Despite Being Vaccinated, Blue States Hitting Highest Daily Covid Infection Ever

Lambda variant virus as the delta or covid variants mutating cells concept and new coronavirus b.1.1.7 outbreak or covid-19 viral cell mutation and influenza as dangerous flu strain medical health risk with disease as a 3D render.

Joe Biden’s speech today regarding the Covid “crisis” was akin to the Captain of the sinking Titanic giving an upbeat speech to passengers and crew as the mighty ship broke apart and sank. Demented Joe’s insistence on getting jabbed is delusional in the face of the new tsunami of Covid infections. The so-called vaccines do not work.

Yes, we hear the mindless idiots who have taken multiple vaccines and boosters insist the shots saved them even after contracting Covid again. The list of vaccinated who are now testing positive with Covid is growing by the hour:

And blue state New York, with some of the most draconian measures violating civil rights in the name of preventing the spread of Covid, is now reporting the highest level of daily infections since the outbreak started in 2020:

New York is not alone. Add to this list Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland, and Vermont. Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are on track to do the same. It would be one thing if these states were filled with anti-vaxers. They are not. Just the opposite. Heavy vaccinations, mask mandates and shutdowns. Yet, these stringent measures have not prevented the re-emergence of Covid.

Each passing day it becomes clearer that the Covid vaccines do not prevent the spread of Covid. Even worse, people who are vaccinated are not immune to testing positive. No amount of spin can erase this fact.

The captain of the ill-fated Titanic could not pretend there was no iceberg. The passengers thrashing frantically in the frosty waters knew the truth. The same now applies to Covid. The Biden plan is kaput. His mantra of more vaccines is being exposed as a fraud. You were promised if you got the jab the scary Covid would go away. Turns out that is not true. Grab a lifeboat kids.

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23 Responses to Despite Being Vaccinated, Blue States Hitting Highest Daily Covid Infection Ever

  1. Datil D says:

    “Each passing day it becomes clearer that the Covid vaccines do not prevent the spread of Covid”

    So the big question is, what is the real motive behind the big vac push.

  2. Fubar.N.Wass says:

    From the bluest county in a blue state.

    I’m glad that they pointed out that everyone was vaxed. This vaccine=safe vs non-vaccinated=unsafe narrative is a public health disaster. With a leaky vaccine, everyone is a potential risk to everyone else. We have either to learn to live with the risk or to hide at home forever. Personally, I’m for just getting along with life.

  3. Sam says:

    “Grab a lifeboat kids.“

    The lifeboat that folks need is called withdrawal of consent to growing authoritarianism as the authoritarians quadruple down. Austria once again leading the way with forcible injections.

    • Bill Roche says:

      I’m not smart about anything but I believe I am representative of what the average guy thinks. Considering that I have lived in Westchester County NY my entire life this may seem odd, but NYS has lots of regular people, apart from the NYC, Syracuse, Buffalo, and Rochester areas. What have the chattering class, pols, liberals, and academicians wrought over the past 10 years? They have convinced me the FBI should be the FIB, the DOJ the DOIJ, and the CIA the Central Domestic Intelligence Agency. The media is socialisms mouth piece and the courts cannot be trusted to be impartial (despite the Chief Justice’s protestations). I do not know what to believe about Covid, and question the patriotism of our military and the DOS (no surprise). You get the idea; When someone says “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” watch out! I don’t expect repair to come from Washington and wonder if the “anti-federalist” were on to something in ’87. Without brave leadership from state Governors we are swirling down the drain. I’m a pretty patriotic guy. But the last decade has shaken me to the core. I think there are many just like me. To the season … Happy Hanuka, Merry Christmas, and a happy and healthy New Year.

      • Sam says:

        A must-read on how Fauci and Collins actively shut down debate from scientists challenging their lockdown approach. And utilized media allies to prop up their flawed approach and their power.

