“He’s A Blue Trump” Tara Reade on 60 Minutes Australia


  • 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s accuser Tara Reade re-examined her allegations against the former vice president during an exclusive interview with “60 Minutes Australia.”
  • Reade accused Biden of kissing her, touching her, and penetrating her with his fingers without her consent — allegations which Biden denied. 
  • Subsequent media reporting on Reade’s background cast doubts on her credibility, and her story dropped from national attention amidst rioting, protesting, and concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

“I decided that people need to know,” Reade said on the program. “He’s going to the highest office of the land. He’s running on a platform of character. Well, I know what he’s like. I know what his character’s like. And he doesn’t deserve the presidency, based on what happened to me.”

Reade accused Biden in March of kissing her, touching her, and penetrating her with his fingers without her consent — allegations which Biden denied. Subsequent media reporting on Reade’s background cast doubts on her credibility, and her story dropped from national attention amidst rioting, protesting, and concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

“There’s nothing to gain,” she said to “60 Minutes Australia” of coming forward with her allegations, as she appeared to fight back tears. “I lost work, legitimacy, I lost my reputation. I lost friendships. I lost my housing, everything, money, everything.”(RELATED: ‘I Want The Same Equal Treatment’: Biden Accuser Tara Reade Tears Into Media, Women’s Groups, Democratic Politicians)


I thought the new dispensation required that women be believed.  This woman can tell you exactly when and where Old Joe attacked her.  That is a lot different from the ditsy dame who accused Kavanaugh.  She couldn't remember much of anything.  Not; where, when, how she got there, how she got home, etc.

I judge that the Harris/Biden "team" will win the election and both houses of congress.  This will happen because of the hysteria of a lot of people who think with their emotions rather than their brains and prefer what they think of as "nice" above all else.  The OlePolDems and their Marxist allies and soon to be masters  will then proceed to move toward the Bolshevization of what has been known as the United States.  pl



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21 Responses to “He’s A Blue Trump” Tara Reade on 60 Minutes Australia

  1. Diana Croissant says:

    Let me pretend I am part of the Hollywood crowd: “I believe her. He must be vilified and erased from having his name mentioned in public discourse.”
    I have no real opinion about this accusation, however. I simply don’t know what to believe about it. I do believe, however, that when many young women make the same sort of accusation against someone and their accusations are similar, then we need to look into those accusations. I really, really, really wish the Democrats had set some quick and unconditional terms against Bill when he was doing his creepy stuff.
    I was teaching high school kids. The Government teachers had to add a rule to the regular current events assignment: Do not turn in anything about the President and Monika Lewinsky–or any of the the other women.
    It was a good lesson for our students, however. Many “important” men are simply pigs when it comes to the opposite sex. Decide now how you feel about that and either choose to vote for that kind of person if you like his politics or choose to ignore it if you think it’s just “human nature.” The other choice a person has is to decide that he/she is tired of that sort of behavior and so refuses to support that candidate. Reality is reality.
    I was personally happy that Gary Hart got his campaign derailed when he did his “monkey business”

  2. blue peacock says:

    “I judge that the Harris/Biden “team” will win the election and both houses of congress.”
    Col. Lang,
    My forecast is that Trump will get re-elected. The GOP will hold the Senate albeit with a smaller majority and that the Democrats will retain the House with fewer seats.
    Not a whole lot will change for the average American in the second Trump term. We will continue to get squeezed economically. The oligarchy will also continue to rule the roost. The Trump is God & Trump is Satan crowd will keep at it. He will continue to revel in all the attention bestowed on him no matter effusive or derogatory as long as he is front & center. His tweet to reality quotient will remain negative as he will continue to be excused for having no agency.

  3. John Merryman says:

    Kind of hard to go all MMT, when the deficit is already increasing by trillions a year and going higher. If Biden wins, there will shortly be a lot of disappointed useful idiots and no Trump to blame it all on.

