AQI Commander’s View of his Position

Sjff_03_img1077 I guess I haven’t left yet.

A lot of people do not like MEMRI, but as I have previously said, one must differentiate between source and information and make independent judgments about both.

We must not fall into the trap of the current fad of unlimited Information Operations in which all information is seen from a subjective point of view.  In that direction lies a mighty confusion as to the truth.

"Sometimes a ciger is …"  pl

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8 Responses to AQI Commander’s View of his Position

  1. Nicholas weaver says:

    You know AQI is in trouble when THEY are talking about things getting better for them in a Friedman Unit.

  2. matt says:

    please forgive my ignorance on this … but i cannot help but inquire about your “caveat emptor” about MEMRI…..what is it that many people do not like about MEMRI? thanks.

  3. W. Patrick Lang says:

    MEMRI is run by a collection of retired Israeli intel people. pl

  4. condfusedponderer says:

    … and the allegation against MEMRI is that their staff are (a) perhaps not as retired as their status suggests and (b) that they embrace a certain policy and choose their translated releases accordingly.
    That their translations are biased is another allegation, but as I don’t know Arabic I can’t comment on that.

  5. Therefore, I say to those who claim that we have failed, or are paralyzed…: You will receive our answer in the next few weeks…
    He said that February 12th. Definitely looks like he was telling the truth.

  6. LeaNder says:

    What knot in my head keeps me from understanding you here?
    We have to beware to not step into the modish trap of what?
    “…unlimited Information Operations in which all information is seen from a subjective point of view”
    The subjective point of view of the Mossad/Israel? Who simply baptizes complex matters of resistance as AlQaeda?
    “Unlimited information operations” ???

  7. W. Patrick Lang says:

    I gether that you are a Dane. The issue of whether or not Americans are being propagandized by their own government in a process that is accelerating out of control is what I referred to. it is much on my mind.
    As for MEMRI, think what you like. I will continue to evaluate sources and information separataly. pl

  8. LeaNder says:

    No, Colonel, German. But Dane is pretty close.
    thanks anyway.

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