Ex-spy Pollard: Israel should have imprisoned some hostage families “to silence them”

Former Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard has said Israel should have silenced families of hostages being held by Hamas in Gaza, and even imprisoned some of them, in order to avoid public pressure to reach a deal with the terror group. Channel 14 airs a clip of Pollard making the remarks, saying the remarks came during an online call this week with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim of the Shilo Institute. “When we declared war, the first thing that the government should have done was to declare a state of national emergency and told all of the hostage families, ‘You will keep your mouths shut, or we will shut them for you. You will not interfere in the management of this war. You will not be used by the international community or by our own leftists, who managed the Shalit deal, as a weapon against us,’” he says.

He was referring to a 2011 deal, opposed at the time and since by many on the right, in which Israel released over 1,000 Palestinian terror convicts in exchange for a single kidnapped IDF soldier. “And if that means imprisoning, to silence certain members of hostages’ families, then so be it. We’re in a state of war,” adds Pollard, who served decades in US prison for espionage before being released during former US president Barack Obama’s tenure and later being allowed to move to Israel by then-president Donald Trump.

Pollard lambastes Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for approving a new hostage deal this week, saying he will also not vote again for the far-right Religious Zionism party, which voted for the agreement. “I was dead-set against turning all these posters out, the kidnapped, with all these pictures of these poor people that were kidnapped,” Pollard adds. “Why? Because each one of them was a poison dart at our ability to wage total war against our enemies.” He advocates for Israel to go on with the war without any deal, even at the cost of killing many Israeli hostages.


Comment: What this odious creature had to say was apparently well covered in both Israeli and English language media. I doubt it was because Pollard is seen as someone who needs to be listened to. I think it’s because what he had to say is shocking and disgusting and stories like this sell newspapers. What is more shocking and disgusting is that he’s not alone in this thinking. This mindset is shared by the hard right in Israel, the faction that was and remains key to Netanyahu’s continued rule. The line between this kind of thinking and that of the Hamas jihadis is very thin indeed.



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  1. Fred says:

    He should have received a death sentence for what he did to our national defense.

    • TTG says:


      I agree, but I don’t know if the death sentence was given out for peacetime espionage since the Rosenbergs.

  2. F&L says:

    Pollard = Pol Lard. (Lard is pure, cholesterol inducing, artery clogging, and circulatory senile dementia inducing, fat. Not good for your health).
    I guess it’s related to Pol Pot. For those who remember Cambodia, another dangerous substance in politics. Pollard stole some of the most precious of American security secrets for Israel who passed them on to the Soviets in return for passes for Soviet Jews to emigrate to their fascist apartheid anti-utopia on the eastern Mediterranean.

    Here’s a recent piece that I, for one, fully endorse.

    Israel’s War on Hospitals, by Chris Hedges.

    • Condottiere says:

      IDF scrambling around Gaza between bombed out hospitals trying trying to prove Hamas collusion reminds me of coalition forces scrambling around Iraq looking for WMD. Watching cheesy videos of Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari grasping for straws in full kit reminds me of Baghdad Bob with his ridiculous tenacity to gaslight the world. I trust IDF propaganda about as much as Hamas.

      • F&L says:

        I sent this email to my sister this AM as a joke. If you look it says that the dateline is 2 days ago, which could be untrue, but also it refers to October dates previous to thanksgiving by over three weeks. She hates me so she’ll see it just to get back to me and bust my chops.

        I would refer those lying sob Israelis to my old Irish bartender, sadly departed, John, who used to say during poker games after winning gigantic pots from us rubes: “I was in Bagdad when you were in your dad’s bag.” No one is fooled by their nonsense.
        Fda issues recall.
        How many days AFTER thanksgiving ??!!!
        Now you know their testing method. Wait till after the national holiday so you can find out how many get sick. Try to figure out why. Pocket the grant moneys reserved for laboratories and PhDs.

      • Peter Hug says:

        Baghdad Bob did it better.

  3. Yeah, Right says:

    He seems a class act…… not.

    You are correct: odious.

  4. F&L says:

    Good morning, Altai ✨

    Here’s a joke for you:

    A man is walking through London with a boot on his head. A policeman stops him:
    – Why are you with a boot on your head, sir?!
    — I always walk on Wednesdays with a boot on my head!
    – Okay, but today is Thursday!
    – God, then I look like a fool!!!

  5. F&L says:

    On topic Odious. And Odious. (Oh Dious. Ode Ious. No, Owed Ious. Does that apply to the Israeli spy who .. ?)

    A possible Democratic party presidential candidate. Was he hiring for his personal security detail? (This is called going slumming in a tabloid rag ..).

    Lets let it roll off our tongues.. “A former gangster who shot and paralyzed a 16 year old girl..” He’s no longer a gangster, and he’s indebted to … it really can’t be determined exactly.. “

    LA gangster who shot and paralyzed a 16-year-old girl now works for California’s Department of Public Safety after Gavin Newsom slashed his 162 year sentence to just eight years.

