The Death of Free Speech is upon us …


"One Biden campaign staffer is demanding more censorship of Trump and his supporters. He claims social media companies like Twitter and Facebook are not doing enough to stop the spread of disinformation and conspiracy theories. Is this a preview to what’s to come?"

The radical Left has declared war on the freedom of speech. In the past few months alone Twitter and facebook have been suspending accounts of Conservatives, stopping the spread of news stories they don’t like and slapping content warnings on the President’s Tweets labeling them as misinformation.

Who the hell do these people think they are? Apparently, the ultra liberal tech giants in Silicon Valley have a team of “fact checkers” who despise Conservatives and want to censor them.

Bill Russo says they’re not doing enough. Russo is deputy communications director for Joe Biden’s press team. Yesterday he tweeted, “If you thought disinformation on Facebook was a problem during our election, just wait until you see how it is shredding the fabric of our democracy in the days after. Look at what has happened in just the past week.”

Bill Russo is just one of many Democrats calling for the censorship of Conservative voices. But they’re not stopping there.

Not only do they want Conservatives silenced, they want us banned, harassed, assaulted and “removed from polite society.” California Rep. Maxine Waters has told her supporters to get in the faces of Conservatives when they’re seen out dining with family."  rightwingnews


It all seems rather Orwellian.  "Animal Farm" should become the bible for the as yet un-named anti-Bidonian Resistance.  "Two feet bad! Four feet Good!"  All together now!  Keep up the chant!  All together!

And then we Conservatives can chant back at the piggies,  Two feet GOOD, four feet BAD!  

AND …  our beloved former president Barry Obama now supports the notion that "Americans need a common set of facts" before we can move "forward into the sunny uplands of —"  

Did Lenin say things like that as he moved forward into the sunny uplands of Kulak extermination?  Kulaks bad!  Collective farms good!  pl


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64 Responses to The Death of Free Speech is upon us …

  1. Laura Wilson says:

    On the other hand, FB allowing posts that pooh pooh the pandemic and advocate the non-wearing of masks and the gathering together at Thanksgiving, COULD be likened to yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theatre. Lies matter. People who believe lies can die. Lying about the competence of election officials and the truth of their posted results could likewise lead to violence perpetrated by those who did not win the election. Lies matter. People who believe lies can harm others.
    I think there is a case to be made.

  2. turcopolier says:

    Laura Wilson
    You are an enemy of free speech. You are an enemy of everything this committee stands for.

  3. Mary Hallock says:

    I grew up hearing, “Don’t believe everything you read or hear.” The onus was on me to research, find out on my own. come to my own conclusion. If our “news” is censored we can’t do this. We might as well be in Soviet Russia. Shame on these pseudo journalists!

  4. Deap says:

    Add the formerly venerable Wall Street Journal to the camp of Leftist disinformation con artists.
    Blatant bias embedded in WSJ “news” articles that I can still discern, only because there remain a few alternate sources for real facts left for balance. Once those are gone, it will be a full 1984 takeover.
    Laughably, WSJ editorial today congratulates Biden on his 78th birthday and his cholesterol numbers, but registers only the mildest concern about his cognitive functioning, only to claim this possible mental impairment expected at his august age.
    The guy is crackers, the same age as I am, but I can still put a sentence together with full credibility. Biden cannot. Nor do I shuffle or slur, needing a 24/7 aide to guide me to the next stages of my day and teleprompters do contain my spontaneous utterances.
    When a newspaper chooses to abdicate credibility, like the WSJ has now chosen to do, joining the ranks of NYT and WaPo in intentional disinformation for political effect, what is the real aganda of today’s “media”. – where do they want to take us?
    Markets like stability. I get that, and markets drive the WSJ – this WSJ editorial bias is now obvious no matter the cost to the rest of us.
    President Kamala Harris in short order is far too high price for anyone to pay. SEIU as Secy of Labor, Garcetti as Secy of Transportation, Warren as Secy Treasury, Cortez as EPA Director, Tlaib as DHS, Clinton as UN Ambassador, Sanders as dual HUD-HHS Secy. and Randi Wiengarten as teachers union Secy of Education?
    C’mon, man. Tell me why I should love this, WSJ.

