Joe Joe said what?

What was that you said, Joe?


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  1. asx says:


    You will love what this guy has to say on Russia, China and Germany. Never heard a German speak this unambiguously in my lifetime. Q&A session at 1:08:00


  2. MapleLeaf says:

    I think a more telling cartoon would replace “are for” with “have done”… not sure either party would look great in their current incarnation.

  3. Sam says:

    It is absolutely stunning to observe how the scientific community has reacted to the public health aspects of the pandemic. When the fog clears, one of the consequences of the pandemic will be public distrust in science and scientists.

    All institutions are failing. Both political parties with really not much difference on the major issues, corruption rife across the board both in the public and private sector, and a complete divorce from any semblance of honor and such values in the population at large. Our moral and ethical standards as a people have declined and our institutions reflect that fall.

  4. Sam says:

    Not one of the proponents of Build Back Better or the Global Reset have sought to hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible for the pandemic or sought reparations.

    “For two years, the ruling class sowed panic by promoting the cult of the mask, the cult of the lockdown, and the cult of the vaccine. Now, they can’t suppress the cults they have created.”


    Figured it out yet?

    One thing is clear. If the covidians aren’t held to account then we’ve condoned both genocide and totalitarianism. And the next “emergency” will be amped up even further. All the closet authoritarians & propagandists have unmasked themselves. We should shun them. From Big Tech to The Science and all those hysterical with fear.

  5. Sam says:

    In fact constitutional crises and political violence have long been the norm in American politics, and almost from the very beginning, as this, from Alan Taylor’s 2016 book, “American Revolutions”, suggests: “Claiming exclusively to speak for the American people, each party [Hamilton and the Federalists, Jefferson and the Republicans] cast rivals as insidious conspirators bent on destroying freedom and union.

    Referring to ‘the parties of Honest men, and Rogues, into which every country is divided,’ Jefferson insisted that “the Republicans are the nation.” Federalists agreed with the polarity but reversed it: ‘Naturally there can but be two parties in a Country; the friends of order and its foes.’ Both parties believed that the fate of their republic hung in the balance, which gave an edge of desperation to their struggle. Washington’s dream of governing by consensus dissolved as the nation polarized between two angry parties, each denying the legitimacy of the other.”

    Michael Pettis has a point. Politics in America has always been a blood sport. However, what we have now IMO is unprecedented and surpasses even the Gilded Age and that is market concentration in practically every market segment, coupled with the primacy of speculative capital which is largely credit based exacerbating volatility and have implicit government backstops.

    Increasing surveillance, increasing coercion, increasing wealth inequality and increasing polarization of the polity sets us up for a significant societal crisis. Let’s hope that we can avoid unnecessary bloodshed and destruction. The vitriol should be directed towards the oligarchic control of the levers of power and reforms that bring a significantly more competitive market economy and political power. That requires deep engagement by sovereign people in the political process.

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