  6. F&L says:

    Nice little photo here, of a tanker ship on fire in an ocean, lots of smoke, the ship is in the distance so little is visible. But only the text as pasted below.
    The Houthis went on a rampage – today an Israeli container ship was hit by loitering munitions in the Indian Ocean.
    Whereas for some mysterious reason the AP report accuses Iran.

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A container ship owned by an Israeli billionaire came under attack by a suspected Iranian drone in the Indian Ocean as Israel wages war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip, an American defense official said Saturday.

  7. F&L says:

    Malek Dudakov has excellent stuff on Telegram. There’s much more on this today on the same topic, especially a high ranking Ukrainian woman who spilled the beans on how the treaty in March 2022 was deep-sixed. That’s not news to those who’ve followed closely, other than it coming from a Ukrainian source directly. Her name is Arakhamia. See the link at Пул N3 channel — dimsmirnov175 — below.

    Everyone hates Boris Johnson . The current revelations by Ukrainians – that Boris played a fatal role in the breakdown of negotiations with Russia – did not reveal anything new. This was known from the book of Biden’s adviser Fiona Hill, who participated in the negotiations. The Americans were ready to agree on the neutral status of Ukraine – but Boris’s activity prevented the matter .
    Boris’s closest political strategist, Dominic Cummings, has now stuck a knife in Boris’s back. He confirmed what was already an open secret. Boris desperately grabbed onto Ukraine like a straw – just to save his premiership . After all, it was then that scandals unfolded with the parties that Boris held during Covid – while the whole country was in quarantine.
    Boris tried to appear as the “savior” of Ukraine – promising Zelensky any help if he continued to fight. And sending Ukrainians into the furnace of conflict – all for the sake of Boris’s career. True, this did not really help Johnson in the end – in the summer of 2022, he was nevertheless thrown out of Downing Street .
    But Boris took the money from Ukrainian lobbyists – and even became the highest paid deputy in 2022 . He traveled all over the world with appeals in support of Kyiv. Now, however, the flow of money is drying up – so Boris has to advertise miracle drugs for obesity .
    Now they are trying to crawl away from Ukraine. David Cameron visited Kiev – but came empty-handed . Canadian conservatives – unlike the British – took anti-Ukrainian positions . The Tories are facing a huge failure in the early elections. Well, Boris himself was eventually knocked out of political oblivion by the Ukrainian agenda.

  8. F&L says:

    Will the fun continue if daddy takes the T-bird away?
    (For 2 pts: Beach Boys or Jan & Dean? No credit for search engine users.)
    The American plan to encircle China is still in action
    After the rebel attack on a convoy of Chinese trucks, the PLA will begin “combat training activities” on the border with Myanmar, writes Nikolai Vavilov.
    ▪️ In a “strange” coincidence, this internal war in Myanmar has blocked key trade routes to China. According to some reports, the United States is providing assistance to ethnic minority rebels. They supply them with weapons and teach them subversive activities.
    By the way, the beginning of the escalation of the confrontation in Myanmar, again due to a “strange” coincidence, for some reason fell on the eve of the meeting of the leaders of the United States and China at the APEC summit in San Francisco.
    ▪️ The other day we just noted Washington’s concern about Beijing’s desire to create access to the Bay of Bengal through Bangladesh and Myanmar – to maritime spaces not controlled by the United States and its satellites. America’s reaction was not long in coming.

    • Laura Wilson says:

      So…how does the TransPacific Partnership look in the rearview mirror? I thought that the point of it was to contain China by empowering those nations in the Pacific region to work together on major issues. Would that have helped…of course, the unexpected C-19 must be factored in as well.

  9. F&L says:

    Topic: Odious.
    Completion test. Fill in the blank.
    Facebook is owned by _____________. (Hint – “the shareholders” will not receive credit.)
    A series of advertisements dehumanizing and calling for violence against Palestinians, intended to test Facebook’s content moderation standards, were all approved by the social network, according to materials shared with The Intercept.
    The submitted ads, in both Hebrew and Arabic, included flagrant violations of policies for Facebook and its parent company Meta. Some contained violent content directly calling for the murder of Palestinian civilians, like ads demanding a “holocaust for the Palestinians” and to wipe out “Gazan women and children and the elderly.” Other posts, like those describing kids from Gaza as “future terrorists” and a reference to “Arab pigs,” contained dehumanizing language.
    “The approval of these ads is just the latest in a series of Meta’s failures towards the Palestinian people,” Nadim Nashif, founder of the Palestinian social media research and advocacy group 7amleh, which submitted the test ads, told The Intercept. “Throughout this crisis, we have seen a continued pattern of Meta’s clear bias and discrimination against Palestinians.”
    Read more from Sam Biddle via the link in our bio. ⁠

  10. Kim Sky says:

    This following article and interview slipped by me. Nice analysis, he suggests two different senarios where: once the US realized that the Israeli Military was loosing/failing, the US would intervene. He believes that US analysts believe Israel will be unable to win the ground offensive in Gaza. Therefore they’ll have to come up with something to save the Israeli’s from their incompetence. Good read, good listen.

