Harris was awful …


I went to graduate school at the U of U but I do not remember that building.  

Harris sneered.  She made faces.  She smirked.  She did her best to condescend to Pence whom she obviously sees as a tribune of the Deplorables.

Pence came across as the phlegmatic, self-controlled Mid-Westerner that he is.  His one rhetorical flourish was his description of the Biden economic plan as "plagiarism."  He continued by saying that plagiarism is something that Biden is familiar with.  This was a reference to various difficulties with accusations of plagiarism that have occurred throughout Biden's storied career.

Susan Page did her best to crowd Pence into a killing pen, but, alas, he would not go through the various gates she opened.  Mid-Western cunning at work.

Sadly, I continue to think that the Dem-Dems will win it all.  Pence might be a possibility for 2024 if there are still such things as elections after four years of President Harris and a packed SCOTUS.

TV says he will survive because he "has money."  Good for him!  Biden/Harris are going to spend a great deal of MMT money.

IMO people who have significant equity stakes in the markets will do well for a while under Harris.  Their shares will be worth more and more inflated dollars that are worth less and less.

At the same time people who receive transfer payments from the federal government will be be paid more and more of the same inflated dollars.  

Twenty dollar loaves of bread might be thought of as a bargain in a Harrisovian future.  pl

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  1. Ed Lindgren says:

    COL Lang –
    Yes, I fear you are correct and we will see a Dem sweep next month that will usher in an era of misery for the country.
    I think Trump fatigue will play a big part in a Team Harris/Biden victory. I told my wife (who is a fervent Trump supporter) that if he had just exercised a little self-discipline in the 90 days leading up to the election perhaps he could have pulled off a victory in spite of the COVID handicap. Alas, Trump can’t master his huge ego and thin skin.
    We both voted for Trump four years ago and will do the same next month. In our neighborhood (a Kansas suburb of metro KC) there are a fair number of Harris/Biden signs, but very few Trump/Pence signs. Perhaps there is a silent majority of Trump supporters who are just sitting tight and waiting to cast their vote. Time will tell.

  2. Fred says:

    Covid fear seems to be the latest winning strategy for the left, our kids future be damned. Russia Collusion, the emoluments clause, Stormy Daniels, the 25th amendment, and Ukraine’s phone call (don’t mention Hunter) having failed to remove him.

  3. Eric Newhill says:

    I’ve confidently and correctly predicted (and made a little money on bets) every presidential election since Bill Clinton’s first term; including 2016, but I won’t be offering any firm statement on this one. I think it will be Trump though the auguries say that there is much afoot causing turbulence and confusion in the ether.
    Agree, a Harris win along with the Ds taking over congress would result in the US becoming Venezuala-esque in a few short years – or, if they overstep on guns and God only knows whatever else they have up their sleeves, some form of a hot civil war.
    Also agree that Harris looked awful. She’s clearly a low grade, low intellect, cheap, power hungry woman. That’s who makes faces like she did. Jumping in bed with the likes of Willie Brown pretty much says it all. Unfortunately, Trump seems incapable of toning it down for the suburban women who’s interests he serves far better than Harris. I guess they’ll get what they deserve. I just wish they wouldn’t drag me down with them.

  4. Deap says:

    That little black girl who lied about Lincoln was ME!!!
    Pretty much sums up every single Harris response – everyone a lie.

  5. Diana Croissant says:

    Harris looked awful….” Thank you so much for that “headline.”
    Sometimes I am surprised that some people don’t see what I see when I watch the news. My feelings about the debate were confirmed when you published that statement online. At least one person saw what I saw. (I’m sure I will soon have to hear all kinds of accolades about Harris’s performance from the usual “useful idiots” of the MSM.}
    I am not sure that Republican women would have enjoyed Harris’s and Page’s performances last night. I had a hard time myself controlling my urge to try to smack Harris’s smirking face through my television screen. All I could guess about why she did that was that in some way she thought she was intimidating Pence rather than making herself look ridiculous.
    In addition, I was completely upset with Page’s schoolmarm rendition of “following the rules.” It was clear to me that she didn’t like that Pence sometimes “talked back” to her when she was being uptight and too concerned about the classroom “rules.” She works for USA Today–really? That gives her superior knowledge about current political issues? The last time I read that paper was the last time I was in an airport waiting to catch a transfer to another airport.
    In addition, I was pleased that Pence was a “phlegmatic self-controlled” man from the Mid West. I felt sure that the MSM was counting on him being more like the Donald so they could spew their usual personal invectives against him. I can’t wait to hear their group-think description of Pence now.
    I am quite sure that, at the least, MAGA-hat wearing women all probably had to fight off the same impulse I had to destroy my television in the hopes of giving Kamala a good slap in the face and putting that “little girl” back on the bus to her old neighborhood.
    I wish there had been more (any?) questions about Kamala’s record as a prosecutor. Who cares what she thinks? I want to have clear information about her actual record in office. I don’t remember much of that being addressed. (Maybe I was just experiencing a bit of cognitive dissonance.
    In any case, my “Weltanschauung” has not been overturned by my having watched that strange debate. I just have to give my emotions time to settle to their normal state.