  5. Rick Merlotti says:

    Laura. Baa, baa! Bleating like a good little lamb. Back in your pen, now. Try not to notice that the slaughterhouse is next door to your pen.

  6. Deap says:

    Laura Wilson: what does lying about the Office of President Elect before final vote counts are even certified and the electoral college has even been convened do to the “integrity of our elections”. Why the rush, Laura? Why the deliberate gas-lighting.

  7. Deap says:

    Now Democrat Orwellians scream 6 feet is good, 12 feet is even better. Staying away from people proves you love and embrace them.

  8. BillWade says:

    Yes Laura, Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

  9. optimax says:

    I’m glad you know the Truth and follow the True Religion of Wokeism.

  10. Deap says:

    Sidney Powell speaks and addresses the “margin of fraud” Dominion election software provided the Biden campaign – which confidently allowed Biden to sit in his basement and do nothing, while Hilary Clinton warned don’t ever concede on election night because you will win after all the votes are “counted”:
    Let’s see who even reports on this story, which will teach us which media outlets to trust over the next four years.

  11. EEngineer says:

    Laura, the worship of “science” by the left has become a new secular religion akin to Christianity way back when the Bible and mass were only in Latin and not the native language of the largely illiterate masses. I say this as an engineer that spent most of the 2000’s designing the electronics for anthrax detectors: any of these test (optical or PCR) will give the occasional false positive. If you turn up the gain even a little too much they will give a false positive more often than not. All of the statistics I’ve seen indicate that is the case, and that it is not a mistake.
    Fear is the little mind killer.

  12. Fred says:

    If we gather together to celebrate Joe and Kamala, or to condemn America’s founding, or to praise George Floyd, or just have dinner at the French Laundry, would that be okay?

  13. A.Pols says:

    I’d say to Laura that “What’s sauce for the Gander is sauce for the Goose”.

  14. akaPatience says:

    It’s beyond shocking to witness what’s going on, and the SCALE of shameless hypocrisy, projection and gaslighting of the ACTUAL authoritarians/dictators/fascists is off the charts in my more than half-century of lifetime. It’s not only shocking but sickening to read a comment like Laura Wilson’s that condones censorship, ESPECIALLY when the policy approaches to C-19 are indeed debatable and have been continuously debated since the outset among not only ordinary folk but MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS!
    The freedom to debate is eternally important, whether the Laura Wilsons of the world agree or not. She says, “People who believe lies can harm others” apparently without the least sense of irony or awareness of the LIE BELIEVERS who’ve been responsible for the violence, destruction and looting we’ve experienced in our country during just the past few months. SMFH…

  15. Horace says:

    Laura Wilson, the proper solution for people who do not like the fundamental liberties that define the American people is for them to LEAVE OUR LAND. Emigrate to the fecal-environment countries where free speech and rule of law are whatever their corrupt ruling classes decide on any given day.
    America used to be a nice place because the lived experiences of European and Christian cultures made it so. Now that Christianity and Constitutionalism no longer bind the inhabitants of this country together, we share only an economy which our globalist ruling class is busy destroying as well.
    We will not bend the knee, and if we cannot coexist in peace, then we will not.

  16. Per/Norway says:

    covidian cult member and anti free speech activist laura.
    ” It is also important to remember PCR was invented as a way to create copies of genetic material. Its was never intended to be a diagnostic tool.”
    Also check the covidian cult courts that want to ban dissent in Europe! Switzerland, Germany and Denmark is making it illegal to not be a covidian cult believer. We all know that banning dissent is proof positive that the banners have a strong case that is easily defended by facts and words. /S
    To other non covidian cult members check out this Portugese court desicion-
    This court actually believe in the rule of law and real non covidian cult science, a rare scene in these interesting times.

  17. Dan says:

    Posted by: Deap | 19 November 2020 at 11:37 AM
    Haha well done sir.

