“… Migrants Kick German Girl Down Stairs in Berlin Subway”


New Year's Eve should be interesting in Europe this year.  pl 



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  1. Lemur says:

    Cue the comments about how immigrants are not the sole source of these attacks, ignoring the disproportionate hand the non Asian Global South imported into the West has in crimes against the native population. Besides direct harm, the interference diversity injects into a spiritual organic community is immense to those of us concerned with qualitative existence. But liberals are not, of course. There entire worldview is predicated on discrete utility maximizing entities living out a McLife.
    In some ways they are right, however. Diversity is not so much a ’cause’ of social ills as a symptom of cultural anomie, spiritual degeneration, advanced phase consumer capitalism, and a consent/harm based social morality (if Hans has an open marriage with three lovers on the side, so long as everyone said yes, his ‘self-realization’ is none of your business bigot).
    I’d quote extracts but the entire thing is too good. In short, Germans are checking out of any vitalistic form of life. Despite their incredibly loose morality, ‘less than a third of Germans polled enjoy sex as a regular leisure activity. Compared to the last survey in 2011, down by some ten per cent.’ (turns out up tight right wing bigots enjoy better sex lives than the ‘liberated’ left: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/09/02/right-wing-people-more-likely-to-be-happier-with-their-sex-lives/. Sex tip of the day: develop an authoritarian personality).
    The end result of liberal ideology is emancipation from humanity. All categories must be transcended. We have totally inverted the original conception of freedom whose second root references the idea of ‘domain’ (free-DOM). Limits, categories, exclusion, and differentiation are the vector through which qualitative human experience are achieved. In fact they are the foundation for the numinous and the sacred in a society (distance = transcendence). When they are artificially eliminated, the human organism simply gives up and retreats into Coda-Mentality. These so called ‘humanistic, tolerant, empathetic’ Germans aren’t ‘living’. They’re just not dying. Yet. There’s a few more bars to play – residual socio-political capital to expend – before the coda concludes the German symphony.

  2. Fred says:

    Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt.

  3. Aka says:

    considering the immigration clearing systems that some of these countries have, it is no wonder.
    Basically, immigration officials in Canada, Europe, NZ, etc. seems to clear anyone with a sob story.
    They don’t seem to understand that lot of people will simply lie or do desperate things (like getting married or pregnant quickly) to get through clearing process. Or claim torture or police trouble back at home (and in some cases, they truly deserve it).

  4. TV says:

    “People get the government they deserve.”

  5. euclidcreek says:

    You don’t have to go to Germany to find insane violence against women. In Chicago a black man attacked and robbed a 94 year old Navy Vet. You can be sure this will be ignored by most of the media as the victim is a white woman and the alleged perp is from the “under served” community. Makes my blood boil.

  6. Oddlots says:

    Riddle me this: does it make any sense to create a concentration of radical Jihadists
    In Syria – to overthrow Assad or whatever – and so create a vector for terrorists into
    the EU if you are an EU politician supposedly responsible for EU security?

  7. turcopolier says:

    how about idiotic incompetence and group think as an explanation? pl

  8. Anna says:

    According to Obama’ recent waiver, it does:
    “I hereby determine that the transaction, encompassing the provision of defense articles and services to foreign forces, irregular forces, groups, or individuals engaged in supporting or facilitating ongoing U.S. military operations to counter terrorism in Syria, is essential to the national security interests of the United States,” President Obama affirmed in the presidential determination and waiver.” The ziocons need a concentration of radical jihadists in order to prevent restoration of Syria into a secular and well-functioning state. The waiver makes an unambiguous sign of the US government captured totally by the Israel-firsters.
    ‘President Obama’s decision could lead to an almost immediate escalation of the conflict and basically put the US in a situation of “waging a proxy war against the Russians and Syrians,” a former Pentagon official, Michael Maloof, told RT. “The rebels, whom we cannot identify, are going to be getting some very sophisticated weapons. Potentially, I should say, man-portable air defense systems, which can knock down Russian and Syrian aircraft,” Maloof said. “And the fact too, that we have stocks already in Europe, that can easily be transferred with this waiver. Under the waiver, it’s supposed to be a 15-day notification to Congress, but Congress, as of tonight, Washington time, is going to be out of session until January. So these arms can go within hours.”

  9. Balint Somkuti, PhD says:

    Becuz they live in their Wolkenkukucksheim, just like Hitler after 1944.
    As simple as that. Disattached from reality.

  10. Bandolero says:

    As someone living a few hundred meters away from the location of that crime scene (S-Bahnhof Hermannstraße in Neukölln) for decades let me add some colour to this crime.
    Youth population at this Western Berlin neighborhood is about 90% “migrant” – for example in schools – but it’s almost zero newly arrived refugees. It’s almost all “third generation” migrants of Turkish & Kurdish origin whose grandparents came to Germany in the 70s, mixed in with some arab refugees from the Lebanon war in the 80s. Youth criminality, youth gangs, aggressive youths and sometimes shockingly senseless violent crimes of mostly drunken or drugged youth exist, but it’s generally quite similar in scale and seriousity to other areas in Berlin where youth gangs happen to be more of a German nationalist or rightwing skinhead brand. Fighting sports like Taekwondo or kick boxing are quite popular among the youth here, and so are computer war games & fighter style movies a la Rambo, drinking, cannabis and lot’s of other drugs.
    The guys in the video with beer & cigarettes look quite typical for this neighborhood’s third generation migrant youth gangs, and such senseless aggression would fit quite neatly to some of these “homegrown” Neukölln 3rd generation migrant youths. However, what doesn’t fit, is that police did catch them yet though te crime was over a month ago. Usually the police here knows their “usual suspects” well & they are quick to apprehend them.
    So, the reason I could imagine for this is that maybe these criminals were not from the neighborhood, but came from a completely different place in Berlin. If so it would be interesting what there were doing at that subway crosspoint station. One explanation would be that they were just changing trains and had nothing to do in Neukölln except passing through. Another explanation would be that they were looking to get some cannabis or other drugs in the Hermannstraße subway line – which is known in Berlin as hashish line. Or maybe they were looking for cheap prostitutes in Neukölln.
    So, there are lot’s of possibilities, and since the identity of these criminals is unknown all is speculation. But I find it quite unlikely that this crime has anything to do with the recent wave of immigration into Germany – except that it may well be a product of failed immigration policies decades ago. But I think it’s much more likely that it would be well descibed as a result of failed youth policies lasting up to this day.

  11. Dubhaltach says:

    In reply to TV 08 December 2016 at 08:03 PM
    One of my favourite political quotes 🙂
    De Maistre although often wrongly attributed to De Toqueville.
    “Every country has the government it deserves (Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite”).
    He wrote it in 1811 in one of his letters – he was commenting on the new Russian constitution.

  12. optimax says:

    The more you help some people the more they hate you and see compassion as a form of weakness. Also, the survival instinct in whites is incompatible with cultural Marxist teachings but encouraged in the protected ethnicities.

  13. Thirdeye says:

    It’s been a long road for me, raised in an androgyne atmosphere in the shadow of the 1960s, to come to the opinion that strong gender roles are healthier than the androgynous mushbowl that the West seems headed towards. Statistics on mental health for both men and women, and on relationship durability, seem to bear that out. Are men and women to complement each other and support each others’ vitality, or engage in an endless series of small and large power struggles that have the opposite effect? The West will either come to grips with that issue or be culturally supplanted. May the best civilization win.