  6. turcopolier says:

    I have had one idiot write today that I don’t like Harris and her pals because I am a weak man who fears strong women. All comments are moderated and ad hominem attacks on anyone are not published.

  7. scott s. says:

    Hated the smirk. Seemed like the moderator felt the need to tick the boxes and not let the candidates explore issues to highlight differences in policy approach. For example in foreign policy just when it could have gotten interesting it was off to something else. Like I care what Pence would do as Gov of Indiana if Roe v Wade is overturned. Or the question which sounded to me like “have you decided when you will usurp the Presidency from Trump or Biden”. Or “will Trump leave office peacefully” when I think the real question is how will the election be conducted and will there by spying on opposition candidates.

  8. Deap says:

    When Martha Raddetz pushes back on Kamala Harris’s post-debate whining, you sense say a shift is happening. Meghan Kelly scores pushback counts too. Bipartisan women were having none of Harris’s smirking pouts.
    Pelosi now going over the top teaming up with Eric Swalwell to “deliberate” about using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump reveals no confidence Biden will win, or they can stack the courts even Barrett wins confirmation.
    Somebody’s internal campaign polling is basically telling them to cancel their “victory” fireworks show, just like Clinton did the night before election day in 2016. So they are going for full frontal craziness right now.
    Will something stick if we throw something, anything against the wall. And demanding Biden gets to use his teleprompter in his basement for any future “debates”.
    Agree however, Trump has been his worst enemy; not Pelosi. I am sorry for that because so much good work was getting done. I hope as much anti-Biden voting cancels out the anti-Trump voting. And Dennis Prager warned – vote the party; not the personality.
    We get a very scary package with Biden, Harris, Warren, Ocasio-Cortez -Bernie Sanders, Gavin Newsom, and the truly repugnant pack of jackels that surrounds this team – and some voters find Trump offensive? Cherish America more than that.

  9. Leith says:

    Babak –
    Was Eric Allport involved?

  10. rjj says:

    @PL…. one idiot write today that…
    Ad hominems are easily decoded. By their attributions ye shall know them. It was kind of you to spare the poor creature.

  11. Fred says:

    I’m happy they have solved this crime. This wouldn’t be the blogger who wrote a fiction story about doing just that 3 months ago? Just curious as the vacation house surveilance, kidnapping, assanination, etc., read just like that plot line of the story. Which is just like the rope-a-dope stings the FBI did on ‘terrorists’ while Bush was president.
    Meanwhile in the debate, Harris launched into the fine people hoax about Chalottesville and was called out by Pence. Her couragous response, look at her shoes like a child called out by her parents. Hilary would never have been man-handled that way.
    Let me know when the FBI gets around investigating Antifa, they sure appear everywhere but have ‘no organization’ and only seem to destroy things beloning to those not supporting democrats.

  12. Diana Croissant says:

    I wonder if your use of the word “looked” in you headline to this thread set off all those “mean girls” who wrote to claim you are weak and afraid of strong women is the real root of their anger.
    They might have though you were judging her on her physical appearance rather than on the very unattractive nature of her behavior during the debate.
    Teaching in a public high school causes one to parse their words very carefully so as not to around the “Mean Girls.” All you had to do was clam That Harris exhibited incredibly mean behavior and they would have thought you were praising her.

  13. Mark K Logan says:

    I suspect not much will change. The profligate spending under Trump doesn’t seem to concern anyone.
    Nixon was partially right, “We are all Keynesians now”, but Keynes believed in running up the debt in the bad times but paying it back in the good. We respect the first part only. How these massive deficits from the crash of 2008 to now have not resulted in massive inflation is unknown to me.
    Here’s an historical example of a potential strategy, Hugo Stinnes, the “Inflation King”, for anyone with time to kill. This magnificent bastard did quite well.

