Governor’s Island is the place to try KSM.

This island in New York Harbor was an army post (Ft. Jay) until 1966 as the administrative headquarters for army activity in the northeastern United States.  The decision to give the island away was yet another manifestation of McNamara's genius.

There are no bridges.  The island is reached by a special ferry from the battery at the southern end of Manhattan.  The island now belongs to New York State.

If the symbolism of trial(s) near the site of the twin towers is wanted what could be better than this place?  pl

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  1. JM says:

    Cross-posted from a liberal pinko website: “My wife – 40 years of age – was born on and spent most of her life in Manhattan. She watched the towers burn from across the East River in Brooklyn, because that’s where she was working on the morning of Sept 11.
    She’d like to see the trial held on the f—–g WTC site. But, yeah, she finds it annoying to have to walk a block further beyond her intended destination because someone’s filming a movie.
    As for myself, I would like to see the mofo tried at the site of the crime, inconveniences be damned.”
    Apologies for the French. The symbolism is very important, in my view. Yeah, Governor’s Island. I agree.

  2. mlaw230 says:

    The symbolism may be important, but so is the law. The Constitution requires trial in the State the crime was committed and the Federal Rules would establish venue in the District where committed. There is also a vacinage requirement for jurors.There are exceptions of course, but none that seem to apply.
    Are there facilities on the Island adequate to host a trial? If so, it looks like Governor’s Island is a good choice.
    I know Senator Webb is against it, but I see no reason to honor these criminals via a military trial, and if we have so tainted the evidence that we can’t prove him guilty- so be it.

  3. Sara says:

    I think consideration needs to be given to those who have a legitimate right to attend the trial…the survivors and the families of the 9/11 dead in NY region, in DC, and among those on the planes, all over the country.
    When Timothy McVeigh was tried in Denver following a successful change of venue motion, accomodations were made for closed circuit TV in a number of locations for survivors and family, and only about 170 died in that attack. This is many thousand more who can make a claim to closely follow the trial — in person or at remote locations. Add to this the International Press corps that should be included — then consider the security requirements for such, and indeed lower Manhattan has real limitations. Most of these terror trials are done with an anonymous jury which must have identity protected throughout the trial. Neither the McVeigh trial nor the other Terrorist trials in Southern District of New York sequestered the Jury. Security for the Jury, the court, all observers must be very strong.
    Governor’s Island would be fine, but it should be a small courtroom, plain and simple furnishings, with arrangements made for viewing rooms in every Federal Courthouse in the Country so as to accomodate all the thousands who have cause to witness the trial.

  4. jedermann says:

    Just give us a hand with the extraordinary costs and let’s get it done. Manhattan, Governor’s Island, Brooklyn, wherever…traffic jams and inconveniences are a way of life here. I just sent in a Federal court juror questionnaire and it occurred to me that it could be me in the box. I do not relish the prospect, but if called I will serve.

  5. BigBird says:

    Governor’s Island was a major Coast Guard command center until relatively recently. After Reagan’s homepork initiative unraveled, the coasties moved to what would have been a navy homeport at Stapleton, Staten Island. Governor’s Island was given to the National Park Service.
    It was a good housing area for DOD activities in NYC, such as the Corps of Engineer District and Division, and Defense Logistic Agency offices.

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