IMO TS Ellis will surprise …



Princeton, Harvard Law, Oxford law studies, six years in the navy, appointed by Reagan.  This is a hard fellow to talk your way around in a courtroom.

Sayings from TS Ellis:

  1. "Don't roll your eyes at me." (to Mueller's crew in court.
  2.  "My wife thinks your statement that you might not call Rick Gates as a witness is funny.  Without him you do not have a case." (to the Muelleristas)
  3.   paraphrasing "You don't want Manafort.  You are here to impeach the president."
  4.   "We do not try people for being rich, or throwing their money around."  (in response to Muellerite fascination with Manafort's lack of taste in throwing money around.)
  5. "Sometimes prosecutors seek to make a witness sing.  In other cases they seek to make them compose."

Ellis' federal courthouse (Eastern District of Virginia) is about half a mile from my house.  I spent a lot of time there as a consultant and expert witness.  I hope to never see the inside of the place again. 

IMO Ellis is going to do something dramatic with the Manafort case that is now in his court.  If he tosses the whole thing that will gut Mueller as a factor in The Resistance.  pl

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