A Time For Sadness

The Good People of New Orleans, South Louisiana and the Gulf Coast Deserve Our Help And Prayers.  Think Of Them.

In Particular, Our Many Friends in Bay St Louis, Pass Christian, Gulfport and Biloxi Are In Our Hearts.

Pat and Marguerite Lang

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6 Responses to A Time For Sadness

  1. Pat Lang says:

    I have spent a lot of time on that coast, and almost bought a house in Bay St. Louis last year.
    I will say thanks on their behalf. Pat

  2. Dan from Evanston says:

    As one trained as a professional jazz musician, I have always felt a particular bond with New Orleans and have visited many times. I fear a national treasure will never be the same. My heart goes to all those people…

  3. carol says:

    after the Strom —–What the evacuees are enduring is heartbreaking —In Calcasieu Parish where I live we have thousands of Hurricane Katrina evacuees packed into the Lake Charles Civic Center and many have opened their homes to friends– family and indeed strangers ———La Nouvelle Orléans. The Crescent City. . has endured swamps, mosquitoes, floods, fires, hurricanes, and its politicians throughout the centuries –as our state has —and we will endure Katrina .My prayers for our neighboring states that have had so much destruction .

  4. carol says:

    forgot to add to my post –Watching the news, my admiration is great for the men and women working tirelessly to rescue and aid the people that felt the wrath of this Strom ——what courage they have

  5. Pat Lang says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

  6. J Thomas says:

    JT, I’m afraid that if we hadn’t invaded iraq the 300+ billion wouldn’t have done us much good. It would only have been stolen some other way.
    I’m starting to think 2006 is a good time to throw out incumbents. Start with a strong primary challenge and if that doesn’t work get a strong challenger from another party.
    There’s no guarantee the new guy will be any better, but a whole lot of incumbents look bad enough it’s time to try the devil we don’t know.

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