He is risen…

A happy and joyous Easter to all.


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  1. Leith says:

    A blessed Easter to you.

  2. But all is not well:


    The [Walter Reed] medical center ended its contract with the friars of Holy Name College in nearby Silver Spring, Maryland, on March 31,
    the archdiocese said in a statement.
    The friars have ministered at the medical center for nearly two decades, the archdiocese said.

    The archdiocese, which serves U.S. military personnel and veterans and their beneficiaries at military facilities around the world,
    said medical center awarded the contract for Catholic pastoral care to a secular for-profit company.

    How can this be?
    This seems shocking.
    (Along with so much else that is going on these days.)

  3. Billy Roche says:

    For all Christians among correspondents here I wish you well on this day of the resurrection of your lord Jesus. Faith is never w/o hope. Happy Easter.

    • Billy Roche says:

      How about this … I reply to me! Easter has been on my mind. My mother
      celebrated “Little Christmas” but not Easter. I note Orthodox Easter
      arrives this Sunday. Alleluea, for Christians Jesus has risen, will Ukraine?
      Will there be a sovereign Ukrainian state a year from now? My reading informs
      me that the UA has taken a beating this past year. So have the Russians. My guess is that win/lose/draw, Ukraine has made the case that she is
      not a Russian colony and w/n longer be perceived that way. If I believed there was a god of war I would pray for a successful Ukrainian Spring offensive and then negotiations. My opinion has not changed in a year. Give up the Donbass, divide Crimea (N to S) in half, and make peace. States d/n have friends only interests. As interest in Ukraine dims the west will stop supporting her. Anyone making Psanky this year? To Christian correspondents, Happy Easter.

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