Donna Brazile should leave Foxnews


IMO Donna is a fine Louisiana lady, but she is now a full time partisan of the Biden/Harris ticket and should leave a role as commentator on Foxnews.  pl

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  1. Huntly says:

    Probably true, but(No Disrespect) pretty much everyone at FOX is a full-time Trump partisan!

  2. turcopolier says:

    Nah! Chris Wallace, Neil Cavuto, Sandra Smith, the Arthel Neville, and pretty much all the WH reporting staff are firmly Democrat. Anything to oppose that at CNN/MSNBC?

  3. Paul Bogle says:

    Donna will be leaving soon enough. She will be involved in organizing the debates. She will need to provide Biden with the questions and the answers as far in advance as possible.

  4. turcopolier says:

    Paul Bogle
    So she will stay as long as she can.

  5. Fred says:

    Paul Bogle,
    Biden won’t debate. The real question is why she chose to go with Joe, he looks more an more like a sinking ship. Perhaps the different wings of the DNC are fighting over the carcass of the legacy party before it disolves into a racially focused coalition bent on stigmatizing America and its institutions back to the founding.

  6. Paul Bogle says:

    If Donna can cash a check from FoxNews for promoting Biden/Harris she will.

  7. Deap says:

    If you get VP Harris, you also get a new California senator – top Gov Newsom picks include Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi or Adam Schiff. No sorry folks, Eric Swallwell did not make the A List.

  8. Mike46 says:

    Maybe Fox has gone Lincoln Project.
    Kasich is addressing the Dem convention.
    Who says there is no Uniparty.

  9. Diana Croissant says:

    Yes indeed, Donna should go away. And I also admit that she does act like a lady. But what is that saying about killing people with kindness?
    I remember the Obama campaign. In fact it’s a painful memory. If anyone on social media said anything negative about Obama, her favorite response was “Stop the hate.”
    Of course that just caused us to increase the “hate” as there could be no real discussion.
    I also agree about the smug Chris Wallace. He feels it’s his duty to highlight things taht tend to diminish Trump. My opinion is that he really trully thinks HIS behavior is what would be the proper behavior for Trump to display.
    At this point Donna B. needs to be on only with Joe B. and then only on any show other than one on FOX.

  10. Linda says:

    Yes as others said I’m not sure why being a full time partisan of one side should mean she should leave when her colleagues are full time partisans of the other side

  11. downtownhaiku says:

    May I ask why you think Neil Cavuto is a democrat?
    I have read that he is registered as GOP.
    More here:
    “Shannon Bream and Neil Cavuto are registered as Republicans.”

  12. Polish Janitor says:

    Donna Brazile cleverly found a niche position after the 2016 elections as an anti-Hilary democrat and was quickly embraced by the pro-Trump Right and the folks at Fox news. Her whole ‘schtik’ revolved around criticizing Hilary and exposing how she rigged the entire DNC apparatus into her campaign and against Bernie. She even wrote a book about it and made the Right to fall in love with her in a heartbeat.
    Donna Brzile’s campaign against Hilary was a smart move by the DNC brains who were dissatisfied by her catastrophic failure in 2016 and when they saw Hilary was serious about another run in 2020, launched D.B.’s anti-Hilary campaign to made it clear to her that there won’t be another 2020 ‘I’m with her’ nonsense. Additionally, Dem strategist David Axelrod who was behind both 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns also made it very clear to Hilary that 2020 was a no-go.
    The D.B. campaign was useful for the people at Fox news in the late 2017 to mid 2018 and by the time the whole Muller investigation story disappeared in march 2019 she was nothing but a lame duck token democrat. Sadly, it seems that Fox news still has a strong liberal Republican faction that has enough power to let democrat apparatchiks like D.B. to spew out pro-Biden talking point at will close to the election date. This is not diversity of opinion. For democrats at PBS or CNN or other liberal stations, diversity means having the likes of Never-Trumper neocons such as George Will, David Brooks and Bill Kristol to bash Trump, glorify endless wars in the ME, support no borders and pro-LGBTQ propaganda. I still can’t find any shred of ‘conservatism’ in these people. They have made a mockery of conservatism. Last time the left-wing mainstream media had diversity of opinion was when they had Pat Buchanan on at MSNBC but that did not last long, did it?!

  13. turcopolier says:

    I don’t care what he or she are registered as. I listen to him and his actual identity is clear.

  14. turcopolier says:

    She said on “the Five” that she looked forward to working full-time on the campaign.

  15. streetsofcandor says:

    Biden will debate Trump. IMO, the optics wouldn’t benefit his campaign if he (uh…I mean his puppeteers) chose not to, particularly now that the media (and the tribal cheering of liberals on social media) are bragging about how Harris is going to eat Pence’s lunch in the VP debates. I predict the media will place significant focus on the VP debates and expound on painting Harris as the guardian of the democratic galaxy while downplaying any of the presidential debates. Regardless, the democrats cannot perpetually contain Biden’s unpredictable behavior. He doesn’t have the mental acuity to follow any kind of scripted dialogue for potential debate questions. He’s already proven that exponentially. But IMO, his campaign’s current strategy of limiting his face time will only work against him moving forward.

  16. TV says:

    Cavuto may be a registered Republican………in NEW JERSEY!!
    He is certainly a Never Trumper.

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