  14. walrus says:

    I have hope that this time you are wrong Col. Lang. I refer you to Lincolns dictum about fooling the people and I refer you to Australia’s May 2019 General election in which the Left, despite their stranglehold on the Australian media and constant lead in the opinion polls, lost the “unlooseable” election to a badly damaged conservative Government.
    Like you today, I expected the Left to win that election. We organised and hosted a dinner party on that election night with the intention, along with like minded friends, of drowning our sorrows. I got up from the table after main course – about Eight pm, two hours after the polls closed, and turned on the TV to gauge the scale of our electoral disaster before dessert and liqueurs. Suffice to say we were pleasantly amazed, dessert was forgotten and we all watched with growing joy right through that evening until the Left conceded defeat. The surprised and depressed faces of the “woke” commentators were a joy to behold. I ask you to hold that thought.
    I am going to stick my neck out and predict a Trump victory. My theory is that there is a vital ingredient missing in the Democratic party and campaign that they just don’t get, but the people do; that ingredient is “ownership”. Others might call it ” buy in” but it is more than that. It is a diffuse feeling of belonging. The first Obama election campaign had it. Clinton didn’t and Biden and Harris certainly don’t. No commentator or pundit can make the people take ownership of Biden.
    Trump on the other hand may be everything the Left says, but my view is that he is OUR lying, crass, stupid, skirt chasing moron if you get my drift. There can be no suggestion that Trumps agenda is anything but his own and its aimed, rightly or wrongly, at achieving what he thinks are the best outcomes for the great majority of Americans. In contrast the Democrat “product” is about as genuine as the manufactured meat in a cheap supermarket sausage.People despite the TV advertising, instinctively know that.
    Of course many people would like to see a caring, sharing, Democrat Administration but its obvious even to them that Biden/Harris ain’t it. My guess is that people will stick with Trump as the genuine article and reject the manufactured Biden. To put that another way, I got burnt believing Obamas hope and change BS the first time around only to be thrown under the bus once he was elected. There are a lot who will still remember that.
    If Biden does win, then I think we are in for a wild and most unpleasant ride.

  15. srw says:

    I keep hearing that the Trumpies wanting to investigate/go after the antifa (whatever they are). FBI director Wray says that white supremacists are the ones who are a real threat to the US and now we have six of the yahoos arrested in Michigan for planning to kidnap the state’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer.
    From the Detroit News, “Federal agents said Thursday they thwarted a plot to violently overthrow the government and kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer that included visits to her home in northern Michigan and training with explosive devices.”
    The alleged plot involved conspirators who met during a Second Amendment rally at the Capitol in Lansing in June and reached out to members of a Michigan militia known as the Wolverine Watchmen for reinforcements, according to state and federal officials.”
    Whom am I to believe??


    “…read just like that plot line of the story…”
    Because people get-inspired by stories.
    There was a case of two school-girls in England, decades ago, who murdered a younger child and during their trial, they expected the fictional TV character, one Simon Temple, to show up and to rescue them.
    The first time I saw Muslim suicide bombers was on an American Made-for-TV movie; in 1981 – if memory serves – and the title of which I regrettably do not recall.
    The World Trade Center was attacked with a hijacked Jumbo Jet – in this case Air Force 1 – in the movie “Escape from New York”.
    In another movie, a stewardess is lured to carry a bomb fitted into a transistor radio, by her lover – as later emulated by both Muslim and Sikh terrorists.
    In another movie, we were introduced to the idea of binary liquid bombs.
    If television programming and movies were censored, and were not considered Protected Political Speech – both crime rate and terrorism would go down – without a doubt.
    But then, I never thought Child Pornography and instructions on building bombs or hacking the Bell system were exercises in Freedom.

  17. Serge says:

    Something smells here, this is from the social media of one of the guys arrested:
    I’ll wait some time before making any judgements, this does look like a network of 4channers of the Atomwaffen variety so I don’t put this idiocy past them, but so far lots of this smells like those entrapment cases that the FBI loves to dress up as huge takedowns. Like when they groom fat white muslim converts on facebook over periods of months and get them to say something about shooting up NYC or California, and then they stage it as “ISIS terrorist network taken down”. Or that white drug addicted coast guard guy in California with a bunch of guns who was arrested on a thoughtcrime and portrayed as a white nationalist terrorist.

  18. turcopolier says:

    Diana Croissant
    Could be, but the David Kissinger who wrote that to me is male, 62 years old and lives in the Seattle area.

  19. Fred says:

    Like all the FBI trolling entrapment stories that have gone before. Remember also “right wing extremist” just like FBI director Wray always said. Oops, there goes the narrative:

  20. Diana Croissant says:

    Consider the city where he lives. He may be traumatized by the recent riotous times in his city and may want us all to take a knee and give in to rioters and all their ideologies.
    Believe me, she was simply a mean girl during that debate. I was often the target of their special “looks.” (Especially when I returned their graded assignments which often meant I had corrected them in regard to their illogical arguments–as well as some ungrammatical sentence structure and word usage.)

