” … she ‘hopes Donald Trump dies.'” Zara Rahim


"A former spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton has said she "hopes he dies" after learning that Donald Trump had contracted Covid-19.

In a now-deleted tweet, Zara Rahim said: "It's been against my moral identity to tweet this for the last four years, but I hope he dies."

In another tweet that remains live on the website, Ms Rahim posted a selfie of her smiling with the caption "this f***ing rules".

Ms Rahim worked in the White House under the Obama administration before becoming a spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton.

She has also worked as director of communications for Vogue magazine and lobbied for Uber in the United States.

In a reply to another tweeter, which has not been deleted, she said: “No, we wait for D E A T H”. "  Telegraph


Shameful!  Perhaps she should run for Congress.  pl


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41 Responses to ” … she ‘hopes Donald Trump dies.'” Zara Rahim

  1. Fred says:

    The left just lost another piece of that Moral High Ground that is their Pock Chop Hill.

  2. Deap says:

    Dang, if the Democrats could only come up with a platform besides OrangeManBad, they might actually have had winning cause.
    But they didn’t and they don’t. So Democrats continue with what they know best: their very typical Politics of Personal Destruction (PPD), now on steroids. More gotcha journalism, but with a lethal twist this time. Minnesota Nicer, or something. Best news is this will only bring out the worst in them – which will be no October Surprise to anyone living in California.
    Best to you President and First Lady – number one in our prayers and cares.

  3. Deap says:

    Sounds like Ms Rahim just recycled her Planned Parenthood support signs.

  4. EEngineer says:

    This is like watching a low grade; made for TV drama. Perhaps the fools will eventually realize that this means Biden has been exposed…
    At least this gives the seditious the opportunity to self-identify.

  5. Eric Newhill says:

    Just another sicko leftist. At least Biden sent kind words as did a few other democrats. Maybe there’s hope….nah.
    Trump will be fine and he’ll be back out on the campaign trail in two weeks. Surviving COVID will make him appear more invincible. In the meanwhile, the saliency of the mortality of older men, like Trump and Biden, will cause the nation’s attention to shift away from that ugly first debate and onto Pence and Harris. Pence will appear calm and rational when he debates Harris and Harris will be revealed as boxed into a corner with various far left ideologies and groups that she clings to. The election shifts to Pence v Harris for a while. Trump wins.

  6. Serge says:

    Trump’s presidency can only be examined in light of Obama’s, and if it was him getting sick in Trump’s place I would expect the same sort of thinly veiled schadenfreude vitriol from republicans that one can currently see on exhibit across wide segments of the left. By the way, anyone else following the Azerbaijan-Armenia thing with great interest?
    The Azeri use of drones in this conflict reminds me of the short Turkish punitive campaign against the SAA earlier this year, very interesting stuff.

  7. Laura Wilson says:

    I don’t want him to die….I’d be satisfied with an upward learning curve and more sensible C-19 policies and a reinvigoration of the CDC.

  8. different clue says:

    Like Mistress, like Aide. T-rds of a feather swirl together. Did she cackle like her light of political inspiration?
    Its a good thing the Internet allows the fast recording and preservation of things. Hopefully this was screen-shotted before she took it down so as to be a permanent record and a reminder of who the Clintonites were, are and always will be.

  9. Artemesia says:

    Does anyone seriously think Trump and First Lady Melania are going to die (of Covid)?
    I’d guess No.
    That being the case, what does it say about the lethality of this Black Plague that has necessitated the destruction of the economy and the loss of so many jobs, businesses, and collateral damage to lives?
    Trump’s infection w/ Corona IS October Surprise: Coronavirus threat will be vanquished on Oct 16 when he and FLOTUS step into the Rose Garden hale and healthy.
    “It’s a miracle.”
    PS On C Span this morning many callers offered Prayers for MR & Mrs Trump; equally as many opined on the necessity of masking.
    Which is it?
    Will prayers bring about healing from Corona, or masking?
    Science being the touchstone for pronouncements from politicians and CDC experts alike, has there been a scientific study of the comparative effectiveness of masks vs prayers? Heck, toss in thoughts-and-prayers, just to cover all the base.

  10. turcopolier says:

    Some idiot wrote to say that this proves that the CD-19 thing is not a “hoax.” Nobody said it was. The hoax was the forced shutdown of the economy by people like the governors of New York, New Jersey and California.