  18. BillWade says:

    Just watched the live interview of Rudy Guiliani, Sydney Powell, and a few others regarding election fraud. This election is far from over. Aside from the big ones, they are also thinking there was fraud in New Mexico and Virginia, and most importantly likely nation wide.

  19. Barbara Ann says:

    To Laura’s point, there is certainly a case to be made for an authoritative arbiter of objective truth and for an enforced prohibition against speaking/acting contrary to The Truth. Orwell’s other, even more famous work, makes that case eloquently. 1984 is without question (figure of speech – my subjective view 🙂 ) the most important book of our age. Perhaps many ages to come.
    1A will remain, but I think it is clear how this will play out. Falling trees in the forest will be allowed to make as much noise as they like, only no one will be allowed within earshot.
    70+ million Deplorables need to communicate in order to remain a cohesive force. My guess is those means of communication (exhibit A. CTH) will gradually be shut down. The oligarchical progressives running Big Tech will let you keep your account, but sharing heretical views will become increasingly difficult. Fora like this, outside of their control, will become ever more vital.
    Sir, I suggest that the service you presently do your country in pursuit of your “hobby” may well prove to be more important than any done previously in your official capacities. I shall drink a toast to yourself and to the SST committee this evening too.

  20. Buckeyelad says:

    President Trump’s legal team, including Rudy, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis, has just conducted a powerful press conference, laying out, with some of the evidence, the mind-boggling fraud that has occurred with this election. Rudy forcefully took the press to task for its complicity in the fraud, speaking directly to this issue of free speech. The press conference begins at about minute 58:00 on this link.

  21. turcopolier says:

    Just watched the 90 minute presser. As soon as it was over the lefty press proceeded to ridicule it. It is interesting that the lefties, like the cute gal at the WH for Fox now, do not want to engage on this. Well, good luck to them.

  22. pl,
    The source of the ridicule stems from this legal strike team’s performance in court to date. They start off with grand accusations of vote fraud and fold when the judge asks for specific evidence. If they have all this evidence, why are they withholding it in court when it could really count for something? Are they secretly trying to sabotage Trump’s effort to stay in office?

  23. elaine says:

    I also watched the presser on FOX & OANN (CNN, MSNBC & local channels didn’t cover it, forgot to check CNBC, but doubt they covered it either).
    I doubt any of this will stop the states from certifying the vote
    with exception of maybe Michigan.
    Even Rudy doesn’t know which branch of the military conducted the raid in Germany & whether it was done to obtain/retain evidence
    or to bury it. Why are our votes counted in Germany by a
    company owned in Venezuela? Once when Rudy said, “fraud”, Sydney
    mouthed the word “treason” behind him.

  24. turcopolier says:

    They have not yet presented their evidence in court. You are too eager to condemn their argument on a partisan basis.

  25. BillWade says:

    TTG, they addressed your idea at their conference. They have not had any lawsuits thrown out at all, they only have 4 lawsuits in total and they did withdraw the Michigan suit as they got what they wanted there, two electors changed their minds and now won’t certify that election (hence the lawsuit withdrawal). There have been several lawsuits thrown out but they were by other parties. Guiliani and Powell now have 3 lawsuits only. Guiliani said that the press was lying about the lawsuits and you are mirroring what the press has been saying.

  26. Laura Wilson says:

    turcopolier, Why do suppose they are waiting to present their evidence? Shouldn’t they present it in order that their case is not tossed? Maybe there is an attorney out their in the group that can clarify why the wait is good legal practice and how they next phase will proceed absent any evidence b being presented.

  27. longarch says:

    free speech has at least two lines of defense. Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and their cohorts are just the first line.
    Lin Wood tweeted a link to Sarah Westall:
    The public face of free speech is in the lawyers like Tom Fitton, in some investigative journalists such as Project Veritas, and in publicizers such as OANN.
    However, the second line of defense starts with technicians who are seldom interviewed. Many of these technicians were galvanized by the injustices visited on General Flynn. One such technician is Ron Watkins, better known as Code Monkey. He is an OANN interview with him:
    Even if (God forbid) an unconstitutional coup were to succeed, numerous technicians hiding in plain sight would survive and would not stand idly by while free speech suffered.