    Only Israeli military failure will stop the genocide in Gaza
    by Mouin Rabbani, November 12, 2023


    And, interview, 1st half of show:

    He expands on his article, some interesting thoughts about US politicians!

    • d74 says:

      What could do the US armed forces to help IDF?

      Finish the job in Gaza instead of the IDF? (so IDF can deploy in the West Bank?)
      Flatten Lebanon from the border to the Litani River or even Beirut?
      Attack Syria?
      Many huge raids on Iran’s drone or missile factories?

      I don’t see it.

      Serious work by US intelligence to root out members of the Islamic activists from the gaza population is too late. It seems certain that Israeli intelligence didn’t do a serious job, which is why they preferred to hit the heap. Which has other perks from their point of view.

  11. mcohen says:

    I had this dream today about a black bear.I woke early,had a cup of extra strength Dilmah tea while lying in bed,read the news on my phone and then fell asleep again.My wife and I call it an extra.Great,especially on a Sunday morning.
    Anyway this is how it went.
    I was walking near a nature reserve in a semi arid area.My car had broken down and I needed petrol.I was carrying a small red plastic container and looking for a town that was nearby.
    I saw a lion,but luckily it was behind a fence.I climbed up an embankment and came to the town.I was searching for a store that sold petrol,when I heard a loud commotion and saw people running away.shouting that a black bear was on the loose.
    Another man and myself ran into a store to hide but then suddenly I found myself in a room with the bear.Stangely enough there was also a pit bull on a lead in the room but the bear and dog roughly played with each other.
    As I stood there watching I somehow never felt threatened but then the bear came up to me and looked at me.I reached down and scratched its head and then it jumped up on its hind legs and kind of embraced me.
    It then lay down at my feet and fell sleep.

    Then I woke up.

    • TTG says:


      That was an odd share. Is there a moral or a lesson to your story?

      • mcohen says:


        Not sure what it means.It was very realistic and detailed.All three animals were detailed.The lion,the pitbull with its ornate collar and the bear.Strong and dangerous animals
        Every culture will have a different meaning.When the bear looked at me,it looked directly into my eyes.
        I saw bears in the wild for the first time in British Columbia.I would hesitate to pat one on the head

        • F&L says:

          The animals are all the same thing and universal – the deep dark untamed currents of desire, hunger, need, murder & cruelty that we see and read about every day; the depravity of our movies, mysteries, history etc. The ornate collar on the pit bull represents the restraining forces of civilization and culture. Petrol represents human neediness and dependency.

          In short, mcohen, you’re just an everyday joe like everyone else. A wild animal on a leash. An adopted Aussie member of an empire running out of gas and afraid of being devoured by wilder beasts than you and entropy.

          • mcohen says:

            That is some analysis.Well Jung.
            I found this guy while searching for
            Meaning about dreaming

            I thought no.6 was particularly relevant.

            Anyway the collar of the pit bull was interesting.
            Blue and white with tinges of red and a silver coloured chain that you could tow a truck with.Big links coiled up in a pile

            The embankment was quite steep and tricky to climb.When I got to the top I saw the town street ahead and directly below a pond with lots of little black heads in a row of some sort of aquatic animal swimming at the edge of the pond.

            Also I vaguely heard some say that there was no petrol but some place else had

            I then saw a white rectangular sign post with black writing in Arabic or hebrew like you get on a road saying that this and that place is 20 km away.I could get petrol there.

            After some thought I conclude the lion is British empire,the pitbull Israel and the bear hamas.

        • LeaNder says:

          That’s an interesting dream, MC. I wish I was aware of my dreams. Very, very rarely, I catch one. Several decades ago, they needed to produce an alp series to get through to me, waking me up in the middle of every single night. Thrown into the center of a war ravaged landscape. When I finally realized what my subconsciousness was trying to tell me, it stopped without further trace.

          You may feel quite secure in your environment, or if we are to believe Freud, you would like to & it’s wishful thinking. 😉

          • mcohen says:

            Some call it magical thinking.The bible is full of such happenings.
            I was discussing with someone the story of Moses striking a rock and water coming out.The Israelites also carried rocks with them on their 40 year trek
            I concluded that the rocks were pumice that can be used to filter dirty water,as well as retain it.Also very light.
            In areas of Egypt and Saudi Arabia pumice is plentiful.
            Maybe the ten commandments were written on pumice.Easy to carve.
            Hard to tell which is a dream and which is reality,but it sure has created a lot of realtime crazy stuff over the centuries.

    • Peter Williams says:

      Your use of the word “petrol” suggests that you’re originally from Australia or NZ, (I struck out the other options because of previous posts).

    • leith says:

      mcohen –

      Dwarfette bear being cozy? Gotta be Putin asking for peace terms. Beware! It’s dangerous negotiating with the devil. He won’t stick to the deal.

  12. Poppa Rollo says:

    Pollard has his own final solution.

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