Chuck Light

IMO Chuck Light is a Democrat troll. It is a standard technique of trolls to appear to be reasonable at first in order to instill confidence and then suddenly the attack is made. The purpose of the attack is always the same. It is to disrupt discussion and function and to discredit leaders. As such people become obvious I will ban them. pl

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  1. Pat Lang says:

    Authors Please do not post comments from this liar. “Chuck Light” told me that he rode the Yellow Line to work at Union Station. As I said the Yellow Line does not go to Union Station. He also wrote that he worked at the headquarters of the SEC and that this was a brisk walk of half a mile from Union Station. The building as he correctly wrote is at 100 F St SE. This is across an alley from Union Station. Probably 50 yards. A liar who is not even good at his or her job.

  2. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Thank you, Col. Lang,

    I almost generated a post a couple of weeks ago along these lines. It would have gone somewhat along these lines:

    Type A Trolls – Start out guns blazing. Favorite techniques; Spamming the thread with a profusion of links to articles diametrically in opposition to the main post or to comments in agreement with its main point, but when this type gets pushback, their next technique is to quickly escalate to ad hominem attacks and such. Game over quickly.

    Type B Trolls – These are the tricky ones, as they initially ease their way into the thread, feigning agreement at first, sometimes striving to strike a note of cameraderie, and a shared POV, but then they move on to “concern trolling”; i.e., trying to sow some sort of cognitive dissonance into the discussion, and to undermine it by sneakily implying that they are helping their target to avoid making embarassing errors if only they would heed their “sage” advice. But if they encounter pushback or skepticism, sometimes they slip up, and an insult or two breaks their preferred hypnotic spell, and then their claim to sweet reasonability is jarringly undermined. To turn a phrase from the Gospels, “By their words, ye shall know them”. Then they try to crayfish a bit to restore the spell, but that which once is seen, cannot then be unseen. Insultingly careless errors of fact, such as those you have adduced in your comment, are the end. At that point, the nature of their little game stands out in high relief.

    I knew that you, and others would twig to it. Good practice in smelling out those who are “practiced in the art of deception”, as the lyrics of a song from the Rolling Stones so elegantly phrases it, so I left my windy analysis as an after action comment.

    Thanks again,

    • English Outsider says:

      Thought you were talking about the NYT there for a moment, JJ.

      But these you talk of are merely outriders. Self-appointed, self-motivated and more an irritant than a hazard. The skilled work is done by the enlisted professionals, those who can ingeniously weave the Roveian narrative and do, in our media, our think tanks and in our universities.

      And even for those, their role is specialist. They give substance to the narrative and background but that narrative does not reach us all directly. The heavy artillery is deployed in far cruder and more effective fashion. The constant repetition of untrue assertion covers the ground like the merciless barrages of the First World War. No need for subtle argument or ingenious misstatement, merely the bare weight of repeated falsity, repeated a thousand times and then a thousand more until belief is forced.

      I watched Biden a few times recently. They say he’s past it and it did look as if that’s so. But he still understands his work. He seldom bothers with detailed rebuttal, or any dissection of opposing statements. Merely the flat repetition of the picture he wishes us to see. And for the most of us, busy with other things and maybe only sparing part of our attention, that flat barefaced lie unwearyingly repeated and amplified to the maximum carries more weight than any cogent argument.

      any at compe

      • JerseyJeffersonian says:

        Heh. The NYT is increasingly going for the Type A trolling nowadays, at least in their peripheral, largely online only edition. As they offer a forum there for all manner of bitter, screetchy young women afflicted with Borderline Personality Disorder, any pretense to Type B trolling is rapidly receding.

        The NYT are more and more given to another deceptive technique in their (alleged) journalism, though; first off the article boldly asserts some ideological point, but then, some paragraphs down, the countermanding reality check surfaces, the hope being that the reader will not get that far in the article, and never see that. If this journalism stuff ultimately doesn’t work out for them, they could always go into selling off-brand merchandise, ’cause they would be naturals at that.

  3. Fred says:

    He trolled at the old site too, then plays the victim when called out on it, just like he’s doing now.

  4. Fourth and Long says:

    My only observation is that I found the interaction curious but was intrigued by reading later that day in RT that VP Harris has been standing in for President Biden on calls with foreign leaders:

    No-show Joe? VP Harris continues high-level talks without Biden, speaks to Israeli PM Netanyahu:

    My thought was that perhaps Colonel Lang knew of this himself from his own sources and was being initially elliptical. Keeping an eye on these great helmsmen of humanity is important. Less so now than in the past as it’s all money all the time and politicians have been rendered increasingly impotent as time goes on. Sorry. How inexcusable. Helms people. How dare I?