  14. Dubhaltach says:

    In reply to Lemur 08 December 2016 at 07:07 PM
    Except that I cannot help but notice this in the Telegraph story you linked to:
    “In France, however, it is Left-wing people who are the most happy, with those who define themselves as “Right-wing” the least happy, with just 57 per cent saying they are satisfied with their lot.”
    Perhaps it’s how much of an extremist you are rather than where you are on the political spectrum that’s an indicator of how satisfied you are with your sex life. Or perhaps the entire story is a load of nonsensical clickbait from a newspaper that’s hemorrhaging readers and money

  15. Aka says:

    personally I think EU politicians think that way because radical Jihadists do not seem to go after politicians (for whatever reason). Difficult to understand the reality when they (politicians) live “so far” away from the reality that their citizens live.

  16. Aka says:

    to paraphrase Field Marshal Slim, occasionally a dead (due the results of their actions) politician/ bureaucrat or two would also do great things.

  17. Poul says:

    Can’t see that it shows anything other than some people are violent idiots. Whether their motivation was based on culture, religion or race.
    Another case from Berlin 20.Jan, 2016.
    A German kills a 20 year old woman by pushing her in front of a subway train.
    Or from November in Denmark where a 32 year woman, seven months pregnant, got stab to death in what police now thinks was a random attack.
    Or the recent case from Israel of a couple Jews using one and a half hour to savagely beat a refugee from Darfur to death.

  18. Poul says:

    Extra information on the Berlin January attack. A mentally ill homeless man for Iranian background was the murderer.

  19. Johnboy says:

    I know I am going to be pilloried for pointing this out, but take note of this line: “According to unconfirmed information, the attack was made by a member of the ‘Afghan movement’.”
    Which means that a competent reporter would have written these lines:
    “showing brutal and senseless attack of a group of ALLEGED migrants on a German girl.”
    “showing brutal and senseless attack of a group of ALLEGED migrants on a German girl.”
    “there were not any quarrels or squabbles between the ALLEGED migrants and the 26-year-old girl before the incident”
    I am not disputing that the video shows a vicious crime.
    I am not disputing that the video shows the perpetrators of that crime.
    What I am pointing out is that the video does not in any way, shape or form “prove” that this crime was carried out by “migrants”.
    That last requires an extra layer of assumption that the report itself admits is “unconfirmed”.

  20. ex-PFC Chuck says:

    Thanks for the close-up observations.

  21. Winston Smith says:

    I have looked at the video a couple of times today precisely because of the claims that these were migrants. Apart from a beard, (that could just as well be a hipster beard) not much can be seen of the faces. A “Die Welt” article does not say anything about the the origin/ ethnicity of neither the women nor the four dim-witted numb-nut cowards.

  22. WoSa says:

    great comment. Real men satisfy, real women.

  23. Larry Kart says:

    Also — and I’m well aware and accept the Colonel’s caveats on not rejecting automatically material from questionable sources — there’s this about Bild, the source in this case:
    (Wikepedia):”The Bild newspaper (or Bild-Zeitung, literally Picture Newspaper … is a German tabloid published by Axel Springer AG.….
    “Bild has been described as “notorious for its mix of gossip, inflammatory language, and sensationalism”….
    “Der Spiegel wrote in 2006 that Bild “flies just under the nonsense threshold of American and British tabloids … For the German desperate, it is a daily dose of high-resolution soft porn.”
    Does anyone have an independent source for this video and the accompanying story — preferably one with a non-sensationalistic reputation and not just a site that is relaying the Bild’s account and video?

  24. shepherd says:

    This is another case where fictional context has been supplied to make us all feel outraged.The video depicts a crime that occurred on the 27th of October in Neukoelln. It has been reported on, predictably in sensational terms, by Bild. The perpetrators have not been identified, which is why the police made the video public a few days ago. Because they have not been identified, no one could possibly know their immigration status. We also do not know the nationality of the woman, only her age has been released. She could just as easily be a migrant herself as a German citizen for all we know.
    The words “migrant” and “German” been added to manipulate you. To make you mad, because angry people share stuff more readily. The Internet is full of stuff like this. If you want the other side, some have noticed she’s wearing a hood and said she’s a Syrian woman kicked by drunk Neo-Nazis for wearing a hijab. Of course, she’s not wearing a hijab, and we have no information about who she is.
    Then again, if we said instead, “Angry drunken man kicks woman he mistakenly believes to be his ex-girlfriend downstairs,” which is another context that fits this scene just fine, no one would care. Put it in the hot button terms of the day, however, and you have a winner.

  25. Tyler says:

    There was the case of the daughter of the EU official who was raped and murdered by an Afghan rapeugee.
    You can’t have a first world society with 3rd world savages. If the Germans vote for Merkel again they deserve everything that happens to them.

  26. Nancy K says:

    Young white men also can be violent and murder people, remember Charleston, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Colorado. Some people regardless of ethnicity or religion or even gender lack basic humanity. The bible states that in the end times the love of many Will grow cold. It seems that our world is getting very cold, and I,m not referring to the climate.

  27. Former 11B says:

    You can go on and on all you want but the fact is if all adults consent it is none of your damn business. Period.
    And if I remember correctly it was the moral majority right wingers who were so very keen to destroy actual freedom. And I am using the dictionary term so don’t hand me any of that distorted Orwellian double speak. Freedom does NOT mean The ability for Monsanto to rape some third world country without restriction. Your unspoken but leaning into some kind of law against what Hans is doing gives you away. You would gladly start taking away freedom with wild abandon as long as you don’t have any skin in the game.
    Liberal and Conservative is a construct to keep us divided and stupid. Get past it.

  28. Tyler says:

    Yeah we all know rapeugees are all scientist/doctors and not savages overrepresented in violent crimes.
    Glad we have brave defenders of the Narrative like you around here

  29. “Does anyone have an independent source for this video and the accompanying story — preferably one with a non-sensationalistic reputation and not just a site that is relaying the Bild’s account and video?”
    Final sentence indicating that the video might possibly have been leaked from within the Police Force.
    English Outsider

  30. turcopolier says:

    I am surprised at your racial comment about “young white men.” IMO Arabs, Kurds and Turks are “white men.” pl

  31. Nancy K says:

    I think you know who I was referring to, and none of those involved were Arabs, Kurds or Turks. They were Caucasian. I feel little need to be politically correct on this site, should I be?

  32. turcopolier says:

    Nancy K
    How do you know who these men were? pl

  33. Tyler says:

    As a Leftist, I understand statistics are not your friend.
    If I said you are much more likely to get mauled by a pit bull than a golden retriever, you would retort BUT RETRIEVERS BITE PEOPLE TOO.
    This is how facile you are.

  34. Keith Harbaugh says:

    “failed youth policies”
    Enough with blaming anyone but the perpetrators.
    Angela Merkel, in my opinion, is evil come to life.

