Fischer is an Israeli/US dual national

"Former Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer on Wednesday was confirmed by the Senate to sit on the board of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Fischer, a respected economist with a long resume as a central bank official, has been nominated by President Barack Obama to succeed Janet Yellen as vice chair of the U.S. Fed.

The Senate overwhelmingly approved Fischer’s appointment to the Fed board, voting 68-27 in favor. The Senate will take up Fischer’s nomination as Fed vice chair at a later date."  Foxbusiness


An Israeli friend asked me why I object to Fischer, a dual national, holding these two very important jobs. 

I told him that I did not think a dual national should hold any US government job.  It does not matter to me if the other country is Canada, Australia, Israel  or any other.

The potential conflict of interest is clear to me.  pl

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  1. Highlander says:

    Jewish control of the American financial system is near total for all practical purposes.
    Google the last 20 years of Federal Reserve chairmen, and Secretaries of the Treasury. Gentiles are a growing rarity in these key posts.Then start looking at the controlling principals of the to big to fail banks. Jewish financial control is not a myth, it is a reality. Yes there are still plenty of big gentile players, but they don’t run the show anymore.
    Is this good or bad for the country and in the long run America’s Jews? I would say the jury is still out. But if they don’t get the economy back together in the near future, there is one hell of a possible backlash against them. It is already gaining steam on the far left for what ever weird ass reason. If it spreads to the middle and right,it won’t be pretty.
    Can you say “Man on a White Horse”….1932.
    Unfortunately,the Jews in charge seem to have a tin ear for these type of issues. As did,it seems, the Jews who were in charge of the Wiemar Republic’s ill fated economy.

  2. kao_hsien_chih says:

    Even stranger thing is that Fischer never lived in Israel until he was the governor of the Bank of Israel, although his background is Zionist (originally from Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, via UK.) I remember that being controversial when he became the Israeli central banker: many Israelis saw him, iirc, as a foreigner who didn’t really have a stake in Israel, notwithstanding his Zionist background.

  3. Perhaps more troubling are allegations that the Israeli Central Bank party to the Madoff Fraud wherein alleged the proceeds largely invested in Israeli bonds.
    The links forged between Russian, Israeli, and US organized crime somewhat documented but LE friends tell me their organizations constantly to to back off even investigating.

  4. Imagine says:

    breaking news: Thai military steps in, takes over government:

  5. Will says:

    i have tried to understand money. Animal Spirits by Robert Schiller and George Akerlof (Yellins spouse) and End This Depression Now! by Paul Krugman. They are all Nobel prize winning American-Jewish economists. i have no problem with that. i understand that b/c the average Jewish populations enjoys a 15 point IQ spread, then out along the shoulder of the IQ curve they predominate. One of out every four Americans with an IQ of over 140 is Jewish. And 140 is where the rubber hits the road intellectually. American Jews are on the right and the left and all over the place. People like Sheldon Adelson are especially dangerous because of their extreme Likudnik views and due to the Supremes opening up the floodgates of political contributions.
    Solzenitsyn explained it best in his book
    Jews were among the best and worst (the worst would be those among the bolsheviks). Everybody needs to take responsibility and own up to the past and engage in reconciliation- that was the gist of his message that i could gather.
    Trying now to understand how the financial magician Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht pulled pre WWII Germany out of horrendous inflation and provided the financial money to re-arm Germany- all with thin air and paper.

  6. Fred says:

    “I told him that I did not think a dual national should hold any US government job. …The potential conflict of interest is clear to me.”
    It seems pretty clear to me also.

