Fauci Fiddled While Corona Spread Like Wildfire

The torrent of revelations coming to light from the Fauci emails obtained via a Washington Post FOIA request is excavating the reputational grave of the diminutive Doctor. The emails show a selfish, pompous ass more worried about eats from a NY Deli than ensuring that an op-ed on Covid-19 (authored by his nemesis, Peter Navarro) was reviewed and approved. It is now clear that Fauci is a liar. I would not be surprised to see him fired by the end of the summer.

The latest jaw dropper–reported by Ben Sellers at Headline USA–tells how Fauci was busy sucking up to a CBS reporter while rebuffing an urgent request from the Trump White House for his input to a Peter Navarro op-ed.

On Feb. 23, CBS News’s chief medical correspondent, Jonathan LaPook requested to shadow Fauci for a day “to give people an inside look at how seriously the government is taking the outbreak.”

LaPook then sweetened the deal by offering noshes from a well-known New York deli.

“And I could bring down a shmear from Barney Greengrass for lunch,” he wrote. “How could you pass that up???”

Fauci replied: “How about a pastrami sandwich on rye and a potato knish?”

Compare that fawning act of ass kissing to Fauci’s footdragging in the early days of the Covid crisis. In early February,:

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  1. akaPatience says:

    I wonder if we’ll ever find out about any pay-offs, kickbacks, bribes, etc., involved in the Fauci saga? While I’ve read he’s already one of the highest-paid bureaucrats in the US, some people never have enough money. The same goes for celebrity. And for the doctor’s (and some politicians’ as well) willingness to help sabotage the economy and Trump’s presidency, I have a feeling there would’ve been plenty of wealthy political opponents, near and abroad, to bankroll the effort.

    Time after time during the Trump presidency we witnessed his opponents’ determination to discredit nearly everything he said and did while at the same time trying to tar him with fabricated crimes. I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime. So forgive me if I suspect those who oppose not only him but also people who support many of his stances are deranged enough to have inflicted harmful, intellectually dishonest Covid policy on our nation for the purpose of political gain.

    How many times in the past year have we found out about politicians including Pelosi, Newsome, Whitmer, etc., and even Fauci himself flouting mask and distancing rules they imposed on others? Could it be that they were in the know, in on the secret that onerous policies were put in place more for political rather than public health purposes? After all, politicians, bureaucrats, and their megaphones in the MSM didn’t go out of business during lockdowns. It was mainly smaller businesses that took the biggest hits.

    “Bioethicists” like Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel (brother of Rahm, Obama’s COS) think people should be willing to die by age 75 anyway. So prohibiting the use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for infected 80+ year olds may have been rationalized as sound healthcare policy, or at least spun as such by the fawning MSM. Shame shame shame…

    • Deap says:

      1. Big Tech Media wanted Trump gone because he attacked Sec 230 immunities.
      2. Deep State wanted Trump gone because he eliminated 250,000 government workers

      Different agendas, but common cause – take Trump down. Together – Big Tech Media and the Democrat deep state was a powerful force, but my gut says they still had to cheat to pull this off Nov 2020.

  2. Sam says:

    Tucker pummeled Fauci.


    However, the rest of the media complex continue to run interference to maintain the hagiography. And where are the political leadership in both parties – providing cover for a great fraud. A pandemic which it appears was man-made and implicates both the US and China. Was it a bio-warfare experiment to suspend civil liberties and see how docile populations are? We certainly were as covid hysteria was fanned. What about the vaccine that has yet to be approved by the FDA and the push to inject spike proteins?

    These revelations are the tip of the iceberg. IMO, we’ll never know the full truth of what went down unless we have a Church commission. That’s never gonna happen since the Deep State have all levers of power. The covid bamboozle is another example of how hapless Trump was. He surrounded himself with the likes of Anthony Fauci to run his administration.

    • Deap says:

      Trump was not hapless. He did what he could and he kept coming back no matter what they threw at him. We elect a CEO and tie his hands with the US Constitution.

      Trump inherited the deep state and was taking deep dives into taking down the size of government. That was touching one of the sacrosanct third rails so it is amazing Trump still got done as much as he did.

      One man cannot take on the entire deep state and High Tech media. You should know this. Should he have fired Fauci and Birx from the get go, yes. But the price was too high. Did he marginalize Fauci and Birx, yes. Did he bring in saner voices like the people from Stanford? Yes. Was it too little, too late?

      Keep in mind the deep state was the disease, the virus itself once all the data sorts out was the least of Trump’s problems. It was the Democrat deep state and High Tech Media overkill that took us down; not Trump. It was your local county health officers, your Democrat governors, they did not take marching orders from Trump. Get real.