  35. hemeantwell says:

    There would be fewer of what you call “3rd world savages” in Germany and Europe today if it were not for the American assault on Iraq. Is that a “Marxist” analysis? Many of the posters here aren’t Marxists, but they would agree with that statement. They might not agree with characterizing the assault on Iraq as “savage.” But if you want to start deprecating people by emphasizing their violent behavior then I think you need to consider the necessity of making sure the deprecating distinction holds up well. The conduct of “first world” US foreign policy in this millenium has a way of making that hard to do.
    I’m not making excuses for the perps. I’m hoping that if and when the Syrian war, a war that is a spinoff from the Iraq invasion, is concluded many of the “savages” will return to what they used to call home.

  36. Nancy K says:

    I was referring to Aurora Colo shooter James Holmes, Columbine shooters Harris and Klebold, Charleston shooter Dylan Roof and Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza. These men were not immigrants, refugees or Arab, Turk or Kurds. They were Caucasian, born in the USA and evidently golden retrievers acting like pit bulls.

  37. Cold War Zoomie says:

    Word salad jibberish. The “Hamburg Institute for Future Studies” does not have a presence on the Web.

  38. FkDahl says:

    Gentle high IQ people have a hard time understanding these low IQ high aggression low empathy MENA immigrants until it hits you in the face. Literally. I know, I used to a nice liberal (and I was kicked in the neck from behind).
    A new phenomena in Sweden are random, unprovoked savage assaults on lone women, typically late at night. Typical case is a woman walking home from work is approached and then beaten by a couple of young men who speak broken or no Swedish. The attacks involve kicking the prone person, and sometimes stealing phone etc.
    The feminists in Sweden are 100% quiet about this.

  39. FkDahl says:

    There would also be less migrants if UK+France had not attacked Libya…
    The main problem is the European politican and media class who do not have the best interest of the citizens at heart.
    Danish genetics professor (now emeritus)
    Good night

  40. Tyler says:

    Ah, the ol “Only western nations/white people have agency” gambit.
    Your pathological anti-Western response doesn’t change the fact that these people have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of their medieval head chopper culture, regardless of who’s dropping bombs.

  41. Tyler says:

    Do all those even add up to one Florida nightclub shooting? Lmbo

  42. TV says:

    NancyK: You’re a walking contradiction. The “white men” guilty of mass killings in the US were psychopaths, not products of a culture.
    You are rationalizing the behavior of “men” from societies that devalue and treat women like chattel.
    Left wing “logic” – always fun to watch.

  43. sillybill says:

    It is also becoming increasingly evident that we can’t have a first world society with 1st world savages.
    The most universally despised, brutally inhuman killing army ever created by man was composed of white people. Who completely ignored reality, were given permission to attack and defraud the chosen scapegoats, and worshiped their divine leader because he told them they were totally the best. Who led them to utter ruin. You’re a college boy, I’m sure you know the rest.
    So when you go off about the brutality of dark people, and say they aren’t fit to live in the same society as us noble whiteys – I got to tell you to toss it.
    The worst criminals in the US or Europe are white men wearing business suits.

  44. TonyL says:


  45. Fred says:

    You sound like you need more diversity. Perhaps we should get together with the Europeans and send our illegals your way.

  46. Fred says:

    4,159 shootings in Chicago year to date. Not that the left is paying much attention.

  47. Bandolero says:

    Keith Harbaugh
    “Angela Merkel, in my opinion, is evil come to life.”
    It seems you could be well integrated into this region of Berlin Neukölln. Virtually everybody here thinks the same. Though, really not everyoneone: Angela Merkel and her CDU still get between 3& and 7% of the vote in that part of Berlin, about record low in whole Germany. Have a look, it’s Neukölln 30x in the official data:
    We tried hard to figure out who were these few people still voting for Merkel and her CDU here – a political joke says “who are these p***” – but it seems to be all old pensioners, who just have very little connecton to what’s going on on the ground since decades. Votes for Merkel from people younger than 80 seem very close to zero in that part of Neukölln.
    However, problems with youth violence and migrant overflow are quite real. The situation is well-known in Germany and the former Neukölln SPD mayor – I think Americans would likely call him a mobster – is a national media super star because he tells it like it is, and bigger problems, like here:
    However I find him always looking strange when he wears suits for media because I only know him – drinking or not – in jogging trousers.
    Regarding failed youth policies it’s obvious in this part of Neukölln. Virtually everyone complains that it’s not done enough. After half a day in school many of the younger boys go home, and put in games like Counter Strike or Medal of Honor – of which “Taliban mode” was very popular – or whatever. At least it was so as my boy was in school in Neukölln, however I don’t know what happened to the PC games when the US army took the taliban mode away. My older girl doesn’t know much about Counter Strike, Medal of Honor or Taliban mode – she just complained the boys are played shooter games all day. And many of the youths a bit older booze and drug, and many do martial arts. That’s a long time reality in Neukölln. And I know it also, because in my time I also went to school in Neukölln and I also went training kick boxing, and so on. It may be a reason I don’t take Turkish/Arab youth criminality too serious here, because as a 200 pound guy trained in martial arts I may not feel threatened like others do. About politics I know a bit cause I went SPD after school and about police in Neukölln I know a bit because later in my life I trained Judo in a Neukölln club popular by police officers. So believe me or not, I think I do know what I’m speaking about Neukölln.
    By the way, some politicians realized the reality that about 90% of pupils in this region of Neukölln have a kind of migration background, too. So politiancs try to “Germanize” this part of Neukölln again by attracting young “migrant friendly” Green Left students. But as soon as they have children needing a school most of these people leave the neighborhood, because they don’t want their children be in schools with 90% Turkish pupils. The plan for “Re-Germanization” is also the reason why the politicians don’t want Syrian, Iraqi, Afghani, … refugees in this part of Neukölln.
    So, regarding what I say is failed youth policies, what should be done? There should be much more money for all day schools and other places to educate youths in this problematic part of Neukölln. And of course that money should be spend wisely, and not like one political party against the other. To change the situation youth policy financing in Neukölln must be higher than in well off German high society neighborhoods. That is already largely political consensus in Berlin, though it’s still hard for Zehlendorf bankers that Neukölln children must get more money though he pays bigger taxes.
    This is hardly a federal fight, but much more a local Berlin one, though many people in foreign countries aren’t likely to understand it.
    By the way: I just watched the HD video released by the Berlin police, and I’m not so sure anymore that the criminals were looking like Neukölln youths. The guy doing the crime had clearly a very unusual beard. In Neukölln there were some horrific youth crimes including murder, but usually these criminals are too you to have such a beard, and if they do, many people would know them.
    It’s just like if someone as the late – infamous ISIS terrorist – German-American (Does that count as a migration background?) Deso Dogg, who grew up 5km away from Neukölln in a similar Berlin neighborhood, could just go around, mess up and be not on the cameras or on the police radars. That’s not the case, police ha a good eye onto their “usual suspects” in Berlin and that’s exactly why Deso Dogg went to Syria.

  48. Laguerre says:

    Thanks for that well-informed comment. Newly arrived refugees don’t drink that much alcohol in my experience, because they didn’t back home. They haven’t changed their habits yet.

  49. Laguerre says:

    “Of course, she’s not wearing a hijab,”
    Actually, you don’t know that. She could be wearing a hijab under the hood. Lots of Muslim women do that. There’s a flash of brown at one point, which could be fur trimming for the hood, or hair, or hijab.