  28. Serge says:

    Speaking of kulaks, has anyone read Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago”? Gotta give those volumes a reread some day.

  29. pl,
    Trump’s lawyers lost or withdrew 15 cases across Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania. There are 6 pending. They won one which didn’t amount to much, which they subsequently lost in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Giuliani’s case in Pennsylvania was a comedy. He went off on a wild tangent and didn’t even address the fraud case as presented. When asked to vouch for some statement as an officer of the court, he shut up after admitting there was no fraud. He was smart enough not to commit perjury. In another Pennsylvania case, Trump’s lawyers had to stipulate that they “do not allege and there is no evidence of, any fraud, any misconduct, any impropriety or any undue influence committed in respect to the challenged ballots.”
    You’re right this new tack has has not yet been brought to court and there’s no reason to present evidence until that time. I look forward to that day when they try to link several unrelated companies, countries and a long dead dictator in a six degrees of Kevin Bacon fashion. I won’t be surprised if Rudy and Sydney try to bring Cris Krebs and the entire CISA as co-conspirators.

  30. Fred says:

    Barbara Ann,
    “Big Tech will let you keep your account…”
    Naw, they just start with shadow banning, then the SJW wing of the “trust and safety” councils will determine your guilt, then you’ll be banned. On an increasing basis a process similar to the Bank of America fraudulent accounts scheme will begin wherein you’ll just have your accounts closed, due to bad think or bad associations or just because.

  31. turcopolier says:

    Laura Wilson
    Are you a lawyer?

  32. Barbara Ann says:

    Re the presser:
    At 2:01:40 Lin Wood reveals the game plan; “what we’ve asked for are temporary restraining orders or injunctions to not certify false results”. She then seems to go on to say that Wayne Co. MI is not going to be certifying its results. It isn’t clear if that is fact or forecast.
    So Team Kraken aim to get injunctions at the city/county level so as to have these votes excluded when the key states certify? They’ve clearly done the math, so *if* SCOTUS can be persuaded *in time* does projected President-elect Biden become projected President-elect Trump? The Dems will challenge the injunctions, but if Kraken really does have convincing evidence how likely are they to be successful?
    Robert Willmann mentioned injunctions in the PA late ballot case in is last piece. I’d very much like to hear his updated take in the light of these revelations, particularly on the timing – the clock is running down fast.

  33. Barbara Ann says:

    Some will be banned, but a loss of 71M users would upset the stockholders. Better from their POV to shadow ban you so they can continue to mine your data.

  34. AK says:

    I just began the abridged one-volume edition. I don’t have time for the full three-volume set (nor the money to purchase it), but the abridged version and its translation received Solzhenitsyn’s own blessing when it was first published in the early 1980s, so I will trust its merit on that endorsement. The foreword of this new printing is by Jordan Peterson and it is an excellent summary of the work’s importance and also of the catastrophic effects of a society that allows itself to be consumed by lies.
    Laura Wilson is correct – lies do kill people. Though, she fails to realize that they always do it most effectively when it’s the state that has the full, unconstrained power to decide and dictate what is a lie and what is not.

  35. turcopolier says:

    Did you watch the presser today? All of it?

  36. Deap says:

    Free speech means you have access to primary source material, and not just media digested versions of what actually took place. The only link to the actual press conference held today about the election ( Rudy Guiliani and Sidney Powell):
    Cue this linked video up about the one hour mark- when Guiliani takes stage – the first part is just site preparation for the actual press conference.
    When trying to search this primary source material, the streams of “versions” (all negative -dwelling on “hot mess hair dye” Guiliani were stunning. It took a lot of work to find on my search engine – duckduckgo – to find this primary resource. That is what “free speech” on the internet looks like today – partisan pablum.
    Watch the whole thing -it is about an hour (cue up past the first hour). Then watch the press treatment – the equivalent of Mike Pence’s fly in the VP debates.

