“USA-Canada men’s hockey rivalry growing to new heights” CBS Sports


http://www.cbssports.com/olympics/eye-on-olympics/24449557/usa-canada-mens-hockey-rivalry-growing-to-new-heights  pl

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29 Responses to “USA-Canada men’s hockey rivalry growing to new heights” CBS Sports

  1. Charles I says:

    Last time I commented on this I was booted!
    Go Canada Go! Gonna be a nerve-wracking afternoon, after a glorious curling morning, and yesterday’s astounding women’s final.

  2. Medicine Man says:

    Nerve-wracking. For not the first time I wonder if we wrap up too much of our national pride in this bloody sport.

  3. The Twisted Genius says:

    Charles I,
    I can’t begrudge you for rooting for your home team, but I sincerely hope you are disappointed this afternoon. As disappointed as I was yesterday with the women’s final. The US – Canada rivalry in hockey is definitely growing since Vancouver. My younger son is an avid Caps fan and Ovi admirer like myself. We root for the USA team, but were disappointed with the Russians defeat at the hands of the Finns. They just never jelled. He told me last week of ABC… anybody but Canada. If it came down to Canada vs. Sweden, we’d root for Sweden. At least we have Backstrom and Johanson with the Swedes.
    Perhaps you’ll enjoy this.

  4. The Twisted Genius says:

    Canada 1, USA 0. Oh well, I’ll get over it. Go Sweden! ABC!

  5. The beaver says:

    Charles 1
    I had my unnerving dose early in the morning with the ski-cross to prepare for the the SF match.

  6. Charles I says:

    I don’t care about professional sports, superbowl’s the only thing I watch a) cuz its winter; b) cuz there’s a party. Not big on national pride, but I am completely besotted with Olympic hockey and curling, and my atavistic bucolic view of my country. Winning was an exciting communal release of endorphins I forgot I had.

  7. Charles I says:

    Best was the men’s curling semifinals the other day, came down to millimeters on the last rock.

  8. Medicine Man says:

    Right with you there, Charles. Today’s game was the first hockey I’ve watched in about a year and a half.

  9. The Twisted Genius says:

    Charles I and Medicine Man,
    Canadians not consumed by hockey? I’m shocked. Isn’t that sacrilegious or something? I went to college in Troy, NY. The area was consumed by hockey. Every fraternity had one and usually two teams. Our varsity team was mostly recruited from Ontario high schools. Even our ROTC units had tri-service tournaments. It’s the only team sport I enjoyed playing.

  10. Charles I says:

    Hard to believe, but there are some of us who never watch tv sports. When the Stanley cup is on, its spring in Muskoka. As a sorta ersatz pagan, the water, rocks and trees win out over the ice, pucks and sticks every time. And of course, my team would be the Toronto Maple Loafs.
    But just today, I admit both a bit of further schadenfreude over the pounding the Finns doled out today and terror at their continuing ability to do it to us tomorrow. From 7 a.m. til we win you may consider me to be a completely rabid hockey yobbo of the coarsest sentiment. If we lose, just a shameless beaver of a bandwagoneer.

  11. Charles I says:

    oh, we will a wee bit, we’re pathetically human.

  12. Charles I says:

    Cute, loved the comments too, tThank heavens I’m not a full time fan, I’d fall into the whole shtick like a bully child, wouldn’t be pretty! Be no time for SST! But for whatever reason, only the olympics do if for me.

  13. Medicine Man says:

    I know, I am a bad Canadian. I just don’t get wrapped up in the hype anymore these days, though I like the craft behind the sport. The high quality of the craft is why Olympic hockey is such a pleasure to watch.
    These days I prefer watching Curling or American Football, though I find the frequent stops of play in football really annoying.

  14. Russ says:

    to The Twisted Genius
    At least we had Oshie

  15. optimax says:

    Charles I,
    “a glorious curling morning” made me laugh. You are a true Canadian.
    The way NBC commercializes many of the US athletes makes me cheer for other countries. I must be losing my team spirit. And why did they have to ignore Olympic events for a history lesson on the Space Race? Would rather have watched curling.

  16. All! All team sports should be banned from the Olympics IMO!
    And all team sport tournaments should be double round-robins!

  17. turcopolier says:

    Canadians! Congratulations to my cousins in the big icebox. pl

  18. Congrats to Canada on its gold medal!

  19. The Twisted Genius says:

    A solid, convincing win. The Canadians are so deep with talent, they deserved the gold. Congratulations! It’s back to the NHL later this week. Let’s see how Ovechkin, Backstrom, Carlson and Johansson bounce back from their Sochi disappointments. Let’s Go Caps! (Although they may not even make the playoffs this year.) I like hockey as much for the players actions off the ice as on.

  20. Charles I says:

    Thank you all for your graciousness and generosity of spirit. Congratulations to all your Olympic Sportsmen, er, folk for raising the bars. No gloating, just quiet satisfaction after a frisson of relief. This is a winter country everywhere and road hockey is on every suburban street where there are 3 or more children. We will never beat you at basketball, I’m sure.
    People actually make skating rinks in their backyards for their kids tho it looks like a great way to get everyone outta the house and SWMBO as its very labour intensive.
    Amateur curling is adult road hockey judging by ts popularity nation wide.
    I’m glad we won and I’m glad its over. Now I pine for some olympic gardening

  21. Charles I says:

    I’m 555, have to confess it was the most excitement I’ve had all winter!
    I first played in law school at the very rink in Winnipeg that was home to our Women’s skip. Cue the reflected glory here. My team won the coveted Silver Mop and much more to the point a case of beer for worst record in the league. As we were tied with an equally talented team, we had to win our last game to confirm our losing rank and thus win the, er, prize. I think the champs got a Golden Mop and two cases of beer. As I recall, we were allowed to discretely drink on the ice, but the free popcorn from the bar – very appealing to poor drunken students – was strictly verboten lest it foul the sheet. It doesn’t get much more Canadian and much less commercial than that.
    Its an exquisite game where victory can be a matter of millimeters when played at the top tier as I noted in the subsidized sports thread.

  22. Charles I says:

    Thank you from the True North Strong And Free. Couldn’t have done it without you and American supporters of the NHL.

  23. The Twisted Genius says:

    Charles I,
    Every year we built an ice rink at our fraternity. You’re right. It’s very labour intensive, but very satisfying. It also proved to be a real chick magnet for the house.

  24. optimax says:

    Charles I
    Our old bar softball league was fueled by kegs of beer. Lots of fun.
    I’d like to try curling with a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom.

  25. Fred says:

    TTG, the Caps? Go Redwings!

  26. The Twisted Genius says:

    During last year’s playoff series between the Caps and the Rangers, I was talking with a friend of mine in Saratoga, NY. He, obviously, was a Rangers fan. We admitted we liked many aspects of both teams. I mentioned that I could probably root for any hockey team. He answered, “except for the Flyers.” I thought a second and replied, “You’re right. They and their fans are a pack of assholes.” Those people booed Santa Claus!

  27. Fred says:

    I agree with your sentiment. I had to have a couple of Canadians explain the game to me once I moved to Michigan. They go to plenty of Wings games but are die hard Leafs fans. Still not too sure how I got hooked. Especially now that I have a week in Florida where I will struggle with the ‘sub-tropical vortex’ and that is the sunny and 80 degree weather I remember. I think I may just have to start job hunting….

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