“Not the economy, stupid” Telegraph


"It’s not the economy, stupid. 

Contrary to the conventional wisdom coined on the campaign trail for Bill Clinton in 1992, this year’s US presidential election will not be a referendum on Donald Trump’s economic handling of the Covid crisis, although it will shape the country’s recovery.

Whether Trump or his Democratic rival Joe Biden wins, the next president faces new Covid cases surging towards a third peak, escalating tensions with China and potentially 5m people in long-term unemployment. 

Voters have a stark choice between two approaches: higher taxes and investment under Biden, or the status quo of tax cuts and deregulation. Economists argue the former will lead to short-term pain for long-term gain."  Telegraph


According to this article, a Democratic "sweep" will lead to even more massive deficit spending but higher GDP growth rates.

The author nevertheless is unsure as to whether or not enough voters will be persuaded by that prospect to vote for Harris/Biden.   

Joe seems to know that he will be nothing more than a place holder for Harris.  He referred to himself yesterday as her running mate.  IMO the Biden crime familia will make "good" use of what time he would have in office, whatever that would be.

The author takes note of the loyalty of Trump voters (both the faithful and those repelled by the prospect of a Harris presidency) but does not seem to have absorbed the phenomena of Trump supporters standing en masse at his rallies no matter what the time or the weather.

Last night, to his evident surprise, one crowd of thousands started chanting "we love you."

Who expected that?  pl


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9 Responses to “Not the economy, stupid” Telegraph

  1. Eric Newhill says:

    What “they” don’t get is how much the bossy, smug elites are hated and distrusted by The Deplorables and, increasingly, minorities. The more they double down on obviously rotten tactics (like Russia-gate, impeachment and censoring of news unfavorable to selfish elitist causes and a general anti-American attitude) the more the public loves Trump.
    We’d like to storm the Bastille. However, because we love the system the founders established, we send Trump into the Bastille to legally do what we want done.

  2. Deap says:

    I beg to differ with the Telegraph: higher taxes are not an “investment”. They are a cash grab and politically motivated wealth re-distribution. They are eating a society’s seed corn. Then waking up the next day very, very hungry but with a very, very bare cupboard.
    The shallowness of Democrat arguments and their pornographic “revulsion” of Trump as a personality tells their true story. But the story has no second act and comes to a very unhappy ending. With this massive media enabling, they appear to be a much larger movement on the surface than they are in depth.
    Younger people even in very liberal coastal California are starting to stand up and join with other conservatives. They think the Democrats handed them a very bad deal and they are now tasked with the consequences.
    Not enough to turn California red, but any Blue Wave is not just squawk and Squad – there are few to no genuinely angry younger blue voices in California. Some angry ones are merely misled by their college instructors speaking in sound bites; but not enough to sustain an independent movement once they leave the campus cocoon.
    Clue? The “mostly peaceful” demonstrations are reduced to just chanting the F word – no platform, no agenda, nothing articulate just misdirected rage. And the other are just in for the looting “reparations”. At least, that is my gut check today.
    Their rage is worth listening too if they could only articulate beyond buzz words – their energy is real. They are among us and will be for a very long time. They are tasked with funding our social security and Medicare. That too.

  3. ancientarcher says:

    Trump will win the election, going by the enthusiasm of his supporters. Ultimately, people have to get off their asses and go vote. Trump supporters will do it, the Biden supporters are not as likely to do that. The polls are biased towards liberals as they have been in every election in the last 10 years. In any case, Trump has more support in the United States in the proportional system that you have got. However, the other side can shout more and shout louder.
    When the Trump victory parade commences watch out for the media blackout of Trump’s victory. The moment Trump tweets VICTORY, Twitter shuts down his account. CNN still keeps on showing that a lot of votes are still to be counted. The US MSM has pushed the fake ‘Russia done it’ narrative in his entire first term and the Dems tried to impeach him based on fake news they all knew to be fake. They will do it again from the get go in this term. Then they will claim that a lot of votes were not counted. They will tie this up in the courts. And this is why the last Supreme court appointment was so crucial.
    Don’t expect an easy victory for Trump!
    I expect the swamp to mount an assassination attempt if all else fails. If Trump does escape all of that, he has to clean the swamp this time. He has to dismantle the systematised corruption that has hurt him and the people of the United States. Neither he nor the people of the United States will have another chance.

  4. Deap says:

    Four more years of Trump as a man of action, with no twitter is not a bad outcome. He does not need to win the hearts and minds now –just finish doing what he got started four years ago – keep the momentum going.
    2016 Promises made; 2020 promises kept. Trump does not need Twitter any longer. However, Twitter now badly needs Trump.

  5. jerseycityjoan says:

    We need higher taxes just to cover the government spending and services Congress has already authorized.
    How do you justify the deficit spending that occurred during the Trump years when the economy was doing well to great?

  6. Fred says:

    How do you justify which businesses are ‘non-essential’ and thus forced to close and then into bankruptcy and government dependancy the owners and employees? A government mandated shutdown that also cuts local, state and even federal tax revenue? How do you justify a multi-national like Amazon, HomeDepot or Walmart being essential and allowed to opporate while those you’ve declared ‘non-essential’ are not? How do you justify a congressionally led spending effort that doubles the national debt, then demand a tax hike to pay for it? I won’t bother to ask if you wish to justify not stopping spending for Ukraine – whose delay led to impeachment -, Afghanistan, Iraq and a dozen other foreign interventions.

  7. ked says:

    Doesn’t surprise me in the least. By definition, folks committed to a personality cult often express that commitment in the form of “love”.

  8. turcopolier says:

    Does anyone “love” Biden like that?

  9. Fred says:

    looks like the UAW rank and file no longer support the Democrats. Debbie Dingell even admitted that today. (see the link) I wonder if that is due to them being ‘deplorable’, ‘chumps’, or realizing the career politicians sold them a clunker with the Kamala/Joe ticket?

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