  37. Eric Newhill says:

    Barbara Ann,
    Yes. No doubt that team Kraken has done the math and knows exactly which districts need to be thrown out to give the win to Trump. Obviously, these are Biden heavy districts where they have at least some evidence that some level of cheating occurred.
    I wonder if team Biden would try to have Trump heavy districts thrown out to put Biden back in the lead by demonstrating that fraud happened there too – if they can’t block team Kraken’s legal actions. Oddly, the fraud team Biden would go after could even be fraud that favored Biden even though Trump won the district; the odd dead person voting here and there for Biden. That sort of thing.
    So both sides trying to whittle down the other’s vote total by demonstrating cheating until the music stops and one team is left without a chair.
    If my country’s future wasn’t on the line, this would be seriously interesting entertainment.

  38. Eric Newhill says:

    Barbara Ann,
    I’m not sure that 71 million users matters much when there are billions of new customers to be had in China, India, Africa, etc

  39. Deap says:

    TTG, the major issue is election official fraud; not voter fraud. Though there most likely there were incidents of individual voter fraud too – vote-harvesting allows voter fraud, but often that takes place with voter complicity so it is not true fraud.
    But the material issues that will change the outcome of this election are the vote processing issues – software corruptions, intentional vote count manipulations, stuffed ballots delivered outside of the official chain of ballot custody, lost ballots, dumped ballots, illegal ballot acceptance procedures, and mathmatically bizzare surges that defy any prior election experiences. That is what the sworn affidavits address.
    Good if you sit through the entire press conference and start doing back up investigations on the media that is actively addressing this matter, if you want to keep discussing this topic.

  40. pl,
    Yes, not live, but I watched it. Giuliani’s initial litany of complaints was the substance of a lot of the earlier lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign. None of the lawyers would swear to that “evidence” as officers of the court, just as Rudy did with his court appearance. For her sake, Sydney better have a different tack than the Hugo Chavez angle. It all political theater rather than court strategy, although it was good political theater reinforcing the notion that our elections have descended to the level of third world backwater in four short years.

  41. BillWade,
    I’m sure you’re right in that Giuliani and Powell are just getting started. Rudy only appeared in court once and it was a disaster. The close to two dozen lawsuits already brought were done by other Trump campaign lawyers, some of whom have since left the cause.Court documents have been published for a lot of those lawsuits. They don’t lie.

  42. Leith says:

    Serge –
    Many years ago I read much of Solzhenitzen. I agree about a reread. Have you read any of Borodin or Voinovich?

  43. Mark Logan says:

    I quit about half way through. Felt I had gotten the gist. The work that stands out for me is “A day in the life of Ivan Deniovich”. I believe it very under rated masterpiece. Not a word wasted. Should be read on a snowy night by a warm fire. For whatever reason that part where he captures the entire person of an old Russian officer in the gulag simply by describing how he placed his bowl and handled his spoon…just a few sentences…still give me chills.

  44. Fred says:

    Why did those lawyer’s “leave the cause”?

  45. SysATI says:

    Excuse my french but I thought you guys worshipped the “1st amendment”. I have seen pictures in the past of KKK rallies in the middle of cities surrounded by police forces protecting THEM from the crowd and not the opposite.
    So I assume that censorship and NOT protecting 1st amendment rights of free speed is a crime in the states.
    Then how come Twitter censored Trump or non covid believers on social media don’t/can’t do a thing about it ???
    The same censorship would be (in fact IS) perfectly accepted in France where such a “freedom of speech” concept is not as strong as in the states (even if Voltaire once said : I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it).
    But in the US where every aspect of life is “lawyerized” to the extreme, I really don’t understand how this censorship can exist ! (I mean legally)
    Could someone explain that to me ?
    PS: I don’t want to get into the “pedophile/hate speech” etc debate.
    Of course some things need to be controled/censored but, is freedom of speech just legally binding to the state, not privately owned companies ?

