IMO Hoda Muthana is a US citizen


Well, pilgrims, the US government gave this silly woman a US passport.  We do not give people passports who are not citizens.

For Trump and the fat boy from Kansas to arbitrarily decide she is not a US citizen because her father was once a foreign diplomat is simply sophistic justification for tyrannical self indulgence.

Let her come "home."  She knows that she will be arrested at plane side and that a prosecution for "providing material support for terrorism" is justified and that will put her in jail for a long stretch.

She will have to be confined in a "super-max" high security prison where she has minimal contact with other inmates.  If that does not happen, then, IMO, the risk is great that she will proselytize the other inmates for jihadism as Baghdadi did when in US custody in Iraq.  pl

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