“… Biden’s Cognitive Problems Will Get Worse.”

“The American people need an objective assessment of President Joe Biden’s cognitive capabilities, particularly after his performance at last week’s G-7 summit, because his issues are only going to get worse, Rep. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician for Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, said on Newsmax Monday. 

“He’s always made gaffes, but these are really different right now,” the Texas Republican said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “He seems confused about where he’s at and what he’s doing.”

While in Europe last week Biden “didn’t look like he was in control … he’s not inspiring confidence to our allies and he’s sending the wrong message to our adversaries,” Jackson added. 

When Trump was in office, Jackson administered a cognitive screening test to him after liberal outcry over some of his actions. The lawmaker said Monday that the president scored “30 out of 30” on a screening test that looks for early cognitive decline. 

The test isn’t a “detailed, aggressive cognitive assessment,” but a “screening tool,” that is much like other screenings done for cancer or heart disease during a physical, said Jackson. 

The lawmaker also said he thought it was “concerning” when Biden forgot Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s name while introducing him during his announcement about him, and “forgot the name of the Pentagon.””

Comment: I am 81 and was recently quite ill. I still enjoy life and and am reasonably productive but I think it is a reasonable thing to want the president of the US and commander in chief of the US armed forces who is 78 to have the kind of mental screening that Dr. Jackson describes. pl


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  1. TV says:

    For the uninformed, badly educated immature mass of voters, no more mean tweets.

  2. LeaNder says:

    Great to be alerted to the babies born or not yet, as Rachel Rollers. Or for that matter how many kids the people present on the couch have. …

    At what point does Biden’s mental abilities at 77 (vs 74?) surface, if I am hesitant to watch all 2:30 minutes including advertisement?

    Notice, basically semi-disinterested in the US politics and presidents by now. Never a fan of Biden, in fact wondered about Obama’s choice, but assuming his non-experience as a youngster in politics (not least voting against the Iraq war) and inexperienced in foreign politics suggested to party officials he needed a more experienced man or stern hand on his side. 😉

    Anyway, anyone willing to provide a little help? To find the relevant passage?

    • Pat Lang says:


      Have you neve had a relative who suddenly fell apart mentally in dementia? As for Joe, I knew him when he was a younger man. He was a mean spirited screamer. His behavior with the girl reporter was typical.

      • Pat Lang says:


        Who is the “candy man?”

        • TTG says:

          Dr. Ronny Jackson. He was called that because he was far too free in handing out pills at the White House.

        • Leith says:

          Candy Man was the nickname give to Dr Jackson by junior WH staffers. He was supposedly handing out Ambien and Provigil to anyone who asked.

          • Pat Lang says:

            Leith and TTG+

            Well, from having spent a fair amount of time in the swamp and in the Situation Room in particular I would say that Jackson may have judged the amount of stress they were under to justify the drugs. He may well have been right.

          • Leith says:

            It cost him the job of VA Secretary. He withdrew when Pence’s doctor dropped the dime on him to the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. Plus there were complaints from other medical colleagues along with an IG investigation.

      • LeaNder says:

        Have you neve had a relative who suddenly fell apart mentally in dementia?

        Not really closely, admittedly. In one case maybe, but I was never close to her.

        My father is 93 and close to blind plus hard of hearing. That has an influence, obviously. But dementia. Not really. His mother felt heavily demented to me, when she was taken into care. But she was always a little simple-minded, or crazy, as grandpa said. But talk about dementia wasn’t as pervasive as then, as it is now, as far as I recall. Although I met someone from Novartis who told me a lot about the troubles in his research on drugs for dementia in late 70s early 80s. The same time, my grandma was taken into a nursing home.

        My mother, at 92 now, scored (MOCA test) 28 last year (only 2 points lower than Trump’s 30!!), when they tested her in a rehabilitation center after a treatment in hospital. Above 24 it’s not considered dementia yet. Simply a sign of lessened capabilities. Yes, she is noticeably slower and her short-time-memory isn’t perfect anymore either. But, that’s not really dementia yet. Bodily strength waning too.

        Considering pervasive talk or Dementia awareness, my youngest sister wondered if my mother showed signs of dementia, when she didn’t immediately recall the rules of a card game she hadn’t played for years. That was more than 10 years ago by now. Little sister loves card games. 😉 I have watched my mother carefully ever since.

        Putin seems to have responded to the question by journalists in Russia. No, Biden didn’t give him the impression he was demented.

