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A Michigan voter’s state court lawsuit about voting machines is at a perilous point

By Robert Willmann A very important lawsuit about voting machines brought by a voter in state court in Michigan is at a perilous point today. The now despotic mass media has censored the story since it was filed in November … Continue reading

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Democrats are desperate to shut down Arizona re-count.

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Kim Foxx

Comment: This woman is a curse upon the land. pl  11,409 total views,  4 views today

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Kamala Harris, Princess of Pogrom Progressivism.

90 days into the new Adminstraion and we have a new Border Crisis. Fear not though, Kamala is on the job and you know what that means! Lolita Express II. A true caravan of dreams. Some of which are nightmares. … Continue reading

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“Lisa Monaco signals support for continuing Durham investigation”

President Biden‘s nominee for deputy attorney general Lisa Monaco on Tuesday signaled her support for Special Counsel John Durham to continue his investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe. During her confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday, Monaco committed to … Continue reading

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They Have Betrayed the Constitution – Overwhelming Evidence of FBI Corruption

The American people, regardless of political affiliation, should be bellowing a primal scream of outrage in light of the new evidence–overwhelming evidence at that–of the FBI’s corruption. If you have not read John Solomon’s latest revelations about the contents of … Continue reading

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Cuomo should be recalled, and then prosecuted …

"Unlike California, which is petitioning to recall Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom for his coronavirus lockdowns and mismanagement, New York does not have a recall procedure. Pataki once sought a New York amendment for just that in 2002, but then Democrat … Continue reading

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News Updates From Inside The Forbidden City

The heeling is heading our way. Over the last few days I took a little time off from the 'net. Caught a re-run of Rumpole of the Bailey. "The Golden Thread" that runs through English common law. Good stuff, not … Continue reading

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Mostly Peaceful Protests in D.C.

Commentary by Fred. The nation's capital witnessed a massive and mostly peaceful protest today. During this mostly peaceful event tens of thousands of law abiding concerned citizens gathered to discuss their greviences, to air them before the press and government … Continue reading

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Trump signs the pork-laden spending and covid-19 bill. Maybe a vote to come on more money and section 230.

By Robert Willmann President Trump has signed the estimated $2.3 trillion Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021.  Its 5,593 double-spaced pages are stuffed with pork to grease domestic and foreign hands in order to get it passed for the piddling $600 for … Continue reading

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