        None of this happened overnight. Step by step as a holocaust survivor noted recently. We learned about warantless surveillance during the Reagan administration (the GOP God for a very long time) but the majority of Americans did nothing. Then we had Clapper lying about it during the Obama administration (along with the Clintons the standard bearer of the Democrats) and again nothing was done. It got taken the next step with the Patriot Act which only a single senator, Democrat Russ Feingold voted against. Again the majority of Americans supported it as it was a natural outcrop on the War on Terror that was run by Bush/Cheney Republicans and included an invasion of Iraq on false pretenses. Recall the cheering of that by the majority of Americans and the attacks on those who opposed it as non-patriotic. The propaganda campaign was fully enjoined by both “liberal” media represented by the NYT and WaPo as well as “conservative” media represented by Fox who became the preferred media channel of the administration shown regularly at public locations like airports.

        We took it a step further with the Russia Collusion hoax where the intelligence and law enforcement apparatus worked hand in glove with the Clinton campaign to discredit the opposition candidate and when that failed, attempted a coup by claiming that the duly elected president was a Manchurian Candidate. Of course that president did not use the power of his office to bring to heel the plotters but instead acquiesced under fear or self-interest.

        Over the past two years under the next emergency, the ruling class have taken it to the next logical step where your freedom of movement, freedom of speech and access to public services can be curtailed arbitrarily. Once again the majority of Americans support these restrictions on Liberty.

        This notion that this is a “marxist” plot by the “leftists” is silly. This type of division and tribal warfare to focus attention away from the growing stranglehold on power by the elites is as old as humanity. Any casual look at the events of the past five decades should disabuse anyone of the bipartisan nature of this increasing consolidation of power. Both the “left” and the “right” use their pet agenda to further authoritarianism. One used the War on Terror emergency and the other now uses the Pandemic emergency. The end result is the founding precepts which were considered sacrosanct a century ago is no longer accepted as essential by the majority of the citizenry.

        If we allow the government to violate the laws meant to reign them in because of an emergency. That government will then keep creating an emergency to further violate the laws intended to reign them in. And that’s precisely what we’ve seen, emergency after emergency.

        As Pogo said, I’ve met the enemy and he is us.

      • Deap says:

        Law of unintended consequences. When JFK unionized government employees in the 1960’s, it created a new, unelected and unaccountable fourth branch of our government. There in hangs the tale.

        The growth of the vast, deep and protected administrative state from that time has turned everything upside down, since the Founders did not contemplate nor foresee its existence. The very idea of big government was anathema to them. That is the primary source of our current peril as a constitutional republic.

        Primary examples of this new, unchartered interface is the dominance of government public education beholden more to the relatively newly created teachers unions, yet they educate the next generations of Americans.

        The deep state role creating national health care “policy” shows the extent of this new deep state’s reach into our daily lives and even our freedom of private association as we speak.

        We ourselves, unwittingly, created this currently devouring beast within our midst which has no traditional checks or balances.

        And whose face for unchecked privileges currently is Tony Fauci or Randi Weingarten. There every ungrounded edit, now takes on the rule of law. Who elected them to control so many decisions that affect our daily lives – and who should be firing or rejecting them?

        This drift into unelected deep state autonomy has created very unsettling times. Hang on – but we must get past the deep state’s ability to even rig elections. However we the people, once we coalesce again, can right this ship of state. That I do still believe.

        It absolutely requires preserving some form of a free press, free communications and free assembly. Even under the worst time, this has flourished even underground, if necessary.

        Or today on personal blogs, that even require registration in Iceland to keep the free flow of conversation and public debate going.

        Peace on earth and goodwill towards all. Even the deep state unions. They are just people too. The ship of state needs to be righted, but does not necessarily require throwing people overboard.


  4. Deap says:

    Out in Calif, triple-vaxxed friends how are now getting this leaky breakthrough are so thankful they were vaxxed …… because Omicron is not killing them.

    Which Omicron is not doing even to the unvaxxed. Omicron in fact is coming across as (gasp) something like a normal cold and flu season setback. Whatever that was.

    But they need to live in their dream world of Eternal Vaccinations, so I have finally learned to shut up and say I am glad they are now feeling well.