  46. Fred says:

    We aren’t France.
    “how come Twitter censored Trump or non covid believers on social media ”
    Because they are leftist dominated anti-Trump driven organizations with exemptions under section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act. That law provides a shield to online publishers from liability for content generated by users. By censoring Trump (or anyone else) they are violating that legal requirement. Twitter is not the only social media monopoly doing this. It is only going to get worse.

  47. I watched the whole press conference too. IMO too much Venezuela (I agree with PCR that that is improbable) too much emotion from RG, too much abuse of the “Media”.
    And, of course the MSM went for all the squirrels. See for example the Daily Mail’s hair dye stuff.
    Say what you like about the DM, but it’s about the only MSM outlet that occasionally reports actual news and allows free comments
    BUT read the best rated comments. The frist few agree with the slant of the piece (RG’s crazy and so are they all) but a lot don’t. EG << I came here looking for explanation or some kind of response to the information and I'm reading about hair dye??>>

  48. Mark K Logan says:

    That is correct. The 1st Amendment applies to the government as far as censorship goes. But it also IMO protects publishers from the government forcing them to repeat that which in the publisher’s judgement is agitprop.

  49. Deap says:

    WSJ reporting of this press conference was beyond irresponsible. Latest journalistic ploy is to claim there is no “widespread” evidence of election fraud. (True)
    Press conference pointed out the sworn testimony provides evidence of concentrated fraud in a few Democrat run cities with a proven history of election fraud. (True)
    Press conference did not once claim “widespread fraud”. This was totally made up argument and inserted into the WSJ reporting. Never once did the WSJ mention the role, history and intentional development of Dominion voting software nor the trip those votes made between those cities and German computers.
    When WSJ resorts to made up, straw dog reporting to make a biased point, it can no longer stand behind any shred of journalistic integrity.
    If there was even a teaching moment for critical thinking, this WSJ article is it. Compare and contract: the actual live press contrast to the media reporting of this event in various sources: WSJ – MSNBC.
    How and why did they chose to report this event as they did – what parts of their reporting were accurate and which parts were totally made up?
    Fake news is the enemy of the people.

  50. Deap says:

    “These are the times that try men’s souls; the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.
    Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”
    Thomas Paine

  51. lux says:

    need to be thrown out to give the win to Trump. Obviously, these are Biden heavy districts where they have at least some evidence that some level of cheating occurred. …
    Posted by: Eric Newhill | 19 November 2020 at 06:59 PM
    Interesting. All those voters lost their constitutional rights based on some among them? They can blame it on “some evidence” proving “some level of cheating” and thus some cheaters.
    I am glad I didn’t vote. Thus, no chance to chancel mine in a more legally convenient collective way.

  52. elaine says:

    Attorney Lyn Wood failed to get Us District Judge Steven Grimberg,
    a Trump appointee, to stop the certification of the Georgia vote.
    A retired Homeland Security guy on OANN tv said Sydney Powell would
    need the systems log to prove her case.

  53. SysATI says:

    Fred, Mark
    “By censoring Trump (or anyone else) they are violating that legal requirement.”
    That is exactly my point. If they violate (rethorical) Trump’s 1st amendment rights, then they should be liable.
    If I insult you here, or post child pronography and get censored I would think it is normal. But if, because of my opinions, I get censored, I guess that I should be able to sue this website and win.
    At least that was my understanding of free speech…
    The other option for the site owner would be to say “this is my own personal space, you are guests here and I decide what can or cannot be said” which is defendable.
    But once a website reaches a quasi-monopolistic position it becomes “a public space” like Twitter or Facebook, that excuse is no longer valid… If I was a lawyer/supreme justice, that would be my position and I’m suprised it is not enforced that way…
    Anyway, don’t mind me, I’m just a dumb froggie with lilmited understanding of these things 😉

  54. Fred,
    Several law firms have backed out of having to represent the Trump campaign. At two firms, at least, partners threatened to quit unless the firms pulled out. I doubt it was partisan animosity. These firms had a long history of representing Trump. Perhaps professional embarrassment at repeatedly having to back down in court when asked to swear to the truth of the so-called evidence under penalty of perjury had something to do with it. That’s happened in a few of these cases. There is also the shame of being involved in this whole spectacle highlighted by the publicity generated by such groups as Project Lincoln. Cancel culture, if you will or the disinfecting effect of sunlight. Project Lincoln is getting some heat for publicizing the lawyers’ names.

