Man freed in Maine after false conviction by a conspiracy of women


"Besides filing a federal civil lawsuit against police officers, prosecutors and other witnesses in his case, Filler filed a complaint about former prosecutor Mary Kellett with the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar, which resulted in Kellett becoming the first prosecutor in recent memory to be publicly sanctioned by the state over prosecutorial misconduct. Kellett, who now works as a defense attorney, prosecuted Filler at his first trial in 2009.

Filler, who now lives in suburban Atlanta, was contacted via email but declined to say how much money he is getting in the settlement.

“I am grateful to all my attorneys but most of all I am grateful for my strong family and my two amazing children who I have been blessed to see grow up,” Filler wrote in a statement Monday night."  Bangor Daily News


Ok folks, this fellow, in the back in this picture, has so far received  $375,000 in damages from various parties in Maine for having been railroaded by his ex-wife and her friends, who included the woman prosecutor, in his rape trial in 2009.

The review process decided that his wife lied about him to gain revenge in a custody case over their two children and that the prosecutor who has now been sanctioned for prosecutorial misconduct withheld exculpatory evidence to obtain a conviction.  A friend of the wife, a female RN, coached the wife to cry in court so as to make "it seem more real."  The RN has been sued by the now vindicated ex-husband.  I hope she loses every cent she might ever have.

Several here on SST have maintained that women seldom falsely accuse men.  What a joke! 

"… the Female of Her Species is more deadly than the Male." Kipling

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