  7. Dismayed says:

    It should be clear to anyone with more than two brain cells to make a neural net. I expect many of the bought and paid for ‘legislators’ who voted him in saw it, too. It was just in their *personal* best interest to vote him in, so frak what’s best for our nation. I also expect that those who can’t see it are saturated with the contemporary Washington DC culture where significant foreign and transnational loyalties are normal and completely acceptable.
    I wonder if the knee-jerk hostility to Putin is peripherally related. Putin is, in my opinion, a no-gut-check-needed patriot of his country. He is a steward of his civilization. We see very, very few patriots of similar disposition and motivation on our side. It has to rankle our senior leadership to look at what they could have been had they possessed more integrity.
    I realize I’m being completely conjectural with no hard evidence, but … I’m reminded of John McCain during Chuck Hagel’s confirmation hearing. It seemed to me that Hagel saw himself (naively and foolishly imo) as a friend of Israel, rather than as a servant of the Israel Lobby. McCain (and others on the panel), who sold out a long, long time ago, resented Hagel’s relative purity. They had to extract servility from him. “Yeah, you can have the job … if you grovel to show that you aren’t better than us.” What I like most about Rand Paul is that he hasn’t (yet) groveled.

  8. kao_hsien_chih says:

    I am actually curious about the other end of the dual-national puzzle: how are these dual nationals perceived from the other countries? In case of Fischer, as noted above, I’d heard that his appointment as Israeli central banker was resented by actual Israelis as he was seen as an American, not an Israeli. I actually heard something like this occasionally about others, in different countries, that see such dual nationals predominantly as “Americans” who are using legal technicalities granting them dual citizenship to meddle in their “old countries” irresponsibly. I could see how how this could be in case of some American Zionists I hear about in the Territories, who are supposedly far more warlike than most Israelis.

  9. Stan Henning says:

    I can only say that I questioned this appointment when it originally took place. We are America – do we need Israeli involvement to complicate our government actions? This places us in a Third World position. Where are we going?

  10. kao_hsien_chih says:

    Let me qualify this a little bit. I’m not saying that dual-citizens tend to see situation from the “American” perspective, but from the perspective of a zealot detached from the local reality. I used to date someone from Siaullai some time ago, and that was, in many ways, an eye-opening experience. With apologies to TTG and other Lithuanian-Americans, the worldview held by most Lithuanian-Americans that I knew was very steadfastly and unconditionally anti-Soviet and anti-Russian. It struck me that Lithuanians who grew up in Lithuania (and in her case, it was in the last days of Soviet Lithuania), there was much more awareness of the unchangeable reality that was Russia on her border.
    Dual citizens, who are often Americans who took the legal opportunity to take up citizenship of the country that they are ancestrally or culturally tied to, have deliberately declared that they are devoted to that “cause” when they did not need to, from a distance that leaves that disassociated with the local realities. They are willing to act far more recklessly than either real Americans (who have no reason to take on such chances for faraway countries) or the locals (who have to live with the consequences). If things go badly, after all, they will come back here as “Americans.”

  11. GulfCoastPirate says:

    Dismayed wrote: ‘What I like most about Rand Paul is that he hasn’t (yet) groveled.’
    Actually, yes he has.

  12. elkern says:

    Yeah, putting this guy in charge of the Fed is a bad idea. The Fed is already at war with Iran, and this will only make it harder to stop that. Foreign affairs are supposed to be run from the White House & the State Department, but the Fed has become a separate power center. There are good reasons to have the Fed be an independent agency, but we can’t let them set foreign policy – and they have been.

  13. Jack says:

    Does any one know the back story of this appointment? It seems the banksters needed their own person in there in case Yellen did not cut it. Or Israel has completed a coup with control of both Congress and the dollar.

  14. turcopolier says:

    “a coup with control of both Congress and the dollar.” Sounds right to me. pl

  15. Max Prejean says:

    No U.S. citizen should be allowed to hold “Dual”……..just my two cents………..does not matter to me if they are a future Fed Chairperson……..or just John Q. Citizen. I would love to see statistics as to what country in the world holds the highest per cap instance for Dual……..anyone care to bet against me as to my SWAG?

  16. turcopolier says:

    Max Prejean
    IMO people who hold both Mexican and US citizenship are the most numerous in re the US. pl

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