    • Deap says:

      Someone here raised the issue if there are available therapeutics, you cannot get an “emergency” vaccine approval – cutting deeply into the billion dollar sweetheart deal concocted by Pfizer, Moderna and J&J for “emergency” vaccine approval.

      That would explain why any mention of possible “covid” therapeutics was instantly banned, even though Trump himself kept trying to tout them and even used them himself during his bout with “covid”.

      Topic well worth a follow-up by those who know more.

      Always thought it was odd two critical parts of the “covid” equation were totally missing as money was being flung around the world over “covid”; (1) no accurate testing ever provided; and (2) no offered therapeutics. Just vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, or you are all gonna die unless you do what we say, and it is all Trump’s fault.

  3. Walrus says:

    In the spirit of thorough investigation and rational analysis that I believe is the hallmark of the Kool -Aid abstinence that characterizes SST I beg to differ with the conclusions of this piece.

    I see nothing in the email trail except a diligent public servant doing his best in a uniquely difficult crisis that, in my opinion, perhaps only rivals Alanbrooke trying to manage Winston Churchill.

    Ben Sellers defamatory article manure is not even fit for my vegetable garden as a simple reading of the email trail proves.

    1. Fauci is not “Ass kissing” LaPook for a restaurant meal.

    “From: Jon LaPook,,;:;—–~(b~)~(6)= Sent: Sunday, February 23 , 2020 4 :16 PM ——~~ To: Fauci, Anthony (NlH/NlAID) [E] (b)( · Subject: Re: Coronavirus reality check Thanks, Tony. 1 would love you to consider my request to “tag along” with you some day – not to join you for meetings (I would wait outside unless invited in) or listen in on conference calls but to chat with you in between to give people an ins ide look at how serious ly the government is taking the outbreak. And T could bring down a shmear from Barney Greengrass for lunch. How could you pass that up??? Jon Jonathan LaPook, M.D. Chief Medical Correspondent, CBS News, Professor of Medicine NYU Langone Health ”

    To which Fauci sardonically replied: “How about a pastrami sandwich on rye and a potato knish? ”

    That slimy POS Sellars omits to mention that was the end of the suggestion which you will note was by CBS, not Fauci, in any case the event never happened.

    Comment: This is one of perhaps eleven email exchanges in this collection between the two who obviously have a very long standing business and professional relationship. CBS relies on Fauci for newsworthy stories. NIH relies on CBS to get its story to the public as demonstrated by reading these email exchanges.
    Now the context
    Throughout the main email trail there is a constant stream of requests for Fauci to give interviews or attend conferences and appear on TV – more than he could possibly entertain or did anyway. Furthermore, as the Director of NIH and point man for the scientific response to Covid – 19 that was part of his job anyway. Fauci even gives at least one researcher his mobile and home numbers.

    The idea that Fauci is trying for a media event and a lunch is manure and Ben Sellers knows it.

    2. The Navarro matter:

    “Fauci indicated that he was too busy to review public communications from a Trump adviser “covering PPE, vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.”

    After White House staffers requested the review of an op-ed by Peter Navarro, Trump’s director of trade and manufacturing policy, Fauci finally replied, more than five hours past the requested deadline: “I do not have time for this. Sorry.”

    Fact: Sellers omits to mention the time stamp on the request for review – to his secretary at 8:27pm who sends it to Fauci at 10:08pm. They want comment by 10.00am.

    Fauci responds at 5.00 pm the following day that he is too busy.

    Comment: At this stage of the soon to be pandemic, Fauci is up to his neck in Alligators.

    For example this one from before the Navarro request was made:

    “From: Liz Cheney (b) (6) Sent: Tuesday, February 25, 2020 6:43 PM To: Fauci, Anthony (NIH/NIAID) [E] Subje ct: House GOP Conference Mtg (b)(6) Dr. Fauci – I am the House Republican Conference Chair and we are holding our weekly mtg at S pm tomorrow in the Capitol. I wanted to see if you’d be available to provide remarks and an update on Coronavirus. It is by far the topic in which our members are most Interested, and you would be the best person to provide an update. I realize this is short notice.”

    Is it any wonder he has no time for Navarro who probably ignores Fauci anyway?

    As for the rest of Sellers manure, I just don’t get it. Fauci is responsible for America’s response to the Pandemic? How so? Fauci is a public servant, a man of very little brain and overweening need for center stage according to many here. Exactly how did he dominate President Donald Trump, a man not known to put up with fools and who, according to our leader, treats any one below him as a “flunky”?