  50. Dubhaltach says:

    In reply to Nancy K 09 December 2016 at 12:55 PM
    “The bible states that in the end times the love of many Will grow cold. It seems that our world is getting very cold, and I,m not referring to the climate.”
    This is one of those occasions when I wish I could disagree.

  51. theUnready says:

    The vast majority of rapes (if you bother to check the statistics) are carried out by men who know their victims in some way – relatives, ‘friends’, teachers etc. Surely that means the majority of white rape victims were raped by white men?
    It’s unlike you to be concerned with minorities, surely??

  52. LeaNder says:

    CWZ, I guess Breitbart is alluding to the “Foundation for Future Studies, an Initiative of British American Tobacco”.
    I found it less helpful on single issues. But it is a well established social research institution in consumer research or the field of leisure activities. Some matters are translated on their site:
    In this special case they allude to this recent newsletter. Only German newsletters it seems. Kinder = Kein Geld, keine Freiheit, keine Karriere? Warum die Deutschen keine Kinder bekommen / Children = no money, no freedom, no career? Why Germans don’t have children.
    Breitbart is intending to expand to Germany, by the way. So not all hope is lost we may be led into the right direction in matters of sex too long term. 😉

  53. Eric Dönges says:

    While everything Larry says about “Bild” is true, I would like to point out that neither of the two “Bild” articles to this case I found online (http://www.bild.de/regional/berlin/koerperverletzung/maedchen-treppe-runter-gestossen-49095948.bild.html, http://www.bild.de/regional/berlin/fahndungsfoto/jetzt-fahnden-sie-nach-dem-u-bahn-treter-49224288.bild.html) mention the nationality / residency status of the perpetrators. That part seems to be a fabrication of southfront.org.

  54. LeaNder says:

    The guy doing the crime had clearly a very unusual beard.
    i thought about that. Including the problem to find the guys.
    … but usually these criminals are too you to have such a beard, and if they do, many people would know them. …
    not sure what you are trying to suggest.
    Interesting. Thanks, Bandolero. I have to admit I associated Wedding, maybe since–before times got hotter (mid eighties)– I experienced a more profound alert concerning steps behind me there at night. Visiting friends, who by now moved out. But I know Neukölln, had friends there, lived in nearby Kreuzberg decades ago.

  55. LeaNder says:

    rapeugees as some type of natural variant of “black on white” rape?

  56. Larry Kart says:

    “Do all those even add up to one Florida nightclub shooting? Lmbo”
    Yes, body counts certainly are the best way to look at these matters. But do you think that the victims of the shootings Nancy K mentioned wouldn’t have “[added] up to one Florida nightclub shooting” if the potential victims in those various cases had been as “trapped,” as accessible to the shooters, and as numerous to begin with as was the case in Florida? Didn’t Harris and Klebold and Lanza and Roof shoot just about everyone they could get at? Don’t recall that they spared anyone.

  57. Nancy K says:

    It isn’t an either or. It is simply that there are many crazies in our world and they have many religions, colors, gender and ethnicity. I am not saying that some refugees are not terrorists or some illegals are not criminals. What I believe I am saying quite clearly is there are bad people in all walks of life and to pretend it is only the others who are evil is naïve at best.

  58. Eric Dönges says:

    Actually, the only one “defending the narrative” in this case is you, Tyler. If you claim to be able to tell the residency status or ethnicity of the perpetrators from the supplied video, you are either a liar or a fool.
    If you want to make the case that refugees are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime, you would be much better off citing the “Polizeiliche Kriminalstatistik 2015” (official statistics on crime in Germany for 2015, released by the Bundeskriminalamt, see https://www.bmi.bund.de/SharedDocs/Downloads/DE/Broschueren/2016/pks-2015.pdf?__blob=publicationFile). The numbers for 2016 won’t be available until May 2017.
    The cliff notes version – if you discount crimes only foreigners can commit (like being in the country illegally), 25% of crime suspects are foreigners, and of these, 20% are migrants, i.e. migrants make up about 5% of the total suspect pool. For the report, any non-EU foreigner is considered a migrant. For reference, in 2015 foreigners made up about 10% of the population, but I have no idea how many of those are non-EU foreigners. In any case, before making statements on crime in Germany, you should probably read the entire report for yourself.

  59. LeaNder says:

    high-resolution soft porn
    They seem to had/surely still have(?) this “soft porn” offer for one side of their target groups=the average male. Beyond offering the “all-you-need-to-know in nutshells*. But what does this mean? Surely what matters is it reaches many. I guess, that’s meant with: “best-selling non-Asian newspaper”.
    Can we have a comparative study to what extend papers sold and still sell since they are cheaper comparatively and give some type of need to know type of news? Meaning give you the impression you are informed not manipulated but know all there is you need to know? … Never mind manipulations. Historically I could tell you some. Like: e.g. publishing a story from the South on the Berlin edition front page only…
    * one of my teachers in PR and marketing tried to alert the class to Bild’s ability to raise people’s involvement and anger via their headlines and condensations into all-you-need-to-know. There expertise needed to be studied closely, she told us.

  60. Cee says:

    except that it may well be a product of failed immigration policies decades ago.
    Yes. Like some areas in France. Things are going to get worse.
    I did read that many Muslims in Germany are now converting to Christianity. For cover?

  61. Tyler says:

    I see we are playing the “conflate unrelated statistics” tapdance in order to defend your Noble Minorities.
    Go walk through downtown Praetoria at night and if you survive, go walk through downtown Scottsdale. Let me know what you’ve learned about the differences.

  62. Tyler says:

    You are indeed silly. I spent my formative years in Afghanistan and Iraq back when a “FOB” was hesco barriers, so GTFO with your Reducto ad Hitlerium nonsense.
    The Wehrmacht was an army at war, and damned good at what it did. Like most gamma males, you hate yourself and any show of strength, and seek to bring everyone to your same, pathetic level. Sad!

  63. Tyler says:

    Indeed. Its why Sweden is trying to extradite Assange on a bogus “sexual assault” charge while letting its women get gangraped on a nightly basis so it can show how it is the least racist country ever.
    Honestly we should drop all these people with their pathological altruism into one country with all the refuse of the world and let them build their utopia sans Deplorables like you, me, the Colonel, TTG, Fred etc. Curious how fast it all goes to hell.

  64. Tyler says:

    I further direct you to look up “interracial rape” in the US, and see who is busy raping who in this era of hate hoaxes and fake news like “Hands up don’t shoot”.

  65. Cee says:

    King Leopold does come to mind. So does General Jeffrey Amherst.

  66. Cold War Zoomie says:

    “CWZ, I guess Breitbart is alluding to the “Foundation for Future Studies, an Initiative of British American Tobacco”.”
    Yes, I saw that organization in Hamburg and thought maybe that was Breitbart’s source. But who knows? I couldn’t tell after tooling around on the site a few minutes.
    I recommend Breibart’s “journalists” retake 9th grade English for a refresher on how to properly cite their sources.