        I surely can see that mental health matters, if one is president of the US of A. Unfortunately, we will not be allowed to once again witness a MOCA test proudly presented as evidence of a high IQ. While it is only used to test beginning dementia.

        Found the context, Admiral Senator Ronny L. Jackson, MD’s letter:

        No doubt some items in the diligent collection look odd, but I do not really have the desire to look closer into matters.

        • Pat Lang says:

          LeAnder someone close to me has very little memory left at all

          • LeaNder says:

            What to say? The best to both of you.

            I cannot fully understand how he manages it, but my father still goes out on his regular two miles walks twice daily. On his own. He was of the type that could not see 100% but had a 130%+ ? sight. Seeing people walking up in the mountains we passed by car. Very visually oriented too. It’s curious he is ‘technically blind’ now, and we do have more rigid rules around that then the average Europeans. …

          • Pat Lang says:


            You are guessing. My father walked a couple of miles every day until he was 84 and then died the next week.

  3. Deap says:

    Seeing Biden at G-7, esp when Boris Johnson had to wave down his repeated interruptions reminded me of the time we got the call from the senior residence center where my 95 year old father was residing. They suggested it might be time to consider transferring him to their memory care unit.

    What they were observing were spontaneous, but inappropriate, interruptions when he was in a group setting. “Let’s all sing Happy Birthday” was just one of them – cheerful and harmless, but totally out of context. They were right, it was time for memory care. I saw some of my father’s decline in Biden’s conduct at this meeting.

  4. Barbara Ann says:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? – which in this case means “who will screen the screeners”?

    In today’s ultra partisan political environment I think it optimistic to consider that anything associated with a control over executive power may be “objective”. Just look at the treatment of the guy currently charged with providing supposedly independent medical advice to the President.

    As for “inspiring confidence [in] our allies” and “sending the [right] message to our adversaries”, who decides which are the right messages? Pretty much the entire Washington establishment judged Trump’s behavior as wholly irrational on these points. But relating one’s mental health to one’s adherence to political orthodoxy carries ominous echos of the worst totalitarian regimes.

    Additionally, America’s allies and adversaries alike can clearly see that the present POTUS is not ‘running the show’ – this is the self evident objective truth. It is also absolutely clear that Biden’s handlers; the Dem power brokers could (and no doubt at some point will) engineer Biden’s replacement with Kamala – using mental health grounds, Hunter or any number of other pretexts. The fact that they have not yet done so is presumably a deliberate decision. This is also obvious to all astute observers. I’d therefore argue that the message being projected cannot be considered contrary to the interests of America, as they see them. This cabal are deliberately choosing to prolong Biden’s presidency and do not care that he is perceived as a sock puppet. In fact, the exercise of naked power without even the pretense of a competent leader in the WH may be exactly the desired message.

    Back to the main issue: The 25th Amendment is deliberately non-specific in its definition of incapacity. I think this is wise. God forbid we ever have a scenario where a formal test fails to diagnose mental instability and is relied upon as evidence to the contrary. Biden is in a poor mental state, but appears to be largely docile and mostly well ‘handled’. If this changes I’m sure Kamala will eagerly do her duty.

    • Deap says:

      They have to make Kamala Haris “likeable” first before they dispose of Joe. She did make inroads with her cheesepuffs, according to the good ladies of the US Senate invited to Kamala’s private VP residence soiree.

      But that gathering does rankle against separation of powers, and all that. Executive and Legislative girl-power pandering. Instead of the good old boys meeting in smoke filled back rooms, we now have high caloric sorority pajama parties?

  5. TTG says:

    Putin “screened” Biden in Geneva. His opinion of Biden’s mental acuity differs considerably from that of Dr. “Candy Man.”

    After the Geneva meeting Putin said the image portrayed (esp by Russian state media like RT, and some in the US), questioning Biden’s mental health “has nothing to do with reality. He had no jet lag, was cheerful, we spoke eye to eye 2+ hours. He’s completely of sound mind and should be taken seriously.”

    “Mr. Biden is a professional, and you need to be very careful when working with him so as not to miss something,” Putin said during a videoconference meeting with graduates from Russia’s Graduate School of Public Administration. “He himself does not miss a thing, I assure you, and this was absolutely clear to me.”
    “Let me say it again. He is focused, he knows what he wants to achieve and does it very skillfully, and you can instantly sense it,” the Russian President added.