  11. Artemesia says:

    In my earlier comment — failed to close Italics

  12. TV says:

    This is just more of the same from the Democrat-media-academic complex.
    I acknowledge the Trump derangement syndrome and America-hating from them.
    My question:
    What kind of stupidity impels the average voter outside the swamp to vote for this bunch?
    Maybe I’m underestimating the amount of America hatred in the general population or just their childishness – Trump is a “meanie” and hates (name the group).
    It’s getting harder and harder to underestimate the immaturity, dimwittedness and general flakiness of the “average” voter.

  13. turcopolier says:

    I have said for several years that the Clinton cadre is at the bottom of the “resistance.” This creepy dame is one of them.

  14. turcopolier says:

    Biden threatened me physically once because I insisted that the Israelis were screwing the Palestinians. He was screaming and advanced on me. This was in his senate offices. He had a couple of his Zionist staff bully boys with him. I told him that I would be glad to give him “satisfaction” but that the army had spent a lot of time making me into someone who would break his bones. He backed away. I understand that my promise was uncivilized.

  15. Deap says:

    Who sent the pet pangolin to the White House – Clapper, Comey, Clinton, Brennan, Strozk, McCabe, Harris, Pelosi …….?

  16. Deap says:

    What compels the “average” voters to vote for the Biden nonsense. I keep telling you, there are 44 million government employee union members all throughout the United States.
    A Biden-Clinton-Obama win is/was existential to them. The Trump win was an acute existential threat. That is why there is such a level of hysteria and divisiveness now in this country – 44 million soul directly invested in holding on to their government jobs, perks and pensions to the fullest extent possible.
    This is reasonable – we all feel protective about our sources of livelihood – which is why 44 million Biden supporters are rabid about the Biden-Harris ticket. It has nothing to with the flag carrier; only the flag.
    Once people get a grasp on what having this disciplined mass of 44 million self-interested public sector union member voters looks like – mainly operating by stealth and underground – the quicker one realizes “divisiveness” will forever be the middle name for the United States. Just like covid, we now have to live with this disease in our midst.
    No better example how this public sector union stranglehold translates in real life than the total wacko land California has become in the past 20 years of “teacher union” control of the state, and now the 100% entrenched super-majority.

  17. Deap says:

    Cool Biden story, turcopolier. Poise, under fire – we need more stories like that. Which is why I think Trump did not “lose” the debate even though it sounded like he had gone off the handle; his body language demonstrated he was in total control the entire time.

  18. turcopolier says:

    Understand that you would never have heard of me. I would have been in prison somewhere.

  19. stueeeeeeeee says:

    My prayers go to Donald Trump and his wife. He gave up a lot to run for public office. His administration has done nothing to warrant the scorn and hatred.

  20. johnadams2020 says:

    no, i hope he is a long hauler with disability. never death.

  21. Fred says:

    You need to offset your govt. employee analysis with the realization that many of them know they are quite capable of earning a living in the private sector, many are on the edge of retirement now and many are driven by something other than money alone. Add to that the union members who have for years protested against the lopsided usage of dues on lobbying efforts that don’t support social issues of concern to them. The left’s assault on Gov. Walker in Wisconsin was a result of a Republican understanding that and taking on union power through legislation. The left faces many problems that even a 100% government employee turnout won’t fix.

  22. Deap,
    Where do you get that 44 million number for union membership. Current union members in the US number only 14.6 million. Of that number, 7.3 million are in the public sector. A third of those are in local and federal police. Another third (2.3 million) are your dreaded public teacher union members.

  23. longarch says:

    Eric Newhill wrote:

    Trump will be fine and he’ll be back out on the campaign trail in two weeks. Surviving COVID will make him appear more invincible. In the meanwhile, the saliency of the mortality of older men, like Trump and Biden, will cause the nation’s attention to shift away from that ugly first debate and onto Pence and Harris. Pence will appear calm and rational when he debates Harris and Harris will be revealed as boxed into a corner with various far left ideologies and groups that she clings to. The election shifts to Pence v Harris for a while. Trump wins.

    I concur. This might be another stunt like looking directly into the eclipse without protective shades. To the ignorant, the action looks remarkable; to the well-informed, it looks like a low-risk action calculated to stir up public attention and keep POTUS in the spotlight. (He is a master of getting his enemies to give him publicity.)
    Deap wrote:
    there are 44 million government employee union members all throughout the United States.
    A Biden-Clinton-Obama win is/was existential to them.