  67. German TV stating the men were Afghans. Few other details except that at least two were said to have been settled in Germany for some time. But this incident serves as well as any other to enable discussion of the issue. The posts here, or some of them, also demonstrate why that discussion is difficult. Far too many see all political questions through the restrictive prism of “racism” and are thus, in this case as in most others, inhibited from seeing any further. Could that inhibition be set aside for a moment?-
    When the recent immigrant influx was in prospect Mrs Merkel made the famous statement “Wir schaffen es” – “We can do it”. As yet fear of being thought racist does, for most, suppress the obvious question “Why?”.
    It is foolish to suppress that question, for racism has little to do with it. It is not racist to state that Western foreign policy has led directly to this recent influx, and that the continuance of that policy will lead to further influxes. A few Germans like Sahra Wagenknecht do already seem to be aware of this. Should more Germans, or indeed more Europeans, become aware that we in Europe have brought the problem on ourselves we might see less destruction of the countries the immigrants are fleeing.
    It is not racist to state that Western trade policies also contribute to the circumstances that lead to large numbers of people leaving their home countries. So there, though I’d hesitate to say that we’re directly responsible for their poverty, we could do a lot more to ameliorate it by refraining from the aggressive or exploitative trade policies we currently pursue.
    Refusing to discuss such matters for fear of the inevitable cries of “racism” pretty well puts an end to finding any solutions. That is wrong. The dead child lying on the beach does and should arouse our sympathy. But it shouldn’t stop there. There will be many more such children, and their deaths will be down to us, unless we can bring ourselves to ask the question “Why?”.
    English Outsider

  68. charly says:

    Why do you exclude the Asians? Paki’s are a menace in Britain & the Hells Angels run away from Satudarah.

  69. charly says:

    Problem with Germany is that it is a conservative country and they don’t get children.

  70. LeaNder says:

    Problem with Germany is that it is a conservative country …
    “problem” or “chance” for Breitbart? What ya think? … Too conservative for counter-revolutionaries?
    But strictly it feels they already have solid contacts with their ‘natural allies’ over here.

  71. Tyler says:

    The larger issue was she was picking at psychopaths vs. A culture that encourages a death to infidels approach. But hey, we have to ban the Confederate flag and tear down our history cause Dylan Roof killed nine. But if we ask why we keep importing Muslims after Boston, after San Berdoo, Orlando, 9/11… Well in our f-cked logic that means the terrorists win.

  72. Tyler says:

    Your Jewish husband would last about five minutes in the majority of the Muslim world, and you’re so eager to prove how diverse you are by ignoring that Where you have third worlders, you get stuff like this. You are blind.

  73. Tyler says:

    So how many schoolgirls getting raped is acceptable before you accept multicult is a failure, my progressive friends?

  74. theUnready says:

    No conflation required to make my point, which is that you seem more concerned with white women who are raped by non-whites than those who are raped by whites, even though those are the majority.
    Noble Minorities ?? You really don’t know what you’re talking about.
    I’ve never been to South Africa, so I’ll let the people from there talk for themselves. If you would like to talk about good manners and generosity and genuine kindness to strangers then in my experience the people of Aleppo are leagues ahead of most northern Europeans that I’ve come across. I think you’ll find that in most of the middle east, if a women cries for help then everyone in earshot will rush to help. I’m sure I recall advice given to women here in England: ‘you’re better off calling out ‘fire’ if you want help’.

  75. Bandolero says:

    “I did read that many Muslims in Germany are now converting to Christianity.”
    I think it’s a hoax. But what happened is that many Turkish muslim immigrants into Neukölln “westernized” their islamic identities over the generations, though sometimes in strange ways, like not eating pork for religious reasons, but boozing in the evening like the Germans.

  76. FkDahl says:

    Such statistics is verboten (yes) to gather in Sweden since 3 years. Statistics up to that point showed a 20-30 factor likelihood increase to be involved in violent crime and rape for non European immigrants (this includes the much less violent east Asians).
    Recent analogous data point is that of all 41 assault rapes in Oslo over the last 3 years were committed by African or MENA perps.
    “a common factor is the severe violence used”

  77. Bandolero says:

    English Outsider
    I read at South Front, that “according to unconfirmed information, the attack was made by a member of the ‘Afghan movement’.” Whether German TV said the men were Afghans I don’t know.
    But what I know is that these claims are utter nonsense. The guys who did the crime are unknown – that’s why the police released the video to ask the public helping to identify them. At S+U-Bahnhof Hermannstraße – the location of the crime scene – nobody ever heard of an “Afghan movement” gang operating there. If there were an “Afghan” gang trying to operate there, I’m quite sure they would soon run into big trouble with the existing gangs already operating there.
    For the gangs who operate there, and jealously defend it against any competition, have a look at this report in German from Emser Straße – which is crossing Hermannstraße directly above the subway station Hermannstraße:
    I don’t think some kind of unknown “Afghan movement” can take these Turkish-Kurdish-Arab guys out of power on what they see as their home turf.

  78. Nancy K says:

    He has been in Muslim countries, he speaks fluent Arabic and he is still alive.

  79. charly says:

    Breitbart stick is writing for a-religious, non-elite right-wing-ers. They are in every country but the politics are different in every country so i would not use the same name or even most content so no, i don’t think there is a chance for Breitbart in Germany but there is a chance for a site like Breitbart in Germany.

  80. turcopolier says:

    Nancy K
    He speaks good Arabic? That is unusual for an Israeli Jew. How did that happen? pl

  81. Tyler says:

    Under what conditions? Don’t play semantics games with me. We both know he’s safer walking through Cheyenne, WY than Khartoum, but man you love some diversity as long as you moral signal on the internet.

  82. Nancy K says:

    He studied it at the University of Jerusalem and worked under Zvi Zamir in the military. He is a linguist and speaks 8 languages, but is not able to use some of them much.

  83. turcopolier says:

    Nancy K
    Ah, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on Mt. Scopus. there are some excellent Arabic scholars there. So he must have been in IDF intelligence. I used to know quite a few of those guys. There were not very many of them. BTW there is a distinct Hebrew University accent in Arabic. pl

  84. Fred says:

    “So how many schoolgirls getting raped is acceptable….”
    According to the left 1 in 5 is a-ok.

  85. Nancy K says:

    Of course I realize he and I and you would be safer walking through Cheyenne WY than Khartoum, although I have no desire to walk through Cheyenne, especially in the winter. Why do you always use extreme examples to make your point. I do prefer diversity in life, in the people I know, family members, literature, food, etc etc. Our family is diverse, we have 5 children, between them they are Hispanic, Korean, Jewish, and mixed European.
    If you want to live a life surrounded only by people that look like you, have the same religion as you, think like you and agree with you, that is your choice. It is not mine.

  86. LeaNder says:

    I recommend Breibart’s “journalists” … refresher on how to properly cite their sources.
    Might have to do with to with several factors, strictly.
    But if I am honest and less ‘balanced’ I have to admit: I am sometimes a little suspicious too, if it isn’t done deliberately, to open the road for purely emotional responses.
    E.g. In the Jerusalem Post I watched such matters. Mind you that was about a Berlin institute, I am also quite familiar with. It got heavily mangled in translation. Meaning: if you aren’t familiar with it. You’d probably give up googling it. More easy to cause immediate emotional responses in the comment sections???
    I checked the distribution circles over here. Strictly it is funny: No sex, we are Germans. 😉
    There is only one institutions active in this type of leisure activities in HH. There is another more interesting institution, that looks deeper then how we spend or spent our time. But they offer rarely stuff for headlines, attracting people. Although, they did in one special case.
    Sorry, I didn’t respond earlier. Curious troubles over here.