  21. Bobo says:

    Looking at the published polls Donald is toast but then everyone knows the polls are toast even the one having Biden up 14%. We saw Kamala last night and now know who and what she is. We saw Joe in a debate awhile back and while he tossed the kitchen sink out he had this thing about calling his fellow debater all sorts of crass names, guess Kamala thought the smirks would work. Its also quite obvious that the TDS is more prevalent than thought. The American people will fill in their ballots as usual believing which candidate is the lesser of two evils the one I know or the one I really do not know is better for me and my country. It’s only a few weeks away and it will be intense but the winner will be the one I know is good for me and my country. Donald in a squeaker. The glass is half full and a lot needs to done.

  22. I think its wrong to think that inflation will just naturally come because we are printing more and spending more, we have printed a tremendous amount of money over the past decade and have not generated inflation.
    What we have generated is inequality, because of who that printing has benefited. IMHO, what we are likely to see is not $20 bread, its slightly more expensive bread that less people can afford.
    Inflation needs a mechanism of transmission, and that mechanism that is lacking right now is wage inflation. Goods inflation is supposed to lead to wage inflation, whereby workers bargain for higher wages which gives them more disposable income and allows for higher prices, and provides a healthy backdrop for economic growth. The bargaining power of workers right now due to a number of factors is significantly impaired, largely, imho, as a lingering effect of the global financial crisis which forced many workers to settle for lesser positions/hours and has never really reflated out of. Inflation measures have lagged the federal reserve’s target pretty significantly over the past decade.

  23. Mike46 says:

    Serge: I don’t know if you can go so far as to call this entrapment, more like developing a case and allowing these guys to hang themselves. The FBI had informants as well as undercover agents in the group. You should read the criminal complaint and judge for yourself.

  24. turcopolier says:

    Do your parents know that you waste your time harassing adults when you should be studying the Marxist crap that your teachers feed you? Or perhaps your parents are communist sympathizers as well.

  25. Serge says:

    I have just read it through, they are all still larpers IMO. I wonder if, we could see these “Encrypted chats”: what percentage of the time were they fantasizing about blowing up bridges and kidnapping a governor, and what percentage were they talking about video games and and 4chan memes? Funny that you never see these coordinated “militia” or “terrorist” attacks ever play out, they are always lone wolves

  26. Bill H says:

    @Stag Deflated
    I do not know how you can look at the stock market (and at current real estate pricing) and say that we have not generated inflation. Asset inflation is every bit as real and as dangerous as retail inflation; perhaps more dangerous.

  27. Fred says:

    You mean we only need to see charging documents to determine guilt rather than all the evidence? That’s what the FBI did to Flynn; and how many dirty cops did to others, cops that the left are complaining about?

  28. Ishmael Zechariah says:

    re: “Democrats and Woke were not involved in this
    Are you really sure the puppeteers who dance the “Democrats and Woke” were not involved in this as well?
    Ishmael Zechariah

  29. Mike46 says:

    Serge: Coordination took place in the Oklahoma City bombing. It also had a Michigan connection.

  30. optimax says:

    The woman analyzes the debate at 17:00 Harris uses her feminine wiles she says bad girls use to charm and right after that Harris smiles when faking empathy over the death of the Mueller woman, the sign of a psychopath. I agree with this analysis.


    Ishmael Zechariah
    There are not that many smart people in the world and evidently not in the United States.

  32. TV says:

    A clarification.
    As I have NO influence over anything beyond my own little piece of real estate, I meant that when push comes to shove, I have enough money to survive most of the Democrats’ fantasties of destruction
    In the long run, it’s about my family, myself and a few (very few) acquaintances.
    Lucky for the military (I did try to enlist), my eyesight kept me out so I wound up with a very different life experience than you.
    Surviving the dog eat dog world of Wall St. teaches that you have no friends (much less buddies) and it’s ALWAYS about the money.

  33. turcopolier says:

    The higher you go in the military or the civil service the fewer friends you have.

  34. James Clarendon says:

    I doubt we agree on much politically, but I am glad to see _someone_ call Harris out for the shallow, opportunistic scoundrel that she is. Her condescension and smirking were just unbearable and not worthy of a Senator or even an adult. And the notion that they would stack the Supreme Court is repulsive even to a resident of an ‘anarchist jurisdiction’ like me.
    She and Biden make a wretched pair; unfortunately they seem to be the best the Democrat establishment can come up with. It’s a good year to vote third party IMHO.

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