    Read the email trail yourself and see if you can find the self aggrandisment, stupidity and lack of attention to duty that Sellers alleges. I cannot. All I can see is a person diligently trying to steer a President who is not inclined to listen to anyone, towards an evidence based scientific response…..and doing it in a room full of hyenas, snakes and jackals. You are lucky to have him.

    • Robin C says:

      Thank you for a posting full of fact and rational discourse.

    • English Outsider says:

      Walrus – is not the fundamental point that the WHO let us down? The experience of several countries including your own was that travel bans were the answer. WHO was inexcusably late recommending them.

      Partly this was due to the way WHO has to operate. It can only use the data the member countries choose to give it. Partly it seems to have gone beyond its remit and taken upon itself to weigh economic considerations against public health considerations. That was not its choice to make. There may also have been a reluctance to venture upon such a politically sensitive move as travel ban recommendations. Again, it’s up to governments to decide what’s politically sensitive, not panels of health experts.

      Whatever the reason the WHO wasn’t up to the job. Next time round one hopes the politicians will be more proactive and remember that the experts are there to be on tap, not on top, especially in an area of expertise, medical expertise, so prone to herd instinct and institutional inertia.


      WHO advice late February 2020 –


      Suggested reasons for WHO reluctance to recomment travel bans –


  4. Eric Newhill says:

    The little rat b*****d also perjured himself to Congress re; knowledge of Coronavirus “gain of function” research in Wuhan with US assistance.

    Furthermore, emails are coming out wherein Fauci is stating the lack of effectiveness of masks.

    Incompetence, deceit, hubris – an exemplary high paid public servant.

  5. jonst says:

    The more I see and hear the “Fauci did this or that’ (which i, generally, buy, by the way) the more I keep thinking a smart lawyer, who would sell his wares to the Chinese, would be saying, ‘well, if we (The Chinese Communist Party) ever appear likely to take the fall…we will be bringing in the US, via Fauci, et al, to the dock with us’. which should give pause to any ‘make the Chinese Pay!’ talk. Fauci has got us in a potential legal mess.

  6. Deap says:

    Fauci justifies mandatory age limits for longtime US bureaucratic bubble-boys. That includes Biden too.

  7. TV says:

    Little guys, usually a problem, vain and attention-seeking and often (stupidly) nasty drunks.
    As for the rest of it, the emails:
    Dog bites man.
    The swamp and it’s media lapdogs roll on.
    I would be very surprised if ONE person in the swamp took a minute aside from their self-promoting, skimming and avoiding anything resembling work to think about America.

  8. Deap says:

    Trump’s sane pick to replace Tony Fauci as the sole “covid” spokesperson, until Fauci forces maneuvered to get him ousted, finally gets the last laugh.

    Stanford’s Dr Scott Atlas claims it is far better to be an “outlier” than an “in-liar” :


  9. Deap says:

    Trump just demanded $10 trillion dollars in damages from the Chinese for “covid” – is that a cool way to cancel the total US debt to China, or not? The man is a stable genius.

    • But if it was a leak from the Fauxi-funded GoF work in the Wuhan lab…. Who pays then?

      • Deap says:

        It is the art of the deal. Interest-based negotiating. Debt cancellation is as good as cash on the barrel head. Who gets the upper hand?

      • Fred says:

        China’s intelligence agencies look better all the time. They certainly know how to sink thier fang fangs deep into the most tender spots. I expect a world wide proclamation of just how bad America was regarding the wuhan virus. They certainly had help in blaming Trump.

    • Christian J. Chuba says:

      I bet people from all over the world will rush in and buy the next lot of $10T of Fed bonds after we did that. They will be even more eager to buy our bonds if we then renege on our $3T Social Security trust fund debt.

      It’s not like we would be stealing trillions of $ from the Chinese without due process. We have iron clad proof. Our Intel agencies determined that 3 lab workers were hospitalized in November (they reported 0).
      1. The CIA will not divulge how that got that information because that would compromise ‘means and methods’.
      2. This is the same CIA that declared Kim Jong-un dead twice and the Ayatollah about to die 2yrs ago.

  10. Sam says:


    Fascinating article in Newsweek about a motley crew of amateur sleuths who have brought to the fore the possibility that this is a man-made pandemic. Will the US intelligence community tasked with investigating the origins look to these people to assist them? I doubt it as they may have an interest in obfuscation. The ramifications if it is determined that the virus is man-made will be too large.

    • TV says:

      The US “intelligence” community?
      The “intelligence” community is as loyal to the swamp as it is incompetent.
      IF they could discern anything new about the virus (highly unlikely), they’d bury it per their loyalty to the swamp.

