“Dame Cressida Dick resigns as Metropolitan Police Commissioner”

“Dame Cressida Dick, the first female Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, has announced her resignation, saying she had been forced out by the Mayor of London.

The country’s most senior police officer had been under pressure following a string of controversies, but resigned after Sadiq Khan said he was “not satisfied” with her plans to change the culture at Scotland Yard.

Sources suggested the Mayor had not intended to force the commissioner’s hand and had been taken aback by her decision to leave.

In her statement, Dame Cressida, who has led the force since 2017, said: “It is clear that the Mayor no longer has sufficient confidence in my leadership to continue. He has left me no choice.”

Her resignation is understood to have come as a shock to the Home Office, with Mr Khan reportedly not informing the Home Secretary of developments. Officials will now reportedly press City Hall for an explanation surrounding the departure.

Comment: What the hell! Petty ham handed stupidity on the part of a politician with no care for the dignity of a senior career officer. I am with Dame Cressida. pl


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15 Responses to “Dame Cressida Dick resigns as Metropolitan Police Commissioner”

  1. Eliot says:

    Col. Lang,

    I’m surprised that he’s surprised. What did he expect? He said he no faith in her. And she did the very right and very English thing and resigned.

    These are two people from completely different cultures and worlds.

    – Eliot

  2. Alfred Warschauer says:

    Here’s an interview with your fellow Yank Paul Gambaccini who she smeared with her Operation Midland. She also dragged down former Chief of the Defence Staff Lord Bramall. She should have went years ago. Useless diversity hire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuNYMPfz1oI

  3. JohnA says:

    Sorry, but she was utterly incompetent in the role. Am surprised she was not sacked earlier. The Met Police appears to be corrupt from top to bottom and she was seemingly in the thick of all this.

  4. walrus says:

    She leaves with her reputation intact or enhanced. She will not have to wait long for another assignment.

  5. Claudius says:

    N Farage said this morning that she was sacked because of the unwoke thoughts of several constables. These upset the mayor.
    She should have been gone ages ago for ineptitude; the crime rate in London has been soaring over the years however neither the city government nor the Met has done much about it.
    London, a place I visited and enjoyed, has become, like many US cities, a great place for the uber rich but a misery for everybody else. The young cannot afford to live there. I couldn’t afford to live there.
    I am very deeply saddened to say this. My ancestry is exclusively British, and I retain a strong ethnic loyalty to the home country.

  6. Leith says:

    Will she return to her job in MI6? Or retire with her half million severance?

  7. James Doleman says:

    With respect sir, S
    she has made s many terrible mistakes, including rapes and murders by her officers.
    In any American city she would have been forced out years ago.

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