Ashley Biden, the Electra Complex and the FBI

Electra at the tomb of Agamemnon

“‘If that’s not child molestation, it is definitely close’: Tucker Carlson blasts Biden over daughter Ashley’s diary admission that taking showers with him as a girl may have contributed to her sex addiction after revealed the extract

  • Tucker Carlson questioned why the FBI was investigating the alleged theft of a diary as it is not a federal crime
  • Carlson said: ‘The answer lies in what’s in the diary. Now we know what’s in the diary’ 
  • Ashley Biden allegedly wrote in a January 2019 entry: ‘I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)’ 
  • A Florida woman named Aimee Harris is under investigation for selling Ashley Biden’s diary after the president’s daughter left it behind at a ‘halfway house’
  • Previous reports claimed the Bidens reported it stolen in an alleged burglary, but has learned Harris is not being investigated for theft   
  • ‘It’s her selling of the property that could be considered a crime. And the fact Ashley is the president’s daughter kicks it to a different legal level,’ source said
  • Harris, 39, moved into a Palm Beach home and found the diary under the mattress shortly after Ashley moved back to Philadelphia in 2020 
  • She is said to have later passed the private journal around at a Republican fundraiser before selling it for $40,000 to right wing organization Project Veritas
  • The diary contained details about her chronic drug abuse, sex addiction, and being ‘hyper-sexualized’ in her youth” Daily Mail

Comment: One hell of a story. So far it has been suppressed by nearly all the media including this morning’s Fox offerings. I doubt that can continue. Sadly, I know of several cases in which powerful fathers molested daughters. It seems to be that the more powerful the father the more likely the molestation. “They’re mine, all mine,” one creep said to me during the investigation that led to his conviction in a general court martial. He went away for a long time.

According to the Daily Mail story, Harris found the diary under a mattress when she moved into a residence vacated by Ashley Biden in Florida. It seems that this kind of slovenly behavior runs in the family.

Selling the found diary seems unlikely to be a crime. If so, what possible justification can there be for the Geheime FBI to interfere in the matter? pl

Tucker Carlson blasts Joe Biden for setting FBI on woman who found and sold Ashley Biden’s diary | Daily Mail Online

Electra complex – Wikipedia

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19 Responses to Ashley Biden, the Electra Complex and the FBI

  1. sbin says:

    Rule of law is no longer in America.
    One set of rules for the peasants another for those in power.
    The rotten fruit of the Biden family tree speaks volumes about the true nature of dementia Joe.
    I remember when he was MBNA Joe and his family members were drawing large salaries from financial corporations.
    Student loan became non dischargeable via bankruptcy during Bush Jr term in a bankruptcy bill Joe helped sponsor.
    Corrupt and self serving for 40+ years.

    • joe90 says:

      The strange reason why student loans can not be discharged in bankruptcy should be clear when you get the children of peons convinced they need a crap degree to get a job. Slavery is still legal in the USA, look at your constitution. It unlike other countries was never abolished, it was legalised.

      Read your constitution.

      • Whitewall says:

        Too bad there weren’t any amendments after the 10th one I guess. Or there is no ‘Juneteenth’.

      • Fred says:


        Calm down joe90! We know it’s hard reading American English, especially when it’s all of 50 word or less. Especially that stuff written more than 100 years ago. Why look here:
        “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

        Hard to fathom what those words mean.

      • Bill Roche says:

        Joe the 13th Amendment ended slavery, not legalized it. Abolished in December of 1865.

  2. joe90 says:

    Tucker is as usual pulling his punches, well at least the hair sniffing Brandon isn´t president. I am not impressed with Biden, maybe the Harris will be better. No offence, I´m not an American and so like so many others am not allowed, legally/purposely to vote.

    In the UK, in the 80´s when I was growing up, we found out about 5 eyes, it was on the BBC 2 news night, Questions in parliament when the reported such things (probably a fake from JS, everyone thought he was dodgy, look at his eyes). In the 90´s they reported on the, well all your telecom being comped (one CEO went to jail, the rest got the msg). Then we had, iirc 59 Pedro´s (remove 1 letter) MPs in between. Reason MI5 said it was easy to control them (no crap, that was the accepted answer).

    You move up by not being a danger. Gen X has never been cynical, just naive. That is why he did what he did, he knew the game, just a peon who lacked the skill to play well. Slovenly, yes, pyramid scheme. Such is life.

    As is said, you can´t learn what is important until you learn what your willing to give up.

    • Whitewall says:

      …”maybe the Harris will be better”
      No, many times worse. But she would send America’s enemies into spasms of uncontrollable joy. Wet dreams 24/7 you might say. Sneak in over the southern border, hook up with the right people and shazam! You may become a voter.

      • Deap says:

        A solid GOP 2022 majority in House and Senate will neuter Harris, and use her for 2024 campaign ads.

        She is a far easier target than a senile old man with a long string of POD accounts to collect.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I wonder how early Biden’s favoritism toward the late Beau manifested itself in the family. It might have had a curious effect on Hunter and Ashley.

    Showering with Dad? Jeepers creepers. Where was Jill?

  4. Al says:

    Tucker Carlson???? Might as well be reading the National Inquirer. Hopefully a better source with report.

    • Deap says:

      Eye of the beholder – others find Tucker the one last refuge for responsible and intelligent journalism in the US today. And his audience numbers prove he has a message many want and need to hear.

      He draws a clear bead on every critical issue we need to think about in America today. I had no idea he had this depth of intellect and even brilliance. But he has been at this for a long time, comes from good hardy stock and is living proof truth can prevail.

      Go back and search for one of his early forays from the UCSB Arthur Rupe Publi Forum Debates on current topics -from a few decades ago -the Tucker you got back then is still the Tucker you get today. Solid.

  5. p s c says:

    See the stories during his time as VP when Joe would strip naked and swim in front of female Secret Service personnel which earned Joe the nickname “Cobra.” These events occurred when schoolteacher Jill was absent from the residence.

    I think there is some truth to the Pizzagate thing. DC elites are garbage, from Denny Hastert to Bill Clinton etc…

  6. Deap says:

    American News Media: Liberal or Conservative Bias
    Arthur Rupe Great Debate series at UCSB Department of Humanities:
    Tucker Carlson vs Eric Alterman. (2006)

    Almost twenty years ago, the kid was good.

  7. Babeltuap says:

    Isn’t writing down feelings a tool in re-hab? Assuming she was tasked to jot them down but simply forgot it as she got closer to being released. FBI was then tasked to flush the toilet but doing so they made an even bigger mess as they often do in these situations.

    Now everyone knows he liked taking showers with kids. Sandusky has to be infuriated right about now. Rules for me not for thee.

    • Bill Roche says:

      Imagine what fun the propaganda media would have had if this were Trump and his daughters. Morality for thee but not for me. Such slime are they.

      • TTG says:

        Bill Roche,

        They did have fun with Trump’s creepy leers and lustful comments about Ivanka… repeatedly. Just recently Colbert joked about Ivanka’s testimony to the Jan 6 Committee saying she finally f*cked her father.

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