“Try, Try Again: Kamala Harris to Take Lead on Ukraine”

Presidential candidate, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris walks onto stage at her campaign stop at Manual High School in Denver on Aug. 2. Photo by Ali C. M. Watkins/Sentinel Colorado

Despite no meaningful progress in either of her previous assignments handling the southern border crisis or the fight against Republican voting legislation, the White House is dispatching Vice President Kamala Harris to Europe to lead the response to the Ukraine crisis.

Harris will reportedly travel to Germany to attend the Munich Security Conference, as European heads of state continue their efforts to prevent a Russian invasion of Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to mass troops along the Ukrainian border.

Sabrina Singh, the vice president’s deputy press secretary, said in a statement that Harris’ visit would “demonstrate our ironclad commitment to our NATO Allies, reaffirm our shared interest in upholding the principles that have underpinned European peace and security since World War II, and underscore our commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The White House has repeatedly dispatched Harris to handle politically charged issues, including her assignment to address the “root causes” of the southern border crisis and the fight against Republican voting legislation.

There has been no significant progress for the administration on either issue.

Comment: Good luck!


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19 Responses to “Try, Try Again: Kamala Harris to Take Lead on Ukraine”

  1. Schmuckatelli says:

    Did she take her kneepads?

  2. Barbara Ann says:

    Harris’ mission is not to demonstrate “ironclad commitment to [the] NATO allies”, it is the reverse. The brief is most likely to demand fealty and corral the wayward NATO children back into the Russophobic pen.

    Putin & Lavrov are not attending the Munich Security Conference so they’ll be spared the opportunity to meet with Giggles.

  3. will1618 says:

    Glad to see the site is back on!

  4. Fourth and Long says:

    Borg escort service. Gender neutrality observed piously, and we can dress up as airline stewardesses at no extra charge or discomfort. We take credit for preventing wars predicted by virtue our own hoaxes. And credit cards. Internationally.

  5. Fred says:

    On to Moscow!
    on the Hudson.

    Maybe Justin, who met with Putin (maybe it was collusion!), could help out? It he’s not too busy destroying freedom in Canada.

  6. Mal says:

    If Trump even had a nightmare about Russia he’d be hung and drawn in the Media….quite the foreign parade passing through Moscow these days.

    Cheers Mal

  7. Steve+G says:

    When you send in the 3rd string
    Quarterback who has no clue what
    The game plan is the Super Bowl
    Outcome will undoubtably not
    Go your way.

  8. jerseycityjoan says:

    Isn’t sending her worse than sending no one? She has nothing to offer that will help, having no relevant experience or knowledge and no personal relationships in Europe to draw on.

    Sending her is the opposite of sending the allies reassurance. It sends a terrible message to me. God knows what message it sends to Russia and China but who could be surprised if they just laughed?

    Do the Democrats still have any Wise Old Men or anyone who can actually help prevent a disaster?

    People are not really taking things in. I saw Lester Hold interview Biden and he asked about getting Americans out who may end up stuck in Ukraine. Interestingly enough Biden was forthright and said there is no plan: they wouldn’t know where they are and words to the effect that when there’s a war going on with a major power, you can’t worry about other things. Holt seemed surprised but of course Biden is right. He said once again people should get out now.

    I hope nothing happens and so we never know how many idiot Americans didn’t leave.

  9. Ken Roberts says:

    This seems not a bad move. How to trump the face cards?

  10. southpoint says:

    I’m told by high level sources(not to be named intelligence experts acceptable to WaPo if you will) that the main points of contention to discuss with Vlad will focus on the following:

    1. Levels of woke-ism required to be met by by Russian forces prior to ANY invasion of Ukraine can be tolerated by NATO;
    2. Will covid tests be required prior of Russian soldiers to dispersing throughout Ukraine?

    Biden has instilled in the Camel that these issues MUST be resolved in NATO’s favor or all hell will unloosed, including(but not limited to) abandoning NATO military equipment, abandoning NATO member citizens and as last resort, printing a trillion dollars out of thin air and putting Russia on the foreign aid teat and a show of NATO force involving pushing all the F35 jets off NATO carriers into the Black Sea.

    In my opinion, these extremely toxic threats are simply Biden exercising tools his massive, swollen foreign policies skills to scare Russia into joining NATO so they can feel good about being on the winning side. Biden was overwhelmingly selected by the American people for his his massive, swollen foreign policies skills. Don’t be surprised if it leaks that Hunter accompanies her Camelness on this bag run.

    When queried off the record, Her Camelness responded demurely that VLad has already made the major concession that masks will be worn when on camera .

    • Pat Lang says:


      • southpoint says:

        I thought it better to laugh at this Biden insanity because to take seriously his words to just too damn scary.

        “It’s not like we’re dealing with a terrorist organization. We’re dealing with one of the largest armies in the world. It’s a very different situation, and things could go crazy quickly,” he said.

        Really? Who’d a thought that?

  11. Christian J. Chuba says:

    Sigh. given her background, the WH should task her with task her with tackling the crime surge in the U.S. if they thought she was competent. I know, everyone here (including me) thinks she is on the wrong side but the point is it would at least be a serious attempt. Sending her off to foreign countries is beyond a joke.

    The fact that the Biden Admin has not addressed the real issue of crime in the U.S. and there is no evidence that a former D.A. has not pushed him in this direction proves that she is a lightweight. The Democrat primary voters picked up on this even while CNN fawned over her.

    • Deap says:

      Harris was not tough on crime, she just wanted to employ more prison guards who would join the unions.

      Seriously, that is what was behind “Three Strikes and You are Out” – a big push to increase the prison guards as political heavy weights who hated seeing all the tax dollars go to the teachers unions in this state –by law.

      Kamala always knows which way the wind blows. So to speak.

  12. morongobill says:

    With Biden warning Americans to get out of Ukraine and his standing on thin ice with the elites, plus the alleged emnity between Dr Jill and the President against Kamala, I am surprised that nobody realizes this might be a sure fire way to setup her removal from the ticket.

    • akaPatience says:

      Could this be what Hillary Clinton is hoping for – somehow replacing Harris and thus being in a position to slither into the presidency via invocation of the 25th Amendment against Biden? It’s seemed very suspicious to me that the MSM is no longer providing 100% positive coverage for Biden. Something’s up.

  13. Deap says:

    Kamala, what you need to do is go visit evangelical churches (black, white, asian) in heartland America and hispanic Catholic churches everywhere and get your fingers on the pulse of your own home country. These are people who care about life, values and their futures.

    You are out of your depth on all projects, especially on the international stage. You don’t even know America. But that is okay, because we really don’t want you anyway.

    However, if you did follow this advice, you would become a Republican. What you would learn is world is far bigger than just SEIU and the teachers unions, which has always been your only primary feed-back loop. You were right when you said you needed to get out of the Washington DC bubble. Why not build on that? Then denounce the Democrat party.

  14. Deap says:

    Someone on Team Biden needs to sniff out any residual crumbs of corruption in Ukraine, left by First Son Hunter Biden.

    Shall we presume Kamala had to sign a non-disclosure agreement when she was put on the Biden Team as VP – no later tell-all books and keep your damn mouth shut during your entire term as VP?

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