Hold your breath. – The SAA is invited into Manbij by the SDF


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"On December 28, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) released an official statement inviting the Damascus government to assert control of the areas, from which YPG units had allegedly withdrawn, in particular Manbij. The YPG added that the decision is caused by the Turkish threat and that the group will concentrate its efforts on combating ISIS.

Syrian troops reportedly started entering the town of Manbij in the morning of the same day.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) have continued concentrating troops and military equipment near the Syrian border. According to fresh reports, the TAF has deployed at least 10 M60T battle tanks and several armored vehicles in the province of Kilis."  SF


Hallelujah!  Or more properly al-hamdulillah! (praise be to God), people who wish Syria well have prayed for a re-integration of the SDF and the territory it has controlled into Syria proper under Syrian government control.  Now this has begun in earnest thanks to the Turkish menace and the decision of Trump to withdraw all but a few GB liaison soldiers from the territory of Syria.  The SDF cleverly writes that it will continue to fight but concentrating on remaining IS forces as in the Hajin pocket in the SE where the US will continue to support them with fire from across the border with Iraq as well as supply.

So far the press has not chosen to note a steady flow of refugees returning to Syria from Lebanon and Jordan.  pl


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