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“Syria shot 7 of 8 Israeli missiles, Russian military says.”

“Syria’s air defense forces shot down seven out of eight missiles launched by Israeli warplanes during a raid that targeted the Syrian province of Aleppo, the Russian military said Tuesday. Rear Adm. Vadim Kulit, the head of the Russian military’s … Continue reading

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Kill the AUMFs? Yes!!

Comment: The US should have declared war in the case of each and every one of the AUMFs. There are three on the books. Iraq, Afghanistan and the on that authorizes the use of the armed forces against anything that … Continue reading

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The British Army? Or the palace guard plus toys?

““We came to realise that the main priority was to build up the Afghan security forces so they could independently manage their own insurgency.” “We have taken the lessons of how to create local indigenous forces and to harness  them … Continue reading

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Gaza and the Next Lebanon War

“As most Western militaries that share the IDF’s values and legal adherence know too well, the doctrine described by Kochavi is currently the least bad of several bad options. This doctrine will no doubt be tested again, not just in … Continue reading

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“Pete Hegseth says Hamas ‘must be crushed:’ They’re trying to ‘wipe Israel off the map'”

“The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is on the brink of causing a full-out war after Hamas, the terrorist organization in control of the Gaza Strip, rained down rockets on Israeli civilians – leading to Israeli retaliatory strikes against the radical militant group. The latest escalation in the … Continue reading

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“Israeli Intelligence chief: We do not want ISIS defeat in Syria” AMN

“Israeli intelligence Chief, Major General Herzi Halevy, said that the last three months have been the most difficult for ISIS since its inception. In a speech delivered at “Herzliya” conference yesterday , Halevy explicitly said “Israel” does not want the … Continue reading

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Fighting renewed in Jerusalem

“Israeli security forces used stun grenades and rubber bullets against Palestinians outside the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, where thousands of worshipers had been attending Friday prayers, puncturing a half-day of calm brought on by a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.A … Continue reading

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Sheikh Jarrah

“The Israeli foreign ministry has described what is happening in Sheikh Jarrah as a real estate dispute. Four Palestinian households are facing immediate eviction (there are at least 27 families in similar battles) to make way for the right-wing settler … Continue reading

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Peace (of a sort) is coming in Yemen

Comment: Well, Pilgrims, Liz Cheney will be sorely disappointed. Imagine! An outbreak of peace in the world! Imagine. pl  5,744 total views,  4 views today

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Gone with the wind?

Comment: Well, Pilgrim Turcopoles, “Yemen” as a nation state was always a bit of a fantasy, an illusion fostered by students of geopolitics and foreign diplomats. The SW corner of the Arabian peninsula is thought of in the Arab lands … Continue reading

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