  55. turcopolier says:

    “But if, because of my opinions, I get censored, I guess that I should be able to sue this website and win.” This not a public space. You have no free speech rights here. It is entirely my property and all of you are my guests. You are banned. Sue me. You can find an American licensed lawyer in Istanbul.

  56. Deap says:

    A remarkable way to spend 1 hour and 22 minutes, a remarkable gem of a discussion, and a remarkable trip down memory lane.
    I highly recommend taking the time to watch this link in full, because the time warp aspect is the most oompelling feature. Legacy media was on the brink of competition with the internet – just 16 years ago. Two people are asked to ponder on the state of the media at this time.
    In Jan 2006, a debate was held between Tucker Carlson and Eric Alterman with the title “American News Media: Liberal or Conservative Bias”.
    How far have our issues moved since this timely debate – how far have our positions moved, how far has our nation moved. This video is an in depth reminder – that the answer is plenty …. but also not at all. Just different events are motivating us, but perhaps we find ourselves in almost exactly the same place.
    In someways it is hopeful because we have not yet destoryed ourselves and the next black swam may emerge from the ooze of the swamps of today, much like emerged from the swamps of 2006. (Eg: Iraq -Bush -media – rise of cable news and smug, bratty university students and smug bratty professors)
    Tucker is under attack right this moment – but he is actually a comfortable old shoe once we go into the way back machine and see him in 2006 – (did he even shave back then?)
    What has changed is when I personally saw this debate live at this event I was a “liberal”; now I am a conservative. No it did not change my mind. But 16 years of unfolding events did. Because I now stand by what both debaters concluded: liberals don’t know who they are or where they are going. I wanted off their crazy train. Plus I know now where they in fact are going, and I don’t want to go there.

  57. SysATI says:

    “This not a public space. You have no free speech rights here.”
    That’s exactly my point…
    This website is your backyard, and you do whatever you want there, including closing the door to people you don’t want as guests.
    BUT when the name of your site is Facebook, or Twitter, it cannot be considered a “private space” anymore and the same rules shouldn’t apply.
    Anyway, I’m banned so I can’t talk here anymore….
    Gotta go get myself a lawyer 😉

  58. turcopolier says:

    I unbanned you.

  59. Offtrail says:

    Lenin died years before collective farms were instituted in the USSR.

  60. Fred says:

    “publicity generated by such groups as Project Lincoln. Cancel culture, if you will or the disinfecting effect of sunlight.”
    So extortionate practices to coerce officers of the court to deny legal representation is an acceptable practice to you now?

  61. Escarlata says:

    Pat! May be it is irrelevant, butm from this commenter “lux” on, as he used bold letters to highlight parts of his/her comment, all the thread got in bold letters….
    How is that?

  62. Leith says:

    Offtrail – Lenin may or may not have been actively implementing kholkozes. But for sure it was Lenin that was responsible for the death of many Kulaks, and many Socialists also.

  63. scott s. says:

    About “yelling fire” — sometimes there is a fire in a crowded theater. But more to the point, do you wait for the fire to be licking at your heals before you yell, or when you first see some smoke, knowing you might be making a mistake?
    Looking at election history, the first complaint was that having the people vote on different days depending on the state resulted in fraud. So congress used their authority in 1845 to mandate all states vote on a single day. Subsequent, there were complaints that allowing parties to design and distribute ballots allowed vote harvesting and buying of votes, so in the period 1890-1892 states went to state-produced ballots and secret voting.
    Both of these have gone out the window with early voting and mail in ballots. We’re going to have to relearn what we knew in the 19th century.
    It seems to come down to “you can’t handle the truth” so we don’t want to peak under this rock.

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