    • Deap says:

      Vanity Fair suddenly doing journalism? Newsweek suddenly doing journalism? Makes me nervous – something wicked this way comes. Something much bigger is afoot.

      Could it be the election fraud will be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. And these rags are trying to get ahead of the backlash.

  11. Sam says:

    This article by Nicholas Wade, the former science editor at the NYT is a must read as he examines the evidence of both the natural and lab origin theories.


    • akaPatience says:

      Great article, thanks for the link – you’re right, it’s a MUST READ.

    • smoke says:

      Sam – yes, thank you.

      Fascinating article, explaining arcane details of genetic science in ways a non-scientist can almost understand. (I think I was in H.S. a few years too early to get the lesson on nucleotides and triplicate coding for amino acids, which Wade assumes in his reader.)

      Also a useful glimpse of the structure and incentives in the scientific research community, which can lead to too much consensus study and commentary, and discourage both robust challenges and public discussions.

    • blue peacock says:


      Thanks. The article by Nicholas Wade is the best examination of the current evidence. The circumstantial evidence of a lab engineered virus is very strong.

      As a Caltech alum, I am extremely intrigued by the quote attributed to Nobel laureate in Medicine and former President of Caltech, David Baltimore in Nicholas Wade’s article. He is currently President Emeritus and Distinguished Professor of Biology at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).


      “When I first saw the furin cleavage site in the viral sequence, with its arginine codons, I said to my wife it was the smoking gun for the origin of the virus,” said David Baltimore, an eminent virologist and former president of CalTech. “These features make a powerful challenge to the idea of a natural origin for SARS2,” he said.

      Will Biden appoint David Baltimore to head a commission to investigate the origins of the virus that has killed nearly 3 million people and caused the largest peace-time abrogation of civil liberties in the US? Not likely. David Baltimore has a well deserved reputation to be a person of high ethics. The governmental institutional establishment has every incentive to maintain ambiguity and prevent the disclosure of the facts on engineering highly potent viruses.

      • Sam says:


        Yeah, when someone with David Baltimore’s credibility calls a section of the viral sequence a “smoking gun”, it can’t easily be glossed over with sophistry.

        Since both the US and Chinese governments are implicated the one thing we can know with certainty is that any official investigation will attempt to whitewash. If waterboarding worked as the Republican George Bush administration claimed, then Britisher Peter Daszak should be candidate A. The dude reportedly received over a hundred million dollars from various US government agencies and “laundered” money to the Wuhan Virology Institute’s “bat lady”.

  12. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Sundance really is a conspiracy theorist:

    Behind The SARS-CoV-2 Origination Backstory
    All Roads Lead to Stop Trump


    From Sundance’s article:

    What is important … is that regardless of SARS-CoV-2 origination
    there were political elements inside the U.S. who sought to take advantage of the crisis.

    What matters is how the operatives in the U.S. sought to take advantage of the crisis the COVID outbreak provided….
    The COVID-19 outbreak became a tool to achieve a variety of objectives
    • The stalling of a fantastic economy that was benefiting every American voter.
    • Deployment of mail-in ballots that can be used and manipulated to achieve fraudulent results.

    In short, without COVID as a tool the manipulated election outcome is more difficult. The ‘never let a crisis go to waste‘ strategy includes the necessary precursor of a crisis. Everything downstream was manipulated political opportunity. All roads lead to “stop Trump.”

  13. Bobo says:

    wherever one’s thoughts, desires or heart may lie it is a plain fact that the United States has been partially funding, through a third party (knowingly), the Chinese Military Bat Lady’s lab to soup up virus’s, so that they do not have to wait for the bat to evolutionize a virus, that can be utilized as a bio-weapon that took out close to 4 million human beings so far. The US functionary who signed off on this or had someone sign off was good old Tony Fauci.
    Now some may disagree with my crude way of putting it but please tell us what scientific benefit has Gain of Function brought us – Certainly not a Vaccine. The Bat Lady may differ with who I stated was her employer but they certainly do not differ as their enlisted and officers were working in her lab funded by the military for years.

    Lets just hope it was a leak, but remember souping up a virus leads to scientific gains (supposedly) but it also creates a Weapon that can be used.

  14. BillWade says:

    I’d like to see a poll from the male homosexual community to see if they trust Fauci and his recommendations, I doubt they do.


  15. Deap says:

    Two important things happened Feb 6, 2020:

    1. Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump’s SOTU address in public TV, declaring war on Trump.
    2. Fauci starts looking for the origins of “covid”, but with certain pre-set expectations.

    From FOIA Fauci emails: Remembering there are no coincidences in politics.