    How many of those jobs could be cut? A primitive leader might respond by saying, “Not only will I punish my enemies, I will punish their families.” It would be more modern to say, “Not only will I fire the traitors from their government jobs, I will weaken their host bureaucracies by cutting the positions and budgets they had.”
    This goes beyond schadenfreude. These bureaucracies are like 200 kg of cancerous tumors in a patient who originally weighed 80 kg. Of these bureaucracies — some are officially government and some are supposedly private-sector but are actually linked by corruption and revolving doors to government. Both types of bureaucrats are a danger to the Republic.

  24. Pj20 says:

    My daughter is an infectious disease physician and has treated numerous Covid patients. She relayed that given what is public – fever, regneron cocktail, etc. – you won’t have a clear prognosis on Trump for another 6 – 9 days.

  25. Deap says:

    turco -evidence boxes for subjective and objective self defense appear checked off, in your favor. Did (1) you feel threatened and (2) would anyone else also feel threatened in the same setting. Yes, Mossad types are known to be swift and silent. They are good at what they do. The walls would have been freshly painted before you could say call the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul three times. Bravo, sir. Mission accomplished.

  26. elaine says:

    Of course I wish a speedy recovery to the POTUS/FlOTUS, Hope Hicks
    & everyone who is infected with this horrible plague.
    Serge, I’m interested in knowing more about the Azerbaijan-Armenia
    conflict. I’d appreciate it if someone would expound.

  27. Leith says:

    Serge –
    The Azeris are now shelling the Armenian capitol, Stepanakert.

  28. turcopolier says:

    I am still alive because I did not ever accept the idea that people should be trusted.

  29. turcopolier says:

    “Mossad types are known to be swift and silent. They are good at what they do. The walls would have been freshly painted before you could say call the Saudi Embassy in Istanbul three times.” No idea what you are talking about. It was a very straightforward situation. The two Zionist staffies were just American sissies whom I had known for years. It sounds like you are suffering from fantasies about the Mossad. What do you know about the Mossad?

  30. Mike46 says:

    Pence will appear calm and rational
    Pence appears calm and rational in the same way that a prerecorded message is calm and rational.
    When asked a question he utilizes seemingly endless dissembling to filibuster the media, while saying absolutely nothing. A very dull unimpressive figure.

  31. JerseyJeffersonian says:

    Serge, Leith, and all,
    Here is a link to a post on the situation between Armenia & Azerbaijan from Zerohedge:
    Sultan Erdogan is flexing his pan-Turkic muscles now, claiming he will throw in with the Azeris. It appears that Syrian jihadis are being introduced to the theater, which sounds like a red flag to the Russians…who have a long-standing defense agreement with the Armenians. They have a major base in NW Armenia already, and things could escalate rapidly, indeed. Wonder if the fingerprints of Pompeus are to be descried in this sudden development? Things could get very interesting for both Azerjiban and Turkey (especially given the jihadi provocation with Turkish assistance). S-300s and S-400s could be deployed against aerial attacks, and cruise missiles might just land in their respective laps. A glorious chance to slaughter some more jihadis might be difficult to resist, too.

  32. Serge says:

    I’m sure many others could explain far better than I, but from my limited understanding Iran has been cozying up to Armenia for years, Armenia is also close to Russia. Iranian activities in the country have caused increased Israeli military support to resource-rich Azerbaijan, coincidentally also supported by Turkey, their brothers-in-turan. Seems that a combination of this increased military aid and aggressive Erdogan influence has caused a balance to tip in which the Azeris have calculated(correctly,from the current looks of the past 5 days) that they can take a big chunk of armenian territory.

  33. Deap says:

    Trump, Melania and Hope Hicks sounded like a normal covid coincidence.
    Now KellyAnne and the RNC head also positive – sounding more causal than coincidence – any more in the Trump inner circle and one may well have another coup conspiracy. Stay tuned.
    At least there will be a crack team at Cleveland Clinic on top of this tracing its origins. Anyone seen Kamala Harris lately? And did the Bidens really send Trump a note …hoping you stay positive during this ordeal? (Heh, heh)

  34. Yeah, Right says:

    …”Ms Rahim worked in the White House”…
    …”spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton”…
    …”worked as director of communications for Vogue magazine”…
    …”lobbied for Uber in the United States”…
    So, basically, she specialized in jobs that require a thorough understanding of when to make a big song and dance and when to keep your f**king mouth shut.
    A prerequisite for those jobs, one would think. But, no, apparently not.
    Is this really the sort of “talent” that gets hired again and again and again inside the Beltway? Someone so obviously lacking in commonsense?
    Shameful. Utterly shameful.

