China Joe moves against Russia

The Chinese are clearly in the “driver’s seat” with their agent Joe, our first foreign agent president. Imagine the store of incriminating evidence of Joe’s treason that the Chinese government possesses with regard to the Biden Crime Family.

The Russians and Putin are upset by Joe’s accusations against them? What a surprise! It must be particularly frustrating to realize how well the Chinese have played the game against all the “round-eyes,” including them.

Biden’s attempts to divert American hostility to Russia is pathetic but will be welcomed by all “good” wokie inhabitants of the Bidonian version of “1984.”

George Orwell would weep. pl

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21 Responses to China Joe moves against Russia

  1. aka says:

    if the US is thinking about separating Russia and China by getting closer to Russia, they have a funny way of doing it.

  2. Cofer says:

    The Chineese leadership must be familiar with the 25th amendment. The marionettists in DC can eliminate the problem any time they wish.

  3. ancientarcher says:

    Winnie the Pooh must be laughing his heart out!

    I wonder how the Russians feel about their putative allies, the Chinese, using them as bait. The Russian military is in a good space now but if/when it weakens the Chinese will be looking to take a bite off their far Eastern land and resources.

    With friends like these who needs enemies

    Hope you feel better soon Colonel!

    • Lyttennnburgh says:

      “The Russian military is in a good space now but if/when it weakens the Chinese will be looking to take a bite off their far Eastern land and resources. “

      Oh, this inane fantasy again! Why would they want it? Have you actually lived in Siberia or know the conditions on the ground?

      • Peter Williams says:

        Chinese companies in the Russian Far East can employ Chinese nationals, one small problem, no Chinese nationals wish to work there. Uralskaya, Siberia, the Far North, Kamchatkaya and the Far East, are all considered different areas now. None are pleasant in Winter, but most are liveable, if you’re not a total wuss!

        I grew up in Australia, where Winter was three weeks of nightime -1C in a bad year, and I can survive a Uralskaya Winter of -30C with no problems. The Far North and Kamchatkaya are another matter.

        The Chinese would prefer to buy products from these regions, than to try and conquer them.

        There are Chinese nationalists who dream of reconquering parts of Russia, but they would never live there!

        • Lyttennnburgh says:

          “There are Chinese nationalists who dream of reconquering parts of Russia, but they would never live there!”

          I know – they mostly live in Taiwan and/or the US.

  4. Dan says:

    Excellent, relevant article from a few months back:

    I just heard that the world’s billionaires have added 4 trillion to their wealth during the pandemic. It strains my cynicism to ponder how consciously people are manipulating the situation… soulless would Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and co. have to be to use this virus to consolidate power and make the changes they want to see? I guess we’ll find out.

    • Ed Lindgren says:

      Dan –

      The Lee Smith piece you provided the link for is superb reading.

      This paragraph from Smith’s essay is spot on:

      “The industrialist Armand Hammer was famous because he was the American doing business with Moscow. His perspective was useful not because of his unique insights into Soviet society, politics, and business culture that he often shared with the American media, but because it was understood that he was presenting the views that the politburo wanted disseminated to an American audience. Today, America has thousands of Armand Hammers, all making the case for [China,] the source of their wealth, prestige, and power.”

      China has made our American oligarch class rich beyond their wildest dreams and their greed has no bounds. In the process, our American oligarchs have sold out and ruined millions of blue-collar Americans, and they couldn’t give a damn.

      Dementia Joe and his corrupt family are using this Russia “national emergency” as a smokescreen to deflect attention from their China ties.

    • Deap says:

      Gives one pause when tracking down the Great Toilet Paper hysteria that allegedl was first ginned up by Yahoo News in Australia, over and over again.

      The Great Toilet Paper Hoax then spread to the US, well before anyone knew why, since there was zero association with an upper-respiratory disease threat.

      Who first sent out the Great Toilet Paper Hoax threats and why? How did “social media” and their “misinformation censors” let that one slip by.

    • Fourth and Long says:

      Thanks for that article link. One of the most fascinating pieces I’ve read in a long time.

  5. Carl says:

    Beyond China, I’m willing to bet that Hunter went to a lot of “parties” in the Ukraine when he was appointed to the Burisma board of directors. And that the Ukrainian authorities have pictures. One must wonder the extent to which this is affecting our Russian policy.

  6. The Twisted Genius says:

    China Joe hasn’t been too kind to his supposed Chinese paymasters. US sanctioned two Chinese officials over continuing “genocidal” actions against Uyghurs and an additional 24 officials over actions in Hong Kong in conjunction with UK, Canada and the EU. That was just before Blinken and Sullivan’s icy meeting in Anchorage with Chinese officials. We also recently blacklisted seven Chinese supercomputing companies and five telecom companies including Huawei. Biden’s also in the process of forming an alliance of US, Japan, India, Australia against Chinese expansion. It’s not meant to be another NATO, but it’s bound to be at least as effective as a series of mean tweets.

    This year’s Annual Threat Assessment sees China as the first among many threats, titling the chapter on China “China’s push for global power” and talking about China’s view of “an epochal geopolitical shift.” On the other hand, all other country threats are classified as just provocative actions. The IC expects Moscow to seek opportunities for pragmatic cooperation with Washington on its own terms and … that Russia does not want a direct conflict with US forces.” Given the efforts Moscow has taken to shield itself from sanction damage, Biden’s sanctions against Russia and even the declaration of a national emergency seem more diplomatic flourish meant to send a stern message and cause a minor annoyance rather a throwing down of the gauntlet. Unless our IC really doesn’t understand how resilient the Russian economy has become.

  7. J says:

    Russian MOD is closing the Kerch Strait not allowing any and all foreign military vessels into the Sea of Asimov,

    • Lyttennnburgh says:

      “not allowing any and all foreign military vessels into the Sea of Asimov”

      There is a sea named after Isaac Asimov? 😉

      • Pat Lang says:


        I could have edited the “Asimov” thing but wanted to see who would be petty enough to correct it.

        • Lyttennnburgh says:

          If this correction makes me “petty”, then the OP by famously prolific the userperson “J” surely makes him/her/zir/them high and mighty.

  8. Serge says:

    The White House has acknowledged there was little evidence that Russia had offered Taliban militants bounties to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan.
    A spokeswoman for President Joe Biden said the claim had “low to moderate confidence” from US spy chiefs.The intelligence assessment was first reported last June by the New York Times, and was cited by Mr Biden on the 2020 presidential campaign trail to accuse then-President Trump of not standing up to Russia.
    Mr Trump at the time called it “fake news” and a “fake issue”. He later tweeted that he was not briefed on the subject because US intelligence agents had not deemed it credible.

    F*** these people. That’s all I have to say about that.

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