    “February 5-6, 2020 (000239) – Fauci asked to recommend names for WHO group with the broad mission to “look at the origins and evolution of 2019n-CoV.” Fauci responds by seeking to reframe the mission in a manner that would only look for natural and not lab made origin.

    February 7, 2020 (000189) – Fauci sent an internal NIAID communication reflecting that it was unlikely that the SARS-CoV-2 virus originated in a wet market.”

  16. Sam says:

    This YouTube video of an Italian documentary has English sub-titles and worth a watch.


    There’s no doubt that the CCP is not forthcoming and have blocked any serious and independent investigation. That in itself raises many red flags.

  17. Sam says:

    This may be one reason why the US intelligence community tasked with determining the virus origins could claim no evidence of lab engineered virus.


    • akaPatience says:

      This is yet another great article. IMO it’s pathetic that a British tabloid often comes up with the most comprehensive reporting of important American news.

      Apparently the Gain Of Function research of the bat virus began during the Obama administration and was never fully curtailed in spite of a so-called moratorium. The US poured many tens of millions of dollars into it, a huge chunk of cash provided by none other than our very own Dept. of Defense. SO the US was remarkably partnering with China to develop ostensible pandemic control but what amounted to the creation of a bioweapon.

      What could possibly go wrong?????

      We’ve known for years the CCP’s been throwing money around, buying interest and influence in our country. But the guiltiest of all are the greedy bastards amongst us who’ve been on the take, willing to sell out our country and very lives for personal enrichment.

      • blue peacock says:

        This is precisely why I concur with Sam’s opinion that there will be a whitewash with all official investigations.

        The one glitch they have is technical. The point that David Baltimore makes. However, they’ll explain that away with sophistry and the media will dutifully amplify that.

        In any case even if it is widely accepted that this was an engineered virus who is going to hold whom accountable? For decades in DC one only fails upwards.

  18. J says:

    Fauci belongs in prison orange, sadly nothing will be done about it.

  19. j.+casey says:

    Detrick+Lugar+Wuhan Games=sars-cov-2

  20. Keith Harbaugh says:

    More grist for the “conspiracy theory” mill:

    Interesting Timing – Obama Administration Lifted Block on “Gain of Function Research” Just Eleven Days Before President Trump Took Office, January 9, 2017


    The extensive details Sundance has collected are certainly very interesting.
    Others may be better qualified to comment on them than I.

  21. Deap says:

    2020 – a year in review – the near instantaneous development of the Moderna “covid vaccine”. Moderna had the experimental process well in place by Jan 2020 – and released their results post-election November 30, 2020.


    NB: Claim posted here: there could be no “emergency use” exemption for a vaccine if there were available therapeutics. 2020 was also the year of total suppression, cancellation and intentional disinformation about any possible “covid” therapeutics.

    Until after the 2020 election – now both hydroxychloroquine and Invermectin are offered as adequate “covid” therapeutics – whose efficacy and promise were also long known, yet discussion of either got one immediately banned by Big Tech Media.

  22. Deap says:

    New drinking game – have a drink every time someone offers a plausible explanation for the “really great deal” Zuckerberg offered Fauci, which was totally redacted in the Fauci email dump.

    I’ll start, so pour yourself a champagne mimosa this Sunday Morning. Redacted portion speculation – Zuckerberg offered Fauci his media empire to blame Trump for “covid” and take Trump down in the 2020 election.

    What is your speculation about these missing Fauci email passages, but also enthusiastically endorsed as a “really good deal”? But FOIA and Fauci’s preemptive censorship privilege does not want us to know about it.

    Link to Fauci email redactions: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2021/06/why_was_mark_zuckerbergs_even_bigger_deal_offer_to_fauci_redacted_from_the_foia_emails_just_released.html

  23. Deap says:

    Understanding “covid” needs to include the Johns Hopkin’s study of CDC morbidity numbers, that was “retracted” but their website in the interest of history still provide a link to what became an officially discredited analysis.

    One needs to review the models, the data and the anasysis, all presented by a Johns Hopkins data analysis faculty member and decide for themselves. This study is a quickly disappearing part of the “covid” story and a good example of search engines now only brining up negatives about her findings, but having to go down many layers to find references to the study itself.

    There was a three hour presentation video, which I can no longer find – listened to it all – but at least there remains a back door reference to the “retracted” study on the Johns Hopkins website – but for how long. I suggest making copies of this for future reference – it belong in the over all “covid” file”. She disclosed this was a preliminary presentation and strongly requested critique to her data analysis methods. Not sure the subsequent negatives and the “retraction” were done in the best name of “science” after watching the video on this thread.

    Trust, but verify:

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