In praise of a 1940 Oldsmobile coupe



"In 1941 the lineup consisted of a three-passenger two-door business coupe without a rear seat, a six-passenger two-door club coupe with a rear seat, a two-door sedan, a four-door "bustle back" sedan which shared its roof line with the two-door sedan, a four-door eight-passenger wood-bodied station wagon and a three-passenger two-door convertible. Except for the convertible and station wagon, all were available in either standard or deluxe trim.

In 1942 Oldsmobile stayed with its Special 60 series on the bottom of a three series format. As with all automakers production was halted early in the year due to the war, both a six- or eight-cylinder motor could be ordered. Now extremely rare, both a convertible and a station wagon were available. A new body style was a six-passenger two-door club sedan fastback."  wiki


I am waiting to learn what happened at the big gun rights rally in Richmond today.

In the meantime –

This was the first car I remember my parents owning.  It was bought new and I remember riding around in the back seat or in front between my parents.  My father never learned to drive.  Why?  i never understood why.  He had a number of quirks and this was one of them.

It was a lovely car.  Ivory in color just like this one with a straight eight engine for lots of power.   It had the new automatic Hydramatic transmission.

My parents were recently married when they bought it .  He was a warrant officer in the Army stationed at Ft. Devens, Massachusetss and war had not yet come for the US but the great depression was in the rear view mirror.  My mother's family. lived up in Maine nearby and mother liked driving it up to see them

The manufacture of automobiles for the civilian market was suspended during the war so cars like this became quite valuable.  I don't remember when they sold it but I suspect it it was sometime during the war.  My father was in the Army Service Forces during the war and we moved around a lot during that period.  pl

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