Homage to Canadian Hockey

As a former goalkeeper at the high school level (pickup team on the pond stuff) I would like to congratulate the men's Canadian Olympic hockey team for the brave struggle that they put up in Vancouver last night.  I was inspired by the sight of this fight against long odds.  I guess the young guys were just too much for them.  I wish them better luck against Jamaica or whomever they will play next.  pl

PS  Was it really necessary to close all the bars in downtown Vancouver after the match?

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29 Responses to Homage to Canadian Hockey

  1. The Twisted Genius says:

    As a former defenseman on my fraternity and Army ROTC team, we probably played on roughly the same level. I was under the impression that the Canadian team was favored to do very well. Congrats to Team USA.
    How about Ovechkin’s clobbering of Jagr and setting up Malkin’s goal. That will be remembered along with “the goal.” As far as I’m concerned, Ovi is the greatest sports star among all the teams in the DC area. Go Caps!

  2. Patrick Lang says:

    I particularly enjoyed the moment in which Brodeur was so far out of position that he couldn’t be seen in the shot of the goal cage and the US scored. pl

  3. The beaver says:

    Sorry but the Gold medal is still out there 🙂
    We got a flaky goalie by the name of Brodeur – he didn’t do well in 2006 and I wonder why he was still there after the first period where he let 2 goals in.
    My hat to the young goalie Miller.

  4. MRW. says:

    PS Was it really necessary to close all the bars in downtown Vancouver after the match?

  5. MRW. says:

    New York reporter Jimmy Breslin told the story about going into an Irish bar in NYC and asking the bartender why it was dead quiet. Every bar customer was hanging his head in his hands, nothing being said. The bartender said, “Quiet?! This is the noisiest bar in town!” Breslin said, “Ah c’mon, look at them.” The bartender said, “They’re all doing mortal combat with their souls.”
    Young Vancouver hockey fans haven’t reached that stage of bar maturity yet. The US Olympic television crew comment constantly on Canadian politeness, which is true when they’re sober. It becomes unhinged in a bar when they can all commiserate. History has proven this.

  6. Adam L Silverman says:

    You just nailed it on the head and tied it into TwistedGeniuses remark about the Canadians being favored: Brodeur, future first ballot hall of famer, isn’t backstopping the NJ Devils. As a long time Patrick Roy fan my contention with NJ Devil’s fans is always: “yes Brodeur is a great goalie, but there is a difference between him and Roy (and Belfour, Osgood, and others): Brodeur always has the Devils skating in front of him. Lets see him do what he does when he doesn’t have a consistently amazing team in front of him year after year. Roy, Belfour, Osgood, Khabibulin, etc often have to carry great teams that aren’t playing great or teams that should be great, but aren’t playing that way. Brodeur never seems to have that worry in NJ”. But he does have to worry about it now. The Canadians have a lot of experience and a lot of great stars, but they’re starting to show their age.

  7. ked says:

    “Was it really necessary to close all the bars in downtown Vancouver after the match?”
    yes, they were likely depleted of supplies during the game. Canadians must learn to do long-range planning.

  8. Fred says:

    Alas I only saw the highlights, not being willing to shell out $60/month for cable t.v. lately. It takes more than stars to make a team, which all the coaches should have known. It would have been interesting to hear Don Cherrie’s comments though I doubt the CBC loaned him to NBC for the coverage.

  9. Dan M says:

    Well, they still have it over us in curling!
    Fantastic game, was screaming at the set, the first name of one of the US forwards is “Brooks” and that’s not a coincidence.
    Dan (ex DIII right wing).

  10. Jose says:

    “PS Was it really necessary to close all the bars in downtown Vancouver after the match?” – pl
    As someone who was station in Ft Lewis, I can confirm that it was necessary.
    Last thing you want to see is bunch of pissed-off, drunk Canuks…lol

  11. Medicine Man says:

    If our team were placing as much faith in who was favored as you were, Col Lang, then that was our first mistake.
    We will see how things wrap up at the podium.

  12. Patrick Lang says:

    Citizens of Canadia
    I keep trying to explain to you all what irony might be. I will keep trying. you are far too literal. Was Sven Ortmann in your armed forces?” pl

  13. Medicine Man says:

    I was tweaking your nose, Col Lang. I know you were being a touch sarcastic but the false solemnity of my response just doesn’t show in my text.
    I actually think you’re being mild, given how obnoxious many of my countrymen would be at this moment had we won that game.

  14. diochoa says:

    Yes they must close the bars in Vancity. Vancouver is doing its best to be just like Toronto or shall I say TDot.
    Oh the horror

  15. Grimgrin says:

    Col Lang: We produced a singer who was able to change the usage of the word ironic in popular lingo, using a song called “Ironic”, that contained no actual examples of irony. Suggesting we are both a supremely ironic people and utterly incapable of recognizing irony. I believe you have a long hard battle ahead of you.
    As for closing the bars, the last thing the city wanted was a riot in the middle of the olympics.

  16. s nadh says:

    With that Canadian blood of yours one would’ve thought that you’d know irony and hockey up here don’t really mesh. The Bruins were smart to trade Thornton. He can’t play when it matters and his line was supposed to score; the team as a whole has under-performed. Perhaps Luongo in means different. Kudos to the US team – we might meet again. As for my liver, it’ll be 17 years and counting since the Habs did anything.

