His “gut,” and not his brain is how he runs everything?


Yes.  Trump says that is how he "rolls."  The indicators that this is true are everywhere.  He does not believe what the "swampies" tell him.  He listens to the State Department, the CIA, DoD, etc. and then acts on ill informed instinct and information provided by; lobbies, political donors, foreign embassies, and his personal impressions of people who have every reason to want to deceive him.

As I wrote earlier he sees the world through an entrepreneurial hustler's lens.  He crudely assigns absolute dollar values to policy outcomes and actions which rarely have much to do with the actual world even if they might have related to the arena of contract negotiations.  He evidently learned about balance sheets at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and wishes to apply the principle of the bottom line to everything.

I will guess that he resisted taking elective courses in the Humanities as much as he could believing them to be useless.  That is unfortunate since such courses tend to provide context for present day decisions.  I have known several very rich businessmen of similar type who sent their children to business school with exactly that instruction with regard to literature, history, philosophy, etc.

From an espionage case officer's perspective he is an easy mark.  If you are in regular contact with him, all that is needed to recruit him is to convince him that you believe in the "genius" manifested in his mighty ego and swaggering bluster and then slowly feed him what you want him to "know."  That does not mean that he has been recruited by someone or something but the vulnerability is evident.

IMO the mistake he has made in surrounding himself with neocons and other special pleaders, people like Pompeo and Bolton is evidence that he is very controllable by the clever and subtle.  pl





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