incumbent Eric Cantor (R), in VA’s 7th Congressional District.
    In 2016, the Tea Party elected Donald J. Trump (R) as President of the United States.
    Ed Gillespie is GOP establishment – no Tea Party support. Allowing ex-felons to vote, all the illegals being shipped in to Virgina (and being allowed to vote?), the Clinton machine, plus no Tea Party support. It is a wonder Gillespie did as well as he did, imo.
    All the best, sir. Thank you for your blog and the commenters here.

  49. turcopolier says:

    I am slow this AM. IMO the Tea Party does not have anything to do with Northam’s win. He won because of the tidal wave of Northern immigration that has created a different commonwealth. Cantor was always a misfit as representative of the 7th district. The inundation hasn’t reached there as yet and a slick Richmond lawyer doesn’t do it for them – yet. http://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/2016/09/httpwwwreuterscomarticle20150410us-yemen-security-iduskbn0n10lo20150410.html pl

  50. LeaNder says:

    Pat, I looked Roem up and agree somewhat. But what does surface tell us about our “souls” our inner urges. Or the ‘little voice inside’ as Richard called it recently.
    Should I look more closely into a recent Germany high court decision that there may be a third sex? Maybe I will.
    There surely is the biological factor, according to the news one out of 500 kids is born as true hermaphrodite. Based on the little I know about the subject, this seems to have been handled discretely via a lot of pressure on the parents surgically for a long, long time. In other words they are forced to decide for their kids at an early age. Surgery turns them into one or the other. Making it fit into the standard male – female context.
    I am more hesitant concerning the non biologically based, psychological decisions, beyond sexual choices. Do I have an idea, a sensibility for the respective stories? Definitively not.
    But full discovery: I enjoyed reading Judith Butler’s Gender Troubles. Maybe I have to read it again. But I definitively felt I was brought up to fulfill the standard “role of a women’. But at the same time didn’t feel like joining the mainstream feminism:

  51. turcopolier says:

    You are far too literal. I don’t give a damn what Roem looks like so long as I am not required to have sex with her. When it becomes obligatory to have sex with exotics, there I will draw the line. It also bothers me not that we have various other exotic creatures in the legislature. We have always had these. They were simply more discreet. It was a very old Southern joke that every family had a few who were variously described in an arch way as “thespians” or some such thing. pl

  52. turcopolier says:

    I now await the Northam inauguration. pl

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