  4. TV says:

    Biden will win because a clear majority of the American people are lazy, stupid and worthless.
    Look at how easy it was to stampede them with covid-19.
    On the bright side, most of the morons who vote Biden will pay for their stupidity.
    I have money, I’ll survive.

  5. JM Gavin says:

    The problem is apparent in your first sentence: “I thought that…”
    Stop thinking, it will only cause confusion. Believe what you are told to believe, otherwise the Orange Man wins.
    The government is here to help. The check is in the mail. It will only hurt for a little while. Fifteen days to flatten the curve. It will all be over soon.

  6. ked says:

    I think the election is too far off to make a prediction. I’ll predict 6 or 7 Oct Surprises though… Trumpian in style; ham-fisted, transparent & exciting only to True Believers and as ever the media in all its make-up & ratings glory. And never discount the Dems proven ability in seizing defeat from toothless gums. Lastly, there’s always the Fake Election Initiative that Barr’s working. Fun times!

  7. J says:

    I hope you’re wrong on your assessment. A lot of good people sacrificed much to give us our nation, only to see it handed over to a bunch of Marxist misfits, will be a crying shame if you’re right. And I so hope you’re wrong.

  8. A. Pols says:

    I fear you are right about the election. If so and they get both houses, the slide into entropy of this country will accelerate, and the people who want to put this cabal into power may rue the day. We are at a crossroads. Imperial overstretch, globalization, and the ongoing debauchery of the currency will sink us while, all along the way the blues, with their childish fantasies of a brave new world utopia, assiduously pursue unsustainable financial and social projects. Churchill criticized British socialist Laborites for: “they have broken the mainspring and the watch won’t run”. I pray for a “miracle of the Marne” in this election, but doubt it’ll happen.

  9. Deap says:

    Harris was not very nice tonight in the debates. She was lying, smirking and creepy. Your worst nightmare as a wife, girlfriend, neighbor, fellow worker, or relative.

  10. PRC90 says:

    Our Australian version of ’60 Minutes’ has long been known as the local TV equivalent of ‘click bait’ and no different to supermarket newspapers that feature stories about aliens, flying saucers, radioactive breast implants, etc.
    This story is in keeping with that fine reputation.
    ” proceed to move toward the Bolshevization ” Colonel, if so, I’d suggest that some geographic regions will simply decide against participation in the adventure, and it will instead turn into a process of Balkanisation. The longer those lines, uncontested or otherwise, are on the map then the more normalised they will become, but I can also see a ‘Trump-Legacy Reunification’ movement arising. Outcomes ???

  11. EEngineer says:

    Cheer up, the “team” will not win the election. They might try and steal it, but they will not be successful. The “polls” have a smell of corporate backer desperation to me. Listen to the 538 podcasts. You can smell the denial. An odd mix of revolting and delicious actually.
    On a more serious note: I did not know that VP Pence’s son was a Marine Captain! There will be no storming of the White House. Period. As a Navy vet I can say I gave the Jarheads loads of (friendly) grief, and they returned it in equal measure, but I knew it as fact that the ship could not be boarded while even one of them lived.
    We can be 1000 miles from land and I can look you in the eye and say with the confidence of God that the engines will never stop turning, but that’s an engineer thing. To them “every Marine is a rifleman” is religion, general to private.
    The only real question in my mind is if the Marxists are stupid enough to stick their finger in the light socket. Reading minds is hard. Reading the minds of lunatics is even harder…

  12. Balint Somkuti, PhD says:

    If so we both, Hungary and Poland will be in crossfire from both euro and american bolsheviks. Opens up the possibility to rethink relations to conservative Russia.
    Interesting times.
    If anyone would have had forcasted this scenario 20 years ago I’d called him/her a lunatic.