  17. Patrick Lang says:

    Perhaps the greatest irony is to seem to expect comprehension.
    Have some Crown Royal, you’ll feel better. (irony) pl

  18. Medicine Man says:

    I’d like to second Grimgrin’s observation: given the examples used in the lyrics, the name of that song should have been “Unfortunate”.

  19. greg0 says:

    Maybe I’d have bought cable if we had a good curling team…

  20. Is it double elmin?
    Herb Brooks rest in peace as I think 1960 will not be repeated.

  21. fasteddies says:

    S nadh,
    In the 2008 playoffs, the Habs fans rioted after the team finished their first series against the eighth seeded team. It Doesn’t seem take too much to spark off the fun zone up there anymore, or at least, a lot less than the Rocket Richard Riot of ’55. I love it, It’s one of my former home towns.

  22. Bobby Murray says:

    I missed the game, I read about it. Michigan is well represented so we have an extra incentive to pull for our boys. (6 Michiganders)
    There is still a lot of hockey to play, and I don’t believe Canada has played their best hockey yet. However I was thrilled about the victory. “Sticks down, heads’ up and finish your checks boys.” I love the sport but I have had to seriously pull back to get things done during the long season. And while it’s tough being a Red Wings fan this year,(Can you say fair weather?) I was thrilled about Brian Rafalski’s goals and Ryan Miller’s net minding. Thank you for the thread Pat.

  23. The beaver says:

    It Doesn’t seem take too much to spark off the fun zone up there anymore, or at least, a lot less than the Rocket Richard Riot of ’55
    I would assume that you don’t know the real reason(s) behind that 1955’s riot or otherwise you wouldn’t have mixed it with frustration for not “winning”

  24. Paul says:

    Well, there really is no need to bring Don Cherry to the Olympic proceedings – NBC’s analysts (Roenick and Millbury) are goons of the first order. The coach of the Canadian team was under the impression that beating teams over the head would result in victory.
    The NHL establishes an ice sheet size of 85 x 200 as its standard because it favors body checking over speed, skating and passing. And that sells tickets to a blood-thirsty public. Watching hockey at the NHL level is akin to yo-yo with all the dump and running. The rink size and NHL style of play are the two ingredients that support Canada’s self-proclaimed hockey supremacy. Unfortunately, the American team suffers from the same delusion.
    If Canada or the USA each played one hundred games on an international sized surface against comparable competition, they would lose eight out of ten because they lack the speed, skating and passing skills the European teams possess. Checking and head-banging is more difficult (some say impossible) on the larger surface.
    A Euro team will get the gold.

  25. Charles I says:

    Irony!!?? What can you creepy old war mongers teach us about irony!?? We’re too drunk!
    Seriously, Brodeur sucked, we took too many stupid penaties. In all other aspects, the US was outplayed. Battle, war, medal, it ain’t over yet.
    Grego and ked. I’m as cheap, cheaper than you, don’t have cable though I could easily afford it. However, for $60, if you live within say 50 km of a major urban center, you can likely buy an antenna that will receive 10-40 digital television signals broadcast over the airwaves for free. Many of them will be in HD. You’ll need an HDTV ready tv, or a converter box for your old crt television.
    Up here it was sold via a site called http://www.saveandreplay.com. I urge you to check it out.

  26. fasteddies says:

    The beaver:
    Yep, I sure do know. Is this a test? You want to give me multiple choice or essay?
    In Boston, Maurice and Hal Laycoe had an on ice set-to caused by a cross check to Richard’s mug. The Rocket then beat Laycoe’s ass silly and punched out a linesman who tried to be a spoil-sport.
    NHL preznit Campbell first suspended the Rocket for the rest of the season (playoffs incluido), then had the bad taste of attending the next game in Montreal, where hate and discontent erupted and and catalyzed in the streets outside the forum.
    I saw it on tv ( I was only nine at the time). Sniff, Sniff, The Habs went on to lose the playoffs that year.
    They say that every cloud has a silver lining.
    Mayor Johnny Flag and I and many others watched the Rocket win the Stanley Cup for five years straight (Der Untergang for the rest of the league and their misbegotten fans for that luscious time period).
    So, my point was that rioting in Montreal after a first round defeat, or victory, for that matter seems a bit gratuitous in comparison to the 55 fans’
    interpretations of the portent of the event.
    So what are you, a Red Wings fan?

  27. Mark Logan says:

    My greatest lament of for the closing of the bars. The Canadians in Vancouver
    were quite certainly deprived of a great many,
    albeit somewhat less eloquent, toasts to their determination. I would have loved to say something about
    how their attacks continued.
    Unabated, and no matter how fruitless. I found that particularly inspiring.
    They switched out their goal today, BTW. Anybody know why?

  28. s nadh says:

    Fasteddies, the city has changed quite a lot in the past 30 years – much younger, with the college campuses downtown. The older folks like me remember winning when it wasn’t a matter of if, but how. We were spoiled but genteel.

  29. Fred says:

    Charles, I agree that satellite is available, but I watched too much tv prior to going cable-free. Besides, there’s better scenery at my favorite sports bar – much better than watching commercials. A cab ride home after ain’t that much, either.

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