Dog Days of Summer

Yes. I’m coming out as fully in support of




I know. And, Ta da! Direct from the New World, at its fruitiest (how appropriate).


Quintessential is you ask me, and I’m tell’n ya it is anyway. Quite so.

Plus! Hell man you didn’t I would forget?
+ mayonaise. Hellman’s, not that kraft stuff.

+ Oh goody there’s more! How exciting!

Ah bread and fries! So much better than the crumbs and circuses they’ve been giving us lately. It’s so quintessentially American. You, dear readers, are welcome to ‘culturally appropriate’ this sandwich. Well not this actual one, it’s already been eaten. Good eat’n too.

I know what you are thinking. What about the Les…. It’s ok. They can get in the kitchen and make me a samich. I mean if they are already making one for themselves, they can make one more, for the straight guy. For equity. That’s another plus in my book. So it’s now, let’s see, LGBTQ+++. My do those pluses keep adding up. It’s almost mathematical.

But but but what about…. Yes, yes; let us not forget the lettuce. Another plus.

Ahem, FRED what about that Vegans. Shhh I’ll fill you in on a secret (looks both ways) That’s where I get my extra bacon. It’s double plus good. I’m beginning to love new math. All these plusses.

But, ah, Fred….

Whoa will you look at that. Someone done got woke.

Woke I tell ya! And you know what that means.

In deference to former English majors everywhere I’ll spare the Shakespeare, well just a little, and say someone else is coming going out, out. Lest, like that fairy tale little piggy, the wee wee wee is all the way (in) home. So it is out, out; oui oui.

By by, dog days of summer caniculares. So long, and thanks for all the bacon.

post by Fred

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6 Responses to Dog Days of Summer

  1. TTG says:

    That’s some good looking bacon and the BLT isn’t too shabby either. I’d just go a lot lighter on the mayo, Hellmans or otherwise. Or with the right and sufficient tomatoes, I’d just skip the mayo and pepper it heavily.

    Also, nice looking pooch. Coincidentally, my new young rescue rabbit has similar colorings.

  2. leith says:

    Had a brisket sandwich today. Absolutely superb, better than bacon. No tomatos, no lettuce, I’m not keen on uncooked veg. But I gotta confess the side of collard greens was as good as the brisket. I’d consider going vegan if they overlooked a little side meat cooked in the pot with the greens. But sadly the one I’ve met is a bit dogmatic, no compromise – ever!

    And yup, that’s a handsome pup.

    • Fred says:

      Good collard greens are hard to find down this way. Scored some venison from a friend this weekend (bow season in GA already). Have to hunt up a good recipe for it.

      • leith says:

        Fred –

        Collards are hard to get here in the NW also. But I scored the brisket and collards off of a mobile black Texan BBQ kiosk at a local hot rod show.

        As a bonus saw a beautiful 63 Bonneville convertible and lots of other Detroit Iron.

  3. optimax says:

    Good lookin bacon. I’d lose the lettuce and add a sunny side up egg. That’s the way my grandfather made it.

    • Fred says:

      That’s a good way to do it. I have one just like that in Valpariso years back. They used a cookie cutter to take a section out of the bread to show the egg. Quite the artistic presentation. Now if only we could have gotten the cooks on our submarine to do that ……

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