  87. LeaNder says:

    They are pretty close to our Junge Freiheit. Young Freedom, in case you are curious. The weekly was founded in Freiburg in one of the rather national sounding student fraternities in Freiburg. Of cause the old men of the fraternity sponsored the exercise. For much longer now they are close to Berlin in Potsdam.
    I wouldn’t be in the least surprised, if they already had established quite good contacts over here. Junge Freiheit on the issue, among others admittedly.
    Daniel Pipes has a German site for quite a while, as has Huffington Post by now. I am sure there is space for Breitbart and they are quite welcome over here.

  88. turcopolier says:

    Nancy K
    Your statement seems the very essence of “virtue signaling.” pl

  89. LeaNder says:

    As yet fear of being thought racist does, for most, suppress the obvious question “Why?”
    Shouldn’t that be “how”, and not “why”? Fact is, there was some type of crisis. An enormous peak in numbers lining up in Germany’s neighbor states, Austria, for instance. Thus the ‘why’ and the statement was dictated by events.
    The phrase has been much debated, over here too, but strictly it is futile. A high percentage by now argues, he fault was she didn’t explain it better.
    What should she have done? Close the borders, sent the military, shoot wildly into the crowds that gathered there at the time to make them go away, as suggested at by the “Alternative for Germany”. The AfD started as a anti-Euro party, but after the founders got pushed out via an internal ‘coup’, if you like, jump-started from a relatively low basis into two digit gains on one issue: refugees.
    I’ll leave out Sarah Wagenknecht, if you don’t mind. … I dropped notes on her before. I am pretty sure. Yes, I have highly mixed feelings about her. Been watching her for many decades by now.

  90. Nancy K says:

    You could be right, I could do more, however it is not my intention to appear virtuous. I have tried to live my life as honestly as I can. When I first read your statement I felt taken back by it, but I can see how I could come across as sanctimonious to others on this site.

  91. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Those were, almost certainly, drug-deranged young men. Ban drugs and enforce that ban.

  92. Babak Makkinejad says:

    I am Beige.

  93. Babak Makkinejad says:

    You need to read about the Sack of Constantinople by the Catholics Christian Crusaders.
    Likewise for what Mongols did to the cities of the Iranian Plateau and Berber Tribes to the cities and villages of North Africa.

  94. Babak Makkinejad says:

    “…kicked in the neck from behind…”
    Used to be very common in the Middle East – as form of punishment as well as an everyday assault on religious minorities – for fun – for centuries.

  95. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Money will not solve your problems in Germany with the non-European and non-German immigrants; intermarriage is the only solution.
    You need to encourage it by subsidizing such marriages.
    How many centuries did it take for the Schwabians to be considered German?
    [“What is written at the bottom of beer cans in Schwabia? “Open from the other side.”]
    More so for Muslim immigrants into Germany.
    This is not a matter opinion of one Babak Makkinejad, rather of empirical historical fact.

  96. I should say in reply to Bandolero, sorry, all I know is what was on German TV. The link you were kind enough to post was informative though. Reminded me of accounts of gang life in some Swedish towns.
    In reply to LeaNder, my comment above was not clearly written. I should have specified two “Why’s”, not one. I’ll set them out:-
    Why mass immigration in the first place? It can scarcely be claimed to have any humanitarian benefits. The reverse, in truth. Disruptive for all concerned, at times seriously dangerous for the refugees. No economic benefits, except for short term benefits for a few companies and those heavily outweighed by the long term social costs.
    Cheap labour, they say. So was the slave trade. So was the indentured labour system that ran in tandem with the slave trade and then supplanted it. Except that this modern version of the slave trade no longer has any economic rationale. Stealing cheap unskilled labour from the third world is pointless given the increase in automation, further reduces wages and job opportunities for the unskilled labour force already here, and disrupts communities in the countries the refugees come from. Stealing skilled labour from the third world holds back development in their countries and unbalances training and the skilled economy in ours.
    The second “Why” is perhaps more to the point in this thread. Why are we doing it like this?
    First we destabilise the countries the refugees come from. Then we look on complacently as great numbers are killed in those countries. Some of the survivors then undertake perilous journeys with no certain destination. Those that make it get lectures on how to change their customs and preferably their way of dressing. Some get Teddy bears at the railway station as well.
    That’s one hell of a way of obtaining cheap labour. If it was me getting harvested in this way I might settle for the slave ship and do without the Teddy bear.
    Those are the two “Why’s” I had in mind in my first post. As yet, and it’s several decades now, I’ve heard no answer to them.
    English Outsider

  97. charly says:

    I think i should be more honest. Right-wing populist is often racist. Problem is racism is local so if you say something racist that is not native you don’t get the you-should-not-say-such-a-thing reaction but the he-is-loony reaction. And the racism in the US is simply really different than in Europe. See for example the way Indians and blacks are used in American and British tv-series

  98. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Or, to put it slightly differently,
    Angela Merkel ist Merkel der Teufel!

  99. Keith Harbaugh says:

    Thanks, Bandolero, for your thorough examination of the issue.
    Could I ask you about a related issue?
    The German Christian Democratic Union is described as being “center-right”.
    Who am I to argue with that,
    but I wonder,
    why is there not any evident movement within that party
    to depose Merkel as its leader,
    and replace her with someone with a less anti-German immigration policy?

  100. Bandolero says:

    Wedding is in some ways very similar to Northern Neukölln, a cheap Western Berlin (former) worker’s neighborhood with lot’s of Turks settled to fill up missing Western Berlin population as the city was divided, and so are Eastern Kreuzberg and parts of Moabit. But Northern Neukölln was always the cheapest of all these, and the biggest place of that kind, way off for most Germans. The only younger – meaning not pensioner age – Germans in Emser Straße I could remember of were settled around a bar of a leading member of the “one percenter” “Born to be wild MC” – who were able to get themselves respect from the Turkish/Kurdish youngsters. But after the wall opened police cracked down on these guys and that was it with German presence, at least on the street, in the “event” and “security business” and at the profitable doors. Friends in police say the now ruling Turkish/Kurdish clans are harder to crack, because police is unable to get inside with informers, exactly because these are tribal clans.
    “… but usually these criminals are too you to have such a beard, and if they do, many people would know them. …”
    Sorry for the typo. I want to buy an “ng” so that this reads:
    “… but usually these criminals are too young to have such a beard, and if they do, many people would know them. …”
    What I wanted to say is that this kind of senseless brutality like kicking a woman downstairs or beating up someone “just for fun” is quite typical for some Neukölln youngsters, but these youngsters are usually aged maybe 12 to 15. And at this age they don’t have beards.
    When they are old enough to sport beards, they ‘re more likely restricted to senseless violence and more into profitable criminal business like armed robbing of shops, beating people up for not paying drug debts, punish a brothel for opening without license from a regional boss or something like that.
    If you are not familiar with Neukölln youth, you may have a look at youngsters like Yehya Al Ahmad, who was a Berlin boxing youth champ at the age of 14, who’s currently serving a six year term after a previous three year term as a youth.
    He’s from Sonnenallee in Neukölln, a predominantly Arab neighborhood more than a mile away from S-Bahnhof Hermannstraße, while the S-Bahnhof Hermannstraße neighborhood is much more Turkish/Kurdish, but the career of Yehya sounds very familiar to me who got know many Turkish/Kurdish yougsters at the Emser Straße neighborhood.