  35. Deap says:

    Thank you for making me track down my recent claim of “44 million card carrying public sector union members”. I tried to track that back but alas I could not do this.
    But in the process I bumped into a highly frustrating search since for a long time I was pegging this at the 14 million mark until I read “somewhere” recently in fact it was 44 million. I shall officially retract that numbers and ratchet back to closer to 14 plus million existentially threatened card carrying public sector union members, most afflicted with terminal TDS..
    Amazing how coy the big unions are about posting their actual membership numbers in public when trying to dig deeply into these numbers, but the 2012 Census did establish a total of 22 million work for some form of the government – full time and part time, though they are not all public sector union members.
    But even 22 million government employees in the US is a daunting special interest group, mainly because many will have a spouse or voting family members too. One also needs to add the numbers of retired government employees and retired but still union members to this illusive count. So 22 million is just part of this special interest group.
    Will be interesting to see what the 2020 Census figures come up with. Thank you again for pulling me back from a claim I could not readily verify – I don’t treat this issue lightly and try to keep up on its impact since the power of government employee unions has been so devastating in my home state of California – mainly the teachers unions.
    But SEIU etc. work every day to add more and more taxpayer funded employees to their membership roles in this state – but curiously not Silicon Valley employees. As we recently faced the AB-5 gig workers now getting classified as employees as a ploy to increase union membership numbers.
    And quite frankly I immediately saw BLM as a turf war between SEIU and the teachers unions against the police unions with their deund the police campaign, but no promise to give that money back to the taxpayers, but to start spending it to build up teacher union and social worker employee union numbers instead.
    I suspect we can both agree there are at least – 14 million highly self-interested and highly disciplined and networked public sector union members (plus their voting family members) which constitutes a major voting block and source of campaign donations that virtually all go to the Democrat party. adding immediate seriousness about who sits in any elected position from POTUS down to local school boards. Plus being a significant number who show up in any polling data as well.
    What hath God wrought, when JFK unionized government employees? An existentially threatened deep state, who activate their frog brains anytime they do not have their hands on the tax payer check book. Can you blame them?

  36. Alves says:

    Shameful indeed.
    I hope all the infected have a fast recovery.
    However, this is quite the opportunity for everybody to see what treatments the most powerful man in the world is using in this case.
    Also, people should pay attention to what he is NOT using.

  37. Diana Croissant says:

    John 1:1: “1n the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
    Yes, the Left’s words are the expression of who or what they worship.
    Nietzsche, when he wrote that “God is dead” meant, I think, that God was no longer considered in public and political discourse. He has been proved correct.
    I remember the days when most businesses were shut down on Sunday to honor the Fourth Commandment. Mothers put a roast in the oven, the family in their Sunday clothes went to church, and then they came home to a homecooked meal.
    Parents and teachers severely reprimanded students who made statements like the one Ms. Rahim made. Her statement would certainly not been reported nationally. It’s the first I ever heard of her. I certainly have no wish to meet her or hear from her again..
    God Speed, Mr. President.

  38. PRC90 says:

    …. has said she “hopes he dies”.
    How easily she talks about and wishes for the death of another.
    Her and others of her ilk would have little difficulty with writing a new US Constitution and enacting it by any plausible means, and throwing any opposition into a dungeon if they got in the way of those Utopian goals for society.

  39. Leith says:

    Serge and JerseyJeff –
    Some of those Armenian soldiers are graybeards. They look like they are veterans of the first Nagorno-Karabach War back in 1988 thru 1994.

  40. different clue says:

    Yeah, Right,
    I am not sure this Clinton aide represents ALL the talent hired in and by the Belt Wayvians. But it represents all the Best and the Brightest hired by the Clintons. The Clintons were a pure political mafia-wannabe family. They have tried seeding their feltravs, symps, and Left Behinds everywhere they can.
    Her Royal Herness’s campaign was made up of this kind of talent. It helps explain how Her Royal Herness could lose such a very winnable campaign. Her Royal Herness’s campaign and party brilliance first shined in the decision to try wiring up all the media to help Trump get nominated in every way they could, as per their brilliant analysis to the effect that Trump would be the Hillarrhoid’s weakest opponent in the election.

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