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A judge with some common sense

“The U.S. Marine who posted videos on social media criticizing military leadership and the Biden administration’s withdrawal of military assets from Afghanistan was issued a letter of reprimand and a forfeiture of $5,000 worth of pay for one month, after pleading guilty to all charges during … Continue reading

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Is Jake Sullivan a target for Durham?

“Washington was rocked last month by the sudden indictment of Michael Sussman, former counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee, for his alleged role in spreading a false Russia conspiracy theory. Special counsel John Durham – who is variously … Continue reading

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Fly the Friendly Skys, the Bandon Way.

There appears to be a major Biden Presidency Coverup operation underway in the press. Over 600 flights cancelled in Jacksonville. It was that attrocious weather, so ‘experts’ say, you can see it here:  7,715 total views,  12 views today

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A prisoner of conscience – Lt Col Stuart Scheller USMC

“The US Marine Corps officer who was relieved of his command for chastising his bosses over the botched Afghan withdrawal has landed in military lockup, his father said. In a video that went viral on Facebook last month, Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller ripped into … Continue reading

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“Emails Reveal Hunter Biden Requested $2 Million Plus ‘Success Fees’ To Help Dem Donors Unfreeze Libyan Assets” Jarrett

“Citizen Free Press reports that an insider has provided unbelievable emails indicating the unethical lengths which then-vice president Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, went to. “Two previously unpublished emails sent by business contacts of Hunter Biden indicate that the president’s son requested an annual retainer of … Continue reading

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Jail time coming for Hilly, and her gang of effete preppies?

“The 27-page indictment suggests that Durham has the goods on Sussmann.  Billing records, not to mention handwritten notes, prove that he absolutely knew he was representing the Clinton Campaign but was trying to hide it. Hillary’s dirty fingerprints on the Alfa Bank … Continue reading

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The French should bring back the guillotine just for these men.

” The trial of 20 men accused in a series of coordinated attacks on Paris in 2015 that spread fear across Europe and transformed France opened Wednesday in a custom-built complex embedded within a 13th-century courthouse. Nine Islamic State group gunmen … Continue reading

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Biden is a sinner and should be refused the Eucharist.

“In 2008, he similarly said: “I’m prepared as a matter of faith to accept that life begins at the moment of conception.” It’s unclear what changed but his statement came amid a whirlwind of controversy surrounding how Biden adhered to his … Continue reading

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Don’t Fauci My Freedom

You might be thinking that those “Democratic” Texas legislators abandoned their oath of office when they flew to DC in an attempt to prevent a vote on legislation they didn’t agree with. You are wrong! There is only one reason … Continue reading

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Hang in there Guv’ !

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., joined a chorus of public officials on Tuesday calling on fellow Democrat Andrew Cuomo to resign as governor of New York after the state attorney general held a … Continue reading

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