  101. Bandolero says:

    Of course money will not solve the problems with immigration, and especially muslim immigration, into Germany, and surely not the problems with what’s called in German “parallel societies” in places like Northern Neukölln. And of course more intermarriage would be an indicator of more success. However, it’s hard to force or nudge people to do that. Tough prejudices prevail like Turkish girls preferring Turkish boys, because many of them think it’s better to have a Turkish husband prone to womanizing than a German husband prone to boozing, though reality is more likely that both, German and Turkish husbands, do all of that.
    However, while money is surely not enough to get away from the very real parallel societies in places like northern Neukölln, a lot of money is absolutely essential to make steps in that direction. While in some recent decades there was a lot of CDU thinking like the problem will grow out itself, so it’s just needed to continue policy as usual, this theory was completely discredited in recent years. If politics doesn’t take lot’s of money in hand to fight the problem of parallel societies, it grows. Developments in places like Northern Neukölln have shown with clarity that people don’t mix naturally, but they separate. Migrant people built their own places with their own rules, have their own judges and their own security arrangements, and many of them make their living of ripping off or robbing Germans in other places. Just containing the problem with ever more police failed. Police made the experience that when asking migrant people somehting many just answer “I not speaking German.” And when the police looks for someone they oftenly find themselves in minority positions surrounded by youth gangs which are quicker to get large reinforcements than police, though the police in Northern Neukölln is usually really quick, one to three minutes for police to arrive for serious problems is quite common and reinforcements are also quick. To apprehend more serious suspects police has to call special operations commands and hundreds in support like police did when they searched some multi-family homes of a leading clan in Northern Neukölln a couple of months ago, and then to leave with only eight arrests made and a Porsche and some minor money confiscated. Weaponizing the problem by the police is also hardly a solution. I know already some police who think tough youth judge Kirsten Heisig, who was after the clans, didn’t commit suicide, but was “suicided” by the clans. A lot of what’s going on has to do with youths.
    So what to do for mixing and against the parallel socities is started in schools. Currently in Northern Neukölln the situation is that 80%, up to 90%, of schools are visited by mostly Turkish/Kurdish children descending of migrants, many of whom have German citizenship since second migrant generation at least. Politics in recent years was quite successful in marketing Northern Neukölln as a cheap and good place to live for Green/Lefty students, and there opened lot’s of fancy bars for them and so on. However, when they get children they usually leave. Even these Green/Lefty students don’t want their children to grow up with the Turkish/Kurdish/Arab Neukölln youth in school. Though there have been some improvements, even these migrant-friendly Green/Lefty students realize, that their children would be a problem for their children, who would be a minority, the school curriculum slow and contact with criminality threatening.
    To change that calculus of the Green/Lefty people and school in their children in such schools, tons of money are needed, for making school classes in such problematic areas smaller, for having schools for full days so that the children don’t hang out on the streets when parents are working, for sports and other useful activity in the evening and so on. I know personally, because I was on such a heavily migrant school – and my children were too – that it can be quite fine and fun for all sides. And I can guarantee you a lot of “intermarriage” will happen when more “interschool” will happen.
    But to get people more mixed in schools, the major task is to get lot’s of more money for these schools in “problematic” areas. In principle, everyone seems to agree to this, but of course, the people in the high society districts of Berlin fight for the money for their schools, too. But they may well regret of being so penurious, and many are already, as they see the signs of a state similar to civil war in Germany ever more clear.

  102. Cee says:

    A niece who worked in Russia told me about people bringing in fake chest x-rays trying to get out when they really had TB. Back then it was called Ebola with wings.

  103. Cee says:

    The KKK dream that black people are killing off other black people.
    Someone sent a few interesting videos about and race in The US that could also explain the anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe. Whites are beginning poorer and are dying in greater numbers.

  104. Cee says:

    Love your name. Those people who set the stage for these wars and the wave of immigration that followed may have wanted to shrewd their social safety nets and destabilize Europe too. Just a thought.

  105. Bandolero says:

    Merkel is still arguably the most popular politician in the CDU, though she gets her votes more in the center than on the right wing. Would elections be today, polls see Merkel still winning and staying in power.
    As long as Merkel is polling good and winning elections nobody in the CDU will risk losing elections by touching her due to ideological differences, because in the end holding power is the raison d’etre of the CDU.

  106. Tyler says:

    There is nothing extreme in the comparison, other than how extreme it points out your ridiculousness.
    I live in a border community, and I bet that my neighborhood is exponentially more diverse than your posh little NC suburb. If Section 8/Refugee Resettlement moved in you would paint on a smile as you looked at Zillow.com for a new place to go.
    Your virtue signaling in this post is so intense, so concentrated that you disrupt cell phone communications, the FCC has to issue you a license for your signals production, and SETI starts getting readings off of you, that’s how hard you’re signaling.

  107. Babak Makkinejad says:

    Thank you for your comments.
    In the United States, specifically in the Washington DC area, Greenie-Leftie young couples would undergo similar process; move to Washington DC and live among African-American majority of that city until the advent of children, at which time they would move out of that city to one of the surrounding small towns that are dominated by European-Americans.
    Furthermore, in the United States, large sums of money were spent on the improvements of the Kansas City schools – heavily attended by the children of African-Americans. Neither the scores on standardized tests nor attendance numbers of European-Americans increased through such expenditures.
    In Southern California, middle-class and well-to-do parents take their children out of publicly funded schools and enroll them at considerable expense ( $ 32,000 per year per student) in private schools; lest their children be harmed by the negative academic and social environments prevailing in the publicly funded schools.
    In my opinion, these are not issues that could be addressed by money; these are very deep social moral and philosophical problems that will take a long time to ameliorate – even if one has to courage to stand on sound principles.
    [In Iran, among some Baluch communities that live close to the Afghan border, one can purchase a young woman for one or two sheep. The women, at times, refer to their husbands as “my owner”. State funding will not help, unless the Iranian government is to “buy” every single female born there for the next 50 years and then frees them with a dowry.]

  108. sillybill says:

    Violent warmongers who commit what we would consider atrocities have been found in all races, religions, and ages. Tyler seems to think that white folks are somehow an exception.
    IMO western civilization and all the good things that go with it are cultural not racial accomplishments.

  109. sillybill says:

    Your formative years can not change the past.
    Of course the Wehrmacht was an army at war, and damned good at it. That was my point. That magnificent army was brought low by mindless obedience to authority, believing absolutely stupid propaganda, and ignoring reality. Didn’t even bring winter boots to Moscow. But the SS sure showed the untermensch who was boss huh?
    Gamma male?! Get it straight – I’m a proud beta plus.

  110. Bandolero says:

    Police has identified one of the three guys accompanying the one who did the kick in the video and talked to him.
    Media says he’s from Eastern Europe:
    Police didn’t make public more information so far. If the four guys knew each other well – instead of being an ad hoc crew which met in a bar or so, one can be pretty sure police already knows the names of all four.

