Macron, La Marseillaise, and Les Gilets Jaunes

"Aux armes citoyens!  Formez vos battaillons!" etc.


It would appear that Macron had not seriously contemplated his country's national anthem, nor its bloody history of popular revolt in the streets.  Fortunately for him the guillotine is long gone.  The Communards of 1871 come to mind.  Macron has surrendered to the foule  Whatever actual political authority he has had is done.  He might as well resign and save himself from further humiliation.  His ineptitude may be the harbinger of an end to the 5th Republic.Did Macron really think that that the citizens of France would meekly submit to his fuels tax?  And then, having brought this on, he shrank from suppressing the unrest!  Amazing!  pl

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