Homage to David Gregory

Watch Chertoff.  Reminds me of Nancy Reagan dealing with embarassing moments. 

Pat Lang


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5 Responses to Homage to David Gregory

  1. searp says:

    No wonder the president relies almost exclusively on scripted events. He must be the most inarticulate man in public life.
    How does this repair his public image as a strong leader? He is acting like the Vice President, hunkered down in an inaccessible facility surrounded by military folks.

  2. raincat100 says:

    Ah, good stuff.
    Not only inarticulate, but PASSIVE. Sounds like he’s on some tour.
    Some warm fuzzies to Gregory. Keep it up!

  3. bkny says:

    well, the trip to colorado wasn’t a total loss — he did apparently learn the meaning of ‘interface’. and what’s up with describing the road show as ‘entourage’ — sounds a little diva-ish …

  4. Sonoma says:

    In that split second, when he spun on his heels, angrily stabbed his finger, and, rattler-like, venomously spat “they” wouldn’t be in the way– there he was.

  5. b says:

    That guy had some urge for a decent drink.

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