  111. Bandolero says:

    The guy who was arrested was allegedly the guy who took up the bottle of beer.
    He’s from Bulgaria, and it seems to be unclear whether he lives in Berlin – meaning he’s likely one of the “long term tourists” who came to Berlin due to EU expansion. Police doesn’t want to say more at this moment, just that they’re optimistic to get the guy who kicked the woman.

  112. Bandolero says:

    Police now says they know the names of all four persons in the video. All four are Bulgarians and related with each other. The guy who committed the kick is suspected to have fled back to Bulgaria.

  113. The Beaver says:

    @ Bandolero
    Could be those Bulgarians -human/refugee traffickers- who are now frustrated that they can’t make money to buy German cars with their profits and bring them home. Those refugees were good business for them before the borders got closed.

  114. LeaNder says:

    Thanks, Bandolero.
    I witnessed violence emanating from a school here in Cologne first hand on the Tube/Ubahn several decades ago. Startling, a stone hit the window pane not too far away from me. A friend moved out of there quite a while ago, he told me he didn’t feel his daughter was safe visiting him on the short distance to the U-bahn/subway/tube. Attempts at gentrification of the larger area by now. Beyond that the place the NSU choose for their pipe bomb attack. …
    Besides, I also wished I had paid more attention to the warnings of a girl friend I semi-suspected to be prejudiced before concerning a quarter I traversed on my way to her. My Turkish supermarket is there, but there seem to be a drug scene slightly farther off. I seem to be slightly blind on such matters. Anyway, one day I arrived with my newly bought shoulder bag gone from the bike basket behind me. 😉
    Especially the first incidence made me curious. … Some teachers too among my friends, one among my siblings for that matter. Lots of news around checking pupils for all types of weapons around that time. … But what to do about the missing perspectives considering the background of the youth, bad school performance no matter if German and/of whatever roots. Teachers in ordinary school can hardly manage that. And a friend a social worker once told me pretty much the same as my sister a teacher. The ones that make in spite of all are more the exception then the rule.
    By now apparently one of the four has admitted to be present. According the BZ information, he is from Bulgaria. …

  115. Bandolero says:

    The Beaver
    That would be highly unlikely. There are many thousands of Bulgarian people in Berlin, as well as Polish, Romanian and so on. They come and stay legally, since – thanks to EU expansion – these are EU countries and freedom of movement does apply. Most of these people are working poor and/or petty criminals who want to make some money in Germany and then go back home. Professional human trafficking is an extremely rare business for these people, though, of course, when people drive home and back they may take up in their cars some people for some money, maybe even with special arrangements regarding borders applying.

  116. LeaNder says:

    First we destabilise the countries the refugees come from. Then we look on complacently as great numbers are killed in those countries.
    Thanks, E.O., Not the least objection to that. Considering Afghanistan Germany’s involvement resulted from Article 5 NATO treaty obligations.
    Concerning Iraq and Syria matters are more murky for me. I do seem to recall rumors around more indirect support and involvement slightly different than the public attempts of France and Germany to stop the American’s war of choice, before we surfaced more officially. …
    And, yes, I think unfortunately there may have been a bit of party politics involved over here in Germany as far as resistance in “Old Europe” is concerned. See the two versions of truth: Schröder’s versus Bush’s. Which you find linked beneath this article:
    But yes, strictly Germany has already enough troubles with ‘integration’ and more recently some issues surface again that have been around for a while. Like the strong dependency of DITIP with Erdoghan … :
    Now to returns to the present and our issue here. One of the four guys seemingly has been questioned by police, he gave them the name of the “kicker”, supposedly he left Germany. According to one German paper the guy questioned was from Bulgaria.
    There is another story. A 19 years old student of medicine who was killed in Freiburg on her way back home from the traditional annual party for students of medicine. A guy supposedly from Afghanistan was arrested. What’s curious about the case, is that this man seems to have already ended up in a Greece court 3 years ago, for pushing a woman down a cliff in Greece. Gladly she survived. In Greece he gave the same age. … What’s odd, and I didn’t really look closely into the story is, considering this, how could he end up in Germany three years later? Nothing known so far.
    Without any doubt refugees may and do tell all type of stories why they cannot proof their origins. … In the above case an Iranian business man, who knew the guyn suggested he spoke Dari with an Iranian accent. …

  117. Bandolero says:

    Police arrested today the 27 yo guy who kicked the woman downstairs in S-Bahnhof Hermannstraße. They pulled him out of a bus as he was trying to leave Berlin. The guys on the video were three brothers and one aquaintance, all from Bulgaria.

  118. Bandolero says:

    Correction to my last comment
    The perpetrator was not caught by police on a bus leaving Berlin, but on a bus arriving in Berlin from southern France. And as is known now, the guy was in earlier times already convicted in Bulgaria for robbery, theft and vandalism.

  119. Poul says:

    A suspect of the crime has been arrested and he is of Bulgarian nationality.

    The attack itself took place on October 27, but the footage of the incident was released to the public only last week and quickly went viral, sparking outrage among Germans. In a video, captured by CCTV cameras on Hermanstrasse U-Bahn (subway) station, a group of four men are seen following a young woman down the stairs before one member of the group with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in another suddenly kicks her down the flight. The 26-year-old victim, who ended up hitting stairs face-on and falling on the platform, suffered a broken arm and was later hospitalized. The group could be seen calmly walking away from the scene as passers-by rushed to the victim’s aid downstairs.
    On December 14, police reported they identified the attacker and his accomplices. The spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office, Martin Steltner, told Berliner Zeitung on Thursday that the police had started searching for a 27-year-old Bulgarian citizen, Svetoslav S.
    The man’s full name was reported by the German and Bulgarian media as Svetoslav Stoykov.”

  120. LeaNder says:

    Keith, maybe I would have agreed that the CDU is somewhat “center-right” while younger. Over the decades I noticed that it does not quite fit. You have more right versus more left members from whatever you define as center in every party over here. Notice: The CDU coined what is called Soziale Marktwirtschaft/Social Market Economy:
    The Green party lost a lot of their early left founders when the “Realos”, the “realists”, seized the party, and as a result it became one among other possible other party career paths …
    The most heavy cuts in social spending were done under a “Red Green” coalition, the SPD and the Green Party – not the CDU/CSU. Not that arguably Merkel profited from that fact after, somewhat.
    My ‘default setting’, both historically and more generally is, that the CSU, the Bavarian part of the CDU was always more right then the general party. Meaning, I am not surprised that it at the present surfaces as the Bavarian part of the party aligning with the Hungarian president over the refugee issue. … Never mind that initially the so-called “guest workers” where meant to return to wherever they came from after helping build the post WWII German “economic wonder”.
    What’s pretty fascinating concerning Merkel is that she successfully fought what we call “alte Seilschaften”, cronyism, cliques, male associations to help each other, on her way to power. … She may also be ironically enough one of the party members for whom the “Christian” part of the party’s name may matter more then their average member or traditional voter occasionally. …

  121. Poul says:

    A case from Berlin during Christmas. A homeless man was put on fire supposedly by a group of six Syrians and one Libyan. They have been arrested.

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