Fred Thompson’s Role in SC

Fred_jeri_thompson Add half of FT’s vote to Huckabee’s in South Carolina and the result looks quite different.

McCain and Thompson are good friends.  Thompson has waged a lackluster campaign since his effort began.  His speech in South Carolina last night was quite different.  It was eloquent and was not a valedictory.

Think about the possibility that his role in yesterday’s election was to deny Huckabee sufficient votes to give McCain a real chance.

Let’s see if he now withdraws from the contest or goes on to perform the same function in other Red states.  pl

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3 Responses to Fred Thompson’s Role in SC

  1. Cloned Poster says:

    “Pack ’em, rack ’em and stack ’em” for St. John McCain

  2. Fred Thompson has not yet fired his last best shot. Just wait and see. I watched his body language carefully in a number of Senate hearings and if there is one person running with the intelligence and hopefully the stamina to deal with the disaster that is both parties in Washington it may be Thompson. Never discount a politician of either party that can remember his lines. Spoken by a fuzzy headed liberal yellow-dog democrat (note the small “d”)

  3. Still possible to see Fred on the Republican ticket but more doubtful after the withdrawal.

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