Bribed with our own funny money …

De Toqueville wrote that a real democratic republic would only last in the US until the politicians learned that the citizens could be bribed with their own money. De Toqueville was a conceited fop, but he got that right.

Republicans tell pollsters that they like the 1.9 trillion new law? Sure they do! Why would they not? Lots of money in new forms of the dole are in there. And, there is the prospect of making the dole permanent. Hey! You can be like the teachers, no work required, vacations on the beach somewhere, anywhere. Shh! Don’t post on FB about your great new life. The boobs will catch on.

Bread and circuses fellow boobs, that is where we are now. The government being created will own you all, feed you with funny money, tell you what to think. Ah, they are re-creating the USSR.

“Man is born free, and is everywhere in chains.” I have long believed that JJ Rousseau should have been strangled in the cradle.

Evil has come upon us. pl

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  1. Fred says:

    “Bread and circuses fellow boobs”
    Along with legalized drugs and free internet porn to ease the pain of being enslaved.

  2. optimax says:

    I’ve read that the 1400 dollar bribe costs each American over 17,000. Great deal.

  3. blue peacock says:

    Col. Lang,

    This has been going on a good long while. Credit has been on an amazing growth curve since the 70s. Systemic financial leverage keeps growing and it is not just the federal government’s debt. Dunno if, when and what is the pin.

    Of course this is not just in the US. It is global.

    Typically, in the past for countries it ended with a currency crisis, when the psychology of confidence turns. But…when it is global, what happens???

  4. J says:

    Hmm… that the reason the Globalist German Klaus Schwab who created the World Economic Forum [WEF], at the Davos confab he uttered his warning to Americans – “You’ll own nothing” — And “you’ll be happy about it.”

    Schawb was a scullion of Henry Kissinger. With these Globalist at the helm, their goals are to destroy our rights, our freedoms, and take our lives.

  5. Eric Newhill says:

    I listened to Biden tonight. Never heard anything like it before. The guy is the personification of depression, forsaken hope and….death. He’s like some grim undertaker. Morbid as the blackest night in the deepest grave. Trust the government he says. Death…DEATH! everywhere! Maybe this , maybe that re; covid. I hear no science at all – None, Zip, Zero, Nada. But we are told by Biden to trust The Science ( = government). All politics of an exceedingly morose and uninspiring flavor.

    On a bright note, the military is now going to pay for sex changes and pregnant pilots will have flight suits specially tailored so they can keep pulling Gs with a big belly full of baby – is that good for a baby? Does any of that make the military a more effective fighting force? Also in the meanwhile, yeah, they want to print $trillions more Where’s the science behind any of that?

    These people (= Biden Admin) are psychologically and spiritually sick and twisted. I call it evil. Who do they think they’re fooling with that old buzz kill up there talking that crap? No one wants want he’s selling. Only a few ghetto scum are impressed with a little covid check with which to buy a new cell phone and some drugs. George Floyd would have loved it. The rest of us? Nah.

    We are so screwed if we don’t secede or fight.

    There going to have to build a bigger wall around Capitol Hill. Will it be defended by gays, trannies and pregnant women? I hope so.

    • Steve says:

      Ghetto scum.
      Hoo! Boy!
      You seem a little angry and depressed. Please try channeling your anger into something positive.
      3 am post. Get a little sleep.

  6. mcohen says:

    for the Addicted

    dearest heart
    that which has turned to stone
    when did you depart
    for places unknown

    did a mighty river
    carry you away
    should I consider
    an underwater foray

    has a raging storm
    lifted you up
    left you tattered and torn
    in a teacup

    where are you hiding
    my sweet princess
    with no means of finding
    i suffer much distress

    my undying love for you
    will never decay
    it will always remain true
    forever and a day

    I do implore
    drop me a twinkle
    I desperately need more
    of that sweet tingle


  7. Mark says:

    I just can’t understand how they can do this to our kids. Have to be committed Marxists.
    Thx mark

    • TV says:

      The “kids” (millennial and Gen-Z) are the ones most likely to vote for “free money.”
      I don’t feel a bit sorry for their future.