  13. Timothy Hagios says:

    The “leftist” initiatives of the Democratic Party are largely a bunch of giveaways to rich people dressed in liberal rhetoric. The best example is probably Obamacare, which literally forced the poor and dispossessed to hand over their meager earnings to large insurance corporations in exchange for fake health insurance that they couldn’t actually afford to use.
    I suspect that the pillars of the Harris Administration will be:
    1) Continued “stimulus” for the wealthy elites and swamp creatures who are investing big in her candidacy
    2) Warfare and plenty of foreign “intervention” to placate the Borg
    3) Sexual and racial identity politics used to convince the gullible Democratic voters that points 1 and 2 are “liberal.”

  14. eakens says:

    Trump will win re-election. The polls are wrong, again. Pollster’s can control the “what the hell” vote….the guy/gal that gets into the ballot box, and votes for Trump.

  15. BillWade says:

    My wife watched the debate to find out what Harris was all about. She found Pence much more to her liking. Pence is a real asset to Trump.
    Biden is doing better here in SW Florida compared to the HildeBeast in 2016, judging by yard signs. In 2016 it was about 25 to 1 for Trump. This year it’s about 4 to 1 for Trump.
    I’ll bet Trump wins again.

  16. Artemesia says:

    Spent half the night thinking about “the Biden team will win.”
    Got to the point where I hope that’s true: the next 4 years are going to be exceptionally difficult for this nation. I am pessimistic: I don’t see how economic collapse can be avoided.
    Silver lining of Biden-Harris in charge is that they will be forever tagged with that disaster.
    BUT — I don’t think the plan behind “Biden-Harris” contemplates Harris sliding into the Oval Office: I anticipate the completion of a coup jointly engineered by Netanyahuists (Kushner?) in full collaboration with Chinese. I don’t know who will take charge or how Harris will be ousted, but I cannot think even dangerous Democrats think Harris is fit to lead.
    PS Speaking of pessimistic: I’ve admired Sergei Lavrov since I heard him interviewed on Australian tv concerning the Brazil-Russia Iran deal that Hillary Clinton nixed. He made these comments on the State of Russian relations with EU & other topics HERE:
    He tags USA as a spoiler in numerous situations, producing a worrisome state of affairs.

  17. fakebot says:

    There’s lot of video showing Biden getting too close for comfort with women and young girls in full view of their husbands and fathers. He’s a bit of a Bohemian to put it nicely.
    I see no reason to discredit Ms. Reade’s claims. In saying that, he did stop himself. What he did isn’t completely unforgivable.
    Biden’s strength, especially relative to other Democrats, is that he appeals to the same forgotten Democratic voters. Biden too is a politician; Trump is not. There is growing sense the country needs a politician in charge again. These were advantages for Trump against Hillary in 2016, but they aren’t anymore. Trump has to rally the troops if he’s to stand any chance.

  18. Fred says:

    The polls suddenly show +20 for Biden when he as variously +5, +8 or +11; this due to yet another anonymous source on Trump’s taxes? The last poll I looked at showed had Biden up +5 but had oversampling of democratic voters by 10%, which is exactly what Tyler pointed out in 2016. The left certainly has the CEO vote of social media and legacy media firms.

  19. Fasteddiez says:

    On Eakens submitted short point. There was a poll some time ago that pointed out that a large number of Republicans did not respond to telephone polling calls. Either by not picking up the phone when the ID of the caller was displayed or by hanging up when election-related political polling was first addressed. This might add to Trump’s numbers in the end.

  20. zm says:

    Whoever wins the election, hopefully it is with a clear majority.
    There should be no doubt who the winner is, otherwise things could get very ugly very quickly.

  21. elaine says:

    I read somewhere Trump’s advisors urged him to use the phrase “public safety” rather than “law & order” but he wouldn’t listen.
    On the topic of health care he continues to insist ppl with preexisting conditions will still get coverage however refuses to reveal his “beautiful, wonderful, perfect plan.” His campaign in the past few months has been a disaster.
    I don’t think the average voter spends much thought on foreign policy issues but even there his tenacious desire to bring the troops home seems to be implemented without regard to several allies & to the benefit of rulers like Erdogan.
    If he can still pull off a victory I’ll be blown away.

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