    • Pat Lang says:


      C’mon man. You know he would want to keep Biden in office

    • Deap says:

      Skillfully played, Mr Putin. All you missed was the final checkmate.

    • Barbara Ann says:

      Vladimirovich doth flatter too much, methinks. Was the reaction on the faces of those graduates recorded?

      • Jose says:

        Putin got everything he wanted from the Bidenista Regime:

        1. Pipeline
        2. Ukraian aid frozen
        3. Putin looked more like a leader than sleepy Joe

        Of course he would say good things about him.

        Even the Mad Hatter Fiona Hill agrees with me.

        • Mark Logan says:


          IMO it’s a good omen. I don’t think Putin would have complimented Biden if Biden had not privately demonstrated some degree of acceptance towards the realities of Donbass, Crimea and such.

      • Larisa says:

        Indeed…it was…judge by yourself…


        • akaPatience says:

          How can anyone listen to Putin’s remarks about Biden and fail to hear the LITANY of backhanded “compliments”??? He managed to point out Biden’s memory problems, listlessness, lack of focus, etc., etc. and then offered lame excuses for them. LOL, what a performance!!!

      • Larisa says:

        What was exagerating on the part of Putin was the issue related to “jet-lag” as alibi, as Biden had passed around a week in Europe, to assist G7 and NATO Summits, when he went for the Geneva Summit..

    • 1 Putin is polite and professional
      2 He wants to emphasise that this is a relationship between two important countries not two people
      3. He’s seen the craziness over him in the USA and he doesn’t want to see a similar craziness about Biden in Russia.
      What does he actually think? Dunno but it’s quite possible that for 2 hours Biden was fully on the job.

  6. A. Pols says:

    We’d like that, but the Dems will fight tooth and nail to avoid it. Now, maybe they’ll get it done, but expect they’ll do it in the dead of night and make every effort to suppress the results, retaining them for internal use, perhaps in planning how to effectuate the ascendancy of Kackling Kamala. There are precedents for this sort of thing. Grover Cleveland went to great pains to avoid news of his mouth cancer leaking out and Woodrow Wilson is pretty much known now for being incapacitated by his stroke with his wife generally functioning as his surrogate. It’s an open secret, even accepted by many Dems, that Ole Joe is non compos mentis, but the Dems don’t care; the main thing for them was he was a familiar name and a path to power, which gave them control and for them the reality that a cabal runs things while they can trot him out for ceremonial appearances, like Queen Elizabeth. The Irony of course is the Queeen has her marbles and he doesn’t.

  7. exiled off mainstreet says:

    It is obvious based on observation of how he operates and reacts that he has become non compos mentis, the legal term for mentally incompetent.

  8. Rick Merlotti says:

    I admit to being impressed at how skillfully Biden’s mental decline is being managed. It’s being done well enough that most Dems and independents can happily suspend their disbelief. It’s all about framing the narrative and controlling perceptions. Readers of this blog are aware of the game, but I suspect a lot of Americans either are not aware or willfully ignoring the elephant sitting on the settee in the room.

  9. Bobo says:

    Gee, I wonder how times a day Joe is found staring off into space with his mouth open?
    Having both parents in their mid eighties linger with Dementia for a few years coupled with two grandparents who lingered with senility (dementia was not coined in their days) one knows the signs and Joe you got it. This is called elder abuse and his family are the abusers.
    When one has the consistently growing lack of recollection of names, places or important
    facts plus the “oh I will get in trouble for that” type of statements you know he’s got it.
    There is probably another few years ahead before incarceration to the memory unit will occur but there will be a number of very lucid periods in the interim but they will be few and far between come two years from now if not sooner.
    This is a disease that no-one wishes on another as it is horrific thus my heart goes to Joe!

  10. Deap says:

    How good is Putin’s English, and how much latitude could Biden’s chosen translator take in translating Biden’s remarks into Russian — for Biden directly looking Putin in eyes for two whole hours?

    How long before the speed wore off? Did Biden “not miss a thing” because he was working off his pre-printed cue cards?

  11. Jose says:

    If the Wicked With of the West in put in office we will all need a “Candyman.”


  12. Ranger+Ray says:

    To a non-medical practitioner like myself, “Beijing Biden” seems to have a few screws loose. Thus, an evaluation is probably in order. However, I have to shudder about the potential outcome of a less-than-positive report – – “Legs Up Kamala” in the driver’s seat. And if she proves incompetent, we get “Crazy Nancy”. No way to win this one except to win the next contrived election. We need Devine intervention!

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