  8. Polish Janitor says:

    I agree colonel.
    The main source of the rot is the Democratic party with their relentless fetishism for what they perceive as “progress” mostly in realms of the culture and identity. America is a constitutional republic and the reason why it was (and still is compared to the rest of the world) great is because it valued an ‘ordered freedom’ framework above all. I still can’t imagine why Dems hate constitutional republicanism in America so much… Why would anyone want to destroy what makes a country great, free, and powerful?

    De Tocqueville’s study of American democracy tells us exactly why the liberal regime has its own seeds of destruction. According to De Tocqueville once you weaken and eventually hollow-out the nation’s predominant culture and its institutions, it is over. You see this ‘de-institutionalization’ of American life and ethics in politics and the governing polity, culture, community, language, and education. The Dems’s definition of liberty is rooted in the continuous atomization of individual rights manifested in sexual, ethnic, cultural ‘liberation’ that emerged first by cultural Marxists in the mid-20th century. This leftist construct encourages ‘mis-assimilation’, of immigrants and binds them not to the Constitution, but to whatever the Democratic party dictates to them. The result of this intentional problem has been the toppling of statues, mass censorship and cultural conformity, de-platforming of those who speak out against this and so forth. This is the reason why a growing number of EU nation’s governing polity are slowly but surely coming to this realization and are introducing measures to avert total institutional and cultural collapse. I think a return to proper community building is what can fix this problem in the long-run. For example Rod Dreher’s “The Benedict Option” is proper solution to this problem.

  9. BillWade says:

    They started with statues and now it’s on to books. The Dems appear to be on board with the “Great Reset”crowd and us little folks being governed by unelected officials who “know better” than us. The covid19 op got rid of Trump and is paving the way for the reset. We’ve got Florida, South Dakota, Texas, Arizona, West Virginia, and Maryland now throwing out the mask mandate. I cannot think of any one single country in the world defying the WHO mandates, just the 6 states I mentioned. Martin Armstrong, a renowned economist, has said they tried to crash the US Stock Market at the beginning of the operation, they did pretty good dragging the DOW down to 19K but it rebounded rather dramatically. He thinks their efforts will eventually fail but that we’re in for hard times (except the market, which he sees rising). I’m not sure he’s right about the reset crowd failing. I suppose if it fails in the USA, we’ll eventually be seen by the rest of the little people around the whole world as a beacon of freedom. I have a hard time imagining cities like NY, Prague, and Bangkok as dying but it is happening. Slow boiling frogs we are.

  10. Fourth and Long says:

    You mean savages aren’t necessarily noble?

  11. Deap says:

    Keep digging deeper – the race and class wars are just excuse to grow government, add more government jobs and government dependency programs. They all demand expanded government employment and more government controls over the private sector.

    And now the PRO Act puts it clearly on the table — more wealth transfers from our own tax dollars paying for these expanded government jobs to private employee union bosses.

    60,000 votes let this nightmare happen to us. A few key inner city precincts, some still unresolved highly questionable voting “irregularities” and this is the direct and immediate consequence? Forget the alleged “popular vote” differences – it was the shady few key precincts that did this to us.

    Jamais plus.

  12. j. casey says:

    Until the funny money runs out, and the fuse on that shit show is lit.

  13. Sam says:

    This is a wild statistic— the total spending on the F-35 is greater than the total spending by China on the entire Belt and Road Initiative. (From, “The Uses and Abuses of Weaponized Interdependence”)

    This is how we’ve spent all the “funny money”! Crumbling infrastructure, offshored manufacturing including medicines, but, financial speculation that generates billionaire hedge fund managers.

    • Fred says:

      “Mark Leon Goldberg is a writer, blogger and podcaster.” from his website. He’s also not an expert on China’s government, and it is unlike the book from the trio at Brookings he’s quoting are either.

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