"Late on September 10, the Saudi capital of Riyadh came under a missile and drone attack from the Ansar Allah movement (more widely known as the Houthis).

The Yemeni missile and air forces, loyal to the Houthi government, announced that they struck a “high-value target” in Riyadh with a Zulfiqar ballistic missile and three Samad-3 suicide drones.

“The attacks are a response to the enemy’s permanent escalation and its continuing blockade against our country,” Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Armed Forces of the Houthi government, said in a statement promising more attacks on Saudi Arabia if the Kingdom “continues its aggression and siege” on Yemen.

The Houthis revealed the Samad-3 combat drone, which also can be used as a loitering munition, in 2019. At that time, they claimed that it has a range of up to 1,500km. As to the Zulfiqar ballistic missile, it is one of a variety of ballistic and even cruise missiles widely employed by the Houthis against Saudi-affiliated targets.

Commenting on the September 10 attack, a spokesperson for the Saudi-led coalition said that Houthi forces launched the missiles and drones at civilian targets in Saudi Arabia, without giving more details.

Every Houthi strike on a target inside Saudi Arabia is a painful blow to the Kingdom. Even without the almost lost war in Yemen, Saudi Arabia has been passing through an economic and political crisis. So, it prefers to deny any damage or casualties as a result of such attacks, simultaneously censoring and silencing reports in social media."  SF


I wonder if Pompous the Great is still mocking and menacing analysts in State INR when they try to tell him that the Yemenis are the people shooting up Saudi deep targets and not the Iranians?  The Iranians have trained a number of Houthi and Yemeni Army engineers but they are building on skills that were already there.  When I was DATT in the YAR in the early 80s, the Yemen Air Force had SCUDS that they operated successfully against rebel targets in the SE quadrant of North Yemen. 

Marib Province is the eastern, desert  region of norther Yemen.  It extends for some distance into the Rub al Khali (Empty Quarter) desert of Saudi Arabia.  Some of the most recent Houthi missile and drone attacks were directed at Saudi sponsored military activities in that region even as the Ansar Allah (Houthis) advance into that region.  There are important oil/gas deposits in the province and the Houthis could use the money.  pl




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  1. Polish Janitor says:

    The Saudis are burning through $2 billion per month on a war they have already lost. Last year there was enough momentum going on for both sides to give a more lasting ceasefire and probably even some kind of peace treaty afterwards a chance. But unfortunately the political economy of the Trump admin’s current strategy in the ME is in support of continuing the war.
    Not many know the fact that the Houthis were initially supported by the U.S. military to fight AQ in yemen in 2013-2014, but since 2015 with Obama’s blessing, it has since become a different ballgame.
    The rumor is that Turkey is sending those nice M.Brotherhood gentlemen into Yemen, probably to fight alongside the Houthis.

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