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Who IS Juan Williams? Re-posted 12 February 2021

"Williams was born in Colón, Panama, to parents Akin Jules Williams and Sharon Williams, who were both Panamanian. He graduated in 1972 from Oakwood Friends School in Poughkeepsie, New York where he became clerk of the student body, editor of … Continue reading

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Time to leave Murdoch TV

If you think yourself a Conservative, the decline in conservative editorial policy on Foxnews and Fox Business should have been clear to you for months. First we saw the now fired Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt and his team of eggheads … Continue reading

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Silence the racist conservatives! All of them! All 75 million!

"Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., on Newsmax TV responded Thursday to CNN host Jake Tapper's questioning his commitment to democracy over his comments about the riot at the Capitol last week. Mast, on the House floor on Wednesday, questioned whether anyone had interviewed the rioters … Continue reading

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News Updates From Inside The Forbidden City

The heeling is heading our way. Over the last few days I took a little time off from the 'net. Caught a re-run of Rumpole of the Bailey. "The Golden Thread" that runs through English common law. Good stuff, not … Continue reading

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Denial of freedom of speech underway

Given the purge of Twitter customers underway and present efforts by CNN to have Foxnews denied carrier service I expect that my FB page will disappear soon.  Can Typepad be far behind?  Expect it.  pl 

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Trump signs the pork-laden spending and covid-19 bill. Maybe a vote to come on more money and section 230.

By Robert Willmann President Trump has signed the estimated $2.3 trillion Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021.  Its 5,593 double-spaced pages are stuffed with pork to grease domestic and foreign hands in order to get it passed for the piddling $600 for … Continue reading

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” … MSNBC host suggested electors abandon POTUS-elect.” Foxnews

"MSNBC host Chris Hayes has been one of the most vocal critics of President Trump, accusing him in recent weeks of undermining democracy by not conceding the 2020 presidential election, but resurfaced comments he made back in 2016 suggested he also did … Continue reading

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Election Analysis Using Biden’s Law. By Fred

Fred here, reporting from the Office of the President Elect Fred. Whoah! You say. President Elect Fred? Didn't you hear? It was reported by FOX – Fred's Original X-news. You might think I made that up, just like AP did … Continue reading

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Fox News–A 21st Century MEDIA Titanic? by Larry C Johnson

Once a Titan, now a Titanic? Just as the Captain of the Titanic has gone down in history bearing a heavy share of the blame for that ship’s fateful collision with a rogue iceberg on her maiden voyage, the Rupert … Continue reading

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We Now Walk With Our Founding Patriots

The one blessing of the current crisis stemming from the Democrat/radical left attempt to steal the Presidency from Donald Trump is that you now know firsthand the emotions, thoughts and fears that filled the minds and hearts of Washington, Adams, … Continue reading

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