    Though I do wonder why they as triple-vaxxed are getting Omicron, and I unvaxxed can’t seem to get even a case of covid in anyway shape or form. When in fact it want it for its blessed natural immunity.

    Seeing how California continues to over-react, I fear this national nightmare is a long way from being over. Unless ongoing lies are the way to back out of this, and save face at the same time. I fear 2022 will be another lost year for America. Or at least for California.

  5. Vince Turner says:

    Had COVID January 2020 – have travelled ALL over the world – no re-infection, not vaxxed. Everybody around me vaxxed is getting infected, weird.

  6. Seamus Padraig says:

    Pandemic of the vaccinated.

  7. Fred says:

    “The so-called vaccines do not work.”

    Larry, they work great. Big pharma stocks are up by hundreds of percentage points. The left still sets the agenda for the Republic. The elites are protected – see the Comey coverup that is the Epstein (Gishelne Maxwell) trial where the names, reputations, and power of the elites are sealed away from the public; Fauci is still entrenched – along with all the rest of the administrative statists. Our fabulous architects of Victory in Kabul are ever more pushing the boundaries of leftism:
    “”The role of a gender adviser is a way to attack a very significant issue, and … I look forward to leveraging those advisers who can make me think better and smarter about the issues,”” Admiral Grady, nominee for Vice Chair of the JCS.

    The vaccines work great. Do you think this guy would get confirmed if we didn’t have a them?

  8. JohninMK says:

    I am now 10 days clear of Covid, I think the Delta version as I was just too early for Omicron and they don’t tell you what it is as as far as I can see they are only sample testing unless you are in hospital. Even though I have mild co-morbidities, I suspect that the huge effort I have put in to bring my immune system up to an optimal level resulted in an impact, after the first few hours, not much worse than a mild flew.

    This now seems to be the general reaction here in the UK and South Africa, the first place to be really hit with this version, to such a degree that our self isolation window has just been reduced from 10 to 7 days. Mind you they had to as the workforce was being decimated.

    More interestingly the stats this morning seem to be showing slight reductions in hospital deaths as Delta works its way through. This is all very good news.

    Then a few days ago we had one of the leaders of a major medical modelling team, when asked about their pessimistic forecasts, admitting that they couldn’t make them look good or nothing would be done. He didn’t actually say that no more vaccine etc would be ordered and he knew which side of his bread was buttered but you get the gist.

  9. Claudius says:

    Captain Smith paid with his life for screwing up. Fauci et al will be handsomely rewarded.

  10. Babeltuap says:

    I started calling Biden’s sinking approval rating the Rebellion Growth Rate. It sounds soo much better.

    My hope is the world snaps out of this trance and agrees, even if only for a few decades that nothing good can come out of voluntarily doing anything governments tell you to do to include experimenting on yourself with injections.

  11. Eric Newhill says:

    “Each passing day it becomes clearer that the Covid vaccines do not prevent the spread of Covid. Even worse, people who are vaccinated are not immune to testing positive.”

    Yes. That has been clear to me for several months.

    I think at this point the arguments based on high level data can be put to rest – like it may be blue states w/ high vaccination rates, but it’s the unvaccinated getting sick. The general public can be shown that vaccinated individuals are contracting and becoming ill.

    So much money has been spent on those vaccines. At some point some stakeholders, like the companies paying for them, are going to have to say something about cost/benefit, IMO.

  12. akaPatience says:

    I can only WISH leftists would accept the truth and admit that ever-emerging facts prove mass-vaccination’s failures. I’ve pointed out numerous data and studies by reputable scientists and physicians that refute and/or question current Covid policies and dogma, and although some of them even recommend vaccination (at least for high-risk individuals), I hate to admit my die-hard partisan husband refuses to believe anything but MSM narratives: the unvaxxed need to be blamed for it all and punished, facts be damned. He’s currently reading Adam Schiff’s book to boot, and thinks the White House occupant is doing a fine job. His mind is totally closed. Willful ignorance is impossible to reason with.