    As for trolling and technique. Possibly so. If so, Mr Light was not unclever. He drew my sympathy with his description of his ailments. Concerning the reality of the matter it’s important, of course to put partisan stuff aside. Biden has been hit hard with the dementia stuff, understandable in a bare knuckles fight such as a US Presidential election. And understandable furthermore due to his real age and his documented tendency for verbal gaffs. And it’s a picture complicated by the man’s history of having suffered in his youth with the vocal stuttering vocal impairment. That was elucidated at great length in the Democratic party’s hour and a half long documentary prepared for their convention presentations et seq. Much as I’m no fan of them at all, nor Joe particularly, I found that presentation, though maudlin and tedious, fairly plausible in factual substance. Such conditions are known to have cursed people who despite the handicap became quite eminent. Churchill and a famous orator of ancient Greece.

    The truth about the man’s cognitive condition was, in my opinion and that of an exceedingly observant old colleague, that as of say six months ago, it was slightly deteriorated, but at that time not severe in the degree asserted by his political opponents. But … that it was noticeable, decline had been initiated and would be ongoing, that it bore watching. Now? Take a look at him congratulating Americans of Asian Indian descent for their participation in recent endeavors of NASA:
    Caption: Indian Americans are taking over the country.

    I don’t think we need the skills of SST’s wonderful translator of Ancient Greek and early nineteenth century Italian to interpret that caption for us. In full sight, plain as the nose on your face on a clear day.

    Sometimes I wonder if Colonel Lang indulges himself in literary trickery with us. The character Chuck Light is introduced describing politely and at length his elderly condition and ongoing illnesses. And his memories of his travels to and from work in Washington DC. But guess what? It seems subtle and not so subtle errors of detail are committed. Get it yet? Of course. Old, frail, sick. So it’s hardly surprising. You can’t tell what’s going on. You may feel sympathy, you may not. But the Colonel has delivered an object lesson in interpretation.

    • Pat Lang says:

      Fourth and Long

      I welcome people who contribute their thoughts to Turcopolier and who are not in agreement with me. They enrich the dialog and indeed ARE the dialog. It is a difficulty to foster such people while remaining alert to people who come to the blog to subvert it and the dialog. My judgment with regard to CL was that either he is so far gone in the head that he cannot remember the basic geography of Washington, DC wher he said he worked or that his account of the city, its transportation system and his daily commute were a fabrication intended to support his “legend.”

    • JerseyJeffersonian says:

      Vis a vis the Americans of Indian Descent thing, here is a link to a recent post by Steve Sailer on this and what it means not only concerning Joe Biden, but also the ongoing minoritarian takeover wherever and whenever the opportunity presents. His special virtue is “noticing”, wryly, and this post does not disappoint.

  5. semiconscious says:

    the simple fact that you actually had to point out to him that there’s a bit of a difference between simply being old & losing a step, & being old & losing a step when you are, at the same time, the president of the united states basically said it all. this poster was never being genuine to begin with…

  6. Pollychrome says:

    Thanks, Colonel, for “chucking” the “light”-minded “right charlie” who distracts from all your really wise thinkers.

  7. TV says:

    Chuck Light?
    He moved TO California.
    That says it all.

    • English Outsider says:

      Hey, TV. I have relatives who moved TO California.

      Small sample, I grant you, but it proves it can be done.

      So that bit of the legend holds water. As for your new President, I see a man who’s come into the most awesome office in the world and is doing his level best to live up to it. I wish for him personally the very best in that. As far as politics goes, I do believe that was a wrong turning for America taken last November.

      • Deap says:

        Please conservatives, move TO California. Recall Newsom petition now has over 2 million signatures of the 1.5 million necessary to place the recall on the next ballot..

        However, guess who gets to validate those signatures and guess what voting system equipment they use for signature verification.

        Additionally, now many Blue Goonies intentionally filed petitions with bogus signatures to intentionally cause the signature gathering to fail. Just like the “progressive” techies flooded the online Trump rally ticketing hand outs, to ensure no one would show up for the early Trump rallies.

        ‘We the people” ……… public initiatives now taken over by sinister AI abuses, was also not contemplated by the Founders.

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