Biden seems to believe his own bull. “I don’t believe the polls.”

The Democrat Alternative?

NEWT GINGRICH: “He may live in a world where he makes up things and then he believes whatever he makes up, and the President of the United States, that is really dangerous. So, I think we, as Republicans, have an obligation—not just to reach out to our base, but to broaden that base dramatically by offering solutions. You just showed a picture of Glenn Youngkin—the new governor of Virginia—who’s doing a great job of reaching out to independents, to Democrats, to minorities…to creating a vision of a better Virginia that brings people together. All those governors you showed who are doing great jobs—same thing—they’re positive they’re solution-oriented, and as a result, not only are their states doing better, but the governors are doing pretty darn well.”” foxnews

“The idea of Biden as some magic grandpa of global diplomacy was always fantasy – fueled no doubt by Biden himself, who is something of a fantasist. Does anyone believe the story he likes to trot out that he once looked into Putin’s eyes and said, “I don’t think you have a soul”? He also claims he got arrested trying to visit Nelson Mandela, even though he clearly did not.

Reality has a nasty habit of coming out. In August, after the botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan, even the most pro-Democratic organs of the American press finally started to question his leadership. It’s clear now that the pundit class only said he was great because they were so desperate to be rid of the wrecking ball on the world stage that was Donald Trump.

Set against Biden’s first year, however, Trump’s foreign policy is starting to look positively coherent, especially in his efforts to isolate China and bring peace to the Middle East.

At the start of 2022, many Americans, perhaps even a majority, are beginning to realise that Biden may be more embarrassing – and more dangerous – than his ghastly predecessor.” The Telegraph (oped)

Comment: IMO Biden is the worst president in US history, far worse than Buchanan, or Harding. I assure you that I dread the prospect of another Trump candidacy, not because I did not like his policies, but because he might cause a loss. pl

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4 Responses to Biden seems to believe his own bull. “I don’t believe the polls.”

  1. plantman says:

    I second that: Worst President Ever!

  2. walrus says:

    In regard to the current situation in Ukraine, in my opinion, President Biden and Secretary Blinken have walked into a trap of their own making. If they had been more moderate and less confrontational with Russia and especially avoided beating the NATO drum, then it is possible NATO might survive a few more years before its superfluity in a more connected world became obvious.

    We are now in a situation where the successful negotiation of a diplomatic solution to Russian/ Ukrainian security requirements, if it happens, must immediately trigger a reappraisal of the entire purpose of NATO and the inevitable conclusion that it is now an expensive anachronism.

    That is the prize for Russia in the Ukraine – the dismantling of NATO. I think, based on President Bidens latest apparent backsliding, that his advisers realize what is at stake.

  3. John Minnerath says:

    Trump needs to have a been there done that moment.
    I think he knows if he does try to run again, his age will be against him and the war chests of the Democrats are still brimming full.
    Maybe he will decide to rest on his laurels and become the elder statesman of the Republican party.

  4. Oilman2 says:

    I don’t think Biden or Harris can survive the campaign trail in 2022/3 – even with his handlers surrounding him and the press remaining mute or excusing his gaffes and lies, and his shortage of patience, he is obviously NOT the guy to access the nuclear football.

    Giggles has zero to bring to the table – she is quite the empty pants suit.

    Clinton or Michael Obama are simply retreads of the same tired, ineffectual policies.

    The real issue here is that we are again to be presented with a mix of the same choices in this election. You can be ‘Never Trump’, ‘Always Obummer’ or ‘Never Biden’ and the issues plaguing us remain – useless Legislature and excessive management across the entire Federal government.

    Realistically, unless someone new is brought into the mix, and they purge their administration on Day One – we are left with the choice that the writers of Southpark nailed so effectively. Vote ‘Douche” or vote “Turd Sandwich’…

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