Criminal proceedings would be appropriate

Comment: for Brennen and Clapper, not Koffler

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  1. Fred says:

    Yes, and it needs to include charge against the FBI agents doing all the false flag ops against our own people.

  2. Deap says:

    So much is swirling the drain right now, I am getting overwhelmed:

    1. AZ audit – could go either way
    2. GA Fulton county in full meltdown
    3. Biden – Putin and G-7 shambles
    4. “Covid” total craziness on every front
    5. Intelligence community false flags – Jan 6
    6. Waiting for Durham
    7. Full recognition our government today is not our friend nor our protector
    8. The degree of damage Democrats can still inflict in a very short time
    9. Kamala and her cackling sorority party cheese puff rehabilitation campaign
    10. Home state riddled with open borders, crime and vagrant camps

    Yes, the sun is shining, the garden is beautiful and windows of wonderfulness still exist in this state. But only if I get out of the frenzy that requires me to disbelieve everything that I do believe.

    • Fred says:


      “1. AZ audit – could go either way”
      Wrong. The audit has already proved there were multiple problems, thus “go either way” is not a possibility.

    • Bill H. says:

      “Waiting for Durham.” Really? You are still waiting for Durham? You might as wait for Godot.

      • Deap says:

        Don’t forget one more Democrat “covid” advantage was to short-circuit and delay the Durham investigation – no one could gather, no one could travel for depositions so nothing much could be done while Fauci’s “covid” was running thee show.

    • TV says:

      “Waiting for Durham”
      For what?
      A whitewash that will guarantee Durham a partnership in a swamp law firm?

  3. Deap says:

    We have seen what government can do. We want small government. MAGA 2024.

  4. Jose says:

    PL. is the DIA the only government agency that is not compromised?

    Arizona has already proven there was fraud in the 2020 election, where we are going as a nation is going to get scary.


    11 Texas building a wall in defiance of the Bidenista regime

    12 CRT is looking like an open revolt

    13 Taiwan

    14 The Chinese Nuclear Reactor (noble gasses my asses)

    15 Inflation, Inflation, Inflation

  5. The Russian playbook, Putin’s plan, Brennan doing Putin;s work. Same crap, new wrapping.

  6. TV says:

    Criminal charges – in the swamp?
    The only people likely to be charged are really dumb Republicans and that’s easy because most of them ARE dumb.

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