E Pluribus Unum no more


We Americans were traditionally divided politically and culturally by region.  There is still some of that but the major fault lines are more fuzzy now.

1.  The Establishment.  This group was on parade during the McCain imperial procession across the lands. The sight of the supposedly mutually opposed Republicans and Democrats hobnobbing, backslapping, joking, hugging and passing around the bi-partisan mints while they waited for the stiff to be wheeled in was revealing.  The cavernous nave of the pseudo-Gothic church was a perfect venue for this fête de joie.   A window depicting Robert Lee looked down on this vast space until recently.  That has been taken down to maintain amity between the Yankee and "Southern" wings of the establishment.  The Episcopal Church of today has no use for such as he.  I wonder if the masses who support "the middle" understand how cruelly they are deceived by the pretended mutual animosity of their "betters."  The farce was on display last week.

2.  The Neo-Bolsheviks.  These people have been gathering their strength in the schools since the '60s.  they have indoctrinated the young all this time with a hatred of capitalism, a contempt for American tradition to include the Constitution and a desire to see the country reduced to the status of Cambodia in the Year Zero.  The spectacle of the disintegration of Venezuela after decades of socialist tinkering means nothing to them.  This time we will get it right!  This is their belief.  Disillusioned communists told me all across what had been the Warsaw Pact that Communism was never given a fair chance to prove itself.  The American Bolsheviki think they will get it right this time if they attain power.  The original Bolsheviks seized power with how many members in the vanguard?  20,000?  Tell me.  The governments of New York, California and New Jersey are all seeking to accommodate the Neo-Bolsheviks.  How far will they go?  The Soviet Bolsheviks killed millions of Russian Kulaks and political enemies.  Remember that!

3. The Deplorables.  This is essentially the "country party."  They are the people who know they are being dis-possessed.  These are the people who know they are despised by both the Establishment and the Neo-Bolsheviks and who are acutely aware that these other groups intend to exterminate them as a group if not as individuals.  The Clintons were the ultimate Establishment people.  Bill threw away the Deplorables' jobs in NAFTA in search of the Globalist Utopian vision at the heart of the Establishment's indoctrination in the schools.  Ross Perot was an amusing little freak?  He spoke of a "great sucking sound" that would be heard as Deplorable jobs followed cheap capital across the southern border?  The Deplorables do not think he was funny at all.  They elected Trump to give them hope and he has done that.  They do not want to be governed by Establishment figures like HC who detested them as obstacles so much that she could not refrain from treating the miners with contempt to their faces.  Bette Midler said this week that the Establishmenters cannot fight the Deplorables because people like her have no weapons but PBS tote bags.  An interesting point.

There are a lot of splinter groups and factions.  Tell me what they are.  pl

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