    I’d laugh if it weren’t so consequential that some leftist partisans are so credulous when it comes to the influence on policy of, e.g., gun, fossil fuel, or religious lobbyists, but can’t bring themselves to concede the tremendous influence of pharmaceutical companies on healthcare policy. The willingness to accept punishing authoritarianism and lifestyle/livelihood-destroying edicts based on politics or at least irrationality instead of facts is truly frightening.

    • Deap says:

      EU announces all prior EU vaccine passports will expire automatically after 9 months, unless one gets a booster.

  13. Deap says:

    I am all for Fauci’s demand only vaxxed people gather together for the holidays and unvaxxed people are told to stay away.

    How will Fauci explain granny got “covid”anyway even though everyone was vaxxed, masked and probably tested at the door step. How will Fauci explain 100% unvaxxed groups don’t all die lonely and miserable deaths, the instant they share a space together.

    Same thing happening now on cruise ships – 100% vaxx demands, masking and testing. Yet they continue to report cases of “covid”. What’s up with that, Fauci?

    The more of these small scale 100% covid-vaxx segregation experiments the better, and the faster we will learn what is really going on. Can’t know anything until there are valid placebo tests, and Fauci intentionally side-stepped that critical part of the “science” of covid.

  14. Sam says:

    The Economist reports that Sweden–that intrepid place that did not lock down–has the lowest excess all-cause mortality of any European country this year. Interesting.

    Ok. If we don’t lockdown, then it must be let it rip, say those that enact public health policy and their fellow travelers in the media, The Science and many citizens. Let’s also ignore and obfuscate reality in service to The Agenda.

  15. Deap says:

    Parting company with Trump since he insists going down the pro-vaccine route. I went down a lot of paths with him because they resonated with me, even though they were wildly unpopular with mainstream out here in LaLaLand. To the point of even flying our Trump 2020 flag in our very blue neighborhood.

    But if Trump insists on defending these still experimental mRNA vaccines as one of his greatest accomplishments, he is walking into doo doo of his own making. He got hoodwinked by Team Gates-Fauci, and well-exceeded his own liberal arts critical thinking capacities getting on this mNRA vaccine bandwagon.

    Sure, bring this to market so they can go through the regular human testing protocols, but never never short-circuit this real life testing – that strategic error is now all on Biden so don’t get dragged down into Biden rush to mandate these inhumane 100% injection rates well before any science has confirmed their efficacy to be used at that level of human consumption.

    The 2020 election year frenzies were screaming for a “cure” now must be put to rest and let the unforgiving spotlight of pure science confirm or deny this novel and still experimental vaccine’s effectiveness, reliability and/or harm. Do not take a premature victory lap and for God’s sake stop spiking the football on the one yard line.

    I can only hope before Trumpfully commits to this Warp Speed racket that he starts looking for a better exit strategy. RFKJr. reveals in “The Real Dr Fauci” that both “warp speed” and the mRNA injection delivery system were already on the table well before Trump even announced he was running for president in 2015.

    Fauci-Gates just needed a hapless fool to carry their grand universal vaccine fantasies into mainstream. Enter Trump stage right and then enter “covid” from stage left.

    Run, Trump, run. You got bamboozled and this “vaccine” is simply not working, while data is accumulating this novel injection system is now linked to triggering unconscionable harms. This sort of egotistical film flam will continue now that the Deep State has evolved into an independent and autonomous life form. Don’t let them put your name on it.

  16. Sam says:

    Ordering 20-year-old, double-vaxed-and-boosted students to “stay in their rooms” is borderline sociopathic. None of this COVID bureaucracy will disappear even if a full cure is found tomorrow; it will just morph into some vague coercive public health apparatus.

    Glenn Greenwald hits the nail on this head. The bureaucratic coercion apparatus is not gonna go away. They’ll just keep getting more coercive long after covid by creating new emergencies. They know from covid that majority of Americans will keep supporting them if